Guaranteed Simple Steps To Help Fix MUSCLE IMBALANCES
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  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell

    My right forearm is bigger........ Has been for years. How do i fix this?

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones

    I have muscle imbalances and it’s so annoying



  • Cross Sama
    Cross Sama

    Took me many many years to realize that my left arm is bigger because it is shorter than my right arm

  • jmtucker7

    Great info! Thanks so much

  • roguefangirl

    Thanks for this video. Your informative-style videos are much higher quality than before.

  • Matthew A
    Matthew A

    Yeah my right trap is smaller than my left. Tryna fix it thanks for the advice Greg!

  • Robert Camilleri
    Robert Camilleri

    On tip 1 for exepample my weak bicep is bigger than the stronger one so no thx 😆 I start with the weak side and finish with the strong side so i get same reps until the weak part get gets far as the strong one thats the smartest thing to do

  • David Choquette
    David Choquette

    We all have a side longer than the other... my right side is a little bit taller and can sustain more weight. It has an impact on my pecs. So i db a little bit heavyer with my right side in general... is it a good way!?!?

  • Adam Elliott
    Adam Elliott

    Would love to see more technique and training content.

  • Oliver Grizzly
    Oliver Grizzly

    Great vid (as always) and great tips. I've tried about 8 of these 10 tips for at least a year and unfortunately cannot fix the imbalance. The right side of my body is more developed than the left from the front and lats/hamstrings are more developed from the on the left. I've been able to bring up my lats better than anything else but a faulty bicep tendon is at the root of the pushing muscles in the upper body. I've tried cortisone injections but it hasn't helped at all. In any event, for those of you that have this problem, don't give up, train harder than last time but try not to get frustrated if you don't see progress - sometimes it is wear from extensive use (36 years for me) and others genetics play a part.

  • George Rontogiannis
    George Rontogiannis

    Greg's physician told him to stop yelling because strokes do be lurking

  • Elizabeth Lauryn
    Elizabeth Lauryn

    3:48 - best moment 😭

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    Dylan Frank


  • Allie

    I am loving the b roll. You deserve an Oscar!

  • Eric Alvarez Gutierrez
    Eric Alvarez Gutierrez

    Just bought the freakin cook dook! Loving it

  • 000 007
    000 007

    I honestly haven’t been watching Greg and I was one of he’s first 5000 subs because the last videos of natty or not don’t get my attention no more but videos like this is what I like .

  • Trap Peach!
    Trap Peach!


  • bustedrims24

    My left ribcage sticks out a little more than the right :(

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams

    Damn I miss the gyms in the UK 😢😭😭

  • Zodgilla

    Greg would love a video on some proper pose techniques, keep up the great work man

  • Norvert Avalos
    Norvert Avalos

    Do a natty or not on GERARDO GABRIEL

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  • Patricia Alves
    Patricia Alves

    This was useful! I like this type of video. 😊

  • Dennis Kirkegaard Jensen
    Dennis Kirkegaard Jensen

    I struggle with thoughts about my imbalances, to the point where it sometimes distracts from my workouts. I'm not arguing with the coach at all - these are all valid points - but if you've got some years of experience, chances are you're doing fine. Try compensating by using you're weak side in other daily activities instead of being hyper focused about it when you're trying to trail harder than last time 💪

  • Thomas Ayrton
    Thomas Ayrton

    this is literally the video i need the most

  • Kayoushii

    I have poland syndrome so I’m screwed with muscle imbalance and injuries no matter what I do

  • stealthop

    thanks for being there for us coach Greg !

  • Quatro Bajeena
    Quatro Bajeena

    Come on doc. We all know you just need to do more tren to fix anything!

  • Levnerad

    What do you do when you got scoliosis and one spinal erector is bigger than the other

  • MMMA

    You guys know this is bs :-)

  • TheAlmightyOragutan

    Great list Tip 1: 0:50 Tip 2: 1:10 Tip 3: 1:33 Tip 4: 1:52 Tip 5: 2:18 Tip 6: 2:44 Tip 7: 3:01 Tip 8: 3:38 Tip 9: 4:03 Tip 10: 4:53

  • RMJerich0

    jesus, that takes are funny asf

  • Bigby Wolf
    Bigby Wolf

    I have a noticeable imbalance in my legs, my right quad is bigger than my left 😞

  • Eric Arce
    Eric Arce

    Forearm inbalance is the most common

  • Sharing my thoughts
    Sharing my thoughts

    Finally a short video doc.

  • Rami Sami Fitness
    Rami Sami Fitness

    Docs back is hairer than last time

  • versace bergkamp
    versace bergkamp

    are those 10 tips natty or not?

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill

    i have crazy left right imbalances so this is a constant issue for me and i do all the things greg recommends when i’m at the gym, my problem is now with gyms closed i am doing all calisthenics and i don’t know how to even it out. when i am doing push-ups or chin-ups my right side tends to overpower my left. i can’t do single-arm push-ups and chinups lol, so i don’t know what to do. any advice?

  • Siidny Khan
    Siidny Khan

    Do Anthony Joshua natty or not video

  • J

    A coach Gregg video and he didn’t even yell?! Not even a single “ZEEERRROOO👌” To be serious tho my pecks are uneven gonna try this out. Thanks coach

  • gr8ape111

    Im not sure that advice any sense, why not add a set and reps overall??

