Q & A with Kinobody || Does He Ever Eat Junk Food??? || Greg & Greg
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  • losa sakarosa
    losa sakarosa

    4:07 notice how he crosses his arms -> anxietyyy

  • Héctor Galván
    Héctor Galván

    The most effective training and diet program is the one you can stick to. So it doesn’t really matter if you eat five meals a day or fast and only have three meals a day, as long as you can incorporate it into your lifestyle and feel comfortable with it you are fine.

  • Danial Muhamad
    Danial Muhamad

    Real Greg is actually very good and down to earth

  • Smitty Werben Jagerman Jensen
    Smitty Werben Jagerman Jensen

    1:40 Coach Greg's face when he heard the word "fast"

  • bryan

    why does greg look faded? lmao

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez

    O'Gallager looks zooted lmao

  • Paudie O'Keeffe
    Paudie O'Keeffe

    can someone ask greg bateman if he likes phil collins XD whoever sent in that and got greg to actually ask him that question sir you are a legend.

  • Douglas Crescimanno
    Douglas Crescimanno

    Good to see these guys working together. They both have great info and great channels. Down 30lbs so far this year from intermittent fasting and eating some of the doctor’s recipes. Many ways to skin a cat.

  • prod.stimulus

    this video is so hard to watch.

  • prod.stimulus

    this shoot is so painfully awkward and both people filtered their opinions so much its hard to watch😂

  • Dom Heathcock
    Dom Heathcock

    Holy shit no way.....

  • Patrick MacRae
    Patrick MacRae

    two canadians NOT getting along? common, as if lolol

  • joshua stinson
    joshua stinson

    People disagree ALL THE TIME in the professional world. Whether it be fitness, engineering, medicine, etc. Study from multiple sources and figure what works best for the individual!



  • Lion El Aton
    Lion El Aton

    More of this. Positivity is what’s up. I dig it.

  • Brett Larkin
    Brett Larkin

    Protein Feedings 😂

  • Lorenzo Perez
    Lorenzo Perez

    Love the video. I like hearing both sides. Great stuff.

  • Esteban Carriazo
    Esteban Carriazo

    This is awesome! Good to see you both together 🤜🏻🤛🏻

  • Delicious Pineapple
    Delicious Pineapple

    He said "SMV i king" instead of "SM Viking" 🤣 love you Greg

  • Chuck Ehenulo
    Chuck Ehenulo

    Will, Greg and Greg and Bumsted workout, food challenge and Q and A please. Make it happen Greg D!!!

  • Bob Stevens
    Bob Stevens

    so a complete scam more spews for more views. make your money absolutely.

  • JC

    Roids everywhere.

  • Memento Bellum
    Memento Bellum

    This was actually a very good video, I never really knew how jacked Kinobody was until I saw him next to coach Greg, he's actually in fantastic shape. I'm also glad to see no bad blood and just mature adults having an honest conversation, respect!

  • Brett Poe
    Brett Poe

    We need another Greg & Greg show!

  • byronzeroful

    This the video I lost respect for coach Greg. I got scammed by the other Greg.

  • Sauce424

    How many san pellegrino bottles does it take to shower with it?

  • sarthak gg
    sarthak gg

    Kinobody doesnt look small in front of greg because of his huge delts and wide back. Its all about the proportions

  • Jovel Williams
    Jovel Williams

    Idk why that made me laugh. Probably cause of the straight answer and fumbling with words since Greg does I.F. 9:01

  • Ohio Marksman
    Ohio Marksman

    Love to see two of the best gregs out there!

  • jesse Daniel
    jesse Daniel

    greg doucette not having a singing voice is the least surprising thing i've ever heard

  • Paul Richards
    Paul Richards

    How come you guys always talk imperial measurements? Come on we need to try and encourage the US to get out of the 1800s.

  • Stephen Cothern
    Stephen Cothern

    So, do you think you ever might do a review video over all of his supplements products or might have one in the works?

  • Jacob B
    Jacob B

    1000th comment

  • Josh Egan
    Josh Egan

    7:18 i swear i thought coach greg would say VShred

  • MoonOfNanites

    Okay but I can't unsee Kinobody's Tik Tok's

  • Ethan Lamp
    Ethan Lamp

    I think i like Kinobody a lot more

  • Johnny Melendez
    Johnny Melendez

    This is so fucking cool

  • Zanar Aesthetics
    Zanar Aesthetics

    This guy looks like Jonathan Rhys Meyers

  • Mindful Mas
    Mindful Mas

    Does Greg O realize black coffee breaks a fast?..

