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  • Greg Doucette
    Greg Doucette

    I dont know why I keep getting SHOCKED at the MORONS commenting. You would think I’d be used to it by now. So many people commenting saying Conor has horrible cardio. You all realize that you are comparing him to the best in the world. Imagine me having better cardio than him. Seriously. I’m 45 and a bodybuilder and have below average cardio genetics. Be like saying the last place finisher at the olympics for marathons or triathlon has horrible cardio. ANYONE who is a CHAMPION in MMA is still going to have3 amazing cardio compared to the average person. Rather then question me assume I’m right 99.7% of the time and this is not one of them. The guy is training harder than last time and just because u can name guys who have even better cardio then him does not mean he has bad cardio. My brother can beat me by 5 minutes in a 1 hour bike race. That does not mean I have bad cardio it just means he has even better cardio than me. The slowest hill climber in the Tour de France who struggles to get up a mountain in last place in the race would DESTROY my brother up a hill and he would destroy me. It’s so frustrating to me that people can’t use logical reasoning to decipher things but it just goes to show how important my videos are and that there is a huge void in educational videos that are easy enough for people to understand and learn from. I guess I just have to explain things easier to understand than last time and not assume that what I say is common sense. ⭕️

    • Kevin Lewis
      Kevin Lewis

      @Jx188 jacobs Can someone tell me who this guy watches? I'm not sure if he's mentioned it yet. Lol

    • Jx188 jacobs
      Jx188 jacobs

      @Morgan Hensel😂😂😂 now I know your one of his moron subscribers I am not subscribed to this moron I dont need to watch the video I see the picture and title talking about other men and women videos suck I watch Larry wheels Jay Cutler seth feroce videos go on Greg douchitte moron subscriber😂😂

    • Jx188 jacobs
      Jx188 jacobs

      @Morgan Hensel greg douchitte

    • Morgan Hensel
      Morgan Hensel

      @Jx188 jacobs You're literally in his comment section but please continue to talk about how you don't watch his videos you sound super smart

    • Jx188 jacobs
      Jx188 jacobs

      @Morgan Hensel who can watch a stupid guy with an annoying ass fake voice I watch bodybuilding content ala Larry wheels seth feroce jay Cutler not some stupid idiot like this talking about other guys being natty or not when he's not even natty himself videos are boring

  • Dr. Venkman
    Dr. Venkman

    The "best genetics " is a problematic term.

  • Townsend Hamilton
    Townsend Hamilton

    Well connors cardio sucks ..... lol

  • Townsend Hamilton
    Townsend Hamilton

    I think Cody garbrandt or Nate Diaz could

  • GJL Creative Studios
    GJL Creative Studios

    your cat is going apeshit

  • The Fit Foodie
    The Fit Foodie

    Moron coach Greg this time. That comment you like so much by Connor McGregor is a VERY WELL KNOWN Bruce Lee comment 🤣🤣🤣 wait to go smart guy coach Greg 🙄😂 Apparently 99.7% of people OTHER than coach Greg know that lmaoooo

  • Luis

    CANELO Alvarez natty or not

  • Connor McEnlightened cold turkey murphy
    Connor McEnlightened cold turkey murphy

    Dude i thought my cat was calling me i checked the whole house evrrytime i heard it again 🤣🤣

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    Abbe M


  • Death Incarnate
    Death Incarnate

    I don’t know who exactly would win but I was laughing pretty hard when you said he has great cardio. It hasn’t really been that long since he’s actually gotten into cycling and seeing how he still doesn’t wear a helmet I would say he’s still very new to it. Greg, you know way more about fitness and nutrition than I do but I’ve been following for some time now and have done a lot of research into a lot of the fighters in the UFC specifically. I’ll make it easy for you, watch the media McGregor does with Diaz before their first fight and before their second fight. Diaz and his brother do triathlons. They both love to bike as well for cardio and know quite a bit about cycling. Let’s just say the stuff Diaz ripped McGregor for doing when he barely got into cycling in 2016 he’s still doing, like not wearing a helmet. Conor throws hard shots which will fatigue you much faster than throwing a moderately hard shot but the fact is he does not know how to pace himself. So let’s just say he does have significantly better cardio, doesn’t matter if he can’t pace himself. He’ll burn himself out early on in an actual bike race because his mentality would be to win by the biggest margin possible without realizing it’s fine if other people pass you, you don’t need to be first throughout the entire race, just need to be first at the end. He’s extremely aggressive every fight and throws hard shots from the beginning till the end, win or lose. That’s part of what makes him such an entertaining fighter but also why people say he has trash cardio. Again, he may have better cardio than you but it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t know how to pace himself and honestly it’s just not who he is. Don’t believe me? Watch his interview after losing to Diaz in their first fight, he says he lost because he wasn’t efficient with his energy, meaning he wasn’t pacing himself properly. Remember he said this HIMSELF immediately after the first fight. Wanna guess what he did in the second fight? Gassed out pretty early again. Why? He was throwing hard shots from beginning till the end. 2 of the 3 judges say he won the fight while the third says it was a draw, I believe it was a draw. Now you may be thinking, well he lasted all 5 rounds against a cardio machine that is Diaz, that PROVES he has great cardio right?! Wrong. There’s video out there somewhere of Diaz being interviewed randomly and he talks about the second fight and why he lost. He said the ref was telling McGregor to do something which means he was close to stopping the fight for Diaz and he said he just put it on McGregor hard hoping to finish the fight. He didn’t know it was close to the end of the round though so the bell saved McGregor and Diaz dumped a ton of energy and as such had to use the entire next round to recover. So even though Diaz has great cardio, what helps is the most is the fact that he knows how to pace himself in a fight and doesn’t care if the fight goes all 5 rounds. McGregor wants a fast knockout and will dump all his energy trying to get it. Again, cardio doesn’t mean much if you don’t know how to pace yourself.

