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  • sostene Roman
    sostene Roman

    Bro you’re just a hater make your own videos

  • cesenu19

    Just get a shover bro :D:D

  • TeaMasterSen

    Thanks Ally for the clarification on snacks.

  • Moose92411

    You want to know what a simp is, let’s bring Philion into the conversation!

  • Moose92411

    Right off the bat, this has a big time Biggest Loser feel...

  • scratchgolf


  • Mayito33

    this dude really said simp

  • Sav Samaranayake
    Sav Samaranayake

    Hes a freaking red circle

  • Blingo Brown
    Blingo Brown

    I unsubscribed from him a while ago lol.

  • Karl Weinger
    Karl Weinger

    Dude your stuff is awesome and keeps me motivated!!!

  • AM257

    I watched this video so that I didn't have to click on the original video and have that shit in my HRposts algorithm. Edit: 5:03 , why the dude stuttering while trying to teach the simp not to stutter?

  • AHR Gaming
    AHR Gaming

    Ok this is gotta be one of your best videos for now coach, FUNNIER THAN LAST TIME!!

  • j p
    j p

    Man scape is way too expensive.

  • Dany bads
    Dany bads

    I gotta leave coach greg on this one. Don't be a simp please you gone get played 😂

  • Ralf Nuggs
    Ralf Nuggs

    U can be a stud a simp a pimp and a circle all in one

  • Fred Phillips
    Fred Phillips


  • Renan Gaspar
    Renan Gaspar

    That guy acting was as bad as the diet advice giving by the "STUD"

  • damdarch

    I actually had to search the Simp to Stud video to see if that call the Greg actually happened.

  • Jiggly Bumflesh
    Jiggly Bumflesh

    One of the few times I disagree. Bein a simp is shameful and unacceptable for society as a whole. No.

  • Rachel Clay
    Rachel Clay

    This fashion guy seems a little...scripted...

  • Alexandru Pavel
    Alexandru Pavel

    you a manlet what was expected from you to say, you learned to cope

  • Mubashir Khan
    Mubashir Khan

    Bruh I am subscribed to tmf and I am watching this video first time here

  • Rasyad Wicaksono
    Rasyad Wicaksono

    Came for fitness knowledge. Stayed for the comedy

  • Bpuzzler

    Bruh that cat in the background with that diaper is the only thing I can focus on. It's so weird looking

  • anthony marciano
    anthony marciano

    I would love to not wake up at 4. If i didnt train before work it wouldnt happen at all

  • svetite.memenca


  • S Manthighs
    S Manthighs

    I’m probably not the first one to say this but Jose’s videos are more cringe than last time.

  • Katherine Chen
    Katherine Chen

    Best thing I’ve heard all day “I FEEL COOKIE DOWN”

  • AlbertaStrength

    Oh it's a fake video.

  • AlbertaStrength

    Simp? I've never heard that term before. The Simpsons?

  • Grimm Truth
    Grimm Truth

    sucker involved/w mediocre pus@y simp

  • Elihan Peralta
    Elihan Peralta

    Even p0rn has better acting than this

  • AcousticSong

    so. cringe.............

  • Jamie Maxcold
    Jamie Maxcold

    When I started running I couldn’t run 30 seconds without stopping. How in the world did he expect this dude to run 30 minutes?

    • Krane

      Same. But you can get to the point within a month.

  • nick parlavecchio
    nick parlavecchio

    A chain with a red circle more chains than last time

  • Wade Coplen
    Wade Coplen

    Who watches that guys content? Horrible

  • Tejas

    What does red circle mean?

  • Mizkimo

    Wow i subbed at 100k nice progress greg

  • Gabriel Saladbar
    Gabriel Saladbar

    That video is literally the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen

  • jake linton
    jake linton

    SIMP- Sucker Idolising Mediocre Pussy. Basically pays money to only fans girls but doesn’t talk to women in real life.

  • Buchi Umeadi
    Buchi Umeadi

    I cringed so hard watching pube shaver's fake staged video.. 😩

  • ArisenMind

    This adage of just ''be yourself'' isn't really sound advice and isn't applicable to all situations. It is NOT okay to be a simp. Teaching Men's Fashion ridiculous video aside sometimes, in facts, many times, just being yourself is not what will get you very far in life or accomplish your goals. Sighs. I know that Coach is trying to be inclusive with all of this circle talk bullshit but not everything is acceptable. If there are certain activities and proclivities that are antithetical to having a healthy physical body then there are most definitely certain psychological dispositions that aren't conducive either. You can be ''inclusive'' or whatever without being disingenuous.


