Why Humans Are FAT || The Truth About CICO
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  • Walter Fuerst
    Walter Fuerst

    Thanks god we in Europe don't have this cup measurements bullshit. We measure only by gram.

  • Colen Chow
    Colen Chow

    Superstore PogChamp

  • VanLess Dweller
    VanLess Dweller

    How can this be, the blue menu mix and half cup amount. Is he correct on this? They should change it, I go by tbs and cups, I'm sure my raw rice cup amounts are correct though.

  • J A D
    J A D

    My "eat a little bit less" plan is to quit drinking.

  • YogiXL

    TVP is so good. Thanks for spreading the word

  • paul disanza
    paul disanza



    DR. D!!!!! Good content my brother!

  • allyouneedis GODandJESUS
    allyouneedis GODandJESUS

    Like always, great info! Thanks for informing in sucha quick and effective manner. Wake up people, don't be fooled. They lie about the food they sell us, they lie about so much more.

  • Nwaeze Emmanuel
    Nwaeze Emmanuel

    Coach Greg is very concerned about our health, very!

  • B flo
    B flo

    That's it I'm buying the damn cookbook today😎😎💪💪💪

  • Jason Catledge
    Jason Catledge

    Wouldn’t it be cooked weight?

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick


  • Cristian Radulescu
    Cristian Radulescu

    I know some people are raised using this "cup" shit measurement system but I don't know how it works for them honestly.... I would fill that cup up sooooooo much if I would be hungry lol :)

  • Shelby Lynne
    Shelby Lynne

    Coach Greg...you don't measure stuff like lentils or rice uncooked. Lol. Packaging typically specifies what it is cooked and uncooked, you cook it and THEN measure it out. I count calories, I've maintained my 50lb weight loss for a long time and I'm continuously getting leaner body fat % wise, and all I use is my Fitbit app and measuring cups and spoons. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • em

    Been seeing my best results since I started weighing out my food. Bless you Dr. Greg

  • Carl Pichette
    Carl Pichette

    Usually Coach Greg's pecs are popping out but right now what the hell is happening with your delts? I want your shoulder program ASAP! :)

  • name last name
    name last name

    Exposing the industry From now on some people will call you a conspiracy theorist😂

  • Tom LaRow
    Tom LaRow

    You had the scale set to M for mini when it should’ve been set to W for Wumbo

  • Marc-Olivier Girard
    Marc-Olivier Girard

    One more reason to not trust the cups as a measurement : American cup : 240 ml Metric cup : 250 ml Canadian cup : 225 ml Imperial cup : 284ml The Betty Crocker cup I own which is the same as Greg's : 235 ml. So yeah, don't trust cups people and circles.

  • H Town Guy
    H Town Guy

    Thank you coach grej I will now buy food scale

  • Ghost_Dylan 27
    Ghost_Dylan 27

    Wtf were those weird movements on the right side of Coach Greg towards the end of the video?

  • Sorry Förlåt mig
    Sorry Förlåt mig

    How is greg so hot?

  • KeepinitRealLiz

    These companies has been fooling us 😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • Matheus Gonçalves
    Matheus Gonçalves

    Just use the metric system everybody

  • darshia33

    And then with that blue label, you know they’re going to charge more money. Because people trying to be healthy is something the food industry loves to make money off of. Wonder how many people thought their food scales were broken?

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I always weigh shit. Best method!

  • lenn lord
    lenn lord

    scam!!! bought a cookbook, life got better. bought another one, nothing happened. dont trust this guy, you dont need to buy more than one of cookbook 2, no matter how often he yells at you to buy more!

  • Ghorlik

    I found this vid by looking for "Cico" wich in my country, it was an orange juice back in the comunist times(similar to fanta) before 1991, but you could still find it, pretty rare...I don t regret founding this video.

  • CMOS

    3:06 Solid advice for black people.

  • Beyond Backwater
    Beyond Backwater

    Coach Greg's ice cream is the best thing I've discovered in years. It's so filling and low calories.

  • El Cid Gaming
    El Cid Gaming

    COACH! I HAVE A PROBLEM! HELP! I Googled what you said in 7:45 and in Gender it doesn't have CIRCLE!

  • pascal raskal
    pascal raskal

    Has the couch pant on or not mhhhh

  • Classe Backm
    Classe Backm

    Everything should be in metric.. always.

