Lazar Angelov || MY Reaction to His NATTY Claims
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  • Etsy Watches
    Etsy Watches

    His voice is not really androgenic xD

  • Jovel Williams
    Jovel Williams

    When kali muscle comes out. The world is turning purple.

  • Near Chd
    Near Chd

    If he's natty then we all are natty

  • casey diepo
    casey diepo

    Did Gregg say Mike O’tren was natural?😂

  • LonelyGlizzy

    Coach can I talk to you on the side real quick. *Whispers* you know it's just chicken rice and broccoli and training 5 times a day *facepalm*

  • tzetzo

    why does he have a drawn on beard?

  • W. R.
    W. R.

    Oh God, Greg is so hilarious x'D

  • treyakasprings

    Have you seen him now even the tren can’t save him he said all he took was clen fknnnnn lol 😂

  • Janae Chavez
    Janae Chavez

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  • PanneKoek NTM
    PanneKoek NTM

    When are we seeing a Noel deyzel video 👀

  • Arjan Hysa
    Arjan Hysa

    I had my doubts of him being natty but I respect him so much more for coming clean

  • Hamodey Kadrya
    Hamodey Kadrya

    Your video just popped up in my list. But bro YOU have an annoying voice tone😪


    Lazar thinks people are ignorant like 10 years ago and they can be like him all natural

  • stratos konstantoudakis
    stratos konstantoudakis

    Your voice is cringy as fuck reminds me the weird cartoons I used to watch after school Ps wear a bra

  • Nadir Dafallah
    Nadir Dafallah

    Fuck you your just a hater

  • diegosimeone

    Man, I don't know if he took steroids, but you're at least ten coffees in this video? Why are you so excited? Can't you put your point of view more calmly?


    Come on, Jeff and Mike O'Hearn aren't natural.

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez

    Coach greg over here handing out knowledge.

  • Jaron Davis
    Jaron Davis

    He should give all the fans he bamboozled reparations from all the money be made lying lol

  • Tenyo Dimitrov
    Tenyo Dimitrov

    Deam boy u have the funniest voice after steroids man... Stop envy Lazar the guy born with sport and what if he take steroids. And mannnnn your voice sound lake old lady.

  • Sas Kirakosyan
    Sas Kirakosyan

    Why are u crying????

  • רובי זקס
    רובי זקס


  • Isha

    Hmm this is interesting 😂


      Shhh, go back to the kitchen

  • Stephane Laporte
    Stephane Laporte

    Everyone is on PEDs, even Messi

  • angelo matjane
    angelo matjane

    i like the voice is so funny

  • Titu Ahmed
    Titu Ahmed

    Can anyone tell me why this guy’s screaming??? He is irritating as fuck !

  • ciuppuruppu beat-onto
    ciuppuruppu beat-onto

    Ehi Greg I really want to see what you think about denis cyplenkov or Levan saginashvili : I'm an arm wrestling fan

  • João Magalhães
    João Magalhães

    With that voice we can clearly see who takes loads of it... 😂

  • Dragon Ball Dimension
    Dragon Ball Dimension

    What PED/steroid builds muscle and burn fat? Maybe GH?

  • James Blunt
    James Blunt



    whats wrong with you

  • pavew ew
    pavew ew

    The tren I'm on since 10 ahahahahah

  • Mitchell Carson
    Mitchell Carson

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  • Charlie Zelenowski
    Charlie Zelenowski

    If I just pour these steroids into my eyes will they make me look big?

  • Crazee Cris
    Crazee Cris

    Cut Lazar some Slack, Yea He took Clen but so did alot of Asmatic's, Clen OPens your Airway a side effect is that it Increases core temperature and prevents muscle wastage and enables you to hold onto Muscle when Cutting so Yea he was Natty but he wasnt taking steroids. He's been through hell and back,,,,Geeeezz Give him a Break.......You cant talk Greg Doucette youve been talking shit for decades!

  • Velizar Kolev
    Velizar Kolev

    He is as natural as Mike O'Hearn.

  • TheBeat lol
    TheBeat lol

    Обичам костенурки

  • Keenan Baldree
    Keenan Baldree

    Why give this loser any of your time? He’s not even in the industry anymore. Who cares...?

