Chris Hemsworth & Stunt Double Bobby Hanton || More Lies Than Last Time
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  • Jeff Reyes Guitar 512
    Jeff Reyes Guitar 512

    Ashamed I purchased a subscription. Cancelled today.

  • s1kr4m

    He's trying to hide the fact that he took vshreds pill

  • Carlos Andre Hancock
    Carlos Andre Hancock

    Greg is a revelation Has my respect 👏👏👏

  • Walter Fuerst
    Walter Fuerst

    Makes sense, with 4000 kcal you will grow muscles and lose fat. while losing muscles and gain fat with 3000 kcal. 🤣😂 To improve you fat loss even more you just eat 6000 kcal, and after 2 weeks you are down to - 2% bf. 💪🏆

  • Dheeraj Kallimar
    Dheeraj Kallimar

    4000 kcal a day will put him in morbidly obese category not "5% body fat as he claims"

  • Vídarr Odinson
    Vídarr Odinson

    Greg is really sailing straight into the"insane napoleon on steroids" persona XD It's pretty entertaining

  • xamot80

    It's not just tren sandwiches it's Hollywood cgi altering. Most those pictures look like touch up cartoons.

  • Zeb Ashburn
    Zeb Ashburn

    Yeah. Flat out call me a moron. Now I HAVE to subscribe. It's like he knows my whole life story.

  • Zeb Ashburn
    Zeb Ashburn

    Why so angry about somebody else's life decisions?

  • Wonka70

    Dude looks and sounds like muscle bound teen Gilbert Godfried who lifts. Couldn't get through with this video.

  • Jason Trimby
    Jason Trimby

    Did he swallow a bottle of helium

  • David Goldenberg
    David Goldenberg

    It's so important that this information is exposed.

  • phantom zoner
    phantom zoner

    Why use such an annoying voice ? Drop the fake voice, I might subscribe

  • Magnus B
    Magnus B

    About calculating the muslce gain, you're doing it a bit wrong. The drop in BF isn't as great as you think. Since gaining muscle, even without losing fat that's going to decrease the BF%. Let's say you have 50 kg muslce and 50kg fat, the fat % is 50%. If you ad 25kg muscle but don't drop in fat, you'll have 75kg muscle and 50kg fat. That will put the fat at 40% instead. This numbers are just a example ofc. But they show that no, just cause he lost 7% of bf dosnt mean he lost that in fat... specially not since he gained 25pounds of muslce... I'm not saying these guys are not lying. I'm just saying you're spreading misinformation about BF% in relation to muscle gain

  • William Fredette
    William Fredette


  • Top-Secret 300
    Top-Secret 300


  • ItsNotaTuhmah

    Jeff Nippard said he's 10-11% body fat and he looks like an absolute BEAST. That clown can only dream about being 5% body fat. Even Cavalieri - who looks lean as fuck - is around 6-7%. The only guy I might believe he got a pretty good body on real training and not being a fitness guy full time is Brad Pitt for Troy. Maybe Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa are also natural since they work hard and they've been for years.

  • Chris

    A 7 day bullsh*t free trial? I think I will coach

  • Mariana Dias
    Mariana Dias

    This is all reverse psychology when he states eating is a chore. xD Go for them, Coach! (You need to check Naudi Aguilar and Functional Pattern -- can.not.wait.)

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L

    “Please sir, may I have another protein smoothies? 😂😂-Greg’s impression got my dying. Another great video

  • Jakov Gugić
    Jakov Gugić

    My NATURAL weight he says before that 25lb added🤔

  • Kaberi Gomes
    Kaberi Gomes

    While i am always hungry with my diet, this guy struggles having food. 🤦‍♂️

  • Mikael Songrin
    Mikael Songrin

    Coach Greg!!!!

