Sugar is GOOD For You
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  • GuyINaHammock

    When I was a kid I would mix pure sugar packs with my Coca-Cola when I ate at restaurants. Pretty gross I know

  • ecos889

    I habvtoo much of an addictive personality to eat sugar I had to replace sugar with fruit and full fat greek yoghurt and nuts.

  • GabryBelieve

    and what about the insulin impact? even with a good diet, with healthy foods and calorie deficit... it would change the metabolic processes and make your strategy more ineffective. could it be? am i wrong? about the other things i totally agree. i'd like to listen more about it because there're a lot more problems with the sugar, i think you haven't talked about it because they're not about the world of fitness , but mostly about the neuropsychological world. however well done coach, good video!

  • Will Mack
    Will Mack

    How did I miss this video when it first came out???

  • DK Meah
    DK Meah

    Coach Greg, just want to say sugar itself isn't addicting for the taste. It's addicting because of the endorphin rush! It literally makes you happy! Now, how much is what we're raised with and how much is evolutionary? That's debatable. But we evolved to eat crave sugar from our ancestors, another reason for the addition, DNA!

  • Ben

    I'm kind of shocked that Coach Greg endorses diet coke, I'm no expert but isn't the sugar substitute aspartame which is supposed to be carcinogenic? No hate just curious

  • A1 The Non-Existent Person
    A1 The Non-Existent Person

    One of the dumbest videos I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch smh

  • Shelby Lynne
    Shelby Lynne

    Of course sugar is good for you. Our brains run on glucose, therefore our bodies run on glucose. Is refined sugar great for you? No. Is natural sugar great for you? YES. Unless you're diabetic you need to get/will benefit from natural sugar in your diet.

  • WideGuy!

    But......isn't sugar.......the one that makes it so yummy?

  • Snake Eyes
    Snake Eyes

    Looks Smol

  • Phuc Yutoob
    Phuc Yutoob

    Diabetics will die if they listen to Greg.

  • Martin Wright
    Martin Wright

    durianrider would be proud

  • patrick sutton
    patrick sutton

    Prolly easy to say sugar dont matter when you're on steroids

  • patrick sutton
    patrick sutton

    Isn't insulin a storage hormone? And 100 calories of sugar isn't the same as 100 in broccoli, I just dont believe it

  • None of Yo business
    None of Yo business

    All in moderation

  • GoodKid

    Could you cover 'That Sugar Film' from 2014? Curious how an individual who switched to a high sugar diet (mind you maintained the same number of calories) still managed to gain 19lbs in 60 days, as well as developed fatty liver disease if sugar is completely good for you.

  • Hasan04

    Make a vid on ur thoughts on dirty bulking

  • Eva voegeli
    Eva voegeli

    Hi coach Greg! I like your informational videos could you do one about protein powder? I’m not sure whether I want to add it into my diet or not. I eat skyr and Greek yogurt and meat so usually I have enough protein. What do you recommend?

  • jacobzeier

    I agree. Sugar is good for you. Fuck the haters. Unfortunately, we share a very unpopular opinion. This anti-sugar movement has gone way too far. It's 2021, and it really needs to stop. My god! Sugar has been heavily demonized since at least the late 80s/early 90s (1987-1992), back in the 50s to the mid 80s, saturated fat and cholesterol was demonized the shit out of, sugar was too, but not as much, but thanks to the dumbass keto diet, the whole game has changed; "Saturated fat is great for you, but sugar is an abomination!" I like sugar, but i only eat it in small amounts because I'm on a diet, same goes for saturated fat. Sugar does NOT affect my weight loss, positive or negative. Same goes for saturated fat. I think it's a good idea for people to eat less sugar and fat in favor of protein and fiber. Their are healthy versions of choice foods out there, like Diet Direct products, a good one in my opinion. I used to be quite fat 5 years ago, due to eating lots of calories, including sugar and saturated fat. But what have i been doing since the past 5 months? Simple: I significantly reduced the amount of calories i eat every day. 1950 calories, on average. I weighed 216 lbs. with a 40 in. belly on September 20, 2020, today I weigh 187 lbs. with a 37 in. belly. Dieting requires time and patience. It isn't easy but is very necessary to improve my health and appearance. Although I believe sugar is a health food in its own right, same with saturated fat, neither of them should ever be consumed alone because it can't suppress your appetite like fiber and protein can. Yeah, sugar is not so good for your teeth, that is a definite drawback I can think of, but that can easily be mitigated with proper dental and oral hygiene, which you should be doing anyway. I know i do. Other than that, good video. Sadly a lot of these keto dorks are going to bash this no matter what.

