The Rock || Alpha Destiny || PED Temptations, Expectations & Lies
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  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader

    I don’t want to elite for just 5 minutes-I want to be the best at running away from the zombies

  • Warren Roberts
    Warren Roberts

    That intro literally made me laugh out loud!!!🤣🤣

  • Bran Cast
    Bran Cast

    Just found this channel. Thank you for shooting it straight and telling the masses what needs to be acknowledged about building a physique.

  • Orpheus

    Hope is better than negativity. If you believe you can you might try hard enough to get close, but if you believe you can't you might never even get close.

  • Ricky Kumar
    Ricky Kumar

    Greg is downplaying the effectiveness of drugs like most of the ped users on this platform. Its sad man.

  • GuyINaHammock

    I want to look like Marcus Rhule natty in 6 months max

  • GuyINaHammock

    Fake natty alert

  • lookburn

    From 2 lockdowns, I can confirm natty muscle aint that easy to maintain

  • Franko Mode
    Franko Mode

    Greg stop crying coz ur not as big as the Rock. U know he’s on steroids but your trying to bring him down to boost yourself up. Oooo I’m honest and the rock isn’t so I’m so much better than him plz love me everyone

  • Franko Mode
    Franko Mode

    He didn’t ever say he was natural. He just didn’t say he is unnatural. Disappointed you tried to picture him in such a bad. I love u Greg but this made me feel like your a bit jealous

  • Dexter Myo
    Dexter Myo

    Greg you can gain 17 pounds of muscle on steroids even without training jfl. Stop downplaying your use.

  • Highview Barbell
    Highview Barbell

    how many of you wanna look like chris bumstead hand rockets up and i dislocate my shoulder but, i know, i know

  • Highview Barbell
    Highview Barbell

    the rock's secret to big muscles: cardio lmao

  • Luke Jerace
    Luke Jerace

    So I went to this kids channel and watched his response video. I could only sit half way through it. He has a lot to learn. At the end of the day body dysmorphia is a case by case issue. Living in a northern climate all my summer gains just go out the window for a few months in the deep winter. I personally have fun building myself up again every year. Makes me work harder. Luckily I am a mesomorph so it never really gets out of hand either way. But yea The Rock is like Santa to me. Let's hope he doesn't kick off in the next few years like his WWE counterparts. I think he tones down the party party so that's probably why he is still around.

  • Wydell Birchwood
    Wydell Birchwood

    Greg, you were not natural when you won the Canadian nationals... yes you passed the drug test but your pecs tell the truth...

  • Nikko Jennings
    Nikko Jennings

    He can't say he's on them lol coach Greg ur a bb u can say that ! The rock biggest star in the world he can't

  • Chris Linnen
    Chris Linnen

    Bodybuilding is a joke

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart

    Sick of all the BULL' over the years about muscle gain especially with celebrities! I would have far more respect for anyone that admits it, as it is just a choice and I certainly don't criticise anyone for a choice to use. But to deny or worse lie, no respect ar all.

  • siggi styff
    siggi styff

    we know this and so Greg this is his Body and if he doesn't want to talk about it i understand that because he is not going to tell people he on hgh hcg steroits sarms igf and some other shit are you crazy and loose millions of dollars Greg love you but we would do the same

  • Johan Jönsson
    Johan Jönsson

    I do believe I can look like my dream physique naturally. like Brett Azar from the old howcast videos.

  • vaanchit kundlia
    vaanchit kundlia

    Greg is just on another page, he thinks good body is 250 pounds lean muscle at 5'10''. Most people would love to have alpha destiny physique , and most people who train hard and right, will look like they lift in 2,3 years. Natural physique looks really good, and most of it is being low body fat percentages. You'll look good with just one year proper training, you just have to be lean enough to show muscle, good lightning, good photographer and some photoshop, boom you're an instagram model!

  • Ryan Hodzic
    Ryan Hodzic

    you were right greg. growing your hair out got you way more views!!!

  • anselmo pat
    anselmo pat

    First time I saw a video of Greg "wow his voice is a bit weird I hate it" 3 days watching the content "I LOVE HIS VOICE BETTER THAN LAST TIME" I am a new fan, subscribed, its funny, entertaining and I learn a lot. Loving it

  • Brad B
    Brad B

    My dream, wake up tomorrow and do better than yesterday.

