Chloe Ting || WHAT SHE EATS IN A DAY - Irresponsible? Misleading?
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  • Gainstician

    whoa whoa whoa coach.....I eat around 4k calories a day.....Oh yea but I'm not lean

  • Lexy Lipovec
    Lexy Lipovec

    Egg yellow

  • XX

    AB workout at home 15 min. is a great title and promote exercise. BUT then she adds '' get flat belly fast '' get ripped fast''.. wtf. Shes even worse than Vshred because she got almost 18m SUBS!!!!!

  • XX

    17.8M subs and is spitting out BS.. idk how thats even ........... WHAT. How can you spit lies into the camera with almost 18m SUBS.. 18M!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!

  • TJ Adventures
    TJ Adventures

    My daughter was watching her for exercise. Ahhh. No...

  • Emanuelle Schnyder
    Emanuelle Schnyder

    Can you do a review of Pamela Reif videos? Thx ❤️❤️

  • Everglade

    Maybe it's because I'm vegan / whole food plant based, but contrary to what Greg says, that does not look like big portions to me. I mean, he makes it sound like kabocha squash and tofu have tons of calories, hmmm definitely not, they're actually low calorie dense foods...Sure, more calories than non starchy vegetables, but you're not going to eat only veggies because they're lowest in calorie density, are you?

  • Eternal Boundlessness
    Eternal Boundlessness

    I knew a guy who literally ate anything he wanted. Because he was an enormous bodybuilder who worked out every day and cycled constantly.

  • Who wants to know?
    Who wants to know?

    Yeah the short workouts are misleading, I think. When I was pregnant with my first baby I was suddenly geared into exercising to maintain a healthy weight gain and did steady state cardio plus about 20 minutes of pilates five days a week, sometimes six. That got me a flat belly after I had the baby and amazing energy. But Chloe's ten minutes workout wouldn't have given me that.

  • Euge Limón
    Euge Limón

    Hey Coach I have a question, I don't know if you will answer this, it's ok if you don't want to. My question is, to include protein powder in meals, we need to be in a certain weight, we need to ask our doctors before or we just can add them? Thank you and btw you have a new suscriber~! 😁👍

  • Kat

    The sad thing is that most of her followers are underaged girls or young adults that believe everything she says

  • Can't Anime?
    Can't Anime?

    i know you can buy egg whites seperate, but if you buy normal eggs , what do you do with the egg yolk, if you dont want to waste it.

  • Grace

    Thanks Coach. But to say Chloe Ting doesn't do a lot of exercise is not true. Chloe is actually stronger than she looks. So she definitely lifts weights. And I think she burns more calories making her workout videos. But you're right tho. She should talk more about calorie deficit. She has a large audience now. She should seriously consider getting a formal education on fitness.

  • Blade Anobis Rah
    Blade Anobis Rah

    Only Stephanie Buttermore was eating all the food and as a result, she was looking like Gerdi in no time

  • Aria Dream
    Aria Dream

    actually chloe ting have workout programs which can take you up to 1hr a day or more and she says in all her videos that we should be doing a lot of cardio

  • Phil Gendron
    Phil Gendron

    She is fine tho !!!!

  • Sarah Klostermair
    Sarah Klostermair

    I'm feeling full just by looking at that amount of food! :O

  • Neil Solanki
    Neil Solanki

    her body is average asian genetics

    • Neil Solanki
      Neil Solanki

      @Aditi Shenai idk im indian and am pretty fit dont make excuses

    • Aditi Shenai
      Aditi Shenai

      East Asian as Indians don't have that lottery. I literally gained 10 kilos in quarantine 😞

  • Katie •
    Katie •

    Tape worm has entered the chat

  • V I
    V I

    Come on, how is that a lot of food? Those 4 waffles aren't even big.. Should have done better research, coach. Chloe works out a lot actually...

  • Polish Pimp
    Polish Pimp

    No one is watching this girl for workout advice they are watching her cause she is attractive. Let's be real.

  • Zack Zavage
    Zack Zavage

    Let's be real and simple here. Half of the people watching Chloe Ting are either men getting off watching an attractive girl - that looks underage but isn't- stuffing things into her mouth. The other half being overweight women who are getting off watching skinny, attractive girls eating a bunch of food. Ain't nobody watching this girl for quality, educational information.

