WILLIAM BONAC || ANOTHER Retroactive Fake Natty?
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  • JMCA does lifts
    JMCA does lifts

    william bonac is natty here... Right, and i deadlifted 900 lbs in middle school


    Show a pic where with right "feathered" quad and says "separation isn't amazing". What?

  • Zanar Aesthetics
    Zanar Aesthetics

    So Greg is ok with this guy being natural but doesn't believe Jeff Seid, Lazar Angelov, Mike Thurston and Mattdoesfitness aren't? Ok lol

  • m1ch4Lko

    Try it, no don't try it, do not ever do this ... :D

  • Jayden D'Costa
    Jayden D'Costa

    Natty or not Clarence Kennedy

    • Jayden D'Costa
      Jayden D'Costa


  • John T
    John T

    icing on the cake ...ive seen it turn regular everyday non lifters into jacked beasts time and time again .....im not claiming they could ever make it as a bodybuilder but the difference it makes compared to a natural is literally mind blowing ,amazing its all the steroid users that claim its the icing on the cake .....fuck off

  • John T
    John T

    never heard such shit in my life ...Greg you are wrong and you will never ever change my mind ....amazing how many people out there with these 1 in a billion genetics ,th way you act only two people ever would be a pro bodybuilder ...steroids are magic ive seen it first hand with very very ordinary looking guys who did most shit wrong,th reason people like bonac add 20 more pounds from an already amazing physique isnt that they are natural they are hyper responders with great genetics add in years of larger cyles and insulin and hgh as well as doing everything right and thats why they grow after their "natural" years

  • subzero j3lly
    subzero j3lly

    you should check out Jermaine Gadsden

  • Aussie Beef
    Aussie Beef

    From that one shot most would doubt him. Plus it’s the perfect shot and super filtered. The other shots tell the story. I believe it for sure.

  • Random Randy
    Random Randy

    My body dysphoria is becoming worse than last time

  • parcero718

    Bonac was natural but Lazar Angelov wasn’t haha

  • Keith Shripped
    Keith Shripped

    Greg, love your content. You should do a natty or not on Rob Lipset! He’s a pretty well known HRpostsr with a lot of good content. Sure lots of people would like it. Stay well!

  • NextGeneration Lofi
    NextGeneration Lofi

    Our doc needs a lasik surgery for his laser eyes i think :)

  • adue

    there is this one fucking mistake i make after every greg video... i hate myself for this. Just dont ever go in the comment section. Its exhausting to see, how many people just WANT to see it diffrent. Justt enjoy the content and leave afterwards... really. I mean idc about other opinions, but to judge Greg, only Cause he is willing to tell you what HE thinks, based on his massive experience and 100% more knowledge to this theme than anyone in this arrogant comment section, is just so fucking exhaustting to read. Say that you dont believe him or anything idk, but to describe him as "dumb" or that he gets worse and worse at the natty or not vids... like nobody is forcing you to watch his vids. Like really people... just grow up. Would love to say it in my main language, cause my english is really... limited, but i hope you get my point. Anyway... thanks for the great video greg... have a nice day everyone!

  • Ben

    Bollocks greg. Hes never natural. Sometimes u do chat shit

  • winter ramos
    winter ramos

    I have a 2pac

  • ThaHomie Josh
    ThaHomie Josh

    I don’t know 85 kg at 5’7, and being pretty shredded is damn near impossible to believe. No doubt he has great genetics but he’s going up against others with great genetics who also take gear so imo it would make the most sense for him to juice up. You say he has no reason to lie but you forget about how egotistical people can be, and it’s also a good way to start a conversation about themselves

  • Capone Dedication
    Capone Dedication

    That comparison that you did which was natural comparing them all was ridiculously stupid and bad.

  • Alessandro Cassaniti
    Alessandro Cassaniti

    People think that if you don't have Bonac's genetics you have crap genetics. They see Kevin Levrone picture before starting to hit the gym and they think it's a matter of PEDs. Please search natty Branch Warren, Lee Priest, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Ramy, Bumstead... It's hard to believe because they are so amazing.

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez

    This is why I am never tempted by the dark side, these dudes look better natural. Way better my ass.

  • TrueBagel

    He has a sick 5-pac. It looks like one of his abs decided to run away.

  • Jakub B
    Jakub B

    Drinking game idea: take a shot whenever greg uses phrase: "...than last time" but it doesn't make a sense in the context and sounds artificial.

  • Sean Lagman
    Sean Lagman

    Hey Greg! Loving this content. If yoy do see this comment. Pleasd do natty or not on menno henselmans. Thank you so much!

