FINALLY || Will Tennyson Laughs For The First Time EVER!!!
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  • Imroz Malik
    Imroz Malik

    Such a relief to see Tennyson laugh 😊

  • Abel Ramirez
    Abel Ramirez

    Greg is not a short person, he's a person who happens to be short.

  • Clarence Choy
    Clarence Choy

    Reminds me of Tony Stark and Peter Parker 0-O

  • Devon Larratts Genetics
    Devon Larratts Genetics

    I feel the establishment and institutions have made everybody into self degradating self conscious crazy people who have their priorities completely fucked. Once we get rid of the bad influences and agendas, we will flourish. This counts for all aspects, money, self respect, self esteem, suicidal tendencies, ect....if we didn't have the establishment trying to break us down at every angle and every point, we would all he progressed immensely. And we would all not be struggling is we actually got to KEEP our hard earned money. They have done studies and if they never stole our money from us all these decades since at least 1913, with the federal reserve, we would have a worth of a number with FIFTY ZEROS behind it. Thunk about that, a trillion is TWELVE.

  • Devon Larratts Genetics
    Devon Larratts Genetics

    I think he goes up a few octaves for effect when he screams, he sounds totally normal right now. Lmao

  • Depopa

    meanwhile me at 5ft4

  • Max Mccann
    Max Mccann

    Why isn't Greg shouting, I can barely hear him

  • Poop Pacifier
    Poop Pacifier

    First time I’ve heard coach Greg not scream.

  • SpaceTroll

    I don’t get it is he gay or not?😂

  • Veronika Margaritova
    Veronika Margaritova

    I have never clicked on a video faster

  • Andrew Wooder
    Andrew Wooder

    Finally he's not screaming at the camera! :') it's WAY more pleasant :')

  • Blaise Stritt
    Blaise Stritt

    I just realized will never laughs in his videos, he goes straight face jokes a lot tho. Also when he laughs in this vid he turns away from the camera, so seemingly doesn’t like laughing while being filmed for some reason. Not sure tho

  • Crusty Juggler
    Crusty Juggler

    Omg pls start talking like this in your vids again, I had to stop watching them, too much shouting and childish stuff now, need to go back to basics!

  • Ben Wade
    Ben Wade

    name a better duo.

  • NubDub47

    I love everything about this

  • Majid M. AlHaidari
    Majid M. AlHaidari

    So many Mohammeds 🌚🌚

  • krzysztof maksyminko
    krzysztof maksyminko

    My two favourites!

  • Bazzlton.B

    greg fucked up the tape

  • Joey Jones
    Joey Jones

    Fuck I can't believe coach is not yelling at me.

  • Heberth Vieira
    Heberth Vieira

    Will doesn't speak he raps, that's too fucking fast 😅

  • Sukuna

    Lol! Imagine coach Greg with spaghetti legs! That would be awesome.

  • Morefitness Lesswaist
    Morefitness Lesswaist

    2 favorite circles!

  • Stephen Ryan
    Stephen Ryan

    10:00 I thought Will was going to “take his boots off” and squat down to be shorter than Greg. 😂

  • The Chap
    The Chap

    I like how Will pretended to think about his decision on the push press. He knew right off haha. That's that man's favorite exercise of all time!

  • Kingz

    Love the collab do more

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams

    Like father like son

  • Julian Meredith
    Julian Meredith

    I would say in the uk amongst men it's more than 1 in 3 who use gear

  • Jenbug123

    Aww wills age shows here! Adorable!

  • Eleinad777

    Whats wrong with docs voice, he sick or smth?

  • Steger 13
    Steger 13

    That was funny lol

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia

    He sounds like a normal human and deeper voice

  • Lisa Puglisi
    Lisa Puglisi

    What is the obsession with these steroids?

  • sweczka24

    dad and son finally met! only after will had enough gains to be deemed worthy

  • Planning

    Wait is coach Greg will’s real father???

  • Ken Kaniff
    Ken Kaniff

    nice father and son moment

  • Lealem Tilahun
    Lealem Tilahun

    it's WEIRD when Greg doesn't yell at u

  • nathen atkinson
    nathen atkinson

    Love Will's honestly with himself. Too many people try to set goals that are just not realistic for them or don't fit their personality. Know yourself, strengths and weaknesses. Another great video, thanks coach.

  • Morgan Giles
    Morgan Giles

    Atmosphere is so weird

  • Morgan Giles
    Morgan Giles

    calm and collect Greg haha 😂

  • TonyM

    Will's a good kid who was obviously raised right...nice breath a fresh air with all the sauced up kids in the "fitness" game today...I'm a "boomer" (32) and he gives me hope for the kids these days

  • D birdflips
    D birdflips

    1:08 WILL LAUGHS

  • greyman1987

    One excercise... The kettlebell swing !

  • mad lad
    mad lad

    Will tennyson looks like my little sister

  • alphamalescamp

    Will U should try arm wrestling

  • MrLewis

    Asking why people who don't compete use steroids is like asking why you make people laugh if you're not a comic. Everyone's values are different.

  • Neknesch

    Never realized he never laughed xD

  • Maryam

    Coach Greg? Noo ..more like papa Greg

  • Brian Pellerin
    Brian Pellerin

    My “only 1 exercise” would be the farmer walk 🚶

  • Emma B
    Emma B

    "I have a measuring tape in my bedroom" lol

  • Øverloaded


  • Dirk V Egan
    Dirk V Egan

    04:44 Greg: "Listen to your doctor, don't do anything illegal." Will, in his head, turning to Greg: "But you're my doctor!"

