Q & A with My SISTER || PED's/HRT
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    I don’t mean to be rude but she was lovely when she was younger. But hey... as long as she’s happy with herself now is all that matters. I see testosterone helped her. That’s good, but once your on it’s hard to get off. I only know this from Coach Greg, not personally.

  • Marc Mcphee
    Marc Mcphee

    Cool video, your sister seems awesome 😎. Glad to hear she’s doing better since the testosterone treatment.

  • JoshyBomb

    why do all of greg brothers have the same face lol

  • Elizabeth Seiden
    Elizabeth Seiden

    Christine seems really nice, smart and in great shape!!

  • Rude boy
    Rude boy

    Did she get a transgender?

  • Nicholas Chandler
    Nicholas Chandler

    Getting a long with your siblings raises free testosterone by 98.97%.

  • Ishaan 2122
    Ishaan 2122

    Shes cool

  • Todd Miller
    Todd Miller

    Gender is not an opinion. Don't say you believe in science and then say you can be whatever you want. You are a massive hypocrite Greg!!

  • Jude Santiago
    Jude Santiago


  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith

    I wonder what went on in this family to have Greg with clearly a massive case of body dysmorphia and a trans/lesbian daughter. Not being negative just genuinely curious

  • M Tber
    M Tber

    I have to THANK YOU for posting this! I also needed a full hysterectomy due to Endo and having Endometriomas throughout my abdomen. I always looked pregnant, I was always in pain. After 17 years of dealing with it I felt like I'd never be back to my "athletic self". I'm still struggling with just using estrogen.

  • 2 REP
    2 REP

    I ended up on SSRIs and Venlafaxine for years, literally years, when in reality my test was zero. I'm now on 150mgs test and feel great, the best I have ever been. Drs suck

  • Colt Hayhurst
    Colt Hayhurst

    Thank you both for helping the world. Health is very important to me. Thank you both for spreading such honest and realistic information.

  • Morefitness Lesswaist
    Morefitness Lesswaist

    Great hair!

  • Joe Haefeker
    Joe Haefeker

    There is no reason for someone to kill themselves. I can understand giving your life to save a friends life and soul like Jesus Christ Lord and Savior 🙏life is a blessing 🙏 it's wonderful to be alive 🙏 🙌 ✨ ❤

  • Joe Haefeker
    Joe Haefeker

    I think you're smart enough to become a good doctor Coach Greg 😉your sister is very smart too,muscled up man what an awesome gene pool 🎱 👏

  • Joe Haefeker
    Joe Haefeker

    I'm 43 years old and battled with what others thought of me and you know what,it had no significance to me it's only thier opinion.

  • Joe Haefeker
    Joe Haefeker

    You Greg and your sister Christine are both awesome 🙌 👌 👏 😎

  • BASH is obsolete. Python is my new gf.
    BASH is obsolete. Python is my new gf.

    hey greg can you sell me some of your drugs online please? i want to take drugs and get jacked, just like you do. you're my idol and nothing attracts gay man-meat like a fake anabolic physique.

  • Brandon Ledezma
    Brandon Ledezma

    Nice to meet you miss Douche

  • zukodude487987

    The word Greg is looking for is self confidence. He thinks he is right all the time which is called self confidence. Note that self confidence does not mean you are actually right, it just means you perceive yourself to be right all the time.

  • carlodangelo1

    i hav a stupid question , what does PED's mean. I know what HRT is.

  • Ashley Osbon
    Ashley Osbon

    This video made me like you more than last time! ❤

  • Neal McCormick
    Neal McCormick

    Caffeine, ephedrine and a baby aspirin! Can you still get ephedrine over the counter in Canada?

  • katherine taylor
    katherine taylor

    Friedrich Nietzsche quote

  • RealityWizard

    Man, hormones need to be looked into waaaayyy more than they are. At least in cases like this, why not test all hormones and see if any are deficient. I mean I've got some friends that I'm absolutely sure need to be on hormone replacement, but never will cause all their doctors give them prozac, ativan, etc. Also thank you for coming on here and talking about some major important issues.

  • DK Meah
    DK Meah

    Also, I need a video with Q and A's of different Doucette's!

  • DK Meah
    DK Meah

    Hold on, why is there no yelling in this video? I thought there would be more yelling than last time with double Doucette's!

  • Delphoene Evenhuis
    Delphoene Evenhuis

    Ok, I have to ask: I've heard of pronoun circles but what pronouns do circles use? 😁

  • Lampin Laurels
    Lampin Laurels

    9:35 I can't believe your sister is also a doctor.

  • charles wolfe
    charles wolfe

    You're a good brother Greg!

  • kyle mclain
    kyle mclain

    Seriously, though... who the hell cares what other people are or want?