  • Graphic Monster
    Graphic Monster

    why am I so pissed off watching her do this???

  • Chem major
    Chem major

    i second the "will tennyson should eat like this for a day" suggestion

  • Thor Jake
    Thor Jake

    Why has no one corrected coach about how to pronounce the name Chloe???

  • Test

    Hhm, I quickly punched in her foods into cronometer and allowed for 2 tablespoon of olive oil to land on her plate each lunch & dinner. The oil, followed by tofu & the pasta contribute the most calories but the rest is very low calorie density food, only volume .(okay, forgot about the eggs). I calculated 1600-1800 calories for that day which is not excessive in my eyes. Might be too much for smaller women to loose weight effectively especially when following her easy workouts. I easily eat those volumes every day because it is low calorie dense food. Prefer to add calories (and protein) in the form of seeds & nuts and avocados and legumes and to stay away from refined oil . Geeze, when I make a stir-from bok choi, mushrooms, onions & e.g mungbean sprouts or broccoli I eat the whole wok! 🤣 (Female, 123 pounds, working out 3-4 times a week, more ambitious than Chloe I have to say. )


    Vitamin K helps in the process of ChloeTing of blood

  • liv ics
    liv ics

    But you didn't went on nuttyfittness while she says she has good genetics and that's all I wonder why this double standard 🙄 And actually she eats low carb because that pumpkin at lunch was not a whole lot, plus the carbs from the breakfast that were more but for sure after that she got some exercise. She is actually eating very good because she eats a lot of low carb veggies so ofc she can eat as much as she wants out of them You should let a R.D. break out her meal, you're not qualified why don't you stick to what u r qualified for? 🙄

  • Heen Ahmed
    Heen Ahmed

    1 your voice is really annoying 2 she is free to do whatever she wants and what's the rush? this isn't a race of who looks better and stuff

    • Aditi Shenai
      Aditi Shenai

      That's not the point of the video. He is trying to say the portion she is eating and telling ppl to eat who r trying to lose weight is way more than needed. He is not nitpicking her. He is just telling how she didn't calculate the calories properly

  • Willow Winkle
    Willow Winkle

    I got on this channel from a Chloe Ting video a long time ago and discovered you actually understand nutrition and science and I just love your content now. Still, I think you're kind of hard on "Clo Ting" about a couple of things. Yeah she uses click-baity titles (like Coach Greg) but tells people you're NOT getting abs in 10 mins. Also a lot of her work out programs are multiple-exercises per day plus cardio and are 45 mins to an hour and aren't that easy. I actually got a lot more fit and lost a lot of weight doing her free workouts. I think they're great for beginners because they appeal to people starting slow but then ramp up in difficulty. BUT you're right about the portion sizes and how she should be more clear about how much a person should eat - (and her recipe site needs LOTS of work) --- Also, if you make all three of these meals on her site which lists them as being 2 servings each (using 1 tbs oil in the tofu, and 1 cup spaghetti in the shrimp, 1 cup plain yogurt in the waffles ...- all unlisted quantities which is awful) and you eat one of the two servings, it's 2024 calories for the day. Which is NOT a calorie deficit or even a maintenance caloric intake for a tiny person Chloe Ting's height and weight (and i know because we're about the same size!!) That might be a caloric deficit for a lot of men or tall women though! Coach Greg or Will Tennyson could eat that and be just fine.

  • Carrie Garner
    Carrie Garner

    This is why I watch coach Greg, other you tubers mislead u into thinking u can eat like them and then when u do u gain weight. I stopped watching nuttyfoodiefitness and others like her.

    • Eternal Boundlessness
      Eternal Boundlessness

      If I was congress I'd deport anyone who calls themselves a 'foodie'

  • lyz

    Please review Linda Sun's what i eat in a day videos

  • Boitumelo Maseko
    Boitumelo Maseko

    She's definitely not eating all that food. You can see from her face even, she looks uncomfortable


    He dragged her to filth 💀

  • Tanaz Faiza
    Tanaz Faiza

    Please cover a video on Linda Sun.

  • Parth Shah
    Parth Shah

    Watching that portion size is making me sick.

  • Satya Pandya
    Satya Pandya

    greg arent u being a little too harsh ??

  • Paige Gruen
    Paige Gruen

    Her workout schedules include up to an hour of working out per day. As someone who is just starting out, her workouts are pretty hard. I don't follow her recipes, I just follow her challenges and they have been making me stronger.

