Top 50 || Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight || Do You REALLY Have to Avoid ALL 50???
I’ve jammed this thing PACKED with the ‘MORON-PROOF’ best of the best - the pizzas, the burgers, the wraps, the stews, the cookie squares - all the goop, crunch, zing and zest you can imagine!
All the flavor, with none of the extra calories you don’t need.
Now you can avoid and finally swear off all the junk and fast food…because this thing’s got literally more than 200 pages of absolutely IRRESISTIBLE simple and fast meals - all designed to help you get in the best shape of your life!
Never again question whether what you’re eating is working FOR or AGAINST you…
Never again dread sitting down to a boring or bland, tasteless “healthy” meal…Never again struggle to plan, prep, or plot your meals, snacks, or desserts…Never again wonder what you should eat, and need to rely on fast food or unhealthy quick meals!
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  • AMAN

    Moment of silence for people that haven't found Coach Greg yet.

    • Bigboy Brian
      Bigboy Brian

      @Logan Baker honestly nobody can afford that if you dont make 50 dollars an hour

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      Modern Gentleman

      Went to a funeral for a V-Shred follower x)

    • wheats

      @Logan Baker i respect the hustle attempt 🤣👌🏻

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      Tyler And Leah Canadian

      @I Ain't My Daddy's Little Boy No More please elaborate

    • Damian Saucedo
      Damian Saucedo

      I only discovered this guy because someone was making fun of his voice a month ago. And thats how i found one of my favorite HRpostsrs.

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy

    Fine I’ll buy your fucking cookbook man damn

  • Four leaf
    Four leaf

    I’d love to buy your cookbook Greg but it’s $150?

  • mick s
    mick s

    Coach gregs face when she said diet soda can make you fat I couldn't stop laughing can't believe People post these videos like they know what there talking about and the say something stupid like diet soda makes you fat My cousin was a former Olympic representative and he had the strictest diet he walked around 5% body fat or less and he would drink A shit load of diet soda

  • Jeff Finley
    Jeff Finley

    To many plugs bro

  • Cade Krueger
    Cade Krueger

    Diet soda is linked to people being overweight because a lot of overweight people drink it, not that people drink diet soda and it makes them overweight. Correlation != causation.

  • Chris C.
    Chris C.

    Corky Romano on HRT

  • Emily Richardson
    Emily Richardson


  • Giancarlo Celi
    Giancarlo Celi

    I might as well get his cook book

  • J R
    J R

    4:59 I am supposed to avoid Beef Jerky?! They have just lost all their credibility. Beef Jerky is one of the best tasting and healthiest snacks I can think of. Just put some seasoning on thin slices of lean meat and dehydrate it. Boom, done. Tasty, rich in protein and low in calories.

  • Amaterasu

    "PROTEIN!?!" Is what I unintentionally screamed at my phone. Im waching too much Coach Greg.

  • Kingofeurope

    "I bought 81 bottles of syrup" This is the most Canadian thing I've ever heard.

  • Nikolay Tekuchev
    Nikolay Tekuchev

    I am on ~89-85 kgs rn and i want to get down get down on ~60/70. Wish me luck people.

  • Nikolay Tekuchev
    Nikolay Tekuchev

    Who eats whole grain pasta? It's disgusting, i'll rather eat real pasta or eat no pasta at all.

  • Patrick Pomerleau-Perron
    Patrick Pomerleau-Perron

    I wonder what his cats are thinking...

  • igoruberwald

    Alright, I'll order the damn thing - stop screaming at me.

  • Michael Pointer
    Michael Pointer

    Greg roasts another fake lol

  • Risky Bitness
    Risky Bitness

    The only thing holding me back from ordering that cookbook is that I would really prefer a print book that I can keep in my kitchen.

  • Anna Cats
    Anna Cats

    *How many cats 🐱/dogs 🐕do you have* ❓ Ps your voice reminds me doorman at 💚Emerald city in Wizard of Oz💚 You are entertaining & totally right🌸

  • Just Peachy
    Just Peachy

    Her smug/cheerful voice makes me want to fight.

  • eric smith
    eric smith

    Dark chocolate is very high in calories. if you want PB dip you apple slices in the powder Pb2 save you a ton of calories and still tastes good and actually meat especially red meat is high in iron and B12

  • eric smith
    eric smith

    Dark chocolate is very high in calories. if you want PB dip you apple slices in the powder Pb2 save you a ton of calories and still tastes good and actually meat especially red meat is high in iron and B12

  • Anya Elizabeth
    Anya Elizabeth

    Omfg. I laughed way to hard at this🤣💯

  • Sindy J
    Sindy J

    I'm getting close to pulling the trigger on this cookbook lol coach greg is getting me SOLD

  • P

    Alternate title: Coach Greg promoting his cookbook 2.0 for 20 minutes straight. btw... I bought it. It´s actually very worth it

    • Four leaf
      Four leaf

      How much is it?