  • Alex Guillen
    Alex Guillen

    Lazar Novovic natty or not

  • Cyrus Khalvati
    Cyrus Khalvati

    At 14:02 i think the guy is saying that he was training too hard for his body to naturally recover from it, but if he was on steroids his body would have been enabled to recover better from his overtraining

  • rahul ashok
    rahul ashok

    Yo GH works magic, in my area gym in India the Beef cakes are on GH only cause the juice here is poor Qual and has terrible sides

  • physical's Mental Wellness
    physical's Mental Wellness

    How do you know you've hit your peak? How long and how much more do you add to your workouts before deciding its time to take something? What would be the best female supports?

  • Raymond Panaligan
    Raymond Panaligan

    Leonard? From big bang theory.. nice look at you 👍

    • Phi Vai
      Phi Vai

      Manny Pacquiao? From the phillipines.... Nice, look at you.

  • HealthyChoice

    GH + Test = Boom 💥

  • Black Egg
    Black Egg

    Coach Greg looks like the puri puri prisoner with this hairstyle😂


    Our dulgarian boy

  • Ian McVey
    Ian McVey

    He has been blasting for years. And rightfully so for his profession. It's just dumb people feel like they need to justify having an incredible physique. Say you took it and move on.

  • Alexx

    Oh my have I just heard Mike O’Tren is natural?You lost all my respect.Anybody who thinks that he is natural is fucki*g moron.He has like 29 FFMI dude wtf??

  • SqlTesting

    Horse egg are the best!!!

  • Space Dust
    Space Dust

    Ей това не очаквах - да гледам Грег цял месец и да не забележа видеото за Лаза̀р

  • karl karlo
    karl karlo

    Pls do a natty or not with Paul unterleitner

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male


  • Endri Fier
    Endri Fier

    Geneticss motther fakerssss 😎

  • Endri Fier
    Endri Fier

    I take weed truth 😂 and nicotine

  • LosoMUFC


  • Zak thisispublic
    Zak thisispublic

    I think almost all people who do steroids lie. Either about whether or not they take them, about how much or what they take or when they started taking them. For example, how I don’t believe for a second you were natty in those competition pics you claim you are natty in. Love the video and the channel but bias is most clear from an outside perspective.

    • Zak thisispublic
      Zak thisispublic

      @Szelitzky Erick Greg cant lie about CURRENT ped use but it is still a big boost to his ego to say that he just has better genetics than 99.9999999. Sorry but those competition pics WERE ABSOLUTELY NOT NATURAL

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      I think everyone lies, steroids or not. Yet I believe Greg because he's proven time and time again that he's not a liar.

  • Yordan Sergeev
    Yordan Sergeev

    BULGARIAN Genetics !!!! :D

  • Jiremi Ra-ai
    Jiremi Ra-ai

    gotta love that ending line on Jeff & Mike lol

  • Georgi Rachev
    Georgi Rachev

    Hey Greg, go to fuck yourself !

  • Chris Lopez
    Chris Lopez

    Greg fan boys all through the comments

  • MR B
    MR B

    I know many people who say they are not alcoholic addicts. They just choose to enjoy drinking each hour. Same truth as Lazar.

  • Aesthetic Athlete
    Aesthetic Athlete

    Lazar is the biggest fake natty in the game!

  • leon

    Bulgaria is for steroids, what Netherlands is for psychedelic mushrooms. You can literally buy testosterone without a doctor’s prescription in almost all pharmacies.

  • Trip Gently
    Trip Gently

    When did Gilbert Gottfried get so jacked?

  • Branko Bakic
    Branko Bakic

    Wassup cousin Greg! Lol

  • Wild Frames
    Wild Frames

    He taking some after surgeries for recovery. Original statement is when in best shape he takin none. And i know Lazar personally and i believe him.

  • ScycoSnake

    How did he not get a bubble gut from GH 😂 And yeah, GH is definately overrated, it doesnt even help build muscle that much

  • ScycoSnake

    I dont know why but now Greg kind of looks like Bousheet from Phineas and Ferb however you spell it

  • TheTomSanders

    Lazar is fooling himself. 👎

  • Dan Pearl
    Dan Pearl

    This industry is trash

  • Frank Sacriste
    Frank Sacriste

    This channel is better than Telemundo for telenovelas and chismes.

  • Darryl Haney
    Darryl Haney

    Thanks for calling these guys out! This whole industry is a Farce! It is all BullSh-t!

  • MC3 News MCOC Concierge
    MC3 News MCOC Concierge

    This channel makes me want to try something.

  • Raz Gainz
    Raz Gainz

    He looks like an Action Man Figure

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen

    Lazar Angelov is a Fake Natty. He has been on Steroids for years.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    In fairness Doucette has a better physique too. Lazar obviously looks fantastic but all of his pics on social media/magazines are airbrushed/photoshopped like every other pic is. Doucette is just sitting in front of his camera. Don't be so modest Gregory.

