Is Success Hard Work, Genetics, or LUCK? Reacting to Veritasium
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    AhmadAcrylic - Easy ART

    Love this !

  • Noobker pel
    Noobker pel

    There is no such thing as "being lucky to be born in X country or being born by XY parents". If your parents never meet and have a sex at exact time, you wouldnt be alive, neither in africa or asia. You are you because of your ancestors and parents, not because you magically appeared to the world. Living in a wealthy country is not luck, its a consequence of hard work by many generations before us. Europeans did not have a good luck when landing on cold europe with brutal winters and temperatures differentials. Africa was a way better continent to live in with green sahara desert and north, basically growing food all time a year. Why didnt they developed more? Because they didnt worked hard or were stupid enough to fight with everyone else.

  • zeake13

    One of my lucky instances was answering the phone and providing great customer service to the man that taught me how to run and open my business. A multimillion-dollar phone call over a 3 dollar battery. Literally, it has made me millions of dollars.

  • Ryan Mendez
    Ryan Mendez

    The guy's video is straight out of Malcom Gladwell's Outliers.

  • zeake13

    I'm so lucky, I could not have selected the life I have if given options by God before being conceived. Even my johnson is perfect. . ...... . LOL seriously it just barely fits where I like to put it.

  • brianfish007

    This Verawhatever basically just restated Malcolm Gladwell... not new information:)

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    g man

    Off topic... was that cat wearing... underwear?

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    Jhevon Smith

    Dr. Greg responding to Veritasium? What??

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    "Outliers", anyone?

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    mr.dragon emperor

    Luck is the most important in life

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    Sandu Purghel

    Can you imagine that Couch Gregg was someone's teacher ? 👀

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    Eueen Chikonde

    Is Greg's cat wearing a thong?

  • Meng Hao
    Meng Hao

    "If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire." - George Monbiot

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    Galen Henriquez

    “You can’t choose your own parents, unless you’re on HRT, and then you can do anything” 😂😂💀💀

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    Hercules Fit

    Thanks for the video Greg. Imma keep posting videos on my small channel and maybe i'll get lucky.

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    veri is great, greg is good but that dog breathing in my left ear made this video a very interesting experience. anyone else knows what i am talking about?

  • cldtcts

    From the onset of the video this reminds me of the book by Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers which identified this specific issue with athletes being born a particular time of year. Before watching the rest of the video I think the combination of factors obviously plays a part and it's interesting to note in hindsight how things can determine what leads to success or failure at the individual level all the way up to how society changes. It's quite interesting.

  • Buljongmannen

    Luck is what happens, when preparation meets opportunity ~ Tom Platz

  • snz

    shitty genetics? born harder than last time lol

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    Does your cat actually wear underwear?

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    Mikhail Bourgeois

    Genetics is 110% of everything and hrt is the rest

  • Nakul Singh
    Nakul Singh

    Wise talk by a wise old circle.

  • Lena M
    Lena M

    Anyone saying there’s no luck without hard work clearly hasn’t been paying attention to the tik tok stars becoming millionaires from being conventionally attractive

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    Good luck, doc!

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    Nol Sova

    Greg hasn’t given us a “zeeeeero 👌🏽” in a while

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    Angus Uchiha

    Veritasium is a great channel.

  • Javier Vasquez
    Javier Vasquez

    It's all about presence. You have to have something alluring to generate followers. Combine that with hard work and thats how you create luck.

  • Javier Vasquez
    Javier Vasquez

    Height has nothing to do with age. Some 11 years old are taller then adults. Intelligence has nothing to do with age, some kis are smarter then adults.

  • Matthew Caldwell
    Matthew Caldwell

    Love you Greg but I have to disagree with "luck" on several of these examples.