  • B Belle
    B Belle

    When you gain 4 lbs while on your period, freak out, and then when your period is over you lose the 4 lbs 😑

  • Ernesto Pena
    Ernesto Pena

    Double chocolate pancakes with Walden farms chocolate syrup 😋

  • tridoc99

    So Coach Greg, I am getting the sense that you want us to buy your cookbook. On the diet soda issue, I believe there are some studies that show that people who drink diet soda are heavier on average than people who drink regular soda that are brought up sometimes. I know correlation doesn’t equal causation and there are probably multiple reasons for this like the “super-size fast food value meal with a diet Coke” problem. In my anecdotal experience diet soda never made the difference one way or another for me. Now I mainly drink water, unsweat tea and an occasional sparkling flavored water because of the other nasty stuff in diet soda. My parents on the other hand are a perfect example of the heavier people in the study or studies I mentioned because they drank diet soda (my mother’s only source of hydration in fact) but did everything else wrong - over eat, unhealthy foods, smoke, no exercise, etc. as if the diet soda was somehow going to make all the difference for them. In the rare moments when I allow myself a big cheat and get a fast food meal I will also sometimes get a diet soda because I want the fizzy drink, but figure if I am getting a 800-1000 calorie crap meal, might as well not add 300-400 more calories on top of that.

  • Ken Ken
    Ken Ken


  • Monja Meyer
    Monja Meyer

    I HATE when people suggest celery for a snack. It's GROSS!

  • Eric Speranza
    Eric Speranza

    I could listen to him all day

  • sean ferguson
    sean ferguson

    I can’t believe people complain about the price of your cookbook! Would Love to see their bank statements lol. I guarantee there is plenty of money being spent, on far less important things than their health, self esteem, well being, etc.

  • sean ferguson
    sean ferguson

    I see people give Greg shit for his high energy screaming and rants, but if you watch enough of him, you know that it comes from being so passionate about this stuff, and how frustrating it must be for a guy like him to see misinformed content like this, being put out there and receiving so many views.

  • sean ferguson
    sean ferguson

    Greg, you’re an f-in legend. You’re vastly superior knowledge really is the only information people should be referencing when trying to lose weight

  • osha mehta
    osha mehta

    Anyone else watch him just bc you think he is funny

  • Lance Meyer
    Lance Meyer

    Drinking game: take a shot every time Greg plugs the cook book

  • Elizabeth Seiden
    Elizabeth Seiden

    Hi Coach Greg! Amazing video!!! I hired a personal trainer! Hopefully, she can help me get bikini ready for summer!!! I don’t want to carry a spare tire or love handles!!! 😎🥐🥑🥗🍿🍿🏸

  • Simon Bradshaw
    Simon Bradshaw

    if only coach greg had some product we could purchase that gives us healthy options

  • Joshua Young
    Joshua Young

    That was pretty enjoyable to watch! Thanks for the laugh!

  • Pavlo Kozhevnikov
    Pavlo Kozhevnikov

    Lol the rage in his eyes 🤯when bestee mentioned to avoid diet soda 😂😂

  • zubair Khan
    zubair Khan

    Before I even clicked on this video i knew it was going to be good😂 thanks coach Greg love getting yelled at

  • Iffe A.
    Iffe A.

    id love to get your cook book but i dont have the money.(cries in diet)

  • muradif Dizdarevic
    muradif Dizdarevic

    You're the reason why I enjoy my diet . Thanks for the motivation and real facts about food.

  • Emerson

    Idk how they sugar is fat its sugar and if you gonna call it anything its a carb

  • Vinny B
    Vinny B

    You have a really high pitched voice.


    Coach Greg aren’t they starting to find out that diet pop still trigger an insulin response?

  • Rich & Dana Huff
    Rich & Dana Huff

    If Gilbert Godfried was a bodybuilder

  • D20a5

    I love white rice!! 🍚 I eat it at least twice a day, about 100 grams of cooked rice per meal, which is not a lot.

  • Matt dumond
    Matt dumond

    I just found this guy. I love him!

  • AnotherSorrow

    Ms. Buttersworth is $12 a bottle?!

  • theclarksman

    Cancer and heart disease has been linked to too much processed meat in some studies

  • Hayden Rogers Fitness
    Hayden Rogers Fitness

    Coach Greg kicking off is my favourite 👌

  • Sofia Andersson
    Sofia Andersson

    HE HAS A PIG?????? Alright that's it, I'm subscribing.

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    Elijah Martinez


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    Nikki Farz

    Thank you for your videos ! 🥰

  • Fantasy Prediction World
    Fantasy Prediction World

    Air is also not safe lmao 😂 so much pollution then what should we eat hmmm 🤔

  • Fortnite Eventos
    Fortnite Eventos

    This is how many times he says buy my cookbook 👇🏿


    His cookbook is so expensive

  • Nicky Santoro
    Nicky Santoro

    Love it when I hear all the excuses as to why someone can’t lose weight. Stop fuckin eating everything in sight.

