Jay Cutler || The MOST Dangerous Part of Bodybuilding!!!
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  • lightartis4321

    I think using pokemon op song For our doc would make perfect sense...with a little editing

  • Jordan Setacci
    Jordan Setacci

    Honestly when Greg says CIRCLE I friggin laugh...

  • A Finnegan
    A Finnegan

    Lol bodybuilder survives cocaine, viagra, and test abuse for 30 years but gets taken out by his addiction to grilled chicken breast and asparagus.... Jay cutler the new writer for the Onion.

  • eric fargo
    eric fargo

    Maybe it's stupid question what does circle mean I hear it alot

  • hva faen skal jeg hete
    hva faen skal jeg hete

    Torkel Ravndal (1936-2004) a strongman from norway ate 8000-10.000 calories daily for many years he was 151-153 kilograms at his largest he was HUGE look him up he tried "drugs" once in 1964 and once in 1976 but he preferred being natty that is probaply why he had more bodyfat than other people in the "game", he trained full body 4-5 times per week but in the 1980s he went over to a 5-6 day split training each bodypart twice a week he died of heartfailure at age 67 he was ranked "europe's strongest" for two decades he once hold two small airplanes with his arms

  • Ian Douglas
    Ian Douglas

    Being from Oklahoma I have seen a few things made in bathtubs.

  • Milliardo5

    I think Jay is in denial of the real problem in pro bodybuilding. That or he is trying to hide what is already in plain sight.

  • Zed Zane
    Zed Zane

    This is one of his best videos I have seen.

  • David Hlavaty
    David Hlavaty

    Why? Because they are not used to lose. Losing is probably problem which needs to be avoided at all costs, otherwise you are loser. Sick mentality is problem not PEDs :)

  • Alana Daze
    Alana Daze

    “You’re young, you’re 25 years old” Me who is 20 : goo goo ga ga?

  • grind and shine
    grind and shine

    Uper body frame is beautiful

  • BadBrowny

    Some serious Chestmarsala here 😂

  • 91945punx

    Open is weird. Classic is where it's at. CBum is the man.

  • Lolwhatajoke

    9:56, it's inedible? you can't eat your injury so you'll get injured? or did it say it's an edible? so like you get too high and get injured?

  • Frajham Adrian
    Frajham Adrian

    12:45 I almost died of laughter

  • dennis craig
    dennis craig

    The lighting in the room makes him more ripped

  • Unrestricted Gaming
    Unrestricted Gaming

    Oh so now there is a problem with me cooking my steroids up with a witch hat on we got problems Greg.

  • HipAizen

    You have a pig ?!:o

  • 7.2 Serg
    7.2 Serg

    Jay cutlers 45? Man hes seen better days

  • Mentaldmg oma kanava
    Mentaldmg oma kanava

    Gf: "Whos this?" me: "Not my Doctor" Gf: "what does he do?" me: "Now yelling that i am stupid" Gf: " why you watch this?" me: " cause i deserve it"

  • 1987 GNX
    1987 GNX

    I really love ❤ the pig 🐖

  • Aidan O
    Aidan O

    Yh but force-feeding yourself to gain mass isn't healthy

  • Ryan Jensen
    Ryan Jensen

    Is bodybuilding healthy? Jay: Yes and No Greg: No. Well actually Yes, but it depends.

  • Charlie Sosa
    Charlie Sosa

    Fuck that I don’t want that trade off wtf they must have some low iqs

  • Charlie Sosa
    Charlie Sosa

    Lmfaooo that’s like the first thing that came to mind the drugs

  • Zack Woods
    Zack Woods

    Greg....for god sakes mind or own goddamn business!!

  • jooka2010

    The cauldron bit absolutely destroyed me 😂

  • Habibi Ayoub
    Habibi Ayoub

    Ya hitting that 1 mill subs soon dude 😎😎👏🏽👏🏽👌🏽

  • Hellscream Games
    Hellscream Games

    Good video.

  • Artistic Evan
    Artistic Evan

    I don’t have to worry about overeating. I barely make my calories every day 😂

  • Chenzlad


  • MasterWhimp

    I would say all the mass aquired from the PDs and overeating is definitely not healthy.

  • Donald Levesque
    Donald Levesque

    meat proteins are acidic to the body and are cancerous.. Cancer cant live in an alkaline body.. just saying.. Whey protein is very concentrated milk protein and is very acidic and concentrated.. Years ago on the farm we had to stop using whey for the dust supression on the farm roads as it was killing all the organisms in the ditches.. They could not sewer it so .. Money making whey protein disguised as health food is very toxic.. I feel it was whey protein that is the biggest killer. .. I love my vegan substitutes..

  • Brosiah42

    Aesthetics should be more important than size in bodybuilding IMO, size is still important but not if you get so big that it looks bad. Like all the mass monsters.