  • Ki Sigma
    Ki Sigma

    If people would stop eating outside and cooking in doors they would be alot healthier clean bro

  • Nicole Bellemore
    Nicole Bellemore

    Honest question ... lentils more than double in size when cooked.. I always thought that blue menu bag was showing the info for a half cup of cooked lentils, which would make it closer to 45g with less lentils in the cup, since each one would take up more space in the half cup? Anyone else second guessing everything?

  • Niko Bella-Khouf
    Niko Bella-Khouf

    Sugar, soy, gmo. Case closed

  • Mike W
    Mike W

    I think they mean 1/2 cup of prepared soup, but labels are off anyways.

  • Steve Kathman
    Steve Kathman

    Me: My doctor posted a new video! Some man: "Chef Greg..." Me: Who is this man!?

  • haikea intiaani
    haikea intiaani

    people shoud have ony tea and warm tought

  • Wendy Bendy
    Wendy Bendy

    2:04 The packet says ...the nutritional facts for half a cup (or 45g) is as follows...then theres the list of recommended daily amounts and actual amounts. Its NOT CLAIMING there us 45g per packet 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Apolloggm

    So... buy a scale and things work

  • MacKenzie McIntosh
    MacKenzie McIntosh

    I may have missed this, but did the packages specify dry vs cooked? That might be the problem

  • Alfred M
    Alfred M

    you don't have this issue when you only eat meat 🥩 go carnivore and forget about calories 🥓

  • RL

    basically, measuring in volume sucks

  • Vegardhjoh

    Moral of the story: Metric Superiority

  • Jaywed

    I was literally realizing this issue the other day. They need to add (cooked) or (uncooked) in the ingredients section.

  • Vinny

    this is HUGE . i had no idea.

  • Mxgic HD
    Mxgic HD

    5:50 real voice? 😂

  • Danny Woodward
    Danny Woodward

    Coach Greg foaming at the mouth.

  • Jolene the Llama
    Jolene the Llama

    Do a Natty or Not on "Miiike" (YT). @mike_scherer35 on Instagram.

  • Jolene the Llama
    Jolene the Llama

    In Europe we make it easy and they just put the values by 100g.

  • Karolthas

    Is this some american...cough...canadian joke I am too european to understand?

  • ThePr4nkst3r88

    Thats why these stupid cups dont exist in europe

  • Jaguar Rose
    Jaguar Rose

    I remember being taught the metrics system when I was in middle school in the 80s. We were told the country would be transitioning away from the English system but 30+ years later I'm still waiting 👀👀

  • Daniel

    Is the begining of the video accurate? Because thats kind of rediculous

  • Boyan Anakiev
    Boyan Anakiev

    its funny because cookbook 1 is using cups,spoons,handfuls and whatever other bullshit methods to prepare the meals xD )

  • courtney mullin
    courtney mullin

    I guess I should just stop eating 😂

  • Lolwhatajoke

    You need a scale period. I was stunned at how small a 2 tablespoon serving of peanut butter is. It’s like one normal spoon

  • Tatiana Cendejas
    Tatiana Cendejas

    I literally 🤭 when he weighed the food

  • Tatiana Cendejas
    Tatiana Cendejas


  • Christian Gregan
    Christian Gregan

    How can we trust how much calories are in those foods if they’re lying about the grams per cup?

  • Winston

    Just curious. When you go by grams, the cooked volume of the 45 grams would probably hit 1/2 cup. How do you know it’s not 1/2 cup cooked | 45g uncooked?

  • Miguel Gutierrez
    Miguel Gutierrez

    Calorie counting does work as long as you have a good scale.

  • Vanessa P
    Vanessa P

    Amazing, I won't have to stuff my face to get enough calories. Thanks coach!

  • Paul Richards
    Paul Richards

    In the UK a cup is something we put tea in.

  • Nightly Sings
    Nightly Sings

    6:33 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kathy Kelley's Killer Content
    Kathy Kelley's Killer Content

    I enjoy hearing him say freaking

  • Showmy

    North Americans getting WOKE on grams after 250 years of trolling themselves :D

  • Troop Cass
    Troop Cass

    Got Greg’s cook book, hmu if you want

  • Luciana Fratean
    Luciana Fratean

    Living in Europe, in Romania especially is much easier because we don t have cups, just grams:))

  • Conor Birch
    Conor Birch

    Do a video on herbalife

  • Johnny Pepper
    Johnny Pepper

    Government should employ you to make sure all labels are accurate

  • Alz Beyz
    Alz Beyz

    Does food increase or decrease in calories when cooked?