  • David Romero
    David Romero

    this vid is six days old and I'm barely getting it on my notifications. I even have the bell on and everything

  • Norvert Avalos
    Norvert Avalos

    Sugaries in sugaries out

  • Joshua Perry
    Joshua Perry

    Sugar and salt have been the biggest breaker in my diet because high sugar and salt items are generally calorie dense and I binge eat (like disorder levels of binge, last time I binged I ate 3 medium pizzas, 18 knots, 12 cinnamon knots, a half-gallon of ice cream with fudge/peanuts...and that was one meal). Sugar isn't a problem, neither is fat: the problem is that IF you open those floodgates (at least for me), you go nuts. If you're gonna cheat, buy what you're gonna cheat with 2-3 days BEFORE you plan on cheating and over those extra days you need to divvy up the stuff objectively and THROW THE EXTRA AWAY. 107lbs down boys, was 357 and I'm now 250. 245 is my goal to enter the military (sub 26 BF). Hoping to hit 220 by June. Thank you for the info and support Greg; just you being you is all I need to keep pushing.

  • Brian S
    Brian S

    I'm sorry but the point about sugar not being addicting because people tend not to just eat pure sugar, is almost like saying alcohol isn't addictive just because people don't normally drink straight distilled alcohol, and even when they do it's very rarely nearly pure alcohol but probably below 50%. I bet you ANYTHING if a sugar addict was forced to do zero carb(since most carbs spike blood sugar it can alleviate some symptoms, kind of like a nicotine patch), unless they ate pure sugar, they would be tempted then. A lot would just eat sugar if they HAD to. Keto flu is largely withdrawals from carbs in general, having complex carbs in place of sugar is enough to alleviate those symptoms but you might still get some psychological symptoms, like you might if you're a smoker and are using a nicotine patch, your brain is used to that sudden hit if nicotine. That said having been into strict keto and sometimes zero-carb for a few years, been reverse dieting with mostly carbs the past 6 months and I have no problems strictly cutting carbs for 1-2 days here and there, I plan to go back to mostly keto with strategically used carbs. Been having plenty of sugar too, some days a full box of Jovial cookies which is about 55g of sugar. If you have a really strong adaptation to keto you tend not to get keto flu symptoms anymore, but I still notice some psychological symptoms, I've overcome addition to things like nicotine, opioids, and alcohol though so it's tolerable now. Carbs are important for free testosterone and hormonal balance in general among other things, I realize that now and also if you limit them too strictly too long, your body loses adaptation to using them efficiently for energy and even to digest them properly, people thinking they can do carnivore long-term are in for a rude awakening.

  • MrFuchew

    Greg and his god damn common sense

  • Goblin's Gym
    Goblin's Gym

    Talks about addiction, then takes a swig of diet soda... Come join me on the dark side (80% cocoa dark chocolate).

  • Jim West
    Jim West

    He sounds like Gilbert Gottfried.

  • Brian Atlas
    Brian Atlas

    He does have a point about the cocaine thing

  • Big Savage G
    Big Savage G

    Going to listen to some Suga Free

  • alvarado l
    alvarado l

    How come nobody si talking about the fact that coach greg said “eat cocaine”

  • Juliana Klein
    Juliana Klein

    I remember when my blood sugar was low and my friend gave me a cucumber because she knows I eat “healthy” - and I was like... GIVE ME A FRUIT SNACK!

  • Esotera

    Sugary things make me feel weird I can have them in the morning that’s it .

  • caladan rude
    caladan rude

    Sorry coach. Its correlation doesnt necessarily mean causation. Not what he said.

  • Kvic901

    I randomly watch this dudes videos sometimes and I’m wondering why I’m not being screamed at in this one?

  • Fᴇᴜᴇʀʙʟᴜᴛ [RAGEMODE]
    Fᴇᴜᴇʀʙʟᴜᴛ [RAGEMODE]

    I still don't eat sugar, because I care about my teeth & brushing them alone doesn't help much if you consume sugar constantly. An apple maybe. But I can run a marathon I'd never go for a Snickers or shit like that. Gimme the salad!

  • Edm All Star
    Edm All Star

    A calorie isn't a calorie, some calories ie calories from sugar have different effects on hormones. Hormones determine fat loss not calories in calories out. CICO is only right to a point. Body builders are the worst at nutritional advice. ]

  • LOLwhateva

    Dont have to tell me twice :D

  • Ashley

    People listen to the parrot from Aladdin. I’ve taken his advice and I’m down 53 pounds in 6 months eating his French toast every morning. Got 47 to go

  • virtuazoso

    Nah the whole “it needs to be combined with fat” to be addicting isn’t true. You can easily put away 1000 calories from gummy worms and red vines, and they have no fat at all.