  • Sara Vieira
    Sara Vieira

    Coach Greg your talk about the hormones is so , SO , important, it happen all the time with girls and women on the contraceptive pill and no one cares, the doctors only see and ask for the physical symptoms, it happened to me, I was feeling so bad, anxiety, body dysmorfia, mood swings, lack of confidence, celilute even eating clean and drinking 3 liters of water a day no joke, the result of training were minimal and muscle building too small (i was not trying to lose weight, i was never fat or obese, I was just trying to be fit). and guess what. it was all from the pill... I was desesperate and felt in my gut something wasn´t right, deep down I knew it was from 10+ years of contraceptive pill, but everytime I asked someone professional they said to me the was excuses excuses and was all in my head and not enough effort. No one understands how hormones work the PISSED ME OFF when I wanted answers and didnt had... I am better now , I decided myself going off even my gynecologist doctors ou personal trainers against me. And guess what week by week month by month I see the diferences i was fighting for for years. I don't know if you are going to read this but well thank you for all your work , you are indeed, better than last time

  • Rasa Radomir
    Rasa Radomir

    When your sister has deeper voice than you🤣

  • lilshrum

    Man this video was so interesting

  • Stephie Getsit
    Stephie Getsit

    That comes from the Art of War. Sun su.

  • Olga Vasquez-Magana
    Olga Vasquez-Magana

    Favorite video thus far . “Sista Christine” needs to come on your channel more often lol

  • Olga Vasquez-Magana
    Olga Vasquez-Magana

    Favorite video thus far . “Sista Christine” needs to come on your channel more often lol


    Hey Greg,What a great video. I subscribe to your channel a few weeks ago and have been binge watching your content. It’s a real pleasure to see a channel with such truth and transparency. Keep up the great work you deserve it

  • Bonnie Kretchik
    Bonnie Kretchik

    Great video! I wasn't really aware of this aspect of Coach Greg's life. I would love to see more of his sister on the channel.

  • Henare Brown
    Henare Brown

    Does she powerlift as well

  • Amir McMullen
    Amir McMullen

    This is a really great video. Well done!

  • joseph A-rt
    joseph A-rt

    Coach Greg is like that teacher that gives stories during class but if you're keen there's actually lessons in the stories 🔥🔥👏👏🇰🇪

  • Patrick O'Connor
    Patrick O'Connor

    Sister love!! Enjoyed the video! Didn’t want it to end. Looking forward to more.

  • Shawn Ward
    Shawn Ward

    I like how in this video you’re not using your loud ass gilbert godfried voice 😂 Im proud of you for having an inside voice haha but really. This video is great, Greg 🤘🏼

  • Yoseph Willis
    Yoseph Willis

    So Greg is a doctor and his sister is a nurse. Is his whole family working in the healthcare field.

  • Chris Oakland
    Chris Oakland

    Wait, what's Greg's criminal past?

    • Chris Oakland
      Chris Oakland

      @Dave Odd ah got it, thanks.

    • Dave Odd
      Dave Odd

      He got caught selling PEDs and was on house arrest for a while

  • Luz C
    Luz C

    Beautiful! Love your sibling. So much power! ♥️

  • aymamoon


  • S D
    S D

    "HRT" doesn't necessarily mean "testosterone" Greg. "HRT" literally stands for "hormone replacement therapy", which encompasses estrogen therapy too, Capn' Master's degree. "TRT" stands specifically for "testosterone replacement therapy".

  • 140donizetti

    I love her!!!!

  • itiswhatitis 9
    itiswhatitis 9

    Hey Dwarf, do you recommend taking meth for fat loss ? I feel like your ok with this lol

    • Ben Buescher
      Ben Buescher

      Nice shit post. Meth reduces your appetite for food, but it increases your appetite for dudes. Imbibe at your own risk.

  • Sarah Welsh
    Sarah Welsh

    What was Greg’s criminal past?

  • richard herbst
    richard herbst

    Please Greg... TALK NORMAL Brother... Love your vids... Hate the fake false voice... But LOVE the INFO...

  • Ng Yang
    Ng Yang

    your sister has a very big eye

  • Havoc

    When your sister has a deeper voice than you...

  • Savannah Precious
    Savannah Precious

    So greg has the high pitched voice and ur sister has more of low toned voice got it

  • Sid Ord
    Sid Ord

    We should all be thankful for our parents on how we all become as human beings it’s called the full circle life, between a man and woman. So if she wants to become Greg little bro that’s her choice good for her

  • delta888437 nacnud
    delta888437 nacnud

    Good video!!

  • propellergirl1

    This was great!

  • Audiman77

    The Doucette muscle genetics are no joke!

  • RunFromHumanContacts

    He doesn't yell around her this is weird

  • jojo takuma
    jojo takuma

    You guys r sooo cool ..Stay Safe ...Peace

  • Pam S
    Pam S

    I love the energy between you and your sister and how calm you become around her. She’s awesome!! Looking forward to part 2. :)

  • ballislifelife GAMING
    ballislifelife GAMING

    Is he still with ally?

  • Jared Tyler
    Jared Tyler

    greg absolutely mogged his sister

  • Parsa Nahavandi
    Parsa Nahavandi

    Now i see why Greg supported Ellen page 😂

  • UniVersal EnTity
    UniVersal EnTity

    Sister looks out of energy and pale next to Greg she must be Vegan.