  • The Jay Experience
    The Jay Experience

    I feel like you took this one out of context Greg and it felt more emotional. he was just saying what it training routine is for black Adam. of course he's not going to say he's taking PED's but he's not going to lie to people saying hes natural which is the thing you want to expose. He did nothing wrong and you've made me feel like he's the bad guy which isn't something you aim to do before and youve always preached that PED's have there place but need to be understood.

  • ponti117

    Y’all are hating on the Rock but not many of you know that he wakes up before y’all are even born. That’s how dedicated he is!

  • sgreen4

    The Rock always worked out. When he was in his teens he was big. Not as big as he is now but he was big.

  • lord chive
    lord chive

    Tbh, I don't agree with any form of drugs, however, I respect your honesty and you are 100% correct about the rock and the others! Subbed!

  • Christopher James
    Christopher James

    His physique looks bigger and better than it did in his late 20's early 30's of course he's on something. Works hard, good genetics yes but definitely taking something.

  • Tomáš Gazda
    Tomáš Gazda

    "Imagine your dream physique... YOU'RE NOT GETTING IT!" Shit just went from 0 to 100 real fucking quick

  • Cain M
    Cain M

    I don’t know about anyone else but no matter how good I look it’s never good enough.I always want to look even better.Its never ending.

  • Ray 23
    Ray 23

    homie stop getting clout from the rock like how tf do we know you are natural

  • Cain M
    Cain M

    I remember way back in the day when the Rock way just another up coming pro wrestler who had really horrible gyno.Then one day as he was getting more popular the gyno was gone!

  • Stephen

    I closed my eyes years ago and dreamed of the body I wanted, and years later I got it and still have it now. It can happen, coach is wrong. And i'm a life time natty. And no I didn't reach the goal and then just wanted more, I found a size that is large enough and a body fat % low enough, and I found happiness. It can happen people, but you have to know your own personality, if you find yourself never being happy with what you have then you may very well be a victim to an endless Cycle like coach.

  • Stephen

    A very sad trend developing from coach's channel. This is the 2nd video from his stuff this week that I think he's off base on, that I think he has a lot of BS mixed in with the good points he's making. The overall quality of his guidance has gone down these past few months. I find myself skipping his channel more and more, choosing instead to use my time on other channels. Alpha Destiny is the more right one here like how the Rock was perfectly fine saying a post workout shake is important yet coach full on hates on it, like what? The Rock is a trash spewing liar because he advises people to drink a shake after a workout, are you kidding me, this is not bad advice. The rock didn't say the shake would make you huge like him, he just says it's a great idea. If anything he should have been called Captain obvious because you don't need a pro to tell you drinking a shake after the gym is beneficial. It's not beneficial in a big way but it is overall beneficial, there's no doubt about that, just count it against your total calories and macros that day to avoid fat gain.

  • Sam Fitzgerald
    Sam Fitzgerald

    Why did you come off HTR we want to know

  • Fitness Daily with Matt Personal Trainer
    Fitness Daily with Matt Personal Trainer

    Not against the PEDs but all these guys selling the "natural" bodybuilding theme that are not are getting exposed thanks to people like you coach Greg. I train lots of younger guys and tell them the truth. It's really simple almost all the competive bodybuilders use drugs period. Compare a natural comp to an untested show the difference is staggering. We all hear I'm natural, or I just put this on at an advanced age. It's biologically not possible. Same thing with even younger guys they would not be the same size unenhanced period. Great public service sir.

  • Pablo Barros
    Pablo Barros

    Did he say that doing only hrt will also shorten your life?

  • Johhny Sins
    Johhny Sins

    Dwyane has been using steroids since he was 18!!

  • Johhny Sins
    Johhny Sins

    All you have to do is look at Rocks ex wife Dani and then look at the Rocks trainer. Hani...he trained Phil Heath and he trains Henry Cavill thats all you need to know

  • Johhny Sins
    Johhny Sins

    Greg I know your wife back there must always be dying laughing listening to you lay into peoples ass!!

  • Johhny Sins
    Johhny Sins

    IDK how he has kids hes done so much drugs in his life.

