Q&A ||14 Year Old on Tren || Cutting as a Teen || Cheats, Cardio and Calories
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  • James Robert Clark III
    James Robert Clark III

    Dude you're my new favorite HRpostsr.

  • CallumSspencer777

    will cutting as a 16 year old stunt growth?

  • &Square MSP
    &Square MSP

    answer this question for me: who is there even to trust today if you want to know the right stuff?

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick


  • João Matos
    João Matos

    Hey coach, just letting you know, you are now my 2nd favourite youtuber behind PewDiePie! Best of success.

  • Julian Meredith
    Julian Meredith

    That's not what cheat meals are used for by most people tho don't u think? I class a cheat meal as something high in calories but tastes absolute stunning like a cheese cake or something

  • Frankie Rodriguez
    Frankie Rodriguez

    I know he probably won't reply, but I was wondering does Greg have any video or tips on snacking between meals? like 2 hours after eating let's say. So in between breakfast and lunch then in between lunch and dinner...

    • Frankie Rodriguez
      Frankie Rodriguez

      @Szelitzky Erick sweet

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      It's called eating 4-5 times a day

  • Daniel Holt
    Daniel Holt

    I don't know about teens but 300mg tren inject a day twice a week Mondays and Thursdays might be fine. Later on after finesse maybe 500mg tren a day twice a week Mondays and Thursdays. At the most 800mg tren a day twice a week Mondays and Thursdays at advanced stages. That's what I would say for an adult for something basic. Or 300mg-500mg Testosterone Cypionate or Ethianate a day twice a week may be a more sound choice that can be done year round at up to 600mg a day twice a week no PCT, start with 300mg a day twice a week. Tren is one of the best. I don't know if Tren sides are more to do with starting off too high, and improper PCT. Estrogen should be fine on any of this. Beyond 800mg it loses potency so that's the cut off, once going beyond potency sides might happen. Always start off the lower amounts like I suggest, plateau at it which could take a long time, and then go up. 300mg Tren a day twice a week can be had for I think 6 months straight followed by two month PCT. I know of a 6 month stack that's way more powerful with lower dose amounts and Tren is one of them. When stacking for 6 months followed by 2 month PCT, which you have to know the specific compounds for this, you use multiple low dose compounds to keep down sides at 3-4 compounds the entire 6 months.

  • Paul Osborne
    Paul Osborne

    I've been waiting for your opinion on this 14 year old taking tren poor kid 🤦‍♂️

  • Ben Barzman
    Ben Barzman

    THESE KIDS!!! They take PEDs thinking it will make them big and swole, but they dont realize the peds will stunt there growth, they will have little 14 year old bodies when they are full grown adults, i know because i took prohormones when i was 16 and didnt grow after that, and i saw it happen to alot of other kids in my high school.

  • Skerdini

    I feel like you didn’t answer the calorie deficit question in the way he/she/it intended. For instance, wouldn’t creating a calorie deficit through cardio allow you to consume more protein which might prevent more muscle/strength loss?

    • Skerdini

      @Szelitzky Erick yeah it doesn’t always mean better but it could make eating adequate protein easier. You could also feel more satiated with higher protein consumption. Also, assuming you were to be eating less than .75g per pound of bodyweight, doing cardio just makes things easier as you are given more calories to work with. Not everyone enjoys having a lot of their calories come from protein sources so allowing more food to be eaten gives you more freedom to eat what you want as well. I just see way more benefits to using cardio as the source of creating a deficit.

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      More protein doesn't always mean better

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      Doesn't matter tho', rhe difference will be very little

  • Tom Trader
    Tom Trader

    Greg Doucette - richer than last time:)

  • Soubanh Soukhome
    Soubanh Soukhome

    Don't typically comment, however, as a father of two (18 and 21 years old) young men and seeing and hearing Greg and others talking about the increase use of dangerous drugs at such a young age really sadden/ bother me. As a long time natural health/fitness student(51yrs in couple months) I want to tell everyone reading this and especially Teens, you don't need to go on "anything" to look decent. I started picking up weights back in the early 1980's and without using even any supplements as it was really not available in my little town. Yes, I'm talking about Whey Protein, pre or post work out supplements and by the way creatine didn't even exist yet. And to this day, I still don't take anything, the point is please know that you CAN do it too. I'm glad that @Greg Doucette and people like Derek (more plates more date) discuss this topic and hopefully more teens will allow their natural growth hormone to work for them.

  • Markéta Solnická
    Markéta Solnická

    Inferior methods like...dexa! lol

  • Hudson Smith
    Hudson Smith

    Will cutting as a teen affect newbie gains after I’m done cutting like will cutting lessen how much newbie gains u have when you start maintaining or bulking ?