  • christisn salas
    christisn salas

    Coach Greg . Really curious . What is your opinion on soccer playing ? Good for cardio? Or is not worth it ? Do you think it will mess up your body too much? I play like 4 times a week when im not injured from it lol. But i have so much fun and am bassically running up and down the field for 2 hours a session.

  • Moose92411

    This whole video could be 60 seconds long and titled "MMA champion is a good athlete and trains cardio with a bike."

  • Leo Lin
    Leo Lin

    If I tell you I’m good you’re say I’m boasting if I tell you I’m bad you know I’m lying Bruce lee said that

  • Mike

    I see coach Derek has been teaching coach Greg a lot Connor would win the bike race

  • RoyceGetit

    Nate Diaz taught him about the Bike lol

  • Marissa Kay
    Marissa Kay

    Greg you crack me up!! *"Like Jesus on water! Only with.. a flotation device & bike & so on.."*

  • YYG 1998
    YYG 1998

    Connor is more of an explosive athlete. He isn't exactly known for his cardio and actually has a reputation for gassing out in his losses.

  • Zerooo Twooo
    Zerooo Twooo

    The cat is annoying me. I thought it was my cat at first so i pause the video a few times just to see if my cat is asking for food...

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    Vinicius Magrin

    Wow man awesome Lol

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    Chris P Duck

    I once asked my girlfriend if she wanted to go for a bike ride? She responded with a resounding yes! I than told her to "sit on my dic and pedal my balls" 😳

  • El Guapo
    El Guapo

    Coach Greg - "I wanna do a front double bicep while riding a bike on the water! Connor Mcregor, you're taking everything I worked for!"


    After a few minutes of searching around the house, it has now struck my mind that I don’t have a cat

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    uk1 1

    You click baited us here a little Coach 😂

  • Dingus Dangus
    Dingus Dangus

    Conor's next ''walk'' out will be on a bike

  • Stu Cowie
    Stu Cowie

    Your comment at 2:11 Is not correct dude.If you Hr is *high* in relation to cycling, on a given day.This is not caused by overtraining!!.Instead this occurs after time off the bike when your body is Fresh.Cycling overtraining causes a built up fatuige and you struggle to get anywhere near you max HR.

  • Hatman Gaming
    Hatman Gaming

    Your cat is hilarious

  • Jason Phillips
    Jason Phillips

    So let’s now ask the question why Conor gasses out in 3 minutes in the octagon! He does all this cardio and has no stamina

  • Joel Martinsson
    Joel Martinsson

    Lol this wasn't the type of cycling I was expecting but I got a good lesson on cardio training. Sweet, thanks Greg.

  • Billy Sterg
    Billy Sterg

    McGregor's statement "if I told you I'm good probably you will say I'm boasting...etc" is a statement originally made by Bruce Lee.

  • Epic_arts_studio

    You're to stupid to think McNuggets could beat you in a race !!!!:))))) and muscles not make you strike harder !!!:)))) it's clear you know nothing about training and fighting !!!! Hrt clearly does everything for you douche 💩💩💩💉

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    good gas tank

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    Nerdy Pimps

    Francis Ngannou next

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    Hamish Wylie

    How do I get the couch Greg news letter? I want a bf analysis

  • Sumner Behrmann
    Sumner Behrmann

    That quote that Connor said, was said by Bruce Lee first.