  • ØŘ

    even when he's calm he sounds like he's shouting

  • Hoss Cat
    Hoss Cat

    😂 you two guys, are “so money”. Great shows with you two. 🤘

  • Fibro Mama
    Fibro Mama

    Wills dry ass humor gives me so much life

  • Michael Novotny
    Michael Novotny

    Their voices are so much deeper than in their vids

  • Jared Ferrara
    Jared Ferrara

    I saw him laugh one time before this, and it was a smirk in nyc on the cheat day

  • Faiek Gallie
    Faiek Gallie

    Anyone noticed that will one bicep is bigger than the other or am I seeing things ???..would love a coach Gregg video on how to deal with that

  • Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion
    Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion

    No I have Never seen Will laugh and he's got a great personality. The measuring tape 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Iced Out Winter
    Iced Out Winter

    Will’s laugh is so contagious

  • Aladdins Life Hacks
    Aladdins Life Hacks

    Will probably laughs a lot but in his head

  • Daniel Calma
    Daniel Calma

    Wait so at what timestamp does he laugh?


    What happened to his voice!

  • Isameowmeow

    When Greg speaks in his normal voice, I always want him to start a guided meditation channel. 😂🤣

  • Gnichi Mohamed
    Gnichi Mohamed

    Hello Humble Greg


    "I was just measuring my room so left it where it was" Measurement= 10 inches Aight mate 😂

  • Tonya Leddy
    Tonya Leddy

    Love this collaboration

  • jgzero18

    Care to explain proper form to CrossFitters? I try to refer them to Infinite Elgintensity but they won’t listen.

  • bob dylan
    bob dylan

    Will teninchson

  • J

    WILLS 6ft???!!!!! He’s not SHORT GREG😂😂😂

  • VolticzHD

    This is hilarious

  • Fernando Garlobo
    Fernando Garlobo

    Will and Greg are a better combo than eggs and bacon.

  • YessirMate

    Take 1:19 out of context and you’ll get the experience most homophobes had in middle school

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson

    a 'mature' woman hahah see clint eastwood in heartbreak ridge

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson

    haha Will 6000 7000... 5000 calories. not 5, 6...7000 calories

  • Young Man
    Young Man

    How do I coop with being ugly?

  • Mr Benson
    Mr Benson

    my boys

  • Orestis Papakonstantinou
    Orestis Papakonstantinou

    Will teninchon .. whoever got it got it

  • EwokPanda

    I find it endearing that Greg can't pronounce the most common name in the world correctly: "Moo-ha-mawd" xD

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones

    Liar. Going from 5'6 to 3'6 would make you insane

  • Ricky Cruz
    Ricky Cruz

    This is bad for the economy dr

  • tiger Boy
    tiger Boy

    Oh my god Wills laugh, i’ve watched from the beginning but that was still shocking

  • Kadin Molock
    Kadin Molock

    If there was no context the measuring part seems a little weird.

  • Professor Zwerver
    Professor Zwerver

    Oh yeah yeah

  • A succubus with a huge shilong
    A succubus with a huge shilong

    greg kinda looks like captain sparklez

  • Coder.JT

    Perhaps other men don’t care but the observed truth is for women, height definitely matters which can def make short men feel insecure.

    • Coder.JT

      @Szelitzky Erick Matters for what? Theres a bunch of reasons women care about height. It's a thing! Yes of course ultimately it doesn't/shouldn't matter, but dem be the facts.

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      Matters FOR WHAT? If you just wanna bang many women just get money and pay them. If you wanna find love your height won't matter.

  • Rusty Harden
    Rusty Harden

    Asking why do people use roids if not competing is about like asking why people mod there cars. Just fun. Looks good feels good

  • Sebastian Busber
    Sebastian Busber

    “Ha ha ha” - Will.

  • Leah Brigman
    Leah Brigman

    🤣🤣 I think I might miss this kid when he's gone. Great duo.

  • bhsopd

    I dont like the chill Greg i prefer the shouting one

  • sidou sidahmed
    sidou sidahmed

    How do i cope with having a humongous peepee

  • Keith Bacchus
    Keith Bacchus

    Why dont you like doing pull ups greg it's such a great exercise

  • Ryan Benway
    Ryan Benway

    Lmao when I first watched doctor Greg I thought he was 6 ft tall but him explaining his long torso makes so much sense now😂

  • Spartan Gaming
    Spartan Gaming

    7:01 and I've been eating like an animal thinking if he isn't getting fat than so won't I 😁😁😂😂😂 (ALTHOUGH IM GOOD MOST OF THR TIME)

  • Giddeon Grey
    Giddeon Grey

    If will went blonde hed look like an albino 😁

  • Srdjan Kovacevic
    Srdjan Kovacevic

    It's so weird not to hear him yell...I'm very uncomfortable

  • Allen Nasser
    Allen Nasser

    My advice keep the normal voice 👍🏻

  • Jayp02

    No one cares about your hair colour, unless you’re ginger like me...

  • Adam Schneider
    Adam Schneider

    Greg I have the same problem. I am 5' 11. I wear 2xlt shirts but have to wear 28" inseam pants. T Rex arms and legs but a really long upper body.

  • Brad Z
    Brad Z

    Are isatori Bio Gro peptides actual peptides like the ones you mention in your videos?

  • Joel Z
    Joel Z

    Haha this was a good laugh