Top 10 Exercises to AVOID
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  • aa0821

    The bosu ball exercises, all the trainers at the gym have their clients do them. Rather than spend time teaching proper form on the most important exercises so they don't end up hurting themselves at some point, they have them jumping around on Bosu balls.

  • Manolo Martinez
    Manolo Martinez

    What about dead lifts? I've heard both arguments. Saying it's good for gains and also that it's the worst exercise to do because there is more risk than reward in regards to back problems.?

  • Nozurama

    If side bends are bad cause you build thicker waist line than russian twist and bicycles should be avoided too?

  • Kaiju-Hime

    I've been saying this about sit ups for years! Thanks for the tips.

  • Iron Vegan
    Iron Vegan

    Good advice Greg! I've been bodybuilding nonstop since 1968, and yes, I remember well how we were taught to do exercises like narrow-grip upright rows, behind the neck BB presses, and behind the neck pull-ups or pulldowns. And I got that info during my first decade while training at Bill Pearl's gym, from the top guys of the era! We have evolved significantly since those days for sure. I do use wide grip upright BB rows now and then, where the bar does not come up very high, so there is no shoulder compromise or injury as in the narrow rows. My left delt has minor issues now at 70, and I attribute it in part to these dangerous exercises, which I used to do as instructed with heavy weights for years. Oh well, can't cry over spilled milk, as they say, so I deal with what is real now, and only do exercises that do not put my joints in danger of injury. Thanks for the talk! steve Old Man Muscle

  • Mr_Big_Fries

    I thought deadlifts would be on here.

  • Mitchthemysteryman

    quick question: What about side dipping planks? It's where you put one arm down, lay on one side, and do a bunch of quick planks?

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart

    Agree with all that 👍

  • Solace


  • Brandon Quintanilla
    Brandon Quintanilla

    The Jordan Peterson of working out

  • Scotts Tots
    Scotts Tots

    Unfortunately I’m taking the police physical test and they make you do the sit ups all the way up🤷‍♂️I’ll try to tel them coach greg says this is stupid

  • phillip trepczynski
    phillip trepczynski

    Don't ass to grass Scott Herman has enter the chat

  • 3 Card Monty
    3 Card Monty

    Greg - Why do you look so tired?

  • Dylan Balaski
    Dylan Balaski

    I've seen so many people in the past 2 weeks doing behind the head pulldowns

  • pineapple abbas
    pineapple abbas

    disliked video after i saw ass to grass included. man is preaching to these half reppers now

  • Alex Willard
    Alex Willard

    +1 for no sit ups. Did 1300 sit ups once in one session, still no abs visible and ended up injuring my lower back from it. Pointless exercise.

  • Wellness Path For Me
    Wellness Path For Me

    Re: AtG squats, if you feel you must get down that low, just train the deep squat portion with lighter, safer weights. You don't need to take your "to parallel" max down to the ground. Take something light down to the ground, if you must. Easy-peasy. Guy who can think of squat exercises much better than can actually squat (in part because of spine injury from it being jumped on by another, and part because my epigenetics and genetics sucked).

  • Hisham Nadeem
    Hisham Nadeem

    Men women circles😂

  • Sc

    I knew teachers secreatly wanted to kill me when they ordered us to do as many sit ups as we can in a minute...

  • Patricia M
    Patricia M

    Excuse my ignorance but does what Greg said about side bends apply to windmills?

  • CrazyFreak

    I have some questions and some critism of the exercises you mentioned. 3. Why exactly should people avoid side bends? Let's say a person wants to achieve human flag, is this not the exercise that would build the core strenght needed to perform this skill, or are there better alternatives (if you could also explain why are they better) 4. Let's say a person wants to achieve the planche. This is a skill very much dependent on front felts imo. And that's why you need to develop it even more. Yes, for most people there is no need to do this exercise, but not for all! All in all, I feel like you rushed this video a bit and I would've liked you gave more reasons why not to to certain exercises. Just telling people these are good and these are bad, even from a credible source such as yourself just isn't good enough.

  • Tali Jamir
    Tali Jamir

    Shoulder days I enjoy front raises to the level

  • Gordan Shaw
    Gordan Shaw

    Side bends and broomstick twists both sharply narrow my waist. No other oblique exercises gets me the same results. I’d gladly stop if they weren’t effective.

  • Peace Garden Press
    Peace Garden Press

    Love doing behind the neck presses . Get the best shoulder pumps doing it. Not sure how people can get injured doing it.

  • pbetftdi

    I do two of these. One you gave a mod for (close vs wide grip barbell raises) which I’ll try. The other I really like (front raises). I’ve had injuries due to back vs front imbalance so that adds to the overdeveloped front delt argument. Will cut it from the routine.