  • Ernest Torić
    Ernest Torić


  • Erik Vodanovic
    Erik Vodanovic

    Make natty or not on riserfit

  • don julio
    don julio

    I'm happy I discovered this dude

  • HBShizzleHighlights

    Helmsworth 😂

  • Aris YellowRaven
    Aris YellowRaven

    I absolutely love the parrot from Aladdin, this guy is amazing!

  • wintermetalhd

    Greg. I love your videos and information. But could you please stop talking like Iago from Disney's Aladdin? That's not your real voice, I have watched a lot of your videos. You talk normal until you switch to "I'm smarter and righter than you, so I'm going to be louder and more obnoxious than you". Being obnoxious does not force people to listen to you. Idiots will be idiots, no matter how you talk to them. Please stop talking to them and just talk to us normal people who understand physics, and calories, and kinematics. Thank you.

  • Stephen Oni
    Stephen Oni

    let's just be honest

  • Sharing my thoughts
    Sharing my thoughts

    I thought it was Chris Bumstead lol

  • Björn Persson
    Björn Persson

    Well. any intelligent person knows you will gain a shitload more muscles If enhanced vs not enhanced. But some of us don't care enough to use enhancements. But It's not hard to see the difference. Ofcourse you will also need to have a good diet and training. But anyone that have done this alot will know that takeing Enhancing drugs will make it silly easy to get gains. But you will also loose gains when of your enhancements and then some ^^ There Is actually some truth to you being able to get more muscle even if doing no training but taking enhancements tho because you gain more muscle naturally with more testosterone In your system. But you also get a higher factor of getting any type of cancer. So there Is alot of negative for any positive. Getting an unnatural high growth of muscle will also equal an unnatural growth of any other cell in your body. Cancer being 1 of the the biggest issues that can happenen If you take sterroids. There IS no safe way to use enhancements. Just less damageing. Because you will always increase your chance of getting for example cancer when you use things that increase cell growth.

  • Jordan Cash
    Jordan Cash


  • John Esco
    John Esco

    TREN SINCE HE WAS 10 ... I’m crying lmfao !!

  • GuyINaHammock

    Dude quit yelling,you sound so annoying and I can't absorb what your saying because it's like nails on a chalk board

  • Unser

    His demise was claiming to be 5% body fat 🤣

  • Jenna Williams
    Jenna Williams

    They have coach screaming harder than last time.😭😭

  • Andy Ritchie
    Andy Ritchie

    As always. Tells us what we need to hear 💪💪💪

  • Mr.Mighty

    what does Thor need a Stunt Double for? are not all the action scenes made on cgi? fr

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      Probably a couple scenes that require some sort of agility which you can't expect for rich ass good looking people to perform properly.

  • Danny P
    Danny P

    Greg is popular enough that people are gona think twice before posting rubbish for money. I love that! “Please make sure that is passes Greg’s radar!

  • Rocky Irwin
    Rocky Irwin

    I am 6 foot 4 270lbs and eat 2800 cutting and work 8 hours a day do cardio and lift 3 days a week if I eat more than that I won't lose fat

  • Rocky Irwin
    Rocky Irwin

    I have been a electrician pulling wire for 20 years to get my size naturally and these guys get like that in 8 weeks naturally bullshit

  • Mayce Black
    Mayce Black

    I posted a comment on the @MensHealth article, stating it's bullshit and lies and that roids and sarms got this guy that body that quick. Of course. The post VIOLATED their terms of commenting. Utter fuckwits.

  • Cooney. B
    Cooney. B

    Cousin Greg, you're telling me it wasnt the cookie cutter workout with 15 lb dumbbells & chicken broccoli + rice !?! Man o Man gonna hafta add a Trenbologney Sandwich and hope that works!

  • MIKE Davis
    MIKE Davis

    Man do you use some sort of hair system, couse your fucking hair looks brand new, guess is what happens when you are famous.

  • No Name
    No Name

    More shouting than last time.