  • Gigaflare8822

    Success is where hard work meets luck and opportunity. Survivorship bias is when we focus on those who succeeded and overlook the unsuccessful. When we disregard data points from the unsuccessful, it skews the data in favour of the successful. In other words, we hear from the successful that their success is the result of their hard work, but we rarely hear from the unsuccessful who worked hard but failed. In addition to this, any individual who failed is simply shamed for not working hard enough. Hard work and luck are both important and you can't have one without the other. You can work hard but not be successful, and you can have the right opportunities but be unsuccessful in those due to not working hard enough. The best you can do is continue to roll the dice by working hard, worst case scenario you'll be a better version of yourself and reach heights you never knew you were capable of reaching, and the best case scenario you'll be extremely successful.


    This 98 year old manlet makes sense... Is he on HRT??!!!

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    Hunter_Fitness4life 808

    Did anyone see the weird looking cat in the back 😂

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    Joey M

    You forgot to mention your son Will Tennyson for helping your channel blow up!

  • Kevin Hedman
    Kevin Hedman

    Alright fine, you convinced me. I’ll start putting my skill points into luck.

  • Cameron Shirey
    Cameron Shirey

    This guy's video is a blantent rip off of the book "outliers" by Malcom Gladwell...

  • drmego

    related book recommendation: "The Nurture Assumption: Why Children Turn Out the Way They Do" by Judith Rich Harris.

  • Chef Jaylin
    Chef Jaylin

    The painful truth 😔

  • Christian

    Risk management is based around probability not absolutes. Leveraging luck and chance is a skill. The duality of reality is very ironic.

  • Mookayla

    Veritasium is such a great and educational channel. So many wonderful physics videos.

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    vikas chauhan

    Puri Puri prisoner spitting some philosophical fax here🙏

  • colacp

    Genetics and inheritance aren't luck. They are generational decisions. The good choices that my parents made to give me the best chance at success are a result of largely inheritable traits. This is why old money looks down on new money. New money is largely luck based, where as old money is generations of good decisions.

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      Or luck, not all "old money" is due to good decisions, maybe the decision to not spend it then and there, but how the money got made could still be luck

  • Tarun George
    Tarun George

    Out of everything in the world I never thought that he would make a video on veritasium😅..

  • JY Sharif
    JY Sharif

    Really good message about passing it forward spread the love people

  • Conrad Marbourg
    Conrad Marbourg

    Success comes from genetics which is luck and people often add a bit of hard work on it (I don't believe they add that much hard work, they work hard but if you look at a lot of legends, they did not work 14h a day, they often work a normal or slightly above normal schedule). Mozart wrote Don Giovanni's ouverture the night before the premiere after a guy he was partying with pointed out to him that he did not have wrote this part of the opera yet. Sure Mozart had been educated in music since he was a child and his life was heavely focused on music since he was a child as well but if you truly believe that "hard work" will allow someone to write a masterpiece like Don Giovanni's ouverture in a few hours time frame then you are a fool. Moral of the story : don't do ever do kids if you have poor genetics cause you are sending them into a nasty world without the weapons to compete in it and if you have great genetics think wisely before doing them as you may not giving them all your genetic potential.

  • Ali Mahdavi
    Ali Mahdavi

    This is ten percent luck Twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure Fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name😎

  • Tiago

    I was the oldest in my class, and probably one of the worst physically (not bad, because everyone was so good, but relatively one of the worst) contrast that, I had a guy born in september, who was the youngest in our class, he didnt even work out but he was both the tallest AND the more muscular guy in our class. Just because you are born sooner doesnt mean you already won the lottery^^

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      No, but it's a higher chance, of course there are outliars.