  • Preacher Man
    Preacher Man

    I wouldn't say dumb, but ignorant.

  • Briana Nichole
    Briana Nichole


  • Chad MacDonald
    Chad MacDonald

    0.14 man's stoned haha

  • bryce thoreson
    bryce thoreson

    Can you explain how to squat properly for powerlifting without killing your knees? My left knee is clicking when I walk now

  • Alejandro garcia
    Alejandro garcia

    So what are better for frontal delt exercises

  • Clskinny

    Haven't seen a coach greg video in a while, did someone give him a tranquilizer?

  • znalniaskas

    Fake trt natty parrot Greg strikes again!

  • Mixa

    i love atg squats.

  • legrand mustache
    legrand mustache

    I love this info!! Thanks 👍

  • Martin Lazar
    Martin Lazar

    I think all of his made sense except for the last one. Situps work different muscles than crunches. They are also a lot more effective. Crunches work the upper abs while situps work the upper and middle.

  • L Hitman
    L Hitman

    Thanks for the information 😁

  • Blake G
    Blake G

    Greg!!!! When u getting that PHd??? Call u doctor Coach Greg...

  • J

    You're hating on Jeff, but you're saying exactly the same things right now ? I don't get it.

  • Ziyah D
    Ziyah D

    Another one ?

  • flyingjibberish

    I tried many of these in my first year of lifting. Even back then I realised they're useless. How did these "old school" trainers ever endorse these exercises?

  • Alan Dewtie
    Alan Dewtie

    That was one of your best videos

  • Partho Proteem Das
    Partho Proteem Das

    Bosu ball😂😂😂

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  • Scott Sachau Fitness
    Scott Sachau Fitness

    Very informative, thanks

  • Thamailmane

    Supposedly bruce lee hurt his back permanently doing good mornings

  • Dave Odd
    Dave Odd

    BTN Pulldowns are mainly used for the lower traps. Usually I do lighter weight for about 15-20 reps a set. Unbelievable pump in my lower traps

  • Ray Patalano
    Ray Patalano

    Dead on. Great advise.

  • 34ab138

    I personally love wide grip behind the kneck pull downs and behind the kneck shoulder press and I'm 50 yrs old and been doing since 17 and never got injured ever.

  • Aditya Seth
    Aditya Seth

    Been guilty of doing at least 8 out of the 10 exercises mentioned and all I got in return was various injuries. This video is on point. And never do ass to grass squats, it tore my meniscus and my ACL. Be safe guys

    • Aditya Seth
      Aditya Seth

      @Te Aroha Diamond I was stupid enough to believe Cory Gregory’s Squat Everyday Challenge could help me build proper legs. It had this ass to grass variation and I went too heavy on them and tore my meniscus. I have a surgery soon but I’ve heard surgeries aren’t that good for meniscus. Let’s see what happens 😞

    • Te Aroha Diamond
      Te Aroha Diamond

      Damn you must off loaded up and got that weight right under you when you did that squat, then got locked in and never got back up? Or tried too but made the movement worse. Hope you've recovered enough to exercise in a better and safer way now.

  • Lean Ape
    Lean Ape

    His veiny neck reminds me of my step father`s penile tissue when I used to peek into my mom`s bedroom to see some nasty stuff. God those were good old days. Nonetheless thanks for the great content man

  • Fun guy no emotion
    Fun guy no emotion

    5:03 trying to make thirst traps?

  • BBazzy

    I m sure the last abs exercise is better at full motion

  • Road Runner
    Road Runner

    Awesome video🙏

  • Moon Knight
    Moon Knight

    Uncle Greg, I do the side bends u said do something else what other exercise can I do? As a replacement?

  • James Robert Clark III
    James Robert Clark III

    I'd like to hear your opinion on Hojo Undo exercises of traditional Okinawan Karate & what you think about their ability to increase performance.

  • dat chocolate kid
    dat chocolate kid


  • Abe Lincoln
    Abe Lincoln

    Woops... I meant to say I would like to hear his take on , Mark Mcilyar and his advice on "stop lifting weights" thesis for older men. He is 56 years old and "jacked" for his age. I would believe that he has been on HGH of some type.

  • Abe Lincoln
    Abe Lincoln

    Don't know how to contact Greg, but would like to hear his take on

  • Thought Not found
    Thought Not found

    Lol cat was like “You are NOT FILMING until my bowl is full!!”

  • Stuart Smith
    Stuart Smith

    Great. Thanks

  • Daris Hennen
    Daris Hennen

    If you're going to claim after the fact that you were purposely doing the exercise incorrectly, you might want to mention that in the video and then show the proper technique to ensure we're getting the correct information and demonstration of the exercise.

