What's the BEST Form of Cardio For Fat Loss???
Do you ever wonder what type of cardio burns the most fat? If so watch and find out!
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  • Arkar Aung
    Arkar Aung

    Started as a hater Ended up being a regular fan

  • Steve Donson
    Steve Donson

    I was thinking of a full-body workout from T25 or Insanity, which one would you guys recommend?

  • Jay H
    Jay H

    indoor bikes suck. Go straight to 6:30 mark. Your welcome.

  • Finally

    I am not a doctor 🥼

  • djsodi97

    TIP▪︎At 109 heart rate it burns fat but more than that burns muscle.

  • Remy OP’s
    Remy OP’s

    Love this queen

  • Paulie Walnuts
    Paulie Walnuts

    Has anyone else noticed his left pec flexes much more during his rants than the right side? Jeff Cavalier wouldn’t like that imbalance

  • John S.
    John S.

    What about the assault bike/airdyne?

  • Soham Patel
    Soham Patel

    To sum up the video: Fuck everything else unless your an athlete and use the elliptical or the stepper with proper form

  • Ajeak Vigneshwaran
    Ajeak Vigneshwaran


  • Don Kun
    Don Kun

    coach what about flat at 13km/hr

  • ramenwithaliens

    My treadmill goes only to 10 incline 😭

    • artsybirdy _
      artsybirdy _

      Same 😥

  • Gustavo Ibarra
    Gustavo Ibarra

    I actually got one just a few month ago,...I have an acl which I never did surgery so I can't run, elliptical is just perfect for that. I follow some video on youtube, walking, running in Austria, Germany or any other European country make it really enjoyable, and it is really hard when you put elevation or/and resistance.

  • Key

    Love the advice but, please swallow the access spit in your mouth

  • Neelam Ingale
    Neelam Ingale

    Never loved a fitness guru's video sooooooo much! You are awesome👏👏👏👏👏

  • Shivam Dwivedi
    Shivam Dwivedi

    How much incline is optimum ? Is it bad for knees ?

  • Lobo Lex
    Lobo Lex


  • Musashi Miyamoto
    Musashi Miyamoto

    What about jump rope ??

  • Edward Berrocal
    Edward Berrocal

    Greg. Are you related to Gilbert Gottfried? Man yall sound the same.

  • Rodman Almassi
    Rodman Almassi

    Versaclimber is the best and has the least impact, but it is the absolute hardest

  • Peter Shenouda
    Peter Shenouda

    95% of my cardio is the stationary bike and walking on the treadmill 🤦‍♂️🤣

  • Undine Almani
    Undine Almani

    After having taken time off training for anything, EVERYTHING feels like what you call HIIT Cardio to me. I klimbed a mountain yesterday, one I had climbed ten years ago and thought I could do it in 6 hours, like I used to when I was in my twenties... I am a moron, I guess. i needed 10. But I made it. But I WILL NOT GO HARDER THAN LAST TIME next time ;-D I am however training for a 100 km hike, so I need to do something. Anway, I have no idea if you ever read these comments, but I want to say thank you. Even though not every of your videos is for me, I can take something out of them for myself (as a hiker, yoga teacher and mom that wants to get fitter - and most of all, this is such a refreshing channel... because it seems like, if you are a mom and you want to get back in shape after having a kid, the only "body positivity" the internet seems to know is "be okay with your body, you are enough, you don't need to change". imo not very encouraging... I want to improve myself, not pamper myself!) :)

  • Autumn Breeze
    Autumn Breeze

    I already knew it would be Elliptical, look at the movements..it's just common sense.

  • cozydungeon

    10:12 Damn Greg you can really throw it back

  • Ron Nunez
    Ron Nunez

    He was on a major caloric deficiency because he's low energy on this video and looks shredded then usual

  • Jasmin Wagner
    Jasmin Wagner

    I’m a year late buuuutt.. what about for at home? Jump rope?

  • Tear Key
    Tear Key

    Well if play with speed on a treadmill or resistance on the bike ye ure heart rate is gonna go up which leads to burn more calories. So doesnt matter what machine u actually are on. Just how u train on it

  • David Willis
    David Willis

    Best form of cardio for fat loss , running to the hospital or elsewhere for liposuction removal

  • Jeremy Creason
    Jeremy Creason

    You should ride a motorcycle

  • Patrick Zender
    Patrick Zender

    What about jump rope?

  • Gym is life
    Gym is life

    10:12 omg so funny can’t stop laughing I see that at the gym all the time .

  • Eric Speranza
    Eric Speranza


  • D Styer
    D Styer

    Best form of cardio for fat loss? Brazilian Jiu jitsu, lost 50 lbs training 3 days a week. Your core ends up being carved from granite.