  • Dániel Rencsényi
    Dániel Rencsényi

    is this the guy who claims he got in hospital because he trained too much? :D

  • Ricky T
    Ricky T

    “Underground, OVERground!” 😂

  • usman kunda
    usman kunda

    This Lazar guy thinks we are fkn stupid to believe whatever he says!! he is playing dumb !!

  • aymamoon

    Abs lookin like a pandesal

  • jibi martis
    jibi martis

    Clown your pure steroid.

  • Albert Munster
    Albert Munster

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    • Albert Munster
      Albert Munster

      People have found a pro version of Modafinil when they've used Mydayis too which means it would literally come very close to the overall effects of the Limitless pill from the movie haha, not exactly tho but you get what i mean (if it really contains modafinil though).

  • Mr. DD
    Mr. DD

    4 years ago I started getting healthy, ate my chicken and broccoli and did my workout, now I have abs but they are staggered inserted diagonally almost and I don't like them, also being skinny makes me cold, abs are overrated anyways

  • Rubeus Hagrid
    Rubeus Hagrid

    Is Greg natural? If not why didn't he take something for the voice

  • M B
    M B

    Lazar is straight up a lair. Nobody believes this bullshit.

  • Freedom1

    Hes so full if sh*t Its hillarious 🤣🤣 almost as bad as. O'Hearn Like i have said before. He was running anabolics to dry him out Winstrol exactly why his joints were killing him. Whenever i have ever taken winstrol. I was in misery and could barely walk. Felt like someone beat the bottom My feet with a bat. Terrible joint pain everywhere.

  • Petar Markov
    Petar Markov

    Greg, in Bulgaria everyone is taking Winstrol like a vitamin C and people doesnt consider that as a steroid.

  • Vladimir Nikolov
    Vladimir Nikolov

    50mg a week. Are you kiddin me. He didn't become bodybuilder because of the bad genetics, then he tried to become fake natty.

  • Chris P Duck
    Chris P Duck

    Who the fak actually hires Coach Greg the belittle-errrr

  • Yosimar Morales
    Yosimar Morales

    Interviewer - "Do you take anything other than steroids?" Lazar - "I dunno what your talking about what else would I take" Lol this guy acts like he's only heard of steroids and nothing else

  • lyudmil nikolov
    lyudmil nikolov

    It’s weird to se two Bulgarians having conversation in English

  • milijanb

    Deca durabolin is not steroid, lol😄

  • Doc Harris
    Doc Harris

    Do a Natty or not video on thomas DeLauer and Athlean X thanks 🙏

  • Jasmine Blush
    Jasmine Blush

    He is bullshitting! CLEN doesn’t give the physique he has 🙄 he better come clean with what cycle he is/was on! He thinks WE dumb!

  • Blazeee

    LiarAngelov and AestheticsBySellout . What a nice group of young gentlemen teaming up to spread more false information to the people on the internet. LA and ABS both willing to post and do anything for attention nowadays with the latter group of "motivators" and "life-gurus" seeming to shift away from the values and principles that they set for themselves when they first started their channel. They absolutely understand what's behind this guy's words but choose to play along just to get his approval and gather more attention from his name. both parties involved just use each other's services to benefit themselves and ultimately gather more views thus more money directly and indirectly. Honestly more disappointed by them than Lazar as they looked more real and promising compared to him. Hes stuck in lies and needs guidance from younger successful folks to make money again. Just like he did from selling those "great transformational" programs to people and they all know. 🤡'S that would even get sha gg ed for the money. Might want to learn how to pronounce english words properly to avoid sounding like third world country boomers who have been stuck in a village their whole life trying to promote your brands. Nikola, Lazar and Stanislav you're shameless, guys 🥰

  • 허원

    Jun Cho(muscle mania competitor, @physique_june) claims that he is natural and has never taken any PEDs. Many people doubt on him but he keeps saying he is natural. I want to hear Dr.Doucette’s opinion about him. Please!

  • sound crazy
    sound crazy

    have a nice body doesn't mean you have a brain ;)

  • Traveller Ninja
    Traveller Ninja

    Coach can you do natty or not on Kane Sumabat aka Timbawolf? The guy is 52 and still looks ridonculous

  • Dr. Whet Farts
    Dr. Whet Farts

    Obviously if he took clen, he took other stuff 😂

  • TheMagicmagnum

    I agree with pretty much all your videos aside from Brandon Carter.