    • Paige Gruen
      Paige Gruen

      @Eternal Boundlessness good for you, don't shit on others just because you wanted to push yourself as hard as you did. Her workouts are hard, I just don't have the time for 2 hours a day because I have a job and other responsibilities. These workouts are hard for those who are first starting out and don't want to get burnt out and hate working out when they first start so they can build healthy habits. Instead of judging others and what they decide to do differently from you, focus on yourself.

    • Eternal Boundlessness
      Eternal Boundlessness

      When I first started out I did two hours of failure split isolation weight training (for hypertrophy) every day, and three hours of cardio a week, plus five sets of twenty five crunches every single day. This is from being a computer nerd. How out of shape are people that her workouts are tough? People are just mentally soft and lazy. I also gained almost 10lbs of muscle in six months. Much better than 'getting a bit stronger'. If you are going to do it, don't do it half assed. Push yourself and maximize your potential. I have decently mesomorphic-ectomorphic genes and a ton of physical and mental energy naturally, but if I didn't that'd be all the more reason to work even harder. I train and eat like an actual bodybuilder, even though I have no use for physical strength and already have a hot wife.

  • Paige Gruen
    Paige Gruen

    She is lactose intolerant so she doesn't use cows milk very often

  • Thelma

    Even when he's commending her, he sounds so annoyed 😂😂😂

  • Fernando Castro
    Fernando Castro

    Do pamela reif

  • Elizabeth

    Those amounts all look like 3 times what I can eat in a sitting

  • Spencer Eccles
    Spencer Eccles

    "and appeals to-" The male gaze? "-the mainstream media" Oh

  • yuen ting Fung
    yuen ting Fung

    Am I the only one who don’t think that is that much of food? If she is not snacking in between meals then she can definitely finish up those food. I am 5ft, something close to Chloe I guess, and I can definitely eat all those and be content. Yet I do agree that portion is not for weight loss

    • Aditi Shenai
      Aditi Shenai

      It isn't too much but it has high calories which will make gain a lot of weight unless u workout like a pro athlete as Chloe Ting

  • John Bielenda
    John Bielenda

    Come on, eat the shrimp.......i want to

  • 5wisher 5weet
    5wisher 5weet


  • Daniella Joy
    Daniella Joy

    “REGULAR A** MILK!” 😂😂😂! Have you gotten comments on how to find the brand Regular A** Milk yet? 😅

  • sikwitIt69

    She has a shitload of followers because..well look at her.

  • Joe Sparks
    Joe Sparks


  • Joe Sparks
    Joe Sparks

    The only youtuber I saw eat the food he said he was going to eat was will tennyson he ate every plate of food on camera ate like bryan shaw for a day mod t youtube people are click bate

  • Joe Sparks
    Joe Sparks

    I can Actually eat what I want and do have abs but I am on gear mixed with cardarine and yohimbe but these social media people do these videos for views not to show what they eat.

  • Maddie Fishblob
    Maddie Fishblob

    Ok initially I thought the portions were big, but not MONSTER sized - like idk something you might eat as a cheat on a really really hungry day....but then I looked it up and she’s 5’1 and under 115lbs 😆 idk how’d she fit it in, unless she got REVERSE gastric bypass surgery to...stretch out her stomach more 🕶🤏

  • Soopa Doopa
    Soopa Doopa

    Never heard of her, dont plan to know her lol

  • Kevin Wakli Fitness
    Kevin Wakli Fitness

    Chloe Ting has left the chats!!!

  • Bryan R
    Bryan R

    So I did half a marathon and burned around 1400 calories, im a 5'9 man who can probably eat around 2000ish calories to maintain my body. So you are saying there's a girl out there that can eat 4k calories and look skinny? Is she running more than a half marathon each day. Doubt it lmao

  • Ellix Rose
    Ellix Rose

    The portion sizes are what my boyfriend and me are eating combined and I think we're eating a lot and are tall. Thanks Coach Greg for detecting the bs

  • Ashley Michelle
    Ashley Michelle

    Does anyone know if Greg has a video on being ravenously hungry after cardio? I’ve been trying to do an hour of cardio a day but then I go over my calories

  • pessumpower

    Honestly, that doesn't look like too many calories. lunch is mosltly vegetables, breakfast was homemake lower calorie waffles and dinner looks like 3 bites of pasta, probably about 50-60g dry, the camera might make it look a little bit bigger, but she probably can lose weight eating like that with some cardio.