  • Simon M
    Simon M

    Love this 😂

  • Lord Chumpington
    Lord Chumpington

    Eating 8-10 times per day, 4000 calories... that isn't a "decent meal", that's 400-500 calories per "meal". That's a snack, 8-10 snacks per day. 1 banana and 1 scoop of whey in a glass of milk. lmao

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      @Lord Chumpington a snack In what regard? How do YOU define a snack? I define a snack something I can grab and eat in a hurry when I don't have time to eat actual food. Anything containing meat and veggies doesn't sound like a snack to me dawg

    • Lord Chumpington
      Lord Chumpington

      @Szelitzky Erick Your example would still be a snack. You are right though, food would matter a lot. If I ate 1 can of tuna (100 cals, 24g ish of protein), 300 calories of cabbage (which is over 1kg of actual cabbage) would be insanely hard to eat.

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      You're eating the wrong food tho' , 400-500 calories can definetely be a meal, just eat 150g of chicken breast with any veggies and your stomach gonna burst.

  • Hugo Campaniço
    Hugo Campaniço


  • Anup Gopinath
    Anup Gopinath

    Only thing “worth” in Chris hemsworth is the high quality HGH and pharmaceutical grade PED he uses. The man goes up and down in size like the S&P500. Can’t blame the stunt double guy trying to keep up with him. I’m also sick of bullshit actors spewing muscle building bullshit. Every one of them including mr.rock is full of this shit.

  • Tim Davis
    Tim Davis

    Great job...from someone that has trained actors for years...all of this is dead on

  • Hendrik Mostert
    Hendrik Mostert

    Photo on the right looks like he's made of plastic.

  • Piotr Jarosz
    Piotr Jarosz

    if u dont care about the views and care just about the true so delete this chanel and make your own website with papers. every follower will be aware of your website and same ammount of people will get the truth. but obviously u won't do it because you care about the views, cos views = money. simple. so stop lying as well ;-)

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      He doesn't care enough to be LYING to us In order to get views, your argument is extremely bullshit. He's got plenty of money and views, more than he would have ever hoped for, he doesn't NEED more, that doesn't mean he shouldn't get more, but wether he gets them or not he won't lie to u.

  • Dirk's Life Advice
    Dirk's Life Advice

    I honestly think that guys body looks like shit. Lol **edit**- his shoulders are too narrow for the size he has and it makes him look smaller to me. Look how close his front delusion are to his neck. Should have just done nothing but deadlifts. I can't stand that bloated looking watery muscle.

  • Ashley Ellyatt
    Ashley Ellyatt

    Love the doc.... keep it real 💯

  • Shane Brashear3
    Shane Brashear3

    says "natural weight"... shouldnt it be "starting/previous" weight, if hes not on stuff? or maybe he said "natural" as a wink to those in the know...

  • NerdDog

    It’s a good day for my doc to shower me with spittle while yelling at me lol

  • Jaumaster 69
    Jaumaster 69


  • Cat

    This is genuinely sad because people will invest in celebrities lies thinking it’ll fix their eating issues or give them gains overnight🥴 nothing replaces hard work and consistency!

  • Thomas Denning
    Thomas Denning

    Hmmm right after more plates made this exact video

  • nomercy

    makin money biased on lies? isnt that like 92% of the world. if not 99%. lmao

  • reaper6725

    Dude is eating 4000 cals with 8-10 meals a day. Thats a range of 400-500 calories. Depending on what he's eating then it's a not a chore

  • June

    I just want it to be known i was here before Jeff got to 4 million.

  • Trenton Hampton
    Trenton Hampton


  • S/V Lusca
    S/V Lusca

    The next Avengers movie featuring Coach the Doc Greg

  • natural juicer nolan 2
    natural juicer nolan 2

    thank you yes

  • Ally Cakes
    Ally Cakes

    I feel that article is all advertising lol Thank you Coach Greg!! Another great video! My lifestyle has changed since following you. Lost 15 pounds and keeping it off! Working to lose 10 more lbs. Not starving and loving what I eat. Thank you!

  • D F
    D F

    Any one remember that dog from "Turner and Hooch"?