    • mary saotome
      mary saotome


  • Jesus Conde
    Jesus Conde

    And that is why you wrote your first book in cups instead of grams 👌👏👏👏👏 well done When I bought it that was the very first thing that caused me trouble. Many people, as myself, do not need a video to be aware of it. Apparently you were the one did not realise...

  • Loot Crater
    Loot Crater

    It's also confusing that they don't specify if the calories refer to cooked weight.

  • EthanEllo

    Pls meet gordon ramsay ahahhaha would love to watch two chefs shouting at each other

  • Laura Malsch
    Laura Malsch

    Sometimes I think you are the last person on youtube who speaks honestly.

  • Βαλια Πολυζου
    Βαλια Πολυζου

    Tell that to Jeff Cavaliere who thinks dividing the plate is a good solution. I always disagreed with this one.

  • Derek Nielsen
    Derek Nielsen

    What a douche bag.

  • giancarlos119

    Thank god for so much good information

  • jason Klein
    jason Klein

    Hi Greg I am a big fan of your info and watch you daily. Quick question, how far down does the rabbit hole go when it comes to nutritional information. How do we know that the amount of calories per serving is even close to correct on most foods out there?

  • Hugh W
    Hugh W

    You'd have to be stupid to go by cups 😂😂😂

  • Hugh W
    Hugh W

    That should be illegal!

  • Mark B
    Mark B

    Counting calories works well enough for me! Just don't use cups as a measurement, or handfuls or percentage of a plate... Just eat a little less is bad advice, if I switch out 200g of broccoli for 100g of fudge technically I'm eating less (for weightloss it's the calories and density that are important); If people knew how much they actually ate and how many calories each "food" had many wouldnt be fat in the first place! COUNT BETTER!. imo if people are suggerling to count calories they should simplify their diet, avoid processed foods and only eat food that looks like there ingredients, or food they make themselves (maybe if the FOOD companies are willing to trick/lie to you, you shouldnt eat their produce!), until you have more experience. You wouldn't tell a child who couldnt count to 10 that counting doesn't work?

  • Grace Addleman
    Grace Addleman

    Alright, time to pull out the calorimeter 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ashley Geraets
    Ashley Geraets

    I think they just meant 1/2 cup cooked for the first one lol

  • StarWarsThoughts

    Greg should just expose and praise food brands for lying or being accurate lel

  • Sylvain Cloutier
    Sylvain Cloutier

    Merci Greg!

  • Carlos Rosario Gonzalez
    Carlos Rosario Gonzalez

    The FDA actually says that purchasing Coach Greg's cookbook is the most accurate guide to 100 percent guaranteed weight loss.

  • HirachieOfSociety

    One of THE worst offenders for this is peanut butter. It's 90 calories 1 tablespoon (15 grams). Seriously take a full tablespoon of peanut butter and I GARUNTEE you'll pull out easily 30+ grams of peanut butter. You'll be amazed at how little 15 grams of peanut butter actually looks like on a scale.

  • wheelz carbyde
    wheelz carbyde

    Diets always fail because they aren't sustainable, they always come to an end. Get in the gym and focus on time under tension and use food to fuel you for your best results. Don't quit and don't make excuses.

  • Ivory Tran
    Ivory Tran

    For lentils, chickpeas, and other legumes, maybe the calories on the label are for cooked, not dry food. So the mix you showed in the beginning would have 150 cal per half a cup of cooked lentils and rice.

  • tony7682

    Perhaps the Blue Menu serving size mass is when it is cooked?


    My parents must have used cups when they made me because they've made a HUUUUUUUUGE mistake 😂😂😂

  • SHA AK47
    SHA AK47

    Cuz humans eat fat

  • MrLugar45

    This is so far off from older Greg videos. Creating distrust in everything accept his cookbook so you pay him money out of fear is so wrong. And he does it by cherry picking food labels. If anybode else reviews his videos by cherry picking he calls them out on it but here he does it himself.

  • Shannon Billows Fitness
    Shannon Billows Fitness

    The rule is... everyone should track in grams. The end. 😊

  • MakeupnSlay

    Woooooow so deceitful. Don’t buy food for the label it seems.

  • Shane Ganley
    Shane Ganley

    Where did u buy your kitchen scales from

  • Jay Finn
    Jay Finn

    He say's o.k. normally.

  • cldtcts

    This was by far one of the best ads ever!!!!