  • War624

    I tend to set the treadmill to 1.0 incline at 2.8-3.0 speed, and try to go for half an hour at most. I honestly don't know if that's a good burn. 🤷

  • Ballsy Bunny
    Ballsy Bunny

    “These stupid morons....” 😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • Chas Howard
    Chas Howard

    I like to skip rope

  • Supa la Plic
    Supa la Plic

    I mean, I am a doctor but I'm hardly an expert in this stuff. Am I supposed to start with "look, I'm no Greg Doucette, I just know a few things"? 😆

  • Kalle Lundström
    Kalle Lundström

    Awsome 🙌💪👍

  • Gumball 4870
    Gumball 4870

    I burned 500 calories in an hour walking on the treadmill, and I’m 98 lbs😂

    • Gumball 4870
      Gumball 4870

      @Bob Anner I did once, I actually walked for an hour and 40 minutes that day

    • Bob Anner
      Bob Anner

      I seriously doubt that

  • Bigcoochieboi

    Cardio = outside + moving...outside + moving = ripped

  • J Sav
    J Sav

    I love the way he talks to us! We’re all fucking idiots!!!! Love it

  • Fabian Ortiz
    Fabian Ortiz

    Love doing fasted cardio in AM I just walk as fast as I can on the treadmill with an incline for an Hour According to the machine (which I hear they can be way off) I burn 350+ calories per session

  • Paul

    Even though this is an older video, and he did another similar one much LAY-TOR, I am impressed that while Greg is providing exercise information, he is also teaching us the language of "Greglish". Word of the day on this one is "STEEYOP": Stop hanging on to the cardio machines for dear life! 😂 I think cardio machine manufacturers should just replace the standard red "STOP" button with a "STEEYOP!" button, with a picture of Greg's face on it with a Ghrelin Grimace expression.

  • T C
    T C

    No assault bike?

  • Sean Altamura #salt
    Sean Altamura #salt

    This video is more useful than the Natty or Not series, especially to one who loves sports (I'm a runner and triathlete, but I also like working on strengthening exercises)... Sean from Naples, Italy

  • Flynn Montiforte
    Flynn Montiforte

    I swear this guy is definatly Joe Bartalozis long lost father!!

  • Nate Jewell
    Nate Jewell

    This man is hilarious

  • Unbiased Magic Reviews
    Unbiased Magic Reviews

    "99% of you are idiots". LOL

  • Y

    What about long distance jogging

  • skywalker all day
    skywalker all day

    😄😄😄98 years old

  • Adel Tikelaline
    Adel Tikelaline

    In a ocean of bull shit !! It’s refreshing to have to have some good sense:)

  • Carie Young
    Carie Young

    The “Gilbert Gottfried” of fitness...

  • Mario Fernandez
    Mario Fernandez

    Is running outside good cardio?

  • The Ruddz
    The Ruddz

    Sometimes you remind me of French Stewart from Third Rock from the sun.... But a really buff angry happy French Stewart 🙂

  • Jaguar Rose
    Jaguar Rose

    Come for the verbal abuse, stay for the education.

  • Matthew Dominguez
    Matthew Dominguez

    Hey Greg! How about Jump Roping?

  • Bertha Arguelles
    Bertha Arguelles

    Steeyop!! This cracked me up!

  • GoldenSalad100

    Watts is joules/second greg

  • dtoussaint80

    I freakin died 🤣🤣☠️☠️ @ 10:12

  • generalsoul1

    I like to jump rope for any kind of cardio 30 seconds, rest for 10, 30 more seconds, rest for 10 and so on until I’m completely burnt out. If I didn’t make it a full 45 minutes to an hour I’ll take a 10 minute break and go back to it until I finish.

  • SJC

    I was about to say this dude is wrong. That the rowing machine is the best... Than he covered the rowing machine.

  • D Bone
    D Bone

    The best cardio is whatever you'll actually do.

    • D Bone
      D Bone

      @Draxvelo I'm weird and actually like broccoli. Actually like most beg and fruit. But can't stand any seafood. Lucky I can just pop some Omegas.

    • Draxvelo

      Best diet then one you like If like salmon eat salmon If you like blueberries eat blueberries If you don’t like spinach find a veggie that you like like broccoli 🥦

    • Draxvelo


  • Michael Ramos
    Michael Ramos

    Lol its funny when he slips into his normal voice for a quick sec

  • NeXXcom

    Dude you should try stand up comedy! You're funny AF!

  • GravellerGear

    The best no bull crap coach out there. Calling you moron since day 1 lol

  • Tyrese Turner
    Tyrese Turner

    Funny thing is I almost believed vshred and remembered I learnt sport in school

  • Brendon Childers
    Brendon Childers

    If I laugh for 20min watching your videos, how many calories is that?

  • donutranger

    I'm so glad I started with Elliptical before watching this video. People in my gym used the treadmill a lot and it doesn't suit me since it kinda injures my muscle and doesn't make me sweat quickly.