  • Eric Zambrano
    Eric Zambrano

    😳bestie!bestie more confused than last time😒

  • pork pork
    pork pork

    with as much as i walk and run lately i can barely keep enough calories in. i still eat low calorie dense foods because junkfood gives me indigestion but greg, i run and walk so much now that i lost too much weight. i love walking and running and wont ever stop. so really an apple with peanut butter for someone who does lots of cardio is perfect. i find that if i eat pizza or something i get heartburn for the same calories. so yes, even if you do tons of exercise, you should still eat good food even if the calories dont matter much for you. if you eat pizza vs peanut butter with fruit youll get more or less the same calories but the pizza will make you feel not good lmao

  • Joshua Carvajal
    Joshua Carvajal

    This video is all about plugging his cookbook lool. But cant hate it haha

  • Brandon Woods
    Brandon Woods

    Your earlier videos had me wondering at what point did you start yelling your Commentary 😂 you were so calm

  • Alex Korotky
    Alex Korotky

    I'm crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Maya Kotler
    Maya Kotler

    Yeah sure things may be low in calories but they aren’t always that good. For example, processed meat is a very high level carcinogen (cancer causing). So if you want to lose weight, learn about nutrition and what’s good for you, not just how to cut calories.

    • Maya Kotler
      Maya Kotler

      Going by this method can also give you nutritional deficiencies

  • Vynland

    Can you imagine the kind of people who watch these videos? "yeah it is not the "quadruple mc heart death attack" that i ate, it's the sugary gatorare for sure!"

  • Patatas

    As an asian cutting off rice would be tragic

  • Larry Wisnewski
    Larry Wisnewski

    Love the videos. Seems like he related to Gilbert Gottfried.

  • Glorious Bobby
    Glorious Bobby

    i can buy 150 loaves of bread from wallmart for the price of your cookbook

  • Listening A
    Listening A

    So I just got the cook book🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼 Buuuuuut just to make sure how to use it right. So as long as I eat the foods on the cook book that’s in my calorie deficit right?

  • Amy Lou
    Amy Lou

    9:22 Pork isn't red meat, smh.

  • raifintune

    Now I dont know if this is correct...but i think he wants us to buy his cook book.

  • G8x2Keeper fan
    G8x2Keeper fan

    12:05 wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllll

  • RockboyGil

    Thank God i didnt played the "take a shot everytime coach greg mentions his cookbook" game or I would have passed out about a third of the way into the video.

  • hr markley
    hr markley

    Coach Greg is my hero.....a summary for those who don’t have time to watch the whole thing. “BUY MY FREAKING COOKBOOK!!!!!!!”

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    Arpit Choudhary

    Love the heavenly bg music whenever the anabolic cookbook appears 😊👍 Literally sent from heaven for us peasants 😆

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    Holy shit you got a lot of syrup

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    Waldo Waldo

    so funny😂

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    Al Electric

    I wonder if he has a cook book?

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    Elizabeth Santos

    I'm buying your cookbook

  • miha tomšič
    miha tomšič

    i legit cringed at the ''diet pop confuses the body''

  • Margaret Raney
    Margaret Raney

    I just about peed my pants over they syrup comment 😂🤣

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    andrada ardelean

    😄 So funny!

  • Cam

    1m Subs where here I expect a good one

  • JimmyV123

    You get to have your cake and eat it to. Just a higher protein cake.😁 Get my cook book or listen to bestie and live on air and water😂

  • 6 weeks ago • 9 months ago
    6 weeks ago • 9 months ago

    I like this guy, him and Derek from MPMD I had the wrong impression of the first time I watched the both of them and now I watch them every day.

  • Gonzo Rodriguez
    Gonzo Rodriguez

    My skinny ass. 50 foods to eat lol

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    kyle ross


  • OWLIFES Family
    OWLIFES Family

    Man his just hilarious 😂 love coach Greg

  • Susan Reynolds
    Susan Reynolds

    sincere question: is there something such as a "slow metabolism"? what I mean is a big fat person w/ very little % muscle may not burn as many calories as the calculator tells they should? so when they go to eat the amount suggested to lose weight they don't? I wonder about that sometimes.... also what's more important cardio or weight training? what do you think of a lady lifting lighter weights at higher reps at a faster pace with shorter rest periods ? thanks.

  • in motion
    in motion

    They no joke named every food haha

  • Scott Valdez
    Scott Valdez

    As long as I’m eating a serving size that’s what matters ?

  • Nihilism Is the Only Way
    Nihilism Is the Only Way

    his videos are weirdly addictive

  • Inda coma
    Inda coma

    Edits are on point lol

  • Ryan Judkins
    Ryan Judkins

    I quit diet pop and lost 20 pounds.....there is something to that.

  • Ted Sanders
    Ted Sanders

    Wtf is this list on about, that diet soda reaction had me good

  • Steven Diaz
    Steven Diaz

    God i kinda want to buy his friggin cook book now

  • bahuka21

    Dark chocolate is good for you in moderation!!

  • bahuka21

    Aspartame is not good for you, there's no reason anyone should be drinking diet sodas EVER!!!

  • Joe Kovac III
    Joe Kovac III

    Apple slices dipped in PEENA BUDDER