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      @Ben Barzman asshole who speaks the truth

    • Ben Barzman
      Ben Barzman

      @Szelitzky Erick do you feel better about yourself? Douse putting other people down make you feel good about yourself? i think its you who hates himself. You look like an asshole, and now it is on the internet for all of the world to see, good job.

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      @Ben Barzman as much as you can so you become a fat slob and hate yourself

    • Ben Barzman
      Ben Barzman

      dont cut when you are a teen, you should be bulking, eating as much as you can so you dont stunt your growth.

  • Delilah Morales
    Delilah Morales

    Love the vid

  • Ivan Gadzhanov
    Ivan Gadzhanov

    Is a 30% deficit ok? While having enough protein for my body weight, I do full body 3 times a week + 30 mins moderate steady state cardio and 30 mins of boxing on Saturdays :)

  • Newport

    Nothing wrong with being on steroids that young imo, hoping to get my 12year old on a cycle this year

    • Ben Barzman
      Ben Barzman

      ...your joking i hope

  • K2 Splashy
    K2 Splashy

    thank you greg for this advice, im a 15 year old teen whos lost 20 pounds from extreme dieting and came out skinny fat now im currently in a deficit thats only 300 cals less than maintenance as im trying to maximise muscle growth while slowly being able to lower my body fat. My only problem is that i feel i need a cheat every week which i know isnt ideal but is the only way i can commit to my diet. i have seen good progress following this routine as i do lift 4-5 a week and do cardio alot. im also trying to follow recipes from the cookbook but i struggle to get the ingrediets as i live in the uk and alot of things in the cookbook have to be bourght online. im 6ft 160 pounds so what would you reccomend i do

  • Bobby Sweeney
    Bobby Sweeney

    Coach Greg, thanks for the inspiration. You've become the bug in my ear and its helped keep me away from the bs and make better choices. Granted, I can't really swing your cookbook, but you have so much HRposts content that I should be able to do ALOT with this. Thanks for what ya do🙏

  • Hayli Geffen
    Hayli Geffen

    Can you still achieve progressive overload with one set of weights?

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      For a limited amount of time, yes.


    Coach Greg bas blazed😂

  • Lessly Lovess
    Lessly Lovess

    I’ve been cutting since age 14 now I’m 20 still cutting and crying depression is really HAHAHA

    • Nicholas Dutavira
      Nicholas Dutavira

      wtf bro

  • bdemar2k12

    A pump also makes you look less natty. I'm 5'9 145 lb skinny asf and after pumping chest and arms if I flex in the right lighting ppl say my pics look enhanced

  • SupermanFit N Football
    SupermanFit N Football

    Coach Greg off of TRT seems more relaxed or more lethargic / less energized

  • Anthony Carpenter
    Anthony Carpenter

    My question is could I get a physique worthy of competing in men's physique by being natural and with only calisthenics

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      Depends on your genetics

  • Robbie Wilson
    Robbie Wilson

    haha gregy so stoned in this vid you could blindfold him with tooth floss hahaha lmao

  • OnlyOnePeachy

    Greg, how are you? Cousin Greg: IT DEPENDS!

  • Harminder Singh
    Harminder Singh

    Calmer than last time

  • My name Is
    My name Is


  • Brody Cullen
    Brody Cullen

    Hit your MAXIMUM potential as a natural and then decide if it's worth going the extra mile. If you never plan on competing or using it for anything besides looks I don't see a point. That's just my take. So many people wanna be jacked within a month or a year. It takes YEARS of CONSISTENCY and HARD WORK. (Harder than last time if I might add)

  • Nick Romano
    Nick Romano

    After watching Coach Greg for 6 months, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him laugh. 🤔🤭🤔

  • Abdul Razzaq
    Abdul Razzaq

    do a video on shoulder impingement please

  • Zaxnafein

    The more you do and for the longer that you do it, the worst that it's going to be for your health. I always knew supplementing H2O and consuming lots of Oxygen would be detrimental 🤪

  • Zaxnafein

    FAQ More than once → a lot 😄

  • The Mega Lisa
    The Mega Lisa

    6:46 Ronnie Coleman already gave us the answer: lightweight baby!

  • HB TV
    HB TV

    Greg looking more tired than last time.

  • Mohammad Awadallah
    Mohammad Awadallah

    I'm a 14 year old who was really overweight but lost most of it through a crash diet not really knowing the consequences. Now I'm in a situation where I don't have much muscle while still having some fat I want to get rid of that's around the stomach. Anything I should do that would help in this? (I'm currently in a calorie deficit to try and lose the fat and I'm slowly trying to build muscle through body weight exercises)

  • Brave Sir Robin
    Brave Sir Robin

    Thanks once again for not screaming, liking the new video styles, resubbing

  • Ricky Cruz
    Ricky Cruz

    I’m trying to lose ≈9% body fat in 9 weeks. Eating at a 500 deficit (around 1 lb loss per week) and also been doing cardio(600 calories 6 days). Which puts me at 2 lbs loss per week. Pretty easy to maintain as I enjoy doing cardio

  • BlackGinger

    HI Greg

  • dicrurusparadiseus

    The answer is it depends on the individual

  • Sunshine X
    Sunshine X

    Thanks to Greg I’ve went from binge eating several times a week, to only binging once a week. I now mindfully eat most of the time, taking 20-30 minutes to eat a meal, and have lost 3lbs (in two weeks).