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones

    Greg definitely did not ramble in this video😂

  • Alex P
    Alex P

    Clarence Kennedy would like to know your location.

  • Just here.
    Just here.


  • Farbod Sameni
    Farbod Sameni

    Trash information here...

  • To Gm
    To Gm

    All fine except Bosu...

  • Patrick Cruser
    Patrick Cruser

    My dude has a hickey???

  • Ben H
    Ben H

    Coach greg teaching us to be safer than last time

  • DAF21films

    good mornings is how bruce lee broke his back.

  • Dominik Tet
    Dominik Tet

    I am new fan


    5:23 Coach Greg's legs are so big, he doesn't need to put his feet under anything to perform a sit up.

  • Kieran Nash
    Kieran Nash

    Hey Gregg, your videos are amazing!

  • Inclined2win

    Good morning is a great EGGSercise. But not how you demonstrated. Jason Blaha would like to have a word with you...

    • your_nemesis

      Jason Blaha is a pathological liar and practically a nobody in the YT fitness community.

  • Justin A
    Justin A

    so glad I don't do any of these, I see people doing these all the time at the gym and I just smh lol

  • Matt Calhoun
    Matt Calhoun

    “You can do side bends or sit ups...But Please don’t lose that butt” - Sir Mix-A- Lot

  • xuhiken

    Amazing content Greg, quick and informative!

  • randi blajt
    randi blajt


  • Jc C
    Jc C

    Doctor Greg, yelling more than last time

  • Dominic Spucches
    Dominic Spucches

    Greg, love your videos, but its exercises not eggsercises. Haha also the narrow grip upright row, i got shoulder impingement couple years ago from it, i dont recommend

  • Jon Bernard Lumapas
    Jon Bernard Lumapas

    Hey greg! Would love for you to discuss testicular health and weight training :)


    Damn i ve been doing front raises for a while now

  • Joe Folmer
    Joe Folmer

    Greg was high filming this

  • Jeff Hill
    Jeff Hill

    Hey coach your eyes look like my brothers used to when they smoked a bag of weed

  • All Might
    All Might

    I'm in 10th grade they still make us do sit ups while having someone sit on our feet

  • Mathieu

    I cant trust anyone who squats in the Smith machine...

  • Mary Faith Gungob
    Mary Faith Gungob

    Whuut? Side bends are so popular in our gym. Oh no. I'm gonna stop that exercise though

  • A R
    A R

    ATG all day long for me, I feel more comfortable going ass to grass 🌿

  • القائم بأمر الله
    القائم بأمر الله

    doc what about decline bench press ? the broscience in my gym says that it will cause brain damage due to the blood flow to the brain, despite me not finding anything online that ever says that

  • Arvi

    I think the culprit behind my upper back pain up to the neck was no. 7, behind the neck pull down. Couldn't agree more. Never again. 🙂

  • Suvradeep Dutta
    Suvradeep Dutta

    All Asian can do deeper squat we are more flexible

  • BluegillGreg

    6. External rotations with dumbbells: There are a number of variations you're supposed to do from various lying down positions. They're very useful rotator cuff exercises. The way Greg demonstrated makes as much sense as doing a bench press while standing on your head. I've seen a lot of people doing them properly, but never seen anyone doing them as demonstrated here!

  • L M
    L M

    Thank you Coach!!!!!

  • PloTube

    i"am also over 40 and every single exercise of them we made a hundred thousand times back in the Days, and as we get older and perhaps wiser it became logical that this excercises are horrible wrong! as a teen and tween you dont have problems , but later you feel it! Greg has so right with this education

  • Corbin Hulsewe
    Corbin Hulsewe

    Disagree with good mornings. If you do them right with an appropriate load and intensity they are a great developer for the whole posterior chain.

  • TheRealBandito

    I didn’t know you had to go so low in good morning

  • Daron D'souza
    Daron D'souza

    How does side bends thicken the waist? If it builds muscle, im happy to start working on that

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      Builds muscle around your abdomen , hence makes it thicker.

  • Jack

    Those good mornings weren’t performed correctly, you should be doing a Romanian deadlift with the bar on your back. You don’t bend with your back as low as you can like you did, that’s incorrect.

  • Askin

    the full situps is an excersize test in most schools it always felt shit at the 2nd half of the situp the difficulty came from the 1st half and the 2nd half was just pure struggle like doing a bicep curl hitting your bicep and then forcing the dumbell to your shoulder didn't feel like anything but a pointless struggle

  • Hunter Hedwall
    Hunter Hedwall

    *Coath Blaha has entered the chat* *Coath Blaha wants to know your location*

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    Nathan Eller

    Love the yeezys