    I hate that this guy has even one subscriber... this is worse than hallmark acting.

  • You Cef
    You Cef

    Yo this is actually a collaboration 😂😂😂

  • Dániel Rencsényi
    Dániel Rencsényi

    TMF is more staged than the Moon landing or a Mia Khalifa compilation

  • Brody Ingle
    Brody Ingle

    Coach Greg is the best

  • Alec Iler
    Alec Iler

    I wish I could put chocolate in my car.... 9 months of the year it would melt

  • Renyong Sun
    Renyong Sun

    Coach Greg's videos just pure awesomeness. Entertaining, informative and educational.

  • Burrito God
    Burrito God

    Coach Greg, as someone who prides themselves on honesty and giving accurate information, collabing with this guy is not a good look. I know you stayed true to yourself but this guy is an obvious grifter.

  • Cameron Hopewell
    Cameron Hopewell

    Don't pretend you're not manly as fuck, this "circle" guy happens to be an alpha male from my perspective. I consider coach greg a man that i wanna be more like. Maybe my perspective is the key word here, but i see big indicators that this person is a man.

  • wafwaf wafls
    wafwaf wafls

    OMG this man said “everyone’s favorite pube shaver” LMAOOOOOO I’m dead

  • Twenty One Tortas
    Twenty One Tortas

    5:14 pet on the kitchen counter in the background 12:15 another pet but on couch

    • Twenty One Tortas
      Twenty One Tortas

      @Krane no I think they're pretty neat and just wanted to point them out to see if anyone else noticed

    • Krane

      You got something against fur balls in you soup?

  • Bad Boy Cooking
    Bad Boy Cooking

    He used more cooking spray than last time

  • Bad Boy Cooking
    Bad Boy Cooking

    Coach Greg a simp is a person that does whatever girls tell him to do just because their girls of course there’s levels to it

  • PTX - Functional Training
    PTX - Functional Training

    What does he mean by he is a circle? Does anyone know? BTW the whole video was cringe .....

    • Krane

      I suspect its a colloquialism indicating a particular characteristic or personality trait. Like "square" (people that strictly follow the rules) of the 1960s. Or, just someone different than the rest?

  • érickone

    what the fuck

  • Nick Colosanti
    Nick Colosanti

    You gotta respect teachingmensfashion for taking the jokes like a champ.

  • Lanusanen kichu 17
    Lanusanen kichu 17


  • Matthew Rosariob
    Matthew Rosariob

    Is Greg really in that video lmao

  • Adithya Eranki
    Adithya Eranki

    My man Greg looks like a beefed up Jordan Peterson. Even sounds similar tbh

  • Ernesto Diaz
    Ernesto Diaz

    Dr. Greg with the sick lab coat drop

  • Zainab Ahmadnagarwala
    Zainab Ahmadnagarwala

    If you would wear a necklace you would look better😅

  • TheRealAgrade

    Never thought I’d hear Greg say “slower than last time”

  • Black-Amaterasu

    does the cat have no hair?

    • Krane

      He got into Greg's testosterone stash.

  • Black-Amaterasu

    "i don't know about this 'millannial-talk'..." 🤣👍🏻

  • Rod Tuga
    Rod Tuga

    So cringe I cant watch my GOOODD, sorry greg

  • Anthony Gomes
    Anthony Gomes

    The way he said Pube shaver , Man that was hilarious 😂 😂😂😂 and jose even acknowledged it hahhahahahahhah

  • Aiman Jamil
    Aiman Jamil

    Hahahahahhahahahaha. Savage Greg

  • Shadow_dogs Gaming
    Shadow_dogs Gaming

    If you look up the definition of a Simp it says “A guy that cares for a girl” witch isn’t a bad thing But now people really just boys say it like it’s a bad thing but a term some people use is mad simping witch is when your just giving the girl you’re simping over everything and the girl putts the boy or man in the friend zone because the guy can’t say no


      @Shadow_dogs Gaming That's exactly what everyone referring it any other meaning it's personal

    • Shadow_dogs Gaming
      Shadow_dogs Gaming

      @AYOUB LOUTFI Look up what it means because that’s not what it means


      simping is being nice to a girl just to fuck her if you're already nice that's not simping that's who you are that's why simping is bad

  • abhi jadhav
    abhi jadhav

    That girl would make anyone 'harder than last time'.