  • Kaiser so&so
    Kaiser so&so

    I'd say natural muscle has been easy to maintain for myself, bodyfat % not so easy... If I try to cut, I lose strength if I want to stay strong I gotta stay heavier and a little puffy. But once you got the muscle it's not going anywhere unless you stop lifting or get a injury

  • Steve Fury
    Steve Fury

    One thing i can say is that Greg, when he talks he acts like the Rock is saying he is better than anyone and that he is different and looks this way because of that...... Thats clearly not the case and he is just explaining what he does. Even if he is on PED, does nothing if you dont train your ass off and eat right especially as you age. You dont just take stuff and bam, your a super hero. He also didnt really start training hardcore until his 40's

  • NBK19

    Coach Greg assumes that we all want to look like Chris Bumstead. I'm willing to bet that bet that 90 percent of the male population doesn't. Greg, most of us want to add 20 pounds of muscle at 12 percent body fat. With good genetics that's possible in one year. You need to fix your perspective. We don't want to walk around at 5 percent body fat. I'd rather have women admiring my body, not dudes. Because lets face it, once you get to a stage below 10 percent body fat women start getting turned off. Unless god really hated you, almost everyone can achieve that naturally in their twenties. It's a lot of work though.

  • Angelo Bovara
    Angelo Bovara

    Whats PD ?

  • A M
    A M

    8:55 He was natural here? God damn!

  • CKjaer

    I have to say Greg, it feels like your normalizing steroids, which it shouldn't be. Also, most peoples dream physique can be achieved because only a handful of people want to look like bumstead, most people just want to look 20lbs of muscle heavier, which can be achieved in 99% of cases.

  • luminousbluebird

    4am workouts are a trap. A good way to mess up your bodies own natural sleep cycle

  • luminousbluebird

    Sleep = Gains

  • Derek Gravelle
    Derek Gravelle

    What if he's not on peds but has implants and or synthol/oil injections? I'd be happy at a little smaller than the Greg natural clip but it's unlikely I'll get there and I knew it for years now.

  • U Are The Gym
    U Are The Gym

    Alpha D. Is a young man has not hit his peak yet!


    why you think that pd worked at all? you have contract with some deelers? people think that steroids work cause of not knowing what is muscles and how they work and grow. and why they grow. they grow not cause of testorone or some hormone. insulin most anabolic hormone in the organism. and we all know what will be if you inject him. you just get fat. or die. thats it. eat, sleep, train. dont believe in magic.

  • Joe Felony
    Joe Felony

    Hahahahahaha that beginning of the video.

  • Alex

    Honestly it's a shame that actors and such can't admit to roiding cause half of them would get fired on the spot even if it's an open secret

  • S D
    S D

    Don't forget that it takes a healthy serving of Teramana tequila and pancakes and cookies on Sundays

  • M-T

    "Stop thinking that everyone who takes steroids looks like the Rock". This is where you are that .1% wrong Coach Greg. Some people actually think that the Rock is "natural".

  • Sarah Lisa Wall
    Sarah Lisa Wall

    hey’re awesome.....remember there is an old saying....NO ONE CARES ABOUT OUR STORY IN LIFE.....sooooo realizing this we all need to get over it.....

  • Stéphan-André Guschewski
    Stéphan-André Guschewski

    8:22 This part actually hit me so hard, because I'm one of those people who follows all these top athletes and aesthetic guys on IG... And rather than staying inspired by these people, I've become discouraged by captions like "after 2 years of training..." while I'm at 3 years of training and I still feel so far from my goals.

  • C Dot
    C Dot

    the rocks lips are so fake it looks so weird lol

  • BriceTVeee

    I 100% DO NOT WANT TO LOOK LIKE CHRIS BUMSTEAD, HELL NO. Just aesthetically pleasing, which I have achieved. And wasn’t all that difficult

  • Cpt Jack3dPilot
    Cpt Jack3dPilot

    In an alternative universe, Super heroes take steroids to look like a natural Mike o Hearn.

  • agashpower

    I don't agree that you can't get the body you want in 5-10 years. Not everybody wants to look like chris b. Gaining 20 punds and going from 180 to 200 is amazing enough. Just don't take chris b. as the standard. Edit: I just realized 20 people wrote this comment before me.

  • HealthyChoice

    His voice changed in 14:57 “ You can’t “ !

  • Bhaskar Yadav
    Bhaskar Yadav

    I would love to know what jeff thinks of greg It would be interesting

  • Rob Breegs
    Rob Breegs

    Lmbo Greg! " Even though he's older than last time."

  • Andrew Small
    Andrew Small

    Alpha Destiney and Coach Greg. My two favorites

  • Braddaddyx

    "The Rock" is a very evil person, he is a chaindog of the elites, a man without a soul just working to push the agenda :-/....

  • James McNary
    James McNary

    Imagine working out and each year you look a little bit better. Crazy right?

  • Joel Gaal
    Joel Gaal

    You should react to alpha destiny rack pulls, cheat rows and cheat shrugs

  • Email Email
    Email Email

    Fuk the rock....And his OVERPRICED under armor crap....He supports the current clown administration 👎👎

  • Thea Ouch
    Thea Ouch

    I do not dream all I do is lift weights.