  • tom mac
    tom mac

    "Live longer than last time" and I fell off my chair.

  • Ryan Szalkowski
    Ryan Szalkowski

    Check out Craig Golias. Absolute mass monster. Maybe a video on him?

  • King Tolo
    King Tolo

    Gregs on the coke for bike rides

  • Carl Jhonson
    Carl Jhonson

    Oprah need to support your book

  • Southpaw Hammer
    Southpaw Hammer

    Too much protein, you mean Brotein! How much Brotein do you need to eat? More than last time! LoL

  • Satsui Nohado
    Satsui Nohado

    Jay Cutler vs Ronnie Coleman was epic and both guys have much respect for each other.

  • ML H
    ML H

    The "protein"

  • Erisildo Ulqinaku
    Erisildo Ulqinaku

    I am 38 years old...and its been 6 years of training.Should i take something like TRT in case i want to perform well when i will be 45-48 years old...is this going to be safe and enough to perform in the" same" way as i was in my 30-s when i will in my mid 40-s?

    • ML H
      ML H

      Do you have kids/ do you want kids? If yes: don't take it

  • D M
    D M

    Stop yelling lizzard!!!

  • Zdzisiek Woźnicki
    Zdzisiek Woźnicki

    i saw you stoped HRT right? I would like to know how is your physics changes threw the time, peace :)

  • Wordsmith 430
    Wordsmith 430

    Watch the Ronnie Coleman documentary on Netflix. Then decide if it’s worth it...

  • Sebastian Constantin
    Sebastian Constantin

    i break my chest at 33, allways thought ill never break anything, never did ego lifting and still break it

  • Lan Rak
    Lan Rak

    stop fucking screaming what's wrong with you

  • VicGodx

    LOL "Not the biceps" My man.

  • Crust Ocean
    Crust Ocean

    The reason olympia always will be more exciting than classic is bc there is no limit. It's the best and most gifted men sacrificing on the anvil of not just their dream but the human dream. Ever do we ask in each field "What is possible" and Olympia is straight answering that question.

  • Kai Xiang Ong
    Kai Xiang Ong

    What the hell is that thing sticking out of his left ear?

  • Gym Freak
    Gym Freak

    12:47-12:58, i’m dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Coach Greg you’re an absolute legend sir, i have only just started watching your videos but i love ya already! Thank you for only being real with us and sharing your expanded knowledge with us all, also thank you for being an absolute character and funny as hell 🤣 greetings from Australia 🇦🇺❤️

  • Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson

    Well you could argue it’s everything to hold that much size the size it self would be the dangerous thing due to the stress on the heart same as being obese

  • Jay Sharma
    Jay Sharma

    FUCK i love coach Greg ahhahahahh

  • Norman Guzman
    Norman Guzman

    For the Dr. that prescribe you huge amounts of PED, you are just their guinea pig.


    Dude....you know your stuff...but your frickin hilarioussssss 😭😭😭😂😂😂

  • Wake Up America
    Wake Up America

    Life’s full of risks, drive 100k lb log truck every day in the woods, stupid rough and hazardous logging roads, if the risk is worth it, the rest shouldn’t and doesn’t matter

  • keshan chetty
    keshan chetty

    How do you live "longer than last time" lol...Love that:)

  • Ethan Venzin
    Ethan Venzin

    13:35 As a triangle, i am offended you assumed only circles can be doctors.

  • C_low53


  • Sarah Gardner
    Sarah Gardner

    This guy is such an ESTJ. What a strong leader.

  • Seth Spaner
    Seth Spaner

    Dr. Tony Huge has left the chat....

  • George Franklin
    George Franklin

    "Now isn't he or she or circle" I'm dead🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Red Dogg - Rebel4Truth
    Red Dogg - Rebel4Truth

    Greg looks way healthier than Jay . Most likely because Jay used way way more PEDs for way longer.

  • Tivo Kenevil
    Tivo Kenevil

    Greg's brutal honesty is what makes his content so good lol

  • Smoothtlknwhtboi

    The Gilbert Godfrey of fitness. Subscribed

  • Dylan Gleeson
    Dylan Gleeson

    I have to really agree with j here takes a toll on your body like no other. And FYI Jay would eat 1000 grams of carbs a day 400 of those would be just for breakfast. So yes I think that is somewhata problem considering even your average big Ramy won't even get 400 g of carbs in a day

  • nabil ghafar
    nabil ghafar

    wow. this is really good video. getting used to the "screaming" way of talking more n more. lol. good work here sir.

  • RonBaezFitness

    Great fkn video Greg. Gets off topic but that’s the good thing, I like when you said a pro card is just a piece of paper that’s cool for a week then health matters more after.

