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  • Nick Garrett
    Nick Garrett

    Cousin Greg: “don’t start in the fist place” Jbizz: “so here’s how I started”

  • Tedd Gomez
    Tedd Gomez

    His mouth bugs me

  • GamingBananaPlayz

    Diet surely? If he's SA boet then it's definitely diet

  • Online Class Trolling
    Online Class Trolling

    A dye table. It’s a game called beer dye

  • Andrew Kilchenstein
    Andrew Kilchenstein

    cousin greg😂😂

  • Daniel

    He smoke weed

  • Nitin Bhatt
    Nitin Bhatt

    I'm addicted to deadlifts. I do them everyday.

  • Laurent Longeval
    Laurent Longeval

    Damn, Greg your sound quality is getting better than last time!

  • Thomas Hoare
    Thomas Hoare

    Fuck your squeaky voice is so annoying

  • Jc C
    Jc C

    Shout out to cousin Greg what what!!


    Can't find real sarms anymore since proven peptides closed their doors. Any good places that are legit?

  • joseph jones
    joseph jones

    This sarme dude is straight up stupid. Don't waste your precious life listening to him.

  • Kevin Young
    Kevin Young

    DIY Do it yourself table maybe?? Lol

  • David

    Ik that all the teenagers are laughing at cousin greg

  • Owen Tucker
    Owen Tucker

    Cousin Greg. What’re you saying

  • Rafa M
    Rafa M


  • Henri van den Berg
    Henri van den Berg

    It's a South African dialect, cousin means like friend or pal. Like Americans will say bro

  • Kaung Zaw Htet
    Kaung Zaw Htet

    Uh finally a tiktok star I can get on with

  • Mohamed Almarar
    Mohamed Almarar

    Does sarms has any problem if I’m taking HGH?

  • MakeMore Excuses
    MakeMore Excuses

    Greg you can’t criticize someone and tell people this person has a growth hormones addiction problem, when you’ve use growth hormones for over 20yrs 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • MakeMore Excuses
    MakeMore Excuses

    This is the most hypocrite video Greg’s ever made lol Greg’s been using growth hormones for over 20yrs lol

  • Gaijin Hakase
    Gaijin Hakase

    Ok guys, very funny, you photoshopped a shirt onto Coach Greg

  • Team Pokerus
    Team Pokerus

    Uncle Greg for me

  • Cannon_Gantt

    Die table ... Beer die is a popular game played in coastal areas very popular in California. Lots of people make custom tables for them.

  • Battle-Forged Gaming
    Battle-Forged Gaming

    Greg, this kid is NOT a millennial . Way too young LOL

  • BOB

    Coach Greg “mad gains on the daily”

  • wildcard749

    Hearing greg use this dudes slang was fucking hilarious xD

  • Morrow

    'I don't speak millennial' - Greg, baby, these are Gen Zers they're not millennials bless you

  • Ethan Greff
    Ethan Greff

    Gotta say the shirt threw me off

  • Anderzahn

    props for doing things right

  • Michael Rickett
    Michael Rickett

    Love the Jays jersey

  • thejetGarza

    a DIE table! like Dice! beer die is a drinking game

  • Riley Dismukes
    Riley Dismukes

    Beer Dye

  • Crypto Buddha
    Crypto Buddha

    Try being addicted to Buying the Fucking Dip Cuz

  • Florian Tietz
    Florian Tietz

    Please guys, can someone help him open his bottle?

  • Kon T
    Kon T

    Great sense of humor man

  • ØŘ

    Where can i find your t shirt ?

  • Aroldo Tunchez
    Aroldo Tunchez

    He looks hella natty brahhhhhh

  • TopGear Stig
    TopGear Stig

    He said dye table as in beer dye cmon now how do you not know that

  • Jay Addis
    Jay Addis

    Greg it wasn’t a insult 😂

  • Luke DiGiovanni ( Student )
    Luke DiGiovanni ( Student )


  • Eraserhead702

    Coach Greg said “I’m educated I don’t speak millennial” LOL

  • Knyaz

    Coach Greg has the exaggerated swagger

  • Rico Tarantino
    Rico Tarantino

    Greg I know you spent hours trying to figure out what the hell he was saying ahah

  • lift_Fit_Live

    I don't see how anyone can get addicted with sarms, do they work absolutely if you have legitimate ones, have I run 4 cycles yes I have, I also did proper pct proper time off and blood work, as with the majority of sarms you will see a slight increase in liver values/ enzymes other than that my blood work was spot on and of course your going to get slight suppressive symptoms as well which will subsidie with time off and proper pct, less is more moderation is key health and longevity first, also if you have lifted for years never built a proper nautral base and aren't 25 or older you shouldn't be touching anything anyway, you need to really respect these compounds and study so you don't mess your one body that you have up.

  • The Bomber
    The Bomber

    Sarms are shit

  • Clay Potts
    Clay Potts

    Cousin greg

  • Daniel Crawford
    Daniel Crawford

    Coach Greg looking a little rough here

  • McKeithan Smith III
    McKeithan Smith III

    He looks like a 14yr old trying to make the football team! Lol!

  • McKeithan Smith III
    McKeithan Smith III

    Is that a toupé Greg?🤔

  • Rudi Stapelfeldt
    Rudi Stapelfeldt

    The boy is South African. We call people cousin over here

  • Daren Stuthard
    Daren Stuthard

    South African boet 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  • Wrektem

    Year or two, he’ll be pinnin real gear, welcome to the dark side fam! *flexes*

  • Brian Cavanaugh
    Brian Cavanaugh

    LOL at kids who need SARMS to get abs. Greatest generation watch out you got competition lol.