  • Mimi Pham
    Mimi Pham


  • Jonathan Nicol
    Jonathan Nicol

    It was nice seeing Kinobody talk about intermittent fasting as a strategy for maintaining a deficit rather than a magic formula.

  • Young savant
    Young savant


  • juanito says
    juanito says

    Is Greg’s hair curly 😳


    Where the shit are the boxing gloves... And the baby oil??!!

  • Carlo Yu
    Carlo Yu

    my two favorite gregs!

  • Bob Long
    Bob Long

    I dont fast , i couldn't handle it , however i could eat good meals through the day and STILL be massively hungry in the evening, it's why i eat around lower cal meals, 300 cals in morning , say 200 ish lunchtime and wing it until around 5.30 pm then consume the remaining 1,500 cals or so , if i ate 4 or 500 cal meals up till early evening id be starving going to bed, because i would be way over my calories if i satisfied the appetite . But it is working well, getting leaner slowly ,i am fine with it, each to their own as long as not overeating , best wishes guys.

  • MiKe

    How can a gallon be 4 litters in Canada but 3.7 in the US? LMAO are you kid kidding. No you’re not cause you said it. Ya 👌

  • Steven Holliday
    Steven Holliday

    It's a dream team. The 2 Greg's together . . . You need to do some workouts together . . .

  • redburoc

    What's next Greg, collab with Chris Heria?

  • Ryan Kim
    Ryan Kim

    Greg > Greg

  • Joseph

    Greg O'gallagher seemed so douchey to me in his videos until I saw him talking to people and he's totally down to earth and hard working.

  • G Booker
    G Booker

    Was “Greg the type of guy to...” the reason Kinobody left HRposts?

  • Evan LeClaire
    Evan LeClaire

    I want to see Kinobody Greg do The Last Kingdom role play workout or something. He looks like Utred

  • Pavel Andonov
    Pavel Andonov

    Kinobody looks like a frozen frame for most of the time

  • Quentin S
    Quentin S

    Is it just me or does kino have a super weak upper chest?

  • nefzen06

    Is there man-love between these two or somethin?

  • Omar Reyes
    Omar Reyes

    The hair for gymshark joke was funny af lmao 😂

  • J Parragative
    J Parragative

    Much respect for the Greg’s to meet up. Different philosophies, but ultimately CICO based. Do what works for you.


    Shocking to say this. But kino actually wasn’t repulsive. He legit needs to take a step back and cut the rich douche bag act. This is coming from one as well. It doesn’t look good. It’s gross.

  • Buzz Killington
    Buzz Killington

    When you like money enough to sell drugs and risk your freedom, you can also easily collab with idiots like this for money. Consistency is the key..lol

  • Haider Alyacoub
    Haider Alyacoub

    You could sense the tension

  • Maribel Rodriguez
    Maribel Rodriguez

    Haha nice to see y’all collaborating

  • Animal Friends
    Animal Friends

    Steroids vs natural. Man kinobody beats you

  • EternallyGreat

    Absolutely love this collab!!! Two of my faves!

  • organic thug
    organic thug

    Coach gregs

  • Devvv

    Greg Doucette improving Kinobody's rep with one video lol

  • Audrey Elizabeth
    Audrey Elizabeth

    That was one of the best trump impressions I’ve ever heard lol

  • El JDAlpha
    El JDAlpha

    This is a moment when time stands still I love the video please do more Calebs

  • Steve Ivanoski
    Steve Ivanoski

    Great vid guys,Awesome Collab,work well together

  • Tommy Gunz :
    Tommy Gunz :

    Pumped these two got together. Mad points for Greg... get it? Yea...

  • Cr_sedition

    Kinoby looks just like a long haired Jakenbake from twitch.

  • Sohail Khan
    Sohail Khan

    If only Kali could be like Kino

  • Michael Y
    Michael Y

    Who else feels uneasy watching this, they look so uncomfortable stepping on each others toes

  • Vishnu Viswanath
    Vishnu Viswanath


  • William_

    2:23 Coach greg put that chest away.

