Why I HATE the Bench Press
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  • doug

    I actually think sumo should be considered a different lift then a deadlift. Not that it's easy or anything, thats not my point. My point is, it's a different thing

  • Sif Amon
    Sif Amon

    I keep pausing the video cause I think my cats are yelling

  • Prince Crane
    Prince Crane

    He made such an amazing point. If the bench press rules were changed it'd be watched by just as many people as the 100-meter dash. I'd be on the edge of my seat. CAN HE LIFT IIIITTTT

  • Third Imposter
    Third Imposter

    Julius Maddox is all I know and that because nick talks about him every other day

  • Chris Kelly
    Chris Kelly

    That was definitely not a real benchpress I don’t care what the rules say that was absolute shit!!!!!

  • Spike Ike
    Spike Ike

    That asian woman's bench press back arch was low key disgusting.

  • jack skeleton
    jack skeleton

    Greg used to love this until he got hurt

  • and then i said
    and then i said

    lmfao this is fucking hilarious hahaha

  • TheOriginalFayari

    You make a great point about the grip width. Powerlifters should have a standardized grip width requirement, something like the forearms being within a certain angle to the bench. No more straight arm bench presses.

  • Pissoff Chalkies
    Pissoff Chalkies

    He reminds me of scooby sometimes

  • Wellness Path For Me
    Wellness Path For Me

    Bruce Lee: The one-inch punch. 2021: The one-inch bench press. Conclusion: Society is regressing. Badly.

  • Flash

    Gymanstic Rings gang chiming in.

  • Rob

    i was happy to be able to bench 315 for 2 reps without arching my back , taking it all the way down to my chest and all the way up locking it out . at 6' 1'' 215 lbs all natural .

  • Lukas Langer
    Lukas Langer

    Another possible rule would be, that the upper arms have to be at least parallel to the floor at the lowest point of the press.

  • Primal 187
    Primal 187

    Need to strap their body down and then have them bench

  • Yash Yashveer
    Yash Yashveer

    Didn't he critisize ryan humiston for saying the bench press is an overrated exercise?

  • Andrew Lawson
    Andrew Lawson

    Lmao what the hell was that 😂 if I seen some one do that at the gym I would be like Im definitely sure your doing it wrong lol

  • Teko

    Ahem- “Larry wheels”

  • Rafael Rosales
    Rafael Rosales

    Coach Greg i know I’m late in asking but I have skinny torso and idk if should bench where bar touches my chest or do I do 90degeress ?

  • Woman at the Well
    Woman at the Well

    In power lifting the bench press needs to be checked for depth at the elbow the way it is for squats and breaking parallel.

  • Y.O. rc bashing
    Y.O. rc bashing

    It seems that really short guys can poeerlift alot more then tall guys,is it easier for shorter guys cause they have less space to travel or is it the same as a tall guys distance

  • MisterTonyG

    I was never the most genetically gifted person but I was always in the upper tiers of strength for people I knew in real life. So above average but no where near the 1%. These rules are the reason why I never tried power lifting when I was a teenager/in my 20s. I have always benched with a flat back.

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams

    I can probably count on my two hands how many time I've done traditional flat bench press... I've ever only done incline dumbbells

  • Nathan Narehood
    Nathan Narehood

    That does not look good for your back.

  • Prithvi Raj
    Prithvi Raj

    It’s really funny to see Coach Girlfriend eat in background and don’t care why coach yell in front of the camera 🎥

  • smilsmff

    just ask them to sit AT hammer Strength and use that much weight to bench press from the bottom

  • Ma Balyam
    Ma Balyam


  • Siwjjejejfukgjwwjwjjwbdududjdkjwff

    Natty or not trej jonuzi

  • Delabeled

    I am 81kg (178.5lbs) 186cm (6ft 2) and I bench with my ring fingers on the rings. I don't do crazy arches or anything like that. I'm planning on competing in power lifting but I'm in this to lift as much weight as I can RAW and through a full range of motion. It doesn't mean anything to me otherwise, so I won't be competing with massive arches or any garbage like that. The rules are retarded and I'm in this specifically for me not for anyone else. Would be cool to compare myself to others 1 day and maybe win some but I wont sacrifice my pride in what I do for a win or a world record. (Highly doubt I'll ever be strong enough for a world record anyways but still)

  • Antti Hankonen
    Antti Hankonen

    bu-bu-bu-bu-but sumo is still a deadlift? Right?

  • Jayce See
    Jayce See

    So the movement itself is fine right...

  • Jesse Fonte
    Jesse Fonte

    Damn ur real voice was revealed

  • geezus

    Hahaha that woman’s bench press was just hilarious

  • Brandon Bandstra
    Brandon Bandstra

    I like what "jacked Jordan Peterson" has to say

  • flyingjibberish

    This video proves the value of yoga. Gotta have some flexibility to arch your back to the point where you only need to move your arms one inch on the bench press!