  • Lt. Dan
    Lt. Dan

    I don't believe Bonac was 100% natural then and I don't believe Ronnie and Kai were when they claimed to be either. Why would they lie you ask? Because they may have only been on small doses and they want it to seem like they made so much progress just through hard work, nutrition and amazing genetics. They don't want people to believe they took steroids since they were a teenager/early 20's. I could be wrong but that's my opinion.

  • Charles Dean
    Charles Dean

    The guy on the left with the red trunks literally had one huge ass arm and 1 small ass arm

  • Corey Farrell
    Corey Farrell

    Am I the only one who noticed that guy in the red trunks has a huge right arm and a small left arm? ( in the photo with the 5 guys on stage)

  • Eddie Abraham
    Eddie Abraham

    Please make a video about when Ronnie Coleman claimed natural. I believe him but so many bird brains don’t

  • petaa kolarov
    petaa kolarov

    No fucking way he was natural

  • ericph1977

    he's geared to the ears,,,believe that

  • Edgar Calderon
    Edgar Calderon

    Them jays are fire on William 🔥

  • Vadim Nekadim
    Vadim Nekadim

    Its funny when competing bodybuilders claiming to be natural when they compete against dudes loaded with gear. Do they compete just to compete or they actually trying to win and be the best? Bonac more define because of the age he more older now and his skin is thinner . Muscle maturity. Greg stop kissing up to well known individuals, it makes you sound like a woman

  • David Bojay
    David Bojay

    Plates for dates -_____

  • howard condoman
    howard condoman

    Bonac similar to you had better natty genetics than juice genetics. He grew but not as much as lets say coleman or even kai from natty to juice

  • howard condoman
    howard condoman

    I agree that he could be natural but youre reasoning why he looks the best natty from the 5 was not really sound. Juice should help put on size more than anything. Extreme Leanness can be attained naturally

  • howard condoman
    howard condoman

    Id like to know his weight here. I dint think that black genetics can go much further though

  • doubanjiang

    Absolutely not buying it. Dr. Greg is often wrong on spotting natties.


      Often wrong? This one is moronic...

  • Andreas Tom
    Andreas Tom

    "a little bit more tha nyou doing".... translates in reality to 30 to 40 pounds of pure muscle mass. Thats not "a little bit".

  • Andreas Tom
    Andreas Tom

    He was never natty in that picture. He said he was natty at the time (!) of the picture. maybe just didnt take anything for 2 weeks but blasted years before.

    • Jacob Weston
      Jacob Weston

      Yes. Seems like a lot of these retroactive natty pics fall into one of two camps: “I wasn’t blasting tren at the time, so I was natural” or “I don’t consider HGH and Test unnatural because they’re naturally produced.” I think if we were to qualify those points, a lot of guys claiming retro natty would change their answers.

  • Rizz Bizz
    Rizz Bizz

    That dude not natty ✂ the bs

  • Evgeny Sankin
    Evgeny Sankin

    I like the video (as always). The only thing I have problems with is when Greg and other youtubers call them a one in a billion genetics. Not every guy with freaky genetics wants to be a bodybuilder. We hardly see the top of the iceberg of people actually competing. Some people with crazy genetics never lift a single dumbell. One in a million would be more accurate to talk about these people's genetics. Not one in a billion...

    • RDJ2

      I think even that is a stretch. Barely anyone lifts, and of those who do most have other interests that prevent them from becoming a full time bodybuilder. One in a few thousand?

  • ScycoSnake

    8:43 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ScycoSnake

    Also campare him to the guy holding his arm up

  • ScycoSnake

    Well Ronnie Coleman probably looked even betyer natural, but he had the ACTN3 gene. I would have to see if there is any gene that give Bonac freakish genetics or if its just high test and androgen receptor sensitivity

  • XL Tee
    XL Tee

    If I was a top 11 IFBB pro & I want to boost my online profile, I would post a pic of me like 2.5yrs into steroid use but state that I was drug free.

  • Christiaan Burger
    Christiaan Burger

    "icing on the cake"... Greg, you maxed out at 170 natty, when you cycled you got to 210ish... That's not fucking icing on the cake

  • Christiaan Burger
    Christiaan Burger

    Shit the bed this time. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You've lost your touch.

  • DaR1Us

    Greg, there is a guy on Instagram called ,,thekingofdiet".He says he is natural(not sure if sarcasm or he really means it.).He looks pretty big and his veins are insane.A natty or not on him would be interesting.