  • Xavier Cage
    Xavier Cage

    I've never finished a sarms cycle, sarms doesn't work for me. Now I'm running a prohormones cycle that I'm loving and I don't wanna stop it.

  • godjogo

    So rare to see coach Greg not almost shirtless :)

  • Mason Kelly
    Mason Kelly

    Cousin backwood a close friend 😭😂😭 doc has me rolling

  • Conrad Murray
    Conrad Murray

    Greg looks light

  • Dylan coleman
    Dylan coleman

    I love your farfadet voice

  • Jonathan Border
    Jonathan Border

    petition to make "cousin greg" merch

  • Jonathan Border
    Jonathan Border

    south africans tend to say cousin a lot or "cuzzy"

  • yoshy 262
    yoshy 262

    1:22 that threesome Honda t-shirt says everything about his personality.

  • Sam Muldoon
    Sam Muldoon

    Cousin backwood 😭

  • Dan Pearl
    Dan Pearl

    Sarms are garbage I really don't get it. Now Cardarine ( not a sarm) if legit is for real.

  • Zachary Grosser
    Zachary Grosser

    Hopefully my Doctor☝🏼 can get in contact w my guy and figure something out better than sarms

  • Yeetwch Y Baban
    Yeetwch Y Baban

    He da crypto g tho

  • Bro Doctor Enhanced fitness
    Bro Doctor Enhanced fitness

    Where would you be without people doing Sarms and steroids to talk about bro deep down inside I know your crying tears of joy of another person to do content on let’s see some Greg news what is new with you not every up and coming content creator

  • Kins

    Greg doucette “the father of fitness”

  • MonBerry

    Dudes shirt tells you pretty much about his intelligence level.

  • matt 123
    matt 123

    yo greg. wuddup cuhh.

  • Caleb Walker
    Caleb Walker

    heinous is a negative thing, typically

  • HayHov _.
    HayHov _.

    Bruh why Greg voice so high pitch

  • Jules Life
    Jules Life

    Greg "IM NOT A REAL COUSIN" Doucette.

  • Rodolfo Espinoza
    Rodolfo Espinoza

    It's a complement lol don't worry coach

  • Tim Ishkov
    Tim Ishkov

    Woah! That shit caught me off guard

  • Sebastien Roy
    Sebastien Roy

    Is the anabolic greg’s cookbook is legal?

  • Kamil M.
    Kamil M.

    Took me 4 min to realize the Honda logo on his t shirt is a woman being DPed loool 🤣🙈🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Rob Eye
    Rob Eye

    I just learned Greg doesn't have cousins.

  • Joe Sparks
    Joe Sparks

    Alpha male

  • Joe Sparks
    Joe Sparks

    Love how this guy tells us he's a sarm addict that's the one thing I hate about people that use peds or steroids they dont talk about how you phycology get addicted and go into depression when you get off cause you don't have the same size in muscle strength recovery aloha male feeling that's why people don't come off and do get addicted.

  • K. Oj
    K. Oj

    _Wait, all fitness models are addicts lol Sergi, Ohearn, Simeon Panda, Castro, Joesthetics, The Rock, Buendia, Bumstead EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM_ nothing new 😂

  • Oliver Ramos
    Oliver Ramos

    Lol I misread this as addicted to Arm Day addiction. Arm day everyday

  • Alex Gabriel
    Alex Gabriel

    For people who are stupid, yes. You can be addicted to Sarms, mentally and physically.

  • sango joseph
    sango joseph


  • Brayden Mathews
    Brayden Mathews

    Cousin Backwood is what he’s smoking cousin Greg come on

  • DomKing

    what do you think about hungarian bodybuilders?

  • formula rainbow
    formula rainbow

    1:32 I died 😂😂😂

  • Marc Kent
    Marc Kent

    Dope that Coach Greg is getting down with the millennial speak 😊

  • What Is Life ?
    What Is Life ?

    Jesus is lord and is as real as your life is, you need to repent and be born again.

  • Kyle Mckay
    Kyle Mckay

    How can anyone listen to this annoying man talking cak

  • Kezvon Bro
    Kezvon Bro

    Never seen Greg wear a regular shirt

  • Jacob Stanley
    Jacob Stanley


  • •Embrace The Vision•
    •Embrace The Vision•

    Mmm .. On the other side of the coin, let’s say no one knew if they were natty or not, would this guy have ever gotten addicted to SARMS?🧐🤔lol

  • Alex Espino
    Alex Espino

    Greg repeating “‘mad results on the daily” while moving his hands looked like he was throwing up gang signs and the blue jersey made it all that much better 😂😂

  • MedTHC Ontario
    MedTHC Ontario

    im confused.... anyone else? i mean, where are the gains...? lol uses PEDs and gets no gains..... lol

  • Jeff Morabito
    Jeff Morabito

    Sarms are bad no studies done on human. Steroids are not bad used moderately

  • topsugartom

    Cousin made it to a Coach Greg video

  • mayur kale
    mayur kale

    I put good amount of muscles with sarms.... And Im absolutely happy, havent lost any after going off and no insomnia,not a single problem while on sarms... Theyre damn good

  • Mercedes Sotelo
    Mercedes Sotelo

    The results were heinous 🤙🏽

  • Alex J
    Alex J

    This comment section clowning on Greg cus he doesn’t know😂