  • Danny Turano
    Danny Turano

    I just watch Greg’s videos now for the background entertainment. Whether it’s a cat in heat, Greg’s girlfriend eating, his pig looking for food, dogs barking, cleaning people. More background entertainment than last time!

  • Casey Fuerst
    Casey Fuerst

    Love this guy so entertaining but I have Learned a lot of shit from him

  • Genso Air
    Genso Air

    I LOVE IT😂🤣 all the stupid IDIOTS doing these cheat lifts thinking they are strong lying to themselves and keep themselves WEAK 🌈🤯🌈😵🌈🤪👍👍🤝🤝

  • Valitsemlla Luo kanava hyväksy laitela
    Valitsemlla Luo kanava hyväksy laitela

    Larry Wheels, Kirill Sarychev

  • Daniel Walsh
    Daniel Walsh


  • Blade Oaks
    Blade Oaks

    The only thing that i saw is that you said that height has alot to do with bench weight why not narrow the grip for shorter people

  • Janne Planman
    Janne Planman

    Nowadays I always lift close gripped. And often I basicly do pyramid when benching. I recommend to do various presses like floor and incline- and also doing pyramid with those! And no cheating!!! You don't need much more for one day. And you will feel it🏆 Just take some time and be focused🦊

  • Thomalicious Tharpenter
    Thomalicious Tharpenter

    They could also require the elbows to go beneath parallel with the shoulders

  • Cameron Benoit
    Cameron Benoit

    i’m 6 foot and put my pinky on the ring... i used to think this was normal width but now i’m not sure

  • stephen johnson
    stephen johnson

    It should be by arm length.

  • Mike Marshall
    Mike Marshall

    I got a solution put your feet up on the bench I was a bad back archer resting my legs up on the bench forced me to not lift with the arch

  • Ragnar TheRedbeard
    Ragnar TheRedbeard

    I love women that listen. My wife listens also.

  • Joseph Pruszenski
    Joseph Pruszenski

    Ally can bench more than my dad lol

  • Steven Hodges
    Steven Hodges

    Coach Greg. Why is your bar so rusty?

  • Te Aroha Diamond
    Te Aroha Diamond

    Maybe instead of a bench press, they change it to a chest press? No bar just a couple of handles, with the goal of pressing the weight off the weight stack.

  • alex patterson
    alex patterson

    There is an unspoken divide in the sport. Those who truly believe it’s about getting stronger and practice good form vs. those who cut corners and don’t really care about getting stronger.

  • Kyle Jimenez
    Kyle Jimenez

    I say redo all strength sports no belt no wrist straps no juice just real achievable physiques and strength not bunch bs natty only with full range proper form.

  • Ali Ayoubi
    Ali Ayoubi

    How bench pressing is killing ur gains...sorry wrong channel.

  • Big Trips Keepin it real
    Big Trips Keepin it real

    Hardest exercise and the most dangerous.

  • MarkO

    Barbell benchpress is the most overrated exercise in existence, dumbell bench press is superior in every way

  • Jenna Williams
    Jenna Williams

    How is arching your back to that extent even SAFE?....I’ve never understood the reason behind arching your back to that point. I was taught to always lay your back flat.

  • Justin Meyers
    Justin Meyers

    Good. I can’t bench anymore anyway... I just tore my teres muscle in my back from the bone. Makes it feel like I have a torn rotator cuff.

  • Stephen Richards
    Stephen Richards

    Competitive dead hang pull ups when?

  • Stephen Richards
    Stephen Richards

    I agree, the fish flop press needs to die yesterday

  • A A
    A A

    Maybe they shouldn’t do the grip stuff by weight class but by wingspan as tall people with short arms or shorter people with longer arms

  • TheHaiku2

    Her butt couldn't have been on the bench. The first lifter.

  • LiftAholic Fitness
    LiftAholic Fitness

    Can't even cheat bench, that shit hurts my freaking shoulder

  • tony steel
    tony steel

    the biggest problem with powerlifting are the idiots and scumbags who run the competitions, there will always be cheaters and idiots competing but the people running the events are even dumber and morally bankrupt

  • Sauli sihvo
    Sauli sihvo

    I hate the bench press because my wrists get destroid. No matter how I grip the bar

  • Nav R1
    Nav R1

    I think powerlifters are not much respected because there are too many self proclaimed powerlifters on youtube comments lol! "I bench 500lbs but I weigh 550lbs".

  • Tristan Lake
    Tristan Lake

    Bench press I don’t really care for too much either. I don’t train for strength. 60 pound dumbbells is all I need to keep my strength up. Plus I train for endurance strength and hypertrophy anyway. I’m sure if I wanted to bench 350 someday I could. Not my goal. Dumbbells do the job. Decline dumbbells are my favorite.