  • 0913e wah
    0913e wah

    Greg isn't yelling, whats going on here?

  • Petro Igor Vandevick
    Petro Igor Vandevick

    Is Dana White Natty or No Nuts?

  • BBP BakedBeansPodcast
    BBP BakedBeansPodcast

    Greg at the beginning of the video “I would like to take this time to apologize to absolutely nobody”

  • David Fernández Trancón
    David Fernández Trancón

    I believe tete de la course means "head of the race" meaning that he's in front of everybody else in the sport

  • roberto

    fookin cats in the background O.o

  • raymonnl

    'Do the cardio you like the most.' (running) The cardio worst for maingaining.. Yes you guessed it, running..

  • Ally Cakes
    Ally Cakes

    I don't even have to watch the whole thing answer coach Greg would win lol. Will continue to watch video now...

  • Eugène

    Jump rope is way better than bike...especially in fight sports

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez

    Love this video as a person who trains martial arts very informative keep up the great content!

  • Mr C
    Mr C

    While I do think Greg has the general right idea with the concept of genetics in sports, MMA is a whole different ballgame, but some aspects still ring true. For example in fighting, you have to be able to take a punch, what are the genes for that? You have to be able to game plan for your opponent, you have to have the mental fortitude to make decisions while being concussed. "heart of a fighter" isn't just a phrase, I think you have to have a certain mentality to be a fighter. Let's take powerlifting, the single "gene" you need to be good, is strength. There is no single gene that makes one a good fighters. In the NBA there are many players who only joined the league just because they were tall, and did decently. Now if we are talking pure "who is the best striker" or "who is the best grappler" then there is a clear conversation of genetics. Fast twitch muscle & strength for striking, and strength endurance under constant tension. Now lets say you have the best genetics in the entire world for throwing a punch, where do you THINK you will go? probably the UFC. Now this is what greg means by "champ fighters have the best genetics". Because there is a pool of lots of people with elite genetics for SPECIFIC things. I just think greg is a different type of athlete and doesn't realize how much different mma is, powerlifting is just "do you have the strength for this, yes or no".

  • Sujata Sharma
    Sujata Sharma

    Doc you should post your personal experience with HR monitors which are best and how you use them effectively during training to set/achieve goals

  • Sparjan V
    Sparjan V

    Good genetics to be a champion?? Talk about Fedor

  • English Orchard - Haze
    English Orchard - Haze

    Why doe's Connor not look like this when he fights in the ring,have you seen the video of him weighing in a few years back, he looks like Albert Steptoe.

  • Saksham Kathuria
    Saksham Kathuria

    Do on Cristiano Ronaldo!

  • Hardy Hazramy
    Hardy Hazramy

    I think coach greg is faster

  • Damien McCrory
    Damien McCrory

    McGregor’s ab insertions aren’t very pronounced, particularly for a fighter, who as a group, tend to overtrain this area and neglect the lumbar region

  • Jay

    I think conor fucked himself by stopping what he said was "overtraining". He doesn't train to failure anymore and that's the main reason why he's losing

  • Dmac9994

    For the algorithm.

  • TJCheese

    00:46 That's not true. You don't have to have the best genetics in the world to be at the top. Bullshit. Hard work and dedication beats everything. 03:45 you don't need a lot of muscle to punch hard. It's all technique.

  • hanunija

    Der Herr Jesus Christus kommt bald und wird jedem den verdienten Lohn geben. Kehrt um zu Gott und Christus und bekennt und bereut eure Sünden. Nehmt Jesus Christus als euren Herrn und Retter an! Vergebt einander und liebt einander. Lest in der Bibel und lernt so zu leben, wie es Gott und Christus gefällt.

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    Sean Brennan

    Wow did I get baited on this title. Still a great video!

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    Ricardo Logan

    That’s probably why I lost he need to run hills bike don’t work too well I think unless you ride for three hours


    The voice hehe

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    Fauzan Rani

    Do check Michael Chandler plss coach

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    Konstantinos Symeou

    this gunma b a big video

  • Smitty Werben Jagerman Jensen
    Smitty Werben Jagerman Jensen

    Conor's a one-punch-KOer not just because of training. Its because of his genetics. He has more fast twitch muscle fibers that allows him to exert more speed, hence more force. Basic freaking physics, f=ma. But there's a con for having such striking power. Fast twitch muscle fibers needs a lot more oxygen than slow twitch muscle fibers, as a result, it's more fatiguing. You can notice that other fighters who tend to be more endurant and can last long in fights doesn't have such powerful strikes. Like Nate Diaz. He relies on volume of punches or combos to knock an opponent. Unlike Conor who can knock an opponent with one punch.