  • Nabil Hassan
    Nabil Hassan

    I know you're telling what we need to hear but I don't think most people's dream physique is Chris bumpstead

  • Adrian Minea
    Adrian Minea

    Annoying voice and attention seeker

  • Matt Butale
    Matt Butale

    The Rock is a natty black athlete, what's so hard to understand Goach Creg?

  • Brutfitness

    Rock is fkn Lying ASF

  • Odin Aesthetic
    Odin Aesthetic

    Kinda new here. This Greg guy......he admits to using peds? And calls out others? On bullshit? Somebody give me the scoop.

  • Lord Flacko
    Lord Flacko

    Funniest intro ever lmaooooooo

  • Exzavier

    I feel like if the rock said he wasn't natural then we would have millions of young men and women hopping on drugs and messing up their bodies. I personally feel like it's better that he keeps encouraging people to work harder and just not say what he does PEDs.

  • Supa_sets

    Damn dad my dream is dead now 🥺

  • Nickey Fynn
    Nickey Fynn

    respect to Coach Greg on this one. It truly would do everyone a huge favour to be honest about this stuff. But its just more lies, more misguided info covered in makeup and botox inspired from a comic. tired of fake Hollywood.

  • Luhan Stoltz
    Luhan Stoltz

    Honestly i am happy with my Physique i love my body

  • Robert Mccoy
    Robert Mccoy

  • Aspect Dank
    Aspect Dank

    “Imagine your dream physique!’re not getting it!” why must you hurt me like this

  • George Bordea
    George Bordea

    I believe we all know The Rock uses PED without him having to say it, LOL.

  • Malik Garrett
    Malik Garrett

    The truth 💣 was most people can't get their dream body in 10 years enhanced.

  • nystagmus

    Isn’t even the “Hard work” on peds fake? The sense of well being and strong drive is from the supra-physiological levels of hormones from test derivatives (or trt). Without the roids, one wont have same mental drive and energy.

  • Umayr Hussain
    Umayr Hussain

    natty or not alpha destiny

  • Alberto De La Cruz
    Alberto De La Cruz


  • james nelson
    james nelson

    I have Known a lot of steroid users. The shit made them huge and strong as shit. after they stop small and weak as shit. Very Dangerous stuff!!!

  • james nelson
    james nelson

    Alpha is 100% RIGHT!!!

  • Senor Mango
    Senor Mango

    Where’s the hrt bloods video? Cmon Coach

  • Chrono

    Alpha D's heart is in the right place but he's a bit Naive.

  • Chris Lynch
    Chris Lynch

    It’s sad bodybuilding is so entrenched in drugs and has been for decades. Social media has normalised it and few admit it. It’s very sad. It’s also why bodybuilding will never be main stream. Its a sport that can’t afford to test competitors and never could. Bodybuilding as a sport and bodybuilders need to realise that the most people do not want to look like them, they don’t. It’s an extreme look. Most people just would like to aesthetically pleasing which is hard to define but it’s way smaller than a bodybuilder. Most inc. Greg bodybuilders had already got that but feel the need to pin up to get bigger and extreme and the sport now demands it. CBUM is the classic champ but there is nothing classic other than the dose, it’s sad. I understand why they do it but it’s the sport pushes them to do it.

  • Chrono

    If the rock admitted he wasn't natty Hollywood would throw the book at him and hit him with 39 mee too cases, destroy his legacy and then accuse him of being white.

  • Chrono

    Why does the rock look like he had Lip Injections lol

  • Живко Михов
    Живко Михов

    Why I have to strive for someone's else physique? Naturals don't know how they will react to PED's. Some people are non-responders but some blew up. You can have unique look with or without PED's. It all depends on genetics.

  • Anthony Stucchi
    Anthony Stucchi

    You're so full of shit Rock. STFU

  • Tokiomy

    Last year I started my fitness journey as a skinny ass kid of 53kg. 1.75m hight. In my mind was "I just wat at least 10kg of weight I dont care if its muscle or fat" Today one year later I got the 10kg most of it being muscle. Now I wat to get to 70kg and i wish by the end of the year I can get my 5kg of muscle while maintaiming my curent body fat wich is around 15% even 3kg would be amazing to get. And one more thing I want by the end of the year is to benchpress 100kg for a few reps.

  • Parth Shah
    Parth Shah

    What's wrong with the Rock's lips?

97 tis.