  • CarolineFemme

    I'm a 'slim' female and I eat much more than that a day, I honestly think she could easily finish these meals! I don't think she's lying about her food intake, if anything I think she exercises much more daily than her '10 min workouts', hence why she has an appetite. The 'lose weight' title was simply click bait (not saying that's right), but she's surely just sitting at maintenance here?

    • CarolineFemme

      @Eternal Boundlessness Nah i'm actually more on the muscular side from weight training not skinny fat, and definitely not exaggerating I have a huge appetite haha :) If all she did was her '10 min bodyweight workouts' then yeah she probably wouldn't eat much but if you watch some of Chloes other videos you can see she actually goes to the gym and lifts weights. I still think people are getting mixed up with her doing barely any exercise and then lying about eating, when in reality those videos are just for views. She actually trains at the gym and therefore has a normal/maintenance diet and appetite.

    • Eternal Boundlessness
      Eternal Boundlessness

      In my experience most people do not accurately report their own diet and exaggerate it for feelings. I suspect that's true of her and you, and I also wonder at your definition of slim is and whether you are just skinnyfat and devoid of muscles. You know that you can be 110lbs and obese?

    • MakeupbybellaBeauty 24
      MakeupbybellaBeauty 24

      That what I think to 🤔

  • Mai Baptiste
    Mai Baptiste

    Greg her lunch was all veggies lol. Low in calories..

  • Michelle

    I’m 115lbs 5’1, and I lift and do cardio, around 4 times a week. I also eat the same amount as her tbh, but I wouldn’t call this my losing weight diet, maybe a maintenance. Her lunch seems high volume low calorie though, no?

  • Humble and Grateful
    Humble and Grateful

    You’re so right on with this about the females and their eating disorders. Social media has turned many people to have zero integrity.

  • Dude Rick
    Dude Rick


  • Zofia Zalewska
    Zofia Zalewska

    I eat much more than she and I may say that I’m leaner that she🥲

  • Zofia Zalewska
    Zofia Zalewska

    That’s so triggering for people with ED...

  • Zofia Zalewska
    Zofia Zalewska

    This stack of waffles is not that huge tho...

    • Zofia Zalewska
      Zofia Zalewska

      @Eternal Boundlessness maybe, but if it was the case, why don’t I gain weight?

    • Eternal Boundlessness
      Eternal Boundlessness

      Maybe you're used to overeating.

  • Kylie Jones
    Kylie Jones

    Chloe. Rhymes with snowy. You're welcome, Chloe. 😀👍

  • Sidd Lifestyle&Travel
    Sidd Lifestyle&Travel

    9:26 Merijn😂😂

  • Citizen762

    Let me help the doctor out with his Symantec’s. A little misleading = A fukin liar 😂

  • Adam

    At the end, she was legit playing with her food. That's a sign she was full, and if it did get cold, probably becuase she got full a long time ago.

  • C Rodrieguez
    C Rodrieguez

    Coach Greg I know you like cardio but I only do home workouts atm and have been only using her no jumping cardio routine as my cardio do you have any recommendations or is it okay?

  • Andrew Prince
    Andrew Prince

    Coach Greg instead of regular A$$ milk try Fair Life milk. It tastes the same and has a way better protein to calories ratio.

  • dannistar17

    Five out of Seven days a week, at 5'8", I eat about 1500 - 1700 calories a day. I only work out a half hour-ish 4 of those days. The other 2 days a week I eat about 1800-2000 calories a day. I eat a lot of veg and a lot of proteins. About 500-600 calories a meal. I often eat until I am full. And I enjoy it. Anabolic and dense. I also really don't snack. I don't feel the need to as I eat enough proteins and fats, so I am not hungry between meals. How she eats can be very real for people that are active as she suggests. Not saying she lives like this, but if you work out smart and eat a lot of dense foods, it can be realistic. Almond milk is great. I use it in coffee, in eggs, and in smoothies with yoghurt. Still have to get the protein and nutrients in. Sayin.

