REAL WORLD BODY Transformations || Coach Greg's Laser Eye Bodyfat Analysis
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  • Svetlio Doychinov
    Svetlio Doychinov

    Isnt 5 feet 1 a dwarf. Not hating or anything genuinely asking.

  • Dragon Ball Dimension
    Dragon Ball Dimension

    Santa clause is a black natural athlete

  • Matt Willoughby
    Matt Willoughby

    Her glutes are definitely well formed. She looks amazing. Well done to that lady!

  • Tony

    Greg: I'm right 99% of the time! iPad: I'm the 1%

  • apple-sauce

    Love these videos of REAL people! Not that instagram filter bullshizzz

  • Allos Anthrwpos
    Allos Anthrwpos

    Coach greg where can I send you my transformation story ?

  • Wavy Sheep
    Wavy Sheep

    I'm doing a transformation would you judge me, Greg?

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker

    Hey greg is tao physique natty??

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    Bud Meghji


  • Joshua Myers
    Joshua Myers

    How do you submit a transformation?

  • nfk Veterana
    nfk Veterana

    Does being hairy make you look fatter/less defined?

  • Han Dolo
    Han Dolo

    Bruh the 62 yr old guy is fucking GOALS

  • Casey Frankenberg
    Casey Frankenberg

    Are these only from people who bought the cookbook/coaching? Or can people send you pictures for analysis in a video?

  • Kaleu

    Keep doing these videos MUCH BETTER than constantly looking at people on steroids that aren’t possible for normal people also like where the heck do people even get steroids

  • Krums Korner
    Krums Korner

    Screw your physiques. All show and no go. I challenge any person to a game of physical fitness HORSE. Skill for skill, challenge for challenge - first person to spell HORSE, loses. Like the game of SKATE. I challenge anyone.

  • Kolbee Crader
    Kolbee Crader

    Love it

  • Wota Redo
    Wota Redo

    Someone needs to tell this man about the rotation buttons.

  • Caravan Cat
    Caravan Cat

    Damn that 60yo man looks amazing

  • Imran

    how do I submit my transformation?

  • ᄒᄇ네ᅢᅩᄒᄅᄎ호


  • sabina kilim
    sabina kilim

    Santa is the BEST ,don't be jealous

  • Conor MacGregor
    Conor MacGregor

    "... the peak of the bicep to be higher than the delts, that makes your arms look bigger" Sprints to nearest mirror

  • Aliaa Lifts
    Aliaa Lifts

    so santa doesn’t train legs apparently

  • Raghuveer Singh Shekhawat
    Raghuveer Singh Shekhawat

    Yeah humari gadi hai, yeah hum hain or yeah humari pwarrii hori haiiiiiii.

  • Joseph

    Where can we send him videos

  • Theatrix

    Do you have physical copies of your cookbook? Or are they only ebooks?

  • Lee

    omg the BACK HAIR

  • Andy Juanite
    Andy Juanite

    Man your title cuts off at “eye body fat Anal...”.

  • Brant Graves
    Brant Graves

    Does anyone know how I can submit photos to be in the next video of this? Highly interested

  • Solomon D
    Solomon D

    After that 62 Yr. no excuses America lol.

  • Yoga GirlsWorld
    Yoga GirlsWorld

    I love this Greg!❤️ Your comments about a 23% bodyfat beautiful female physique normalizes that for most of us, this is absolutely ideal! What I would have to do to get body fat lower than that, would simply not be a good return for my investment. Thanks for normalizing a healthy physique!!🌬️🎈🤍

  • Mattilyn Bryant
    Mattilyn Bryant

    Coach Greg, can you do a video on set point theory, and can you unintentionally raise your set points by dieting?

  • Mattilyn Bryant
    Mattilyn Bryant

    A how to flex and properly pose video would be awesome

  • mplslawnguy

    The old guy proves you can be in shape and make gains with your physique at any age. Yes it's harder as you age, but that doesn't mean you can't look better and continue to work on your body.

  • caleb scarbrough
    caleb scarbrough

    Greg are you still doing the user submit reviews!? would love for you to check mine on two months of progress! 210lbs-178lbs month 1!