  • Moqo Yamses
    Moqo Yamses

    Kind of disappointed that coach collaborated with this guy...Jose is a bit of a douche. Just hope the guy that got treated like a guinea pig gets some lasting change out of this rather than being used for content.

  • Sit Lo
    Sit Lo

    wtf, i remember he was at 80k last year

  • Narendra Ramkissoon
    Narendra Ramkissoon

    Bro cant be hating on jose

  • Legend HCS
    Legend HCS

    It's not millennial talk, it's Generation Z coming up with all this crap, I'm a millennial and I had no idea what a simp was for the longest time, and never cared to find out

  • Binging Good Content
    Binging Good Content

    13:47 the realest advice ever

  • Merix

    He actually called you xDD

  • Xizz

    The acting in that video is trash😂

  • Jerrod Riley
    Jerrod Riley

    Pube guy is a little dumber than last time

  • Gumshon

    Teaching Men's Fashion should have just paid coach Greg to write the script for the whole video.

  • Siddhant Kumar Jena
    Siddhant Kumar Jena

    Which girl chooses ripped guys rather than fat guys. Aren't those girls morons😅😂🤣. Oh by the way I am talking about all natural physique

  • Master MemeLord
    Master MemeLord

    Teaching men's fashion is a meme among the blackpill community.

  • HaVe_SunQ

    Coach Greg actually dropping better dating advice than 99% of this youtubers. Just BE YOURSELF

  • A-kash 3scape
    A-kash 3scape

    Watching this before going off to college for research

  • Aryaditya Chatterjee
    Aryaditya Chatterjee

    I literally didn't notice that Greg's cat was resting just behind him on the sofa

  • Alzo's Life
    Alzo's Life

    Yea. C Bum has the best body 😂😂

  • Tracey Hays
    Tracey Hays

    100% true I was told by a woman once she didn't like all my muscles didn't even know how to feel.

  • Lion hearted
    Lion hearted

    5:13 Damn. lol ... well i'm gonna say that to my ex gfs and some other girls that i know..not to pick them up but for a joke and see how they react lol. " Hey you look hotter than last time " 😂

  • Rudin Admuz
    Rudin Admuz

    Dr greg : Get adequate sleep Night shift entered the chat

  • Flemish Nationalist
    Flemish Nationalist

    Wait... you can lose muscle (while actually being active) just from being in a deficit even if you're completely untrained??? I didn't lose my newbie gains when I lost 15 pounds...

  • Marissa Kay
    Marissa Kay

    "Hey, you're hotter than last time".... Man I have to try that one!!! It might actually work LOL

  • Luis Miguel Sá
    Luis Miguel Sá

    TMF the douchebag of HRposts , I'm sure lots of morons and idiots follow is non sense advices

  • everythinghasalreadyhappened

    You don't want to be a Simp, Doc. It's not good.

  • Nikola Jovanovic
    Nikola Jovanovic

    I would do that for that kind of money a month xD more than i earn working 9-5

  • Jay Bar
    Jay Bar

    These guys videos are so cringe. Im sorry greg i couldn't make it more than a few minutes with the fake soap opera layout this guy does.

  • Gary Zuelch
    Gary Zuelch

    Helping the algorithm.

  • Conor Birch
    Conor Birch

    Do a video on herbalife

  • Patrick McCourt
    Patrick McCourt

    One of the cringiest mens fashion videos

  • Big Savage G
    Big Savage G

    Greg don't worry I am 21 and I tell people that I am 42 because I also don't get a lot of nowadays stuff hahaha

  • Ziw Falikh
    Ziw Falikh

    I went over to Teaching Mens' Fashion's video and I'm actually surprised that coach Greg was there. Was it really a collaboration? I don't understand what's going on LOL

    • Sherif Ayantayo
      Sherif Ayantayo

      Think harder than last time 😂😭

  • Tajallah khan
    Tajallah khan

    Greg not gonna forgive anyone