  • Soggi_Pancakes

    Connor McJesus


    Conner has some of the worst cardo in MMA... And having access muscle in the cage is actually going to work against you. More muscle more needed oxygen. And hes cardo sucks.

  • Jarmarus Greeley
    Jarmarus Greeley

    How do I get a shredded quads

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob

    There's probably thousands of pictures of him on the internet and ciacu decides to look at the one where he's leaned over a bike lmao

  • Apolloggm

    8:01 ... no no, I’m pretty sure we can see something jumping out at us

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    Alae Farm Estates LLC

    Conor has shit cardio tho. Lol. Tell me what max is doing

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    random dude

    My foot was a balloon

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    Meow... Meow...

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    I love running 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

  • J - Fit
    J - Fit

    Andy Ruiz was a world champion with poor genetics...just saying.

  • Greg Doucette has spoken
    Greg Doucette has spoken

    Greg Doucette has spoken

  • Average Nutrition
    Average Nutrition

    I was hoping this was gonna be about a different cycle. But still enjoyed !

  • Evan Reboli
    Evan Reboli

    "You don't become a champ unless you have good genetics" DC has entered the chat.

    • Phi Vai
      Phi Vai

      DC does have great genetics for a fighter. Fat but fast and explosive with a great chin.

  • François Dion
    François Dion

    I was thinking of another type of cycling. One that does not involve a bicycle...

  • Littlestomper Martin
    Littlestomper Martin

    I wonder what coach Greg's top speed would be

  • Jona Thon
    Jona Thon

    Cycling does NOT have the same cardio benefits that translates to fighting as running....every great cardio fighter in MMA.....RUNS.....A LOT. Holding your entire body up is drastically different than sitting on a bike. It's basic understanding of body mechanics dude. Conor does not run a lot at all. Never has. Bisping touts road work running as his key to being able to go 5 rounds and having a resting heart rate at 35 bpm. If you're a casual to MMA i understand the ignorance but this ain't your wheel house


    This roided out jock knows nothing about fighting a sport which bodybuilders can’t even comprehend to understand STFU and stick to lifting meathead shit

  • Adriano Coura
    Adriano Coura

    Nice cloud chase coach, but the old man puncher has one of the worst Cardio in the ufc. He's famous for gassing in big fights. Not a very good example.

  • Linus Ji
    Linus Ji

    Now I really want to see an analysis on roid reem

  • John Harris
    John Harris

    I would like to point out to editor Steve that Coach Greg thinks his big brother can win a race against a high level professional athlete. He loves his big brother

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    Nate Diaz often does thriathlons ... dude got crazy cardio

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    How do you talk for so long

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    Malemuk ChristofferSchmidt

    Coach Gregg to coach Connor !!!

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    The fact that Greg is promoting helmet use seems very good to me

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    7:07 That’s a Bruce Lee quote Greg.

  • Antonio Cuturic
    Antonio Cuturic

    Coach greg would lose to mcgregor in race, just becouse muscles use oxygen and Greg has much more muscle

  • Dylan’s Corner
    Dylan’s Corner

    You should natty or not joe weller

  • Robert

    Come on Greg he's not clipped in or on a road bike you know you would eat them for lunch

  • Mason Styles
    Mason Styles

    you would think he's educated but after his loss to khabib he should have learned his trash talking isn't always going to make him win :D

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    Isco22 Disco

    Lmao Greg Tete de la course does not stand for tour de france yellow jersey, but head of the stage. Meaning he's leading the stage. But close enough

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    Cranky Alexander

    Ah ok... he got us. Nice one Doc👍🏽👏

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    Rushan A

    Everytime you see someone better than you, you say "genetics" come on man you don't know you haven't seen his gene test

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    Grant Gibson

    @ 5:45 I was thinking, he'd murder ya, then u called it, fair plays

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    Justin Parrish

    The double champ does what the fook he wants

  • swites

    Man I got destroyed in my club bike race in the weekend. They put me with guys fitter stronger than me. The last group to leave in the handicap. Within 2mins off the line I had maxed out my capabilities so I couldn't pull any more turns. I held on the back for the next 20mins until I couldn't hold on anymore and was dropped. Great training as it'll force my cardio system to try and adapt to the load, as it really got a shock! Cycling is brutal!

  • Kyle Barlow
    Kyle Barlow

    Anyone else click because thought he meant a different kind of ‘cycling’...

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    antonis zoukos

    I literally fell off my couch laughing. A manscapping equipment ad popped while I was chilling watching coach G

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    Conor gasses In fights. It's the wrong type of cardio for mma.

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