  • Rafał Rafalski
    Rafał Rafalski

    I would like to be on HRT but im scared of time travelling... To much terminator

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    Haha sick crossover

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    Lol Greg complaint about being a September baby and always the youngest. August babies, wya

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    Imagine someone going back in time to change history and now Greg would be a pro hockey player

  • TheUnholyGamer

    I always looked at it as hardworking does play a huge role because it opens up opportunities and if you're too afraid to take those opportunities u might never get lucky and have that chance of success, but then there is if u literally never even try and dont work hard u will never get a damn opportunity or chances to get there, unless u have gifted whatever or everything is handed down to u very lucky, but that's my take on it I do prefer to work hard and not be afraid of opportunities when they open it opens the doors to many things whether its meeting new people, getting a new job, or whatever my opinion tho

  • Neves WH
    Neves WH

    It's definitely hard work, but you are only going to work as hard as your genetics allow you too. Luck has nothing to do with it. Takes just as much faith to believe in "Luck" as it does literally anything. Something is at the wheel. You just can't see it.

  • Jamie Gambino
    Jamie Gambino

    I feel like the topic of luck is so weird. It's not a quantifiable thing, is it real or is it not? I have no idea it's a strange topic

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      Luck is basically all the variables out of your control

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    Ben Adams

    Great Video Greg

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    Andres Perez

    When did Gilbert Gottfried get jacked?

  • Jarmarus Greeley
    Jarmarus Greeley

    this guy is a copy cat.......Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

  • Jarmarus Greeley
    Jarmarus Greeley

    How do I get a shredded quads

    • Jarmarus Greeley
      Jarmarus Greeley

      @Szelitzky Erick explain more

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      Lose fat

  • Soldier for Christ
    Soldier for Christ

    When you have bad genetics, bad luck and bad environment, you have people like me who should either be aborted or provided with euthanasia.

  • Pelorusjack

    Of course „luck“ is a big factor: it’s also called the socio economic situation, genetics, etc. Gladwells observation is just one of many. Yet, the average western person has very good opportunities to do well in society. In a further step, decisionmaking is important, grit and perseverance.

  • Ray Garcia
    Ray Garcia

    Luck is When opportunity Meets preparedness, or its a Blessing ...

  • Reed B
    Reed B

    This is dumb. Luck obviously helps but most successful people don't simply try once and win the lottery. They are persistent. Persistence and having an internal locus of control is why they are successful. In the astronaut example, he was looking at the chance of those astronauts getting the position, once. If those astronauts were persistent then they'd eventually get selected.

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      Depends on luck, your time is limited , you can't just keep trying forever since your prime ends and you'll grow too old and eventually die. Again. Luck , some people make it the first try, some people make it eventually in the future, but most don't make it at all.

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith

    I haven’t watched the video but I know it’s all 3, you have to genetically have a propensity to a higher IQ and or be physically able to work, and you need to work hard to achieve anything. And you need luck to be born to parents with good genetics, have the environment to support your goals (think being born in a 3rd world country versus 1st world) just to name a few ways all 3 come into play,

  • Brian Hayes
    Brian Hayes

    Coach Greg, I have a question. I saw you on a video called swole. Your voice is different now. Did something happen or is it part of your HRposts thing?

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    Brad Holt

    Your honesty is why I watch your videos.. loved this one.

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    I heard of you from Remington James. I am grateful for that!!

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    that time travel little skit actually made me umcomfortable. You know Greg as my psychiatrist you're meant to make me feel better you know?

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    Healthy Dale

    It's a mixture of all of them 👍🏻

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    Don’t ignore baby nakey

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    When ur more interested in verstasium’s video and Greg keeps interrupting....Jk love ya Greg 😄

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    Henry Wood

    Algo comment

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    How did you lose your teaching job?

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      Because of the drug smuggling house arrest thingy he done in the past, watch his "my past" video

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    Is nobody going to address the cat in pink underwear? Oh my God so cute!

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    Abhishek Pandey

    Veritasium is my fav channel ❤️❤️

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    Hang on my brother and I have the same parents and he eats trash and he is lean and has pretty good muscle mass without trying. I put on fat easier and which sucks I have to drop weight before I get any muscle showing.

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    Ricky Fitness

    I played baseball for DAIRY QUEEN free ice. Team when we won !