  • lolly litte
    lolly litte

    Bonac was natural in 2009 and not natural now? This means steroids have no effect on him. Not much difference. At competition without drug control everybody is natural. I guess after a statement like that If Bonac says he is from Mars nobody would be surprised.

  • jakub rosenberg
    jakub rosenberg

    Philion know shit abut this things. He just saying what people want to hear.

  • James Rimes
    James Rimes

    Why do pro builders take roids in the first place? They all look great without them...

  • Peter Lauwers
    Peter Lauwers

    Pick the guy who is clean? ...I would say... the guy wearing clothes maybe??? 🧐

  • Godzilla

    What a bad take. First thinking athletes dont use PEDs and now believing these retroactive fake natties. Greg just doesn't get it. MPMD is where the truth is at.

  • Luca Sala
    Luca Sala

    I love how peole believe to know what is possibile or not just because they have seen some videos on the internet. Just accept that you don't know, believe what you want and get on with your life. (I'm not saying he's right just accept opinion that are different of your and don't be biased)

  • Death

    Maybe he meant he eat NATURAL Food

  • Kris Holst
    Kris Holst

    I never question what my doctor says.

  • arami187

    Activate your 3rd Eye of Truth, Philion!

  • LP

    I would say the guy who is natural on the photo, is the guy with the black shirt

  • Albert Avila
    Albert Avila

    Natural like Michael tren

  • J.H.G

    8:45 LOL!

  • Envy

    Day 1 of asking Greg Doucette to make a video about Lazar Novovic LIKE SO HE SEES

  • a4ooooooo

    Coach im sorry man but i think you are slipping lately

  • George Snakeson
    George Snakeson

    I don't agree with you coach. Yes the guy has reason to lie and i don't know why: he did it 1 year ago with enhanced athlete, they tested him & faked results and pronounced him natty. Do you think he was natty 1 year ago?

  • Brody Cullen
    Brody Cullen

    What can truly be achieved naturally? I WANT TO KNOW! I NEED TO KNOW! Lol

  • Zeddicus1976

    Greg: One, only one. Choose the one guy that is natural. Me: The guy in the green shirt.

  • Splitzz - Movies - Gaming
    Splitzz - Movies - Gaming

    Man Greg deserves so many more views.

  • Shem Hamforash
    Shem Hamforash

    Instead of him taking protein powder, rice, noodles and chicken , he actually meant protein powder, rice, needles and chicken.

    • ericph1977

      this deserved more laughs and likes

  • K. Oj
    K. Oj

    _There is nothing wrong with steroids, surgery and photoshop but the Modelling / Fitness Industry disgusts me because of the fakeness, the blatant lies_

  • A D
    A D

    And he Lost his hair...and his smile

  • Nejc Humar
    Nejc Humar

    Greg just letting u know I unsubscribed becouse u deleted my comment and that pathetic just becouse i have different opinion ... u are retroactive fake natty last video i watched goodbye hope u sell alot of your stoopid overprised shitty cookbooks

  • Caleb Wampler
    Caleb Wampler

    You think hes natural yet in other videos with people who are way smaller and way less lean you say there's no way to attain it naturally. I love this channel but I have to disagree here, I think you need to be more consistent with your judging.

  • Paule

    It just doesn't make sense to weigh 95 kg natural and "just" 105 kg on steroids.

    • Paule

      @Daron D'souza Sure. A competitor at the Olympia doesn't respond well to steroids

    • Daron D'souza
      Daron D'souza

      Some dont respond to PEDs compared to others. Some might put on 50lbs and some 15lbs

    • ScycoSnake

      @Eddie_johnson exactly, actually lost fat

    • Eddie_johnson

      Hé hasnt gained an ounce of fat

    • ScycoSnake

      He was way leaner at the olympia as well

  • jake_perry

    Natty or not Alex eubank (I think he’s natty)

  • James Russell
    James Russell

    The guy on the stage next to William in the 2009 picture has a synthol filled tricep. The red underwear. It looks odd compared to the rest of his body.

  • Sachwin Kohli
    Sachwin Kohli

    Ronnie Coleman natural vs Chris Bumstead, who’d win the Olympia?

  • Ani Ket
    Ani Ket

    Really is legs are not separated much, look at the outer swipe , there is cross straitions all over there.

  • Julia Davey
    Julia Davey

    8:45 I can't stop freaking laughing, the instant moment of fear and regret

    • Julia Davey
      Julia Davey

      Watched it like 8 times now, the change in tone kills me every time

  • Section8dc

    I do not agree that he was natural, or that PEDs is just the "icing on the cake", I think you are downplaying gear for sure. Anyway we will agree to disagree.