  • Filip Stoilkov
    Filip Stoilkov

    Do Natty or not on Stipke

  • Blair Monkman
    Blair Monkman

    Next best question: How many calories of vodka do you need to get drunk 🤔

  • Bob Gargiulo
    Bob Gargiulo

    Another great video! Love these since we all probably have the same questions, but never get to ask them to an expert!

  • Giovanni Guglielmo
    Giovanni Guglielmo

    Coach greg to a mil

  • 1.4142

    Inject more cc's than last time

  • theGameMonk

    This shortcut will shorten his life along with something else

    • Ben Barzman
      Ben Barzman

      and his bones...er...stunt his bone growth, not funny but true

  • Mario Botelli
    Mario Botelli

    I had a Canadian Coach growing up he is the reason I started lifting “A”

  • Mario Botelli
    Mario Botelli

    U have light and heavy days that’s STRANGE¡ hahah

  • Dobra Luca
    Dobra Luca

    What s wrong with his voice?

  • Birki gts
    Birki gts

    Always sad to see someone who hasn't even begun to approach their natural limits pick up PED's. I blame these unrealistic "90 day transformation" videos. They're sending the message that bodybuilding is supposed to be a sprint, rather than a marathon. You don't need to be the hulk at 15. You can afford to play the long game.

  • S Dissanayake
    S Dissanayake

    Hey coach when is the circle pre workout dropping

  • James Latham
    James Latham

    Lol richer than last time

  • Lewis Tillett
    Lewis Tillett

    Greg please talk about the drug semaglutide.

  • Dr.Monkey-Kong

    Even with light weight I don't feel anything so why bother... Don't have energy, don't want to train, don't know what to do. Going for a nap.

  • T Jonesy
    T Jonesy

    Take more pre workout than last time. Got it

  • Grand Zero
    Grand Zero


  • Grand Zero
    Grand Zero


  • K3NZ1E

    Greg has an Afro lol

  • Tushar Verma
    Tushar Verma

    It's a fucking countdown or what ? First a 16 year old then 15 now 14 ! It's an arithmetic progression 😒

  • محمد عبدالرحيم
    محمد عبدالرحيم

    You are the only fitness youtuber who actually cares about teaching the public how to train and eat properly. Thx. The best

  • Dj Randle V2
    Dj Randle V2

    This channel is now officially for kids ...

  • Overcome808

    New camera or different lighting coach? You look kinda pale :(

  • Israel Abaga
    Israel Abaga

    I'm 14 and I can squat 120kg. Bench 80kg. Deadlift 143kg

  • AJ3K

    I have a question: Is coach Greg doing testosterone replacement therapy or is he actually taking enhancing doses? Thank you in advance!

  • WonderfulMorningSir

    let us help coach Greg reach 1M subs! 💪

  • Rosie Budd
    Rosie Budd

    When you do your body fat assessments, you often comment that the person (circle) is NOT posing correctly • Please give examples of the specific poses required •

  • PapunaOfficial

    he is probably trolling tbh i dont really know

  • Cristian Radulescu
    Cristian Radulescu

    Why rush things when you have the whole life ahead of you...

  • Luka Gumilar
    Luka Gumilar

    Is it true that you lose muscle mass when doing long cardio like cycling or running?

    • Ben Barzman
      Ben Barzman


  • גונן ברוך
    גונן ברוך

    If newbie gains really matters? If in the end you building the amount of muscle your genetics allow then what does it matter what you do in the beginning? The main thing is to persevere and not get injured

  • MrLegatoblue

    I’m curious. I always think it’s good but I want another opinion. Is eating fruits for snacking good? I then to just munch on fruit whenever I get hungry and want something sweet instead of popcorn.

  • Leland Machado
    Leland Machado

    I’ve been trying for around half a year to lose weight but I just don’t have the motivation to work out and my mental fortitude is flimsy, I know my maintenance is around 2000 and for this past half year I’ve been aiming for 1000 or less thinking “I’ll only be like this for a month or so so it shouldn’t affect my gains or growth” but after watching this I think I’ll start eating closer to 2500 but burning at least 500 calories a day so I can feel more energetic, is this a good idea?