  • Virtual Cave
    Virtual Cave

    My gott this is amazing, now I wanna be that gurl!

    • Aged dion
      Aged dion


  • Alex

    How to complement girls in 2021 - “Hey, you’ve got good genetics from the rear”.

    • Juan F
      Juan F

      You got %15 body fat, nice!

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    Fernando Castro


  • Molasor Rosalom
    Molasor Rosalom

    Damn, that female looks great in the after pic!!!! 🤯

  • ARTURO gutierrez
    ARTURO gutierrez

    He looks like king bumi

  • The reaper of anus
    The reaper of anus

    No one : Coach Greg: "Her glutes are well shaped"

  • winter ramos
    winter ramos

    I'm 35 and I'm -3.3% body fat Coach

  • Herobrine YT
    Herobrine YT

    Make longer videos

  • D Tina
    D Tina

    I love this series. Fingers crossed I’m on the next body fat % video!.

  • SpartanfighterX10

    For the algorithm.

  • Jamie

    Do a video on diet breaks and the MATADOR study!

  • yep

    Wonderful video.

  • Michael Han
    Michael Han

    fucking santa claise with zero legs

  • Fatima Hadhraoui
    Fatima Hadhraoui

    Listening this with earphones and I thought there was a pig under my bed

  • Muhamed Bilal
    Muhamed Bilal

    I had a V-Shred ad on this coach Greg video lol.

  • Mxtri

    How can I get reviewed myself ?

  • DaR1Us

    Everybody gangsta until Santa Claus shows up at Mr Olympia

  • Birki gts
    Birki gts

    I overestimated the old man, but everyone else, my laser eyes where spot on. Getting more accurate by the day!

    • MacX85


  • jason sanchez
    jason sanchez

    A how to prep for comp in terms of dehydrating, eating carbs and sodium, etc... video

  • sar ke
    sar ke

    Auto rotate is hard for old people :D someone needs to teach the doc

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  • P Zak
    P Zak

    I mean ripped Santa still has an impressive Christmas tree on his back at that age. Very motivating actually

  • Austen Chafer
    Austen Chafer

    Frosty the snow man Gregg 😂

  • MacX85

    That 62 yo guy made me so happy... Imagine looking like that at that age. That would be my life goal

    • DaR1Us

      True.I hate when people that are 40-50 years old are fat and they blame it on age.That man is 62 and has bodybuilding competition body fat

  • Gecko

    Damn I believe I got the same laser eye vision as the coach since I'm mostly guessing the same as him or off by 1 or 2. That's something to brag on with the boys

  • Jugg Dekaprio
    Jugg Dekaprio

    The 1st guy trolling with those boxers on lol 😆

  • bgomusicco

    I would like to see more of this series.

  • Joseph Winstead
    Joseph Winstead

    So how do we get in on this?

  • Thomas Denning
    Thomas Denning

    Santa be skipping legs

  • yG KeKe
    yG KeKe

    Santa Claus? More like Master Roshi! Also, That girl got hot, grats miss Frosty the circle.

  • ishmael arc
    ishmael arc

    I would like to see this done for like ufc figthers and boxers. Specifically for the heavy weights. Francis ngannou Stipe miocic Derrick Lewis Daniel Cormier Deontay Wilder Tyson Fury.... because those are some of the baddest men on the planet yet some look leaner then others yet they are performing at an elite level in a physical sport.

  • Weakest

    Should do a video on scott adkins weather a natty or not or whatever

  • Doctor Squidman
    Doctor Squidman

    Greg I just dmed you my photos on instagram please post them in your next vid

  • Doctor Squidman
    Doctor Squidman

    Greg how can I submit my transformation photos??

  • LickDaddy 69
    LickDaddy 69

    Hey Coach, I genuinely enjoyed this video and the knowledge you shared. Hope you make this into a series. Would love to see more of this kind of content 💪🏽

  • Chew Her
    Chew Her

    Thanks for helping everyone out Greg. Take care.

  • concerned liberal
    concerned liberal

    I can't see through all the first guy's body hair to make an accurate reading.