  • Ronnie Hentry
    Ronnie Hentry

    Hodgetwins natty or not.

  • joe

    That bicep is 100% not natty c'mon you should know that Greg!

    • joe

      @Nejc Humar geez 5'5 and 210

    • Nejc Humar
      Nejc Humar

      Go look at his post he is 170cm and on that photo natty he claims to be 95kg ... the stupidity of people is insane including greg ... more wrong than last time more lies more bodydismorphia than last time fitness industy is so toxic is disgusting

  • Παρασκευή Σκλαβουνου
    Παρασκευή Σκλαβουνου

    He went from ghana to Italy to compete spend thousands of dollars but he didn't take no gear,sure that makes sense

  • Σερτης Παπας
    Σερτης Παπας

    Yep all natural.... just synthol bro

  • Larry Searles
    Larry Searles

    Do you think these fake nattys tell themselves taking testosterone is “natural” thus they make the argument because it’s not steroids etc. They live in their own world of course just throwing this out there.

    • Nejc Humar
      Nejc Humar

      Dude go look at his post on instagram he claims to be 95kg on that photo also he is 170cm 5’8 ... greg is blind and dumb telling u what u need to hear not what u want 2 hear

  • TexanErection

    I can’t wait for Greg to make a video on that “Big Sm” kid lmfao

  • danny smith
    danny smith

    This is just silly now... some dude will show up like Tyrone Beckam and everyone plus Greg is like "not natty for sure, not even possible" When the dude has an amazing physique..... Cbum and Bonac show up looking juiced out their nut and better than Tyrone and all of a sudden they are aloud to be completely natty and somehow there is no doubt they were..... WTF IS GOING ON HAHA not quoting or saying i think Tyrone is natty because i don't, none of them look natty but for fuck sake guys.. this makes greg and MPMD look stupid. Still love you all though haha

  • Kevin Griffith
    Kevin Griffith

    Israel Adensanya- "hes on PEDS!!!!!" guy who is literally as jacked and shredded as Mr. Olympia - "he's natural" p.s. you said the guy next to him has weird quads and their quads have the same muscle shapes?

  • TheAragus

    Utemeljeni Zvone.

  • fatboitino2

    Here's the thing- there's a reason he's an Olympian and the other million of gear users are not.

  • fatboitino2

    Honestly, we should evaluate the other pictures from the 2009 show. But, Bonac literally jumped leaps and (p)ounds since he turned pro. He made massive improvements

  • Wade

    Dom Mazzeti natty or not

  • Aleksa Boskovic
    Aleksa Boskovic

    Greg pretty close to that 1mil subs , good job Greg keep on going

  • zkljaja

    Am I internet famous now?

  • fratsou

    Pros might think that they were natural back in the days not because they were actually natural,but because they were taking waaaay less gear than they do now,its like i am natural if i take 1000mg test in a week.I competed in Sapri in Italy(IBFA) one year after in amateur divison and i can tell you that every single one of the competitors no matter the category were on peds,including myself.Btw Bonac won the over all P.S the picture doesnt have good quality,i think he looks even better xD,the fact that he doesnt look as dry as the rest of them it is maybe because he preped for 2 weeks and not for 3-4 months,we ve seen it with Lionel Bayeke and Nathan Deasa when they staterd their prep at last minute

  • duroda 12
    duroda 12


  • Zulhilmi Rahman
    Zulhilmi Rahman

    What Greg meant is HRposts natty. Few mg of clen like Lazar Angelov, "Like it says on my website." 😝

  • Mike O'Heorn
    Mike O'Heorn

    hey grag i wannd to gnow dose stevea give you fat? my borther is a 45 yo natural ifbb pro and he says thet stevea trics youre body in to storying all youre fat stores forevar! thakns, -michael o heorn

  • addicted gamer
    addicted gamer

    Bmr calculator telling me to eat 500 extra calories to just maintain my weight. I know I'm sure gonna gain weight if i eat 500 extra calories. I think BMR is bs.

  • iAdam368

    Do a natty or not on Dylan Mcknight

  • Alissa R.
    Alissa R.

    Other girls: let's meet to watch "the bachelor " Me : do you know Coach Greg ? 🤣

    • Natalie H
      Natalie H


  • TheSalvaDoorian

    This time traveling is getting wild

  • Ethan Hilbert
    Ethan Hilbert

    I know you know who Nick Bare is he ran a sub 3 hour marathon

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Gina - Pepeo
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