  • Sulaiman Aljabari
    Sulaiman Aljabari

    If you lose weight slower you will always be in a calorie deficit for the rest of your life! it would just be negligible yet a deficit is a deficit!

  • Manol Manolov
    Manol Manolov

    The moment I opened the video I already wanted to write the following comment: Only in Bulgaria there are hundreds of 14-15-16yo idiots who are already on tren. They are just not dumb enough to post it on HRposts or Facebook Literally Coach Greg's first comment!!!! (Except for the Bulgaria part, but it still is a good throwback to the last video where Lazar claimed Almost Natty)

  • Lion hearted
    Lion hearted

    9:15 yes 😊

  • Thomas

    algo comment

  • Whey Protein
    Whey Protein

    Yo Greg, Do humans exist? *IT DEPENDS*

  • kukunaokala begay
    kukunaokala begay

    Does that "whey-bolic" shit from GNC fuck up your hormones to a bad point?? (Its made with shit to boost your T)

  • Przemysław J
    Przemysław J

    0:56 you say that someone is stupid because he post his cycle on social media? I agree that he is stupid that he takes roids at 14yo but fact that he share this isn't makes him stupid it is actualy good thing so others can bring that topic up. If you will watch some of yours previous video you won't be that much of a moron.

  • Aaron W
    Aaron W

    Geez! Greg stop coming out with such good material!

  • Big Vicious!!!
    Big Vicious!!!

    1 million subs! 1 million subs! Getting closer.

  • gh

    Greg, Johnny Bravo was training only with an elastic band at home for a year/ several months - do you think he's natty?

  • Rizzy Boy
    Rizzy Boy

    How many likes for coach Greg to do a natty or not on Doug Miller?

  • Doesnt Matter
    Doesnt Matter

    Hey Greg, I've been training from your book for a few months - great gains so far. But training til failure has accumulated to a lot of tendonitis/elbow pain, which requires me to rest and go easier than last time. Watching opinions from Sean N and Layne Norton, they suggest you don't always train til failure for injury prevention... So now I'm training harder than last time only every other week. What would you reccomend?

    • namira hussain
      namira hussain

      I have been doing the same too. Training hard continuosly had me feel fatigued all the time with sore muscles and joint pain. For me, i changed me routine to going super hard for three days a week and then the rest of the week, i resort to simple cardio, LISS sessions and yoga. Also, i started noticing more progress with this routine, strength and endurance wise, than training hard every day. Coach if you see this, let us know if we can improve more.

  • Jordy 229
    Jordy 229

    If you’re under 21 and want to juice, think again. I’m telling you, at least 5 years of training hard and then you can consider it again.

    • Ben Barzman
      Ben Barzman

      i tell people wait until 25 and 35 is even better when your natural levels are starting to decline, its best to wait until someone has matured both physically and mentally.

  • Muhamed Bilal
    Muhamed Bilal

    Hair longer than last time.

  • Gavin Whiteley
    Gavin Whiteley


  • Smalltownbrewer1

    My initial question is how the hell are these punks even getting the gear?


    U know Greg I like another dad to me I’ve been watching all ur vids lately and I’ve thought same soo much how to cook and also how to look after my well being and also how to get shredded

  • 「Hikikotaku」

    Any tips for losing fat and gaining muscle at home with resistance bands? Really want to lose weight as I cant take being overweight anymore and dont want the lockdown to be an excuse.

  • Banana

    I train like a bodybuilder, I lift careful, always go for the pumps, always good forms and full reps. However, I rarely think about looking good ever while training or after training. I train every part of my body and I just let it grows on it's own. Ultimately, I train with the intention of getting stronger, being better than last time. I dont train to just "look good", that is why I train everyday regardless of how I feel or how I look.

  • Zander de Swardt
    Zander de Swardt

    COACH GREG Plz do a vidoe on Ivan Djuric He has squatted everyday for 433 days straight I'd like to know what u think about his approach to training. Day 7 of asking

  • Ventsislav Zisov
    Ventsislav Zisov

    Great video by the way guys i just did a 5 year fitness transformation on my channel check it out

  • someonegin

    do teens need more calories than an adult ?\

  • thilagavathy subramaniam
    thilagavathy subramaniam

    Hey coach greg. Can you do a video on signs of good genetics for building muscles. Like this comment if you wanna see it too👍

  • thilagavathy subramaniam
    thilagavathy subramaniam

    Dont take gear as a teen. I'm 14 yo too and I'm seeing impressive gains maybe bcuz of my genetics. Hold off the gear and wait to see results as a natty

  • Nove IV
    Nove IV

    Ronnie Coleman: Coach I took your advice on using lightweight but still ain't feeling it Coach Greg: Ronnieeee🙄...I meant actual lightweight.

  • Buell xb
    Buell xb

    Natasha Aughey natty or not?

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71 tis.