  • Pascal Vorbach
    Pascal Vorbach

    Thx Coach Greg

  • Jarmarus Greeley
    Jarmarus Greeley

    How do I get a shredded quads

  • Aditya Das
    Aditya Das

    The acting gave me Buff Dudes vibes

  • sabrillio

    I like this calm greg vibe

  • Gedis

    0:04 me, when gyms will be open. :-D

  • Rad Boi
    Rad Boi

    The acting is hilarious 😹😭

  • Old Scratch
    Old Scratch

    My symmetry is all jacked up. My right pec is significantly smaller than the left. Left bicep is bigger than right. Right front neck muscle inserts totally different from the left so I have a muscular bulge on the right, pencil neck look on the left. Right side serratus is way more developed than left. Even my left ear shape differs significantly from the right. Pair all of this with a congenital birth defect in my rib cage and its clear that I did not win the genetic lottery.

  • Mr R3versE
    Mr R3versE

    upload schedule harder than last time

  • johnnylaw348

    The dog - couch connection is >9K

  • Sumer Sharma
    Sumer Sharma

    Super informative coach

  • xI TITAN Ix
    xI TITAN Ix

    Thanks my left arm needs work.

  • Stephen Minton
    Stephen Minton

    Living legend

  • Tri Plex
    Tri Plex

    Thanks Coach!

  • Tanish Baranwal
    Tanish Baranwal

    My right chest looks smaller when I pose, but this is the stronger side

  • Baldw1n

    I almsot feel like I can't squat if I'm not in front of a mirror

  • Anthony Khoury
    Anthony Khoury

    Why does my bicep never contract but brachialis only? Believe me, I’ve tried everything. And does muscle scraping help resolve this issue?

  • Freddie Quinlan
    Freddie Quinlan

    Do pretty much all of these and my body is still so imbalanced :(

  • Burakcan Mutlu
    Burakcan Mutlu

    Greg your one trap different than other

  • Antusy Plays
    Antusy Plays

    Hey coach Greg I really hope you would reply to this I currently have a issue where my left leg is injured and I'm still tryna work my legs so my right leg has improved but the left is looking smaller what shd I doo

  • Martin Fernandez
    Martin Fernandez

    The Yeezys!

  • Ahskaniz

    3:20 And remember "I'm not an actor!" Dr. Coach Greg.

  • Sohail Khan
    Sohail Khan

    Doc do a vid about injuries and how to prevent them, overcome them, what to do during and how to return to training...

  • Craig Dodson
    Craig Dodson

    Best doc out there !

  • Gila Guy
    Gila Guy

    Who’s the hot girl on #7?

  • Robert Matthews
    Robert Matthews

    Wow an actual training video , nothing beats good ol useful information ....evrything beats useless natty or not bullshit waste of time videos catering to the jealous lazy masses. How many more useless natty or not vids do we have to suffer before the next useful info video?


    This video triggering my ocd.

  • 3two1go zz_steve_e
    3two1go zz_steve_e

    I've found number 3 worked for me with any arm related training when I could train. Good tips all round 👍

  • SunsyloFitness

    Really now 🤔

  • Cris B
    Cris B

    Coach Greg 🐐

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    Mccoy 19

    thanks doc! was waiting for this for a long time

  • A White Guy
    A White Guy

    Greg Algorithmcette

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    575 nghia

    veryy good content coach 🙏

  • Zander de Swardt
    Zander de Swardt

    COACH GREG Plz do a vidoe on Ivan Djuric He has squatted everyday for 433 days straight I'd like to know what u think about his approach to training. Day 2

  • Leo Y.M.
    Leo Y.M.

    Do you have muscle imbalances or do you have scoliosis? 🤣😔🤟

  • Speed Skater
    Speed Skater

    I needed this I have several imbalances.

  • Selma-EthelAmy Ciolan
    Selma-EthelAmy Ciolan

    Thanks so much for this vid. I've been thinking about all of these, I was just no sure if I was right.

  • farshad bahrami
    farshad bahrami

    Lol. For a sec I read implants

  • johnny mercer
    johnny mercer

    for me switching from barbell to dumbells helped alot. my right arm was oddly stronger than my left.

  • Ralf Nuggs
    Ralf Nuggs

    To every question in the opening. Yes

  • CPLB

    The tips/tutorial vids of coach is now on a very high level. It always has been, even with just talking alone. But now with b-rolls, audio, background music and all. It's awesome than ever!

  • David

    I have a problem with muscle imbalance but the thing is, my "weaker" side is not weak. I'm right handed and my muscles on the right are a little smaller than the left side, but i'm still stronger and can perform more reps with the right side, so I've tried all those tips and it doesn't seem to make a difference

  • dif49

    great content

  • ccnt89

    The way the dog looked at Greg at the beginning 🐶💭”here we go again”!

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez

    Cook Dook? I'll take 10!

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    David Molina

    Christ Jesus love you all come to him before it’s too late he loves you

  • Tristan Carrera4
    Tristan Carrera4

    How much of a difference is a imbalance ? 1/2 inch? 1 inch?

  • Mikel Gomez
    Mikel Gomez

    This was a nice one way to go coach!!!!

  • Joseph Tuck
    Joseph Tuck

    Any tips for someone with cross dominance? I am athletically/(gross motor movement) right sided, and I write/(fine motor movement) with my left. The right side of my body is both very coordinated and we'll developed, but my left side really struggles to catch up. I've been working on my imbalances for a couple years now and I still don't feel a very strong mind muscle connection

  • Harry

    Always wished I had a balance mentor like Greg


    Great, great video! Needed this 💪🏻

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    joni jokunen

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    Land Shark

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  • Michael Gomez
    Michael Gomez

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  • William Arthur
    William Arthur

    3:35 the camera is still filming but Greg already lookjng back at the footage 😂. It’s ok tho becuase Greg filmed harder than last time

  • Doradafan Lucha Libre MV's
    Doradafan Lucha Libre MV's

    About advice number 9, can you do a video on how to flex different muscles optimally?

  • yG KeKe
    yG KeKe

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