  • Mason Goodwin
    Mason Goodwin

    To support people putting differences aside and having a productive conversation i will wash down some anabolic French toast with the kinobody octane. Cheers!

  • K Kwok
    K Kwok

    Nice job gents

  • Angelo Luciano
    Angelo Luciano

    Great collab.keep it up mr greg

  • Catalin Constantin Socea
    Catalin Constantin Socea

    Kino looks like a shredded Edd Bolian😂😂

  • Winston McCurley
    Winston McCurley

    Watching Greg Doucette be calm in front of someone he has aggressively disagreed with scares me. Like this is terrifying. Awesome. But terrifying.

  • lauca6969

    Greg plitt was big at one point, until he got more into the modeling niche . He was well over 200 lbs at one point .

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen

    I like the collab between the Gregs.

  • Kevin Baugher
    Kevin Baugher

    I loved this! Greg(Kinobody) completely changed how I eat and dig his videos/content/programs. Greg Doucette brings the bodybuilding side of things, which I’ve always appreciated. Great stuff you two 👍

  • Esah Oosa
    Esah Oosa

    I love both guys! Sick collab!

  • kelesar

    Respect for Kino naming Greg Plitt

  • Mind Body Whole
    Mind Body Whole

    Can’t quite figure out these collabs....but I’m enjoying them.

  • Erick Johnson
    Erick Johnson

    Have you seen Kinobody’s boxing videos 😳 He would hand Greg his ass

  • Swole Down Rep Up
    Swole Down Rep Up

    I'm the one who turned this count from 8.2 thousand likes to 8.3. you're welcome.🤷☺️🤷

  • Reddog’s gold adventures.
    Reddog’s gold adventures.

    Get a life boys

  • Romeo F
    Romeo F

    I like this kind of collabs between two fitness icons... KinoGreg got me into working out 2 years ago and got results I wanted in 8 months. His methods are simple for me to follow... Then I stopped working out... life happens you know... this month I started to workout again... and I found a Coach Greg on youtube... one that shouts... LOL... I don't like at first but, well what he says makes sense... now I watch or listen to his videos learning, without getting bored.

  • Ryan Hill です Yes
    Ryan Hill です Yes

    Let kinobody make you his collagen pancakes, we needa see if it’s Greg cookbook level

  • Little Man
    Little Man

    come on, kino is handsome AF. Doesn't hurt when dudes are looking for role model and wanna be him

  • Ralfu Tobias
    Ralfu Tobias

    Do a collab with Jeff Cavaliere

  • Karl

    The trump impersonation was on point, I'm dead!

  • Dr. Dylan
    Dr. Dylan

    I used to love fasting, got into it because of kinobody. It got me leaner than I had been in years. But then I was plataued on my lifts in the gym so I stopped fasting and suddenly I started making great gains. I dont think fasting is good for muscle growth. Also now I realized that the only reason fasting made me leaner is because I was eating less. Now I'm just as lean as ever and I never fast. I just watch how many calories I eat in a day. Its so simple. The only thing I like about fasting is how you don't have to spend time cooking or eating for a chunk of the day. More time to be productive. But also fuck being hungry. I know you can get used to fasting and being hungry but smaller meals actually fill me up 10 minutes after im done eating. I eat 4 meals a day usually. People who fast believe they've found a secret amazing way to live life. I was one of those people. It's all bullshit. Any benefit you think you have is all placebo and all in your head.

  • D L
    D L

    Philion’s Kinobody parody is absolutely hilarious.

  • Yeufri Hiraldo
    Yeufri Hiraldo

    You guys should of have a debate instead

  • justanother datapoint
    justanother datapoint

    Gregg wtf man. Between the bullshit prices on your cookbook and now collabs with someone as dishonest as kinobody? I learned some good info from your channel before you hit your high subscription numbers, but now your content is not something I'm interested in. FFS don't turn into athleanx a few years from now. Edit- let me clear im all in favor of civil discourse even when people disagree. I just feel like kinobody is a dishonest salesman.

  • LMS

    wait.. are you telling me that people react to food different? whaaaat! no way! arent we all just the same person?

  • LMS

    wait what.. a gallon is DIFFERENT from the us to canada? WHAT? SERIOUSLY?