    • concerned liberal
      concerned liberal

      @Sara Santee Don't be offended by everything.

    • Sara Santee
      Sara Santee

      Don’t be rude

  • Tony N.
    Tony N.

    how do i get in on the next body fat video? 👁👄👁

  • Brigitte Stevens
    Brigitte Stevens

    Love it greg

  • joshua lozano
    joshua lozano

    Hey Greg how can I get you to use you’re laser eyes on my picture !?

  • SchuyFit - Simplifying Health
    SchuyFit - Simplifying Health

    I hope my meats are always as lean as this guy.

  • Mr P
    Mr P

    Jason Blaha should buy your cookbook!!!

  • Marco Rangel
    Marco Rangel

    Where do we submit our transformation?

  • Jarmarus Greeley
    Jarmarus Greeley

    How do I get a shredded quads

  • Carl Tepas
    Carl Tepas

    How do we become one of the specimens for these videos?

  • Chris Yeo
    Chris Yeo

    How do I submit my transformation?

  • igot7-lu

    Frosty the circle 😂 "Who's that snowman that melts" 😂😂😂 Well...every snowman melts

  • J K
    J K

    These are so fun!!

  • Rodrigo Neves Hermida
    Rodrigo Neves Hermida

    Bodybuilding terminology makes me cringe

  • Nike Christopher Poli
    Nike Christopher Poli

    If my alarm sounded like coach Greg I would never tap snooze. It would wake me up with a pump every day

  • Brooke Smith
    Brooke Smith

    I am woman and thank a God I don’t look average!

  • Joey M
    Joey M

    Master Roshi skipped leg day. A lot.

  • Ace7x

    Where can I submit my pics. Love this series doc.

  • Michael Ellingsworth
    Michael Ellingsworth


  • Matthew West
    Matthew West

    Who’s the snow man that melts😂😂😂 this is why we love you!!!! But also because you yourself are amazing as a person

  • christenberry

    It would be hard to judge an older guy. Being that his skin is saggy and worn out

  • Antonio E. Sanchez
    Antonio E. Sanchez

    So question, sodium. The wraps seem to be very high sodium and other things the other day i was 2730.6 mg of sodium - i had the 3 Anabolic Frence toast, 2 chicken breast wraps for lunch, and 2 boiled pinto bean wraps for dinner and a protein shake for snack. I do have high blood pressure. Isn't that high sodium i seen whereas 1,200 mg was recommended by the heart assoc. 🤔 (I'm 55 btw)

  • bile Driver
    bile Driver

    This was an awesome video. Would love to see more like this.

  • Jacob Torres
    Jacob Torres

    Doctor turn rotation lock on 😂

  • Maddy Dersch
    Maddy Dersch

    Hey, Greg!! This is Madeline from the last photos! I’m so honored to have been included in your video, this was so exciting. To hear you say I have genetics and could possibly complete almost made me cry honestly hahaha, that’s a huge compliment coming from you. I actually do plan on competing!! That’s what made me decide to lose weight. I also submitted new pictures better flexing and a bit leaner for the newest email you sent out for your laser eyes with people planning on competing.

    • DLC

      How did you send in the photos?

    • FFTuk

      @Maddy Dersch fair point!

    • Roger Witte
      Roger Witte

      Great physique! How did you sent in your photos?

    • Stephen

      You look super hot Maddy! aka Frosty the Snow Circle girl. Congrats on the body recomposition. Definitely a good butt! Keep grinding at the gym.

    • Maddy Dersch
      Maddy Dersch

      @Blue Version thank you so much! It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been so worth it

  • Einbecker

    Where can I submit Photos?

  • Hailey Reynolds
    Hailey Reynolds

    I LOVEEE the before and afters!

  • Heman Schoonewolff
    Heman Schoonewolff

    I know this a dumb question but how do i submit for the video

  • Chris Stanley
    Chris Stanley

    How do you apply for this?

  • Ross Miller
    Ross Miller

    Greg’s gonna hit 1M subs this year. Very happy for him. Hopefully all million of those circles buy his freakin cookbook.