  • theknowledgeguy Gaming
    theknowledgeguy Gaming

    Seeing people bend their back like that hurts my back

  • Stefaan D
    Stefaan D

    Omg ive been benching wrong my whole life. I can bench waaaaaay more then i actually do, just need to have the "proper" form hmmm

  • Bandula Paul
    Bandula Paul


  • Jakov Gugić
    Jakov Gugić

    When you're long limbed like me you don't have a choice but full ROM.😂

  • Andrew smart
    Andrew smart

    Why i hate bench press? Because in December I tore my bicep with 80kg :/

  • Shinichi Kudo
    Shinichi Kudo

    You didn't title the video well

  • TGA

    "I'm a manlet" - Greg Doucette 2021

  • YesMan D
    YesMan D

    Haven't watched the entire video yet, but I've long thought the bench press should be replaced by the strict press.

  • Arbiter Of Reason
    Arbiter Of Reason

    It's supposed to work the chest 😂

  • anonymous

    index finger on the rings and full back/butt on the bench should be the new rules.

  • Peter Gainz
    Peter Gainz

    i would watch bench press if it was with the back on the bench , or dumbbel press what i like most

  • AngelTyraelGM

    Wow that hit hard, i do know alot of strongman, and i legit dont remamber any powerlifter wtf

  • Jake Ingle
    Jake Ingle

    Bro tf he do with his hair? He a Tik Toker now?

  • Samuel Pearson
    Samuel Pearson

    They should make it so that your arms have to reach a 90degree angle at the elbow on the eccentric portion of the lift. Edit: They need to also severly nerf the sumo stance, it's bloody ridiculous how much people reduce their range of motion.

  • Samuel Pearson
    Samuel Pearson

    I don't want to take anything away from Julius Maddox but I have noticed each time he lowers the weight down onto himself ready for the press he does this little surge at the beginning of the press with his tummy giving him momentum for the lift, I just want to know if this is even legal. I would love if you could answer coach!

  • Metal Arcade
    Metal Arcade

    I haven't seen these ridiculous bench presses till now, who in their right mind thinks they are doing ANYTHING lifting that way, except probably destroying their spine?

  • Luis Reza
    Luis Reza

    It’s funny cuz you’ll get a lot of “powerlifting” ppl say that you’re cherry picking and that’s one bad example and they don’t realize a lot of those same people are doing the same thing. wether it’s THAT super exaggerated or not but it’s still a ridiculous arch that they’re doing.

  • FoereaperGaming

    I dont think I would ever walk again if I arched my back like that.

  • Cobra Kai 420
    Cobra Kai 420

    Can we talk about coach Greg’s GFs genetics? she’s so gorgeous and tall and could lift heavy weights

    • Cobra Kai 420
      Cobra Kai 420

      @Julian I’m Julian and i like to call strangers simps because I’m gay reeeeee!!

    • Julian


  • RangeHot TV
    RangeHot TV

    You ever seen ISSF (olympic) competetive shooting?

  • Angel Del Villar
    Angel Del Villar

    Hahaha that girls bench press is such a joke

  • Isaac Way
    Isaac Way

    Narrowing grips would help but the problem has always been the back arching. If bench pressing is a test of strength, a person shouldn’t be able to gain an advantage by having a more flexible spine. They should place a limit on the amount of allowed distance between the bench and the elevated part of the spine, so that people aren’t winning competitions due to greater flexibility. Narrowing hand with does not fix the problem.

  • bilgewater boi
    bilgewater boi

    There should be a "90 degree elbow" rule or something

  • Kendue Jones
    Kendue Jones

    Great job💯

  • John Hutchison
    John Hutchison

    I cracked cartilage in my chest benching to much a few years ago . And then on chest press the other day I popped a rib in my back . Lol

  • pbetftdi

    Power lifting is now crossfit with that kind of bench press.

  • Rod Calupitan
    Rod Calupitan

    Maybe Greg wants the rules to change so no one can touch his record 😂

  • Magnus B
    Magnus B

    the shorter you are the less total muscle mass you will be able to have though.

  • Black Thief
    Black Thief

    his wife casually eating breakfast in the back while waiting for greg to move his ass and let her watch netflix on the smart tv

  • Ray DeElena
    Ray DeElena

    It's the same as using the King's movement in arm wrestling. It devalues the sport.

  • Billy Badson
    Billy Badson

    U left handed

  • Graham Van Dyke
    Graham Van Dyke

    I thought it was bad when I was seeing chicks do quarter reps with an exorcist back, but this is a whole new level of stupid.

  • Abhishek Mishra
    Abhishek Mishra

    This is a totally irrelevant stupid video. I thought he was going to talk about shoulder injuries and such.


      If you bench right you shouldn’t get injured numbnuts

  • John K
    John K

    great content