  • Hereditary Sedentary
    Hereditary Sedentary

    Alternate Universe Dreg Goucette says sugar is good

  • Real One
    Real One

    I only have sugar when i eat oatmeal...i cant eat it without..😀✌

  • Jason Papai
    Jason Papai

    That's all good and well from a fat loss perspective, but you haven't touched on the health implications of having a sustained elevated blood sugar level and how it is a known major contributor to type 2 diabetes. In your scenario where your maintenance is 3000 cals and you eat 2000 cals 100% you will loose fat, but there will be major health implications if that "diet" is sustained.

  • Thomas Jeffers
    Thomas Jeffers

    And the award to most algorithm title goes to....

  • Infinite Justice
    Infinite Justice

    Sugar is GOOD for You when on steroids.

  • Ladonna Allen
    Ladonna Allen

    I had an addiction to my grandmother’s Splenda sweeteners 😂they tasted great to me

  • Dotty Whl
    Dotty Whl

    Currently learning more from Greg’s videos than I am on my online university lectures for my sport science degree 😂

  • Jazen Valencia
    Jazen Valencia

    TLDListen, celebrates by eating candy. Finally, reunited and it feels so good.

  • Vynland

    Durianrider rubbing his hands right now .

  • Shang BTW
    Shang BTW

    I only get my sugar from fruits

  • Bianca Fields
    Bianca Fields

    sugar is a drug

  • Ivee Berlin
    Ivee Berlin

    Sugar gives me an almost instant headache, but what Coach Greg said is accurate.

  • jasanboali

    Totally not true, sugars aka fructose are metabolized differently in the body than other macronutrients (glucose for example), calories are not equal, Gregg is the one who talk about every subject assuming he knows everything

  • Lord Farquaad
    Lord Farquaad

    **watches video** **sees coach greg isnt shouting** **sweating profusely**

  • Nick Green
    Nick Green

    "...when you eat cocaine..." K

  • Ricky

    I hate how I get Vshred advertisements in the middle of coach greg in session! foh vshred!!!

  • Jer EE
    Jer EE

    but drinking a diet soda can be as worse than normal soda drink , due to the aspartame no?

  • Zavier Cadorin
    Zavier Cadorin

    But you could argue sugar does make you gain weight, because every time I eat it, I get cravings and end up eating more = more calories...



  • James Moyle
    James Moyle

    Cat being skinned in back ground

  • Mr.Faisal

    I'm sorry Greg you are totally wrong about suger addiction 1st there are people who are totally addicted who eat straight up suger ( I used to be like that ) suger addiction and consumption comes in many shapes and forms denying a huge problem isn't going to solve it What are you doing is enabling people and giving them excuses to continue with their addiction If your opinion came from ignorance then , please do the research next time . and if not then you should delete the video

  • Sakari Kempas
    Sakari Kempas

    Cats just meowing like crazy in the background 😂

  • griffin

    IDK, I've been known to take a spoon to my jar or Stevia and eat it straight to satisfy cravings.

  • Tweedle Dee
    Tweedle Dee

    As a T1D I SO appreciated the low blood sugar salad analogy.


    10/10 on More spews more views, Greg. Watched the whole video. As a medical professional I can say this is a very DANGEROUS advice from a very prominent and respected HRpostsr. This shows your mere ignorance on how your body treats different nutrients differently. The "Good" situations are all situational as well. A person who is used to not consuming a lot of sugar will be efficient in converting other foods into what it needs and thus become more stable in energy throughout the day thanks to the lack of sugar insulin spikes which drains you. Its Not Just calories in and out my God your body doesnt even have receptors for calories Greg. If you eat your maintainance in FULL sugar you WILL get fat. That is the reality not the one in your calories in and out fantasy because your body treats sugar differently. Furthermore avoiding and minimizing added sugar has been found to produce a lot of health benefits. One gets used to life without sugar. Not too long ago I add sugar in my coffee. Now I cannot stand the taste of sweet coffee. Plus splenda and equal just taste horrible compared to the real thing..especially muscovado

  • El Cid Gaming
    El Cid Gaming

    The mice chose sugar OVER the narcotics. There fixed it for you

  • Code

    cico. amen and awomen and acircle

  • Code

    i love fructose sir

  • John Bielenda
    John Bielenda

    Very well stated on sugar.........

  • Soda Popinski
    Soda Popinski

    Refined Sugar is Always bad , natural sugars is where its at , Long live natural sugars

  • Bodhisattva Mazzoncini
    Bodhisattva Mazzoncini

    Sugar glycemic index 50. Blueberries...50's. lol. So much for sugar spiking insulin. Another lie of the system.