  • S/V Lusca
    S/V Lusca

    Sad to say that success is base on how much money you make

  • I’m wrong but
    I’m wrong but

    I don’t understand the birthday being in January. school starts in august/September so anyone born after school starts will be in the next grade. So January would make them closer to the middle of oldest and youngest

  • Ratatosk80

    Doesn't matter blabbering on about luck. You can't live your life as if luck is a thing. All you can do is work hard and do your best.

  • Optimistic Outreach
    Optimistic Outreach

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Pied Piper of the Tik Tok generation of misfits, GREG DOUCHETTE!

  • Brijan B
    Brijan B

    The January effect unfortunately is real so studies should use control variables for it. To my knowledge over time, it is not significant anymore

  • Moose92411

    NOOOOOOOO!! I was so enjoying the insightful and honest content.... and then I got a V-Shred ad. Now my day is less positive. I guess that's bad luck.

  • Moose92411

    My grandfather taught all his grandchildren very early and very repeatedly not to ever think you did it all yourself. Everyone who has been successful has been lucky. It's a 1:1 ratio.

  • PursuitOfFitness

    There’s a “wrong way” of thinking people that are doing better than other people is attributed to their luck. It can lead you to a victim mentality that may stop you from trying harder than last time. Keep that in mind.

  • Christopher Faulkner
    Christopher Faulkner

    Success in terms of bodybuilding (particularly at the National level and beyond) comes down to genetics, hard work, and willingness to abuse PEDS. You need all three in an abundant amount in order to be a successful. Excelling at one and not having, or neglecting the others will only get you so far. Two of these you can do something about, one you can do nothing about.

  • "Harder Than Last Time"
    "Harder Than Last Time"

    My HRT made me like this video faster than last time

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    Sebastian Fiori

    Man, beyond all the fitness tips, diet tips, etc.. i watch you because you are one of the few people on the internet i know with common sense about life and its challenges. I applaud and admire you for that Dr. Don't stop making videos. Greetings from Uruguay, smallest country with the fewest population in South America.

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    Is that Ally snoring in the background??

  • joe iborowski
    joe iborowski

    Life is 99.999% luck. The odds of you existing is astronomical with your parents meeting and the sperm cell that created you had to fight millions of other sperm cells. Being born healthy in a wealthy western country makes it 5 folds more difficult. In other words, count your blessings, there will be people better off than you and the majority people on earth and the unborn worse off than you. As Warren Buffet would call it "the ovarian lottery".

  • shaddy ponton
    shaddy ponton

    This whole video is a ripoff of the book outliers by malcolm gladwell

  • Zaxnafein

    Strong message 💪

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    Ruchir Pulhani

    Thanks coach. Nice video.We all know it was the HRT

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    The dog snoring really put me off fam

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    B FR

    HRposts recommended Veritasiums Video like 3 days ago. I guess I'm in the same algorithm loop as Greg.

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    born in same month, yay:D

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    This is from a book titled 'Outliers' by Malcolm Gladwell. It is really a good read, it reshapes how you think about success.

  • Ruchir Pulhani
    Ruchir Pulhani

    On HRT you can do anything

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    michal cerny

    Dude ur videos are makiing me consider souicide

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    Delta Epsilon

    9:13 "If you don't think you have the power to influence this, you're not going to work as hard" The reason why I gave up talking to girls :(

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    B B

    My grandad seems to think that having too much muscle puts a lot of strain on the heart and that lifting heavy weights is bad for your joints. I mean, I used to do boxing and I feel like that is far worse for your joints than weight lifting. Especially considering all of the punching, skipping and running I used to do. So I feel like this is just complete bullshit but I'd like to know what everyone else thinks. Is he right or wrong? I'd like to prove him wrong for once in his life because he is so stubborn and always thinks he's right about everything. Especially when it comes to health related shit. The guys head is wedged so far up his own arse, he only ever believes the shit that comes out of it.

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    Lean Cobain

    Luckier than last time!