  • Jesse Oldham
    Jesse Oldham

    Its funny but 90% of what Greg says, I naturally do anyway

  • Jesse Oldham
    Jesse Oldham

    Greg "annoying af at first hilarious after" Doucette

  • ester1385

    I detest when I see people walking on a treadmill, what’s worse when they walk on flat and hold onto the handlebars.. I do 10x400m sprints with 200m jog outs, 1-2x a week, 1x per week, I’ll do interval incline running. Tempo runs and lastly my recovery runs. Treadmills are awesome when used correctly

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon

    Beggars can't be choosers. I ain't rich. No, I cannot afford an elliptical machine. Not even the one for $150 on Amazon. I was given a stationary bicycle and yeah I use it.

  • 1987 GNX
    1987 GNX

    I listen to Coach Greg only. Everyone else is a joke.

  • Pamela Stearns
    Pamela Stearns

    I love your videos

  • Maurice Swain
    Maurice Swain

    I just got an elliptical machine at my house. Thanks Greg

  • Nathan Patton
    Nathan Patton

    Versa climber anyone?

  • Dale Glancey
    Dale Glancey

    Once u realize Coach and Gilbert Gottfried are cousins then it all makes sense...lol All kidding aside, Coach has great advice!! 💪💪

  • andrada ardelean
    andrada ardelean

    I am pressing subscribe. 😊You are great.

  • WTF What The Flick
    WTF What The Flick

    He looks like a buff Chris kattan

    • Kevin San Mateo
      Kevin San Mateo

      He’s does wow

  • Raw Nugget
    Raw Nugget

    First video I've seen from Greg after being recommended by my gym bros. First Impression: annoying voice but he right tho.

  • Layla Hudd/Middleton
    Layla Hudd/Middleton

    What about cardio not at the gym? Would it just be jogging up hills, long walks? Theres a big trend for skipping atm

  • Melissa Shoemate
    Melissa Shoemate

    So what about spin? I do a tough spin class three days a week and my heart rate gets up around 178. It’s not just sitting.

  • Sin rentas Amargado
    Sin rentas Amargado

    Is that his tral voice, or is it for the channel..

  • Mike Karstendiek
    Mike Karstendiek

    Just saw this video from coach Greg. I just purchased a commercial treadmill for at home use since I haven't been going to the gym with covid. At the gym, I used to do my weight training first then my cardio after weights. Now I won't have too once I start lifting again! This is good to know as I have always walked on a treadmill at 15% incline at 3.5 speed for one hour for my cardio. I do not hang onto anything and keep my hands at my sides or up really high around my chest area. After an hour I am drenched in sweat! Just put on some good toons!

  • Jayesh Hirani
    Jayesh Hirani

    How about an elliptical stepper coach?

  • Michael Fitzpatrick
    Michael Fitzpatrick

    Burpees. Lots of burpees

  • Fitty Freckles
    Fitty Freckles

    this is my favorite video of yours hands down i legit just rewatch it like every week

  • Maraya Foster
    Maraya Foster

    When he said treadmill my heart sank because I am queen of putting my incline on 15 at 3.5 😂

  • michael bowler
    michael bowler

    HIIT literally stands for high intensity interval training. So what u talking about Gregg lol

    • michael bowler
      michael bowler

      @Truth is here I'm just stating it is interval training. It's in the name when Greg said it's not interval training. Just little confused why he saying that lol high intensity just means u go hard an when doing the resting times your still going hard just not as hard

    • Truth is here
      Truth is here

      Yea high intensity whole 5 active minutes lol, thats doesnt burn much calories

  • HighLanderPony

    I'm about 341lbs... what should I do? Friggin' walking? How about stairs (up only)? If so, how long? How intense?

  • jesuismieux01


    • Woody Contact
      Woody Contact


  • rivkeg

    Oh great, now I feel like a failure cuz I do my indoor bike five days a week..

  • HalterN

    nip slip

  • run2thebeat 12
    run2thebeat 12

    I wish my wife would show that much cleavage!

  • Jim mc donnell
    Jim mc donnell

    This guy's an asshole

  • Gerardo Ortiz
    Gerardo Ortiz

    Bro I love your physic

  • James Short
    James Short

    HR was ONLY 115 when walking 2.7 mph at 15% incline!? You should've competed as a runner instead of triathlon Greg.

  • raygen gamer
    raygen gamer

    i love the elliptical!!! i need more though i do like 10 mins every other day and i need to lose a few more pounds.

  • Jonjon Tagama
    Jonjon Tagama

    Your videos are getting more ads than last time lol I swear the last time I watched this no ads were to be found 😂

  • Jason Fritz
    Jason Fritz

    There is not one person I see at the gym that I see walking on a severe incline without their hands on the rails. I'll take my zero incline at 3.7 mph while using my arms any day over that.