  • Lt. Dan
    Lt. Dan

    4-5 diet cokes a day 🤦‍♂️

  • Bodhisattva Mazzoncini
    Bodhisattva Mazzoncini

    I'm a former competitive bodybuilder myself. Turned vegan triathlete and I can tell you 10000% that real organic cane sugar is where it's at. It's one of the biggest lies ever told that it's bad for us. Glycemic index is in the 50s, bet most people don't know that. Our bodies were designed to run on sugar. That's not a mistake. If you eat high carb low fat you'll be amazed at how much sugar and carbs you can get in and still stay lean and perform well. I take in over 600 grams of sugar a day and it's a night and day difference in my overall performance the next day if I don't do it.

  • va re
    va re

    Only the cat in the background can yell louder than the coach

  • Bkay

    Its not all about weight lose...Greg doesnt give a shit about long term health he pushes shit fake foods

  • kotsios555

    Sugar is the basis of the human food, though the quality matters!

  • Derek Chauvin
    Derek Chauvin

    Making my way to Superstore and stocking up and chocolate bars and pastries right now. Nah, just kidding, that stuff gives you dead neurons.

  • Lexxi S
    Lexxi S

    Eating cocaine -coach Greg

  • Daniel Infante
    Daniel Infante


  • blackfist snipes
    blackfist snipes


  • Christiaan Burger
    Christiaan Burger


  • Erik

    Fuck you, i won't do what you tell me

  • ZZfranchise

    Greg, you're better looking than Hulk Hogan. 😄😄😄

  • Gaming Empire
    Gaming Empire

    Diabetics typing......

  • Nazareno Hossfeldt
    Nazareno Hossfeldt

    Nasolabial folds of peace.

  • Sleeperche

    Gotta love the cat going berserk in the background.

  • billy bob
    billy bob

    Sugar is way less expensive than cocaine, however cocaine has less calories.

  • Александър Мишев
    Александър Мишев

    eat cocaine

  • chλrles

    5:09 how is there stock footage of that...

  • Haneela Qadir
    Haneela Qadir

    There are some people who literally go to town with pure sugar. True addicts.

  • Kadir Keleş
    Kadir Keleş

    Imma harshly disagree with you on this. Sugar's negativity does not solely end on it being calorie dense.

  • BigPete

    This is a bit of a straw man arguement... I'm a big fan but this is done too much in the fitness community, why do people not want to admit that sugar is addictive. 'I'm not addicted to coffee because I wouldn't snort a line of caffeine". You don't really want the coffee without the caffine and you don't really want the muffin without the sugar. Sugar does trigger dopamine receptors (the same reward pathway) as many drugs. I'm not saying this as an excuse and the rest I agree with, sugar DOES make you hungrier, sugary drinks are a waste of calories. But sugar is addictive like drugs, not as addictive, but addictive.

  • Nick Athos
    Nick Athos

    What if you are insulin resistant?

  • dennis craig
    dennis craig

    Lol this video is going to make people add sugar to there diets. I think its awsome cause when i was 3 months into strict diet i kept passing out my sugar was dropping. Getting lean sucks.

  • Taylor Hillard
    Taylor Hillard

    I would absolutely drink a mug of straight maple syrup or honey every day if not for the fact I'd balloon up like Violet Beauregarde.

  • Roman Kalinin
    Roman Kalinin

    Greg: sugar is not the enemy Robert Lustig has entered the chat*

  • Justin Mahikan
    Justin Mahikan

    more amazing then last time

  • 2painfull

    If I try to hit my carbs with just whole foods or mostly starch I'm bloated. Swap in some honey, juice, dried fruit and I'm energetic and satisfied.

  • Niko Bella-Khouf
    Niko Bella-Khouf

    I don't care how much your deficit is. If you have insulin resistance, you will not lose any weight if you consume carbs.

  • Niko Bella-Khouf
    Niko Bella-Khouf

    Calories in calories out is a myth. Sugar makes you fat, that's a fact. Why don't you go catch up on your reading instead of continuing to embarrass yourself?

  • Brendon West
    Brendon West

    Fructose doesnt go straight to your thighs, it goes to your liver as visceral fat. Unless it is accompanied by fiber ( fruit). Check out "sugar, the bitter truth " on yt.

  • Vagrant Sneaker
    Vagrant Sneaker

    Bad Carbs and Refined Sugar are the death of us all. I STRONGLY believe it''s one of the causes of cancer bro. Have a pastry here and there, but keep it out of your diet most of the time. Have fruits all day and everyday is just fine. You want a good sugar? Use Better Stevia Balance.