  • EatLiftLifeRepeat

    How old is she? Is she order or younger than you?

  • Moe Q
    Moe Q

    Screaming “Kelly Clarkson” at the screen

  • Matt Willard
    Matt Willard

    Your sisters sweatshirt is sick

  • Noah Arnold
    Noah Arnold

    Why does it matter....Womens Toilette,Women's Sport,Suizid rate,Women's prison.

  • mat landry
    mat landry


  • Eric Fortier
    Eric Fortier

    She is so calm compared to Greg it's scary!! :)

  • Abril Ramirez
    Abril Ramirez

    Wow very informative on the testosterone part. That’s so crazy.

  • Kadoogan83

    I don't have a criminal past, but I've certainly made mistakes. The idea is to learn from them. At one point in my life, I was such an asshole in general, that I burned all the bridges to my family and friends. I learned first hand, or to put it another way, I have extensive training in how NOT to be. How NOT to conduct myself. How NOT to treat other people. Once you learn, or get an idea of how NOT to do something, it can serve to help get you on the path to doing that something correctly....or at least better than last time.

  • Robert Camilleri
    Robert Camilleri

    Your sister looks cool :) 💪💪

  • Unknown Name
    Unknown Name

    Greg’s arm taking up most of the photo 💪

  • M Min
    M Min

    Your sister is so cool 😎 much love to you both 🥰 thanks for your honesty 👍👍👍

  • rx7turbo287

    So is his sister not a doctor either?

  • Mo 2k
    Mo 2k

    Hearing sis talk about how awful estrogen was compared to testosterone makes me have a new appreciation for women tbh. They have this awful hormone which makes them tired and unhorny but have to go on like nothing is happening

  • Jaxa Taxa
    Jaxa Taxa

    his sister takes testosterone also?

  • Dodo


  • Dozer Mozer
    Dozer Mozer

    She sounds so Canadian 😆

  • Jonas Marken
    Jonas Marken

    It was fun seeing the interview with his sister.

  • Emem Vladislav
    Emem Vladislav

    I thought she was ur mom for a sec lol

  • Essie C
    Essie C

    more family than last time

  • McKarlsson

    Greg: "I wanna be a red circle, she wants to be a green triangle." Seems like Greg is a playstation guy lol:D Should've said pink square though:(

  • Name less
    Name less

    Love the part about mental health addressed in the video. In the beginning of the pandemic my mental health got really bad and I had to talk to a therapist for a while. I got recommended going to a psychiatrist for medication. That's when I decided I need to find any alternative to this because I don't want to be on antidepressants due to the side effects. So I ended up starting health related challenges to improve my mood. What worked the best for me was running. I never expected that because I hated running when I was young. But the calming effect of post-running endorphins worked so well for me and it was very rewarding being able to track obvious progress.

  • Jolene the Llama
    Jolene the Llama

    Greg: "What's that saying? What kills you makes you stronger?" 😅

  • Realshi


  • Andrew


  • Andrew

    Gregs sister is a fricken angel of whatever definition you feel fit... idk whatever definition to describe.... all i know is savior is a fitting word.. i met a girl in the psyche ward when i attempted suicide on the freeway... attempting to jump out of the car while my grandparents were driving.. i literally jumped out but managed to have the opportunity to jump back in thru the clamping grasp of my souls force thru an instant sense of regret... i remember so clearly.. as i was attempting suicide... a couple was behind our car... laughing at my obvious demise... and i still managed to pull it together enough to grip myself back into the car and pull into the nearest emergency hospital to get evaluated.. and met by a mystical being that fits the categorhy of coach gregs sister.. and ill say i was so enamoured by this persons influence.. they flipped a switch in my mind and straight inspired me to move on and progress rather than give up and end it all... i am so appreciative of this position delved upon in life.. greg.. tell your sister.. i lover her so much for her devotion for what she has chosen to do in life... so much.. words cannot express.. tell her personally if you see this that i said.. thank you......

  • Andrew

    Anyone focused on hate in this world.... needs a tremendous extinction of prior thought.............................

  • Neppie's World
    Neppie's World

    I loved this video! Be yourself! Everyone else is taken!

  • Andrew

    Life is meant to be all about Love :) thats the message greg and his fam bring across the board and thats why i so love this channel

  • Andrew

    I know its irrelevant but im an ex drug addict turned christian and i just wanna say ive had so many gay friends and i love gregs sisters testimony, it is very inspiring and uplifting i love the courage coming thru and i am inspired by this courage to carry on thru tribulations of my own i am not brave enough as they to delve into. i love your bravery sis greg :). i kno politics suck but im just puttin myself out there because i hate stero types and i hate archaic thought... i love that greg is such a progressive and amazing advocate from not just politics but experience and love for his fam fam

  • Andrew

    Gregs sister is very pretty/handsome :)

  • Amanda Cornelius
    Amanda Cornelius

    Better video than last time. I'm telling all my friends. And I purchased the friggin cookbook.

  • Amanda Cornelius
    Amanda Cornelius

    Coach Greg needs to take hair tips from his sis. Her hair is gooooooorgeous