  • D F
    D F

    Greg should be Ricky Gervais's replacement on the Golden Globes etc.

  • Anthony Bradshaw
    Anthony Bradshaw

    They are helping us by giving us a 7 day free trial... He knows in 7 days his workout plan will give us all the results we need to see what our body will look like in the future... THOR!!!! gOD OF THUNDER!!! GET YOUR TRIAL STARTED NOW LMAO

  • R G
    R G

    Epic rant, I'm buying your cookbook. I may never use it, but still... deserved!

  • Cranium Titanium Metal Radio Ireland
    Cranium Titanium Metal Radio Ireland

    The 68 dislikes were the centr team and the cast of marvel.

  • Zybba


  • Keff Le Talker
    Keff Le Talker

    5:49 whats that at tristans wrist on the left side?

  • Alexander Cheong
    Alexander Cheong

    Finally I can hear his real voice at 2:23 lol...

  • Samuel Hall
    Samuel Hall

    He looks like a GTA character, and he's deleting any negative comments!

  • Markéta Solnická
    Markéta Solnická

    This is why I love my coach😍

  • Kyle V
    Kyle V

    Make money based on lies? I feel like we should insert a corporate America joke somewhere.

  • Sipping Lemonade
    Sipping Lemonade

    My daughter which is 3 yo ,comes to me ,look at the phone and says : “shhh ,dont shout “ to Coach Greg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I m dying !!! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • John Youngs
    John Youngs

    Money based on lies = the entire Fitness Industry in a nutshell.

  • Joaquin Silva
    Joaquin Silva

    Coach Greg pls do natty or not tom Ellis or Stephen amell

  • SEAKPhotog

    Epic. Thank you!

  • Taylor Doose
    Taylor Doose

    Evil tyrants at HRposts warn election fraud has been debunked even though there is massive evidence of it. Videos of cheaters hauling ballot boxes in middle of the night under desks, affidavits and impossible statistical anomalies , etc etc But this complete lying bullshit has no warning?!! Selective Censorship to influence election is criminal and evil but spewing lies about gaining muscle is fine. HRposts is worst than communist China despots

  • JT Morton
    JT Morton

    You tell em greg

  • Brian Kendall
    Brian Kendall

    "and you're guna fall for it cause you're a freakin moron"!!! HIL, ARIOUS 😂 😂 😂 Get 'em Greg!!! ... "BULLSHIT" 😂😂😂

  • Victor K
    Victor K

    I get how people get into this lies but you are just wasting your money on this bull

  • Patrick

    You're really yelling at us today dr Greg lol You're right though. He's roided up

  • Luke Hurren
    Luke Hurren

    You tell em Greg

  • James Beavis
    James Beavis

    17.5 % lol

  • James Beavis
    James Beavis

    Love Derek love Greg :)

  • Mr Sameh
    Mr Sameh

    I allready knew this so shut the hell up greg, youre a moron! but hey, awesome video, call them out, fuck those guys! you are awesome greg :)

  • Mr Meldrew
    Mr Meldrew

    The trick is to stuff the broccoli inside the chicken.

  • paarth jain
    paarth jain

    I dont remember being a part of the team. it says world's best 😂😂🤣🤣

  • image13

    Coach Greg is one of the most entertaining person on HRposts, he always cracks me up when he's upset... I'm glad that he calls out all these liars

  • Lou Ponds
    Lou Ponds

    It's truly astounding that they can continue to get away with spreading misinformation like that. Keep up the good fight Coach! Stop these liars from spreading false shit!

  • Oggsy Unwin
    Oggsy Unwin

    If I were to eat 4000 calories per day i would probably loose weight...

  • Ancient deception
    Ancient deception

    Most people actually believe the shit in that article. It’s insane. The average person has no clue

  • Davids K677
    Davids K677

    Who is Steve Editor?

  • Pranav Tiwari
    Pranav Tiwari


  • Christian Morera
    Christian Morera

    Algorithm comment