  • Sir Groofy
    Sir Groofy

    Thougt you could be easily build muscle naturally, but on PED not automatically. Otherway around to, naturally you do not build muscle easy but on PED you do.

  • Matt

    Greg makes me wanna do HRT where tf can i get that lmao


    You are all for doing everything right! You carrying on like a pork chop isn't good for your mental health man... I haven't ever seen a person who yells n screams on everything everyone says... Take some advice - calm down...Not dissing you mate - just calm down... Can't be good for your partner either...I'm getting a headache listening to you YELLING.

  • Elizabeth Finuma
    Elizabeth Finuma

    The steroid witch was great 😂😂

  • Charles E Cheeze
    Charles E Cheeze

    His pecs are hypnotic...

  • Marcus PG
    Marcus PG

    I like watching Greg's video's but I can only watch for so long as I get a headache. Why so loud?

  • Jordy 229
    Jordy 229

    Jay cutler is my favorite mr. Olympia. I grew up with him at the top!

    • Big James Radio
      Big James Radio

      The Ultimate Chad Thundercock

  • piotrekrusi

    that cleavage makes me watch harder than last time

  • Jesse Bradford
    Jesse Bradford

    If you’re willing to die to be best than you’re pathetic. You’re literally willing to die because you care what others think. You want the judges at the show to deem you Mr. Olympia. Yeah, you care what they think. “ No, I do this for myself.” So.... if the judges don’t grant that to you, you couldn’t care less? Ah zero chance of that.

  • KLM Rayisoon
    KLM Rayisoon

    Kevin Levrone hardly looks like a bodybuilder in off season

  • Jason Vectrex
    Jason Vectrex

    Listening to his voice is worse than taking PE's I'd kill myself if I had to listen to that 24/7 :) good video

  • 1969 Plymouth
    1969 Plymouth

    Don’t like the mass monsters with the big bubble guts...doesn’t look right..

  • Cody Killian
    Cody Killian

    do a video on rich piana please

  • Mikel Gomez
    Mikel Gomez

    Coaches voice in the end sequences is DEEPER THAN LAST TIME

  • Island Mike
    Island Mike

    .All the food we have to eat to reach our caloric goal and protein is what takes a load on our liver..btw what tf is Greg taking a piss on Bodybuilders who take gear,He himself is a walking talking drugstore/crackhouse

  • BrawlKing BrawlStars
    BrawlKing BrawlStars

    Wait so lemme see if i got this right. If you abuse drugs your children will have a disorder/any physical problem. Is that true or have I gotten it all wrong?

  • general viewer
    general viewer

    my drug of choice is monster ultra

  • Dylan T
    Dylan T

    Is that a pig???

  • Heath Wild
    Heath Wild

    “They are genetic freaks. Mr Olympia competitors would still look like they’re on PED’s even if they weren’t on them. If they were all natural, they’d still look enhanced, even the bad ones”. -Greg Douchette No truer words have ever been spoken in regards to body building and what’s realistically achievable for most people.

  • corey hamby
    corey hamby

    Damn he got huge after he retired from the NFL as the bears quarter back.

  • Edward Fortae
    Edward Fortae

    Classic guys take just as much gear. That's not true. Some take more than the larger guys. Quite a few of them do not have the genetics to grow that size so they settle for what they can reach and are still on crap loads of peds.

  • VMH7102

    Jay cutler has such great takes on everything except on glaring issue, PEDs. It’s a shame he always loses his backbone every time it is brought up to him. Must be a sponsor issue.

  • timber mighty
    timber mighty

    but Ronnie Coleman never used steroids, he only used dat dere Celltech

  • Owen M
    Owen M

    Imagine him being your dad

  • Jake Kitley
    Jake Kitley

    Coach Greg, do you think if I get my biceps big enough I can flex real hard and send blood through the rest of my body so I don’t have to do cardio?

  • John K
    John K

    Hey Too much protein and not enough Greens😂 your going to feel like your asshole has a demon inside it 😂

  • Just a regular guy with an anime profile picture
    Just a regular guy with an anime profile picture

    Our Doc wants to live longer than last time - reincarnation confirmed!

  • Affordatech

    Glad I discovered doctor Greg's Channel, Now I know I don't need to get big, I'll just stay make me self lean.

  • Jie Me
    Jie Me

    A lot better than od on drugs at 27 just partying

  • ricky55626

    Jay cutler stole rich pianas kill it phrase.

  • manuel moreno
    manuel moreno

    Coach Greg said it’s inedible not inevitable? I’m cracking up I’m sorry coach 😂 love your material and your way of explaining everything 💪🏻

  • spooonmaaan

    6:16 you are absolutely not correct. I would agree on many cases but not all. Olympia competitor Paul dillett for example. Very. Not massive