  • James Robert Clark III
    James Robert Clark III

    I like how she was "surprised," by the banana flour 😂

  • emily hazle
    emily hazle

    if you go to her website all those videos are organized into 1 hour - 2 hour workouts per day for a month

  • 11Rex

    God bless Greg. He's not what the world wanted, he's what we needed in the world. Thanks for exposing reality for what it is, not what people want it to be.

  • WhiteDraqon

    Oat milk: 37kcal per 100ml (her exact oat milk) Regular ass milk from raped and exploited cows: semi skimmed 50kcal, full fat 66kcal and skimmed 35kcals.... greg, you are full of shit :D

  • Jamie Maxcold
    Jamie Maxcold

    I weigh twice a much as her and no way I could eat all of that food.

  • WhiteDraqon

    ,,Is it bad to have whole egg? Of course not, because I do not care about animals and the fact that chickens/hens being exploited and then murdered so I can enjoy their period eggs. All the goodness while I pay for this to happeen! Yum!'' - Dr. Greg PS Greg just do not say you love animals tho lol, and we good.

  • Zauza Salwa
    Zauza Salwa

    you should do a vid about emi wong.. I think some of her exercises are stupid

  • A T
    A T

    Actually I believe she eats like that, but I don't believe she is doing just those short excercises she is posting. I actually think she is saying in her videos sometimes that she does more excercise. I like her excercise videos though and if her plan is followed, it's a combination of a few videos, so it's not just 10 min at the end of the day. If her program is followed it adds up to 30-40 minutes a day, which for a beginner isn't bad🤷🏼‍♀️.

  • RH M
    RH M

    But... but... she is so cute...!

  • Gregorio Vazquez Jr
    Gregorio Vazquez Jr

    Tenison challenged!

  • Karen Garcia
    Karen Garcia

    Wow 😯

  • Jenny long
    Jenny long

    You seem to be one of the few you tubers that actually puts it all out there, as in you tell it like it is. Some people like to be lied to. They dont actually want to do the work & are convinced there is a short cut...... there isnt. alot of people just lie. That irks me. Dont lie! I'd rather hear the truth no matter how hard than a lie.

  • Koda C
    Koda C

    "egg yellow". I've never heard that before.

  • Elise Nieuwe
    Elise Nieuwe

    I've seen whole food plant based vegans eat bigger portions, while being smaller then she is. So yes, I believe this. I know this exists for 100% sure. She's not eating that much calories at all. All that tofu, even if it's 250 gram it's only 300 calories. And the vegetables isn't much either. Even with oil it's under 600. The first meal was 500-600. Third meal isn't over 600 calories either. So she ate between 1.600-1.800. Nothing crazy at all. She looks like she exercises more then the 10 minutes she does in her video and she is Asian. Asian people have on average a faster metabolism. They can eat more without gaining weight. So yes, I believe this. It wasn't half as shocking as I expected it to be. I've seen way crazier portion sizes from whole food vegans that were thin and they actually ate like that.

    • Eternal Boundlessness
      Eternal Boundlessness

      Anecdotal evidence is worthless. Give me a repeated scientific study or STFU. Why don't normies understand how actual knowledge works? Some shit 'you saw one time' only convinces idiots like you.

    • Hittdogg 17
      Hittdogg 17

      You're ignorant... plenty of Asians overweight.. it's because the way MOST Asian people eat is the reason they are thin..

  • Robert C
    Robert C

    so sick of all these fitness youtubers demonizing dairy. love that coach greg calls it out.

    • Robert C
      Robert C

      @Eternal Boundlessness dairy are staple foods all over india, latin america, europe, russia, middle east, etc. not just that but people of european heritage are the least likely to be lactose intolerant yet the vast majority of fitness youtubers claim to be intolerant. i believe the problem is that most influencers have eating disorders. if you dig far enough into their video history you will find this out yourself. dairy is a trigger food for them so they just cut it out entirely.

    • Eternal Boundlessness
      Eternal Boundlessness

      Much of the human race is lactose intolerant, man. Like entire populations in Asia. Dairy is great, I can eat all I want, but people who don't come from cattle cultures are incapable of properly digesting it.

  • Alex Black
    Alex Black

    do a video on bpc157

  • JimmyJJ

    Coach you are right 99.7% of the time... But I think she could eat those meals. Breakfast was the only one that looked big to me, she might have been lying on that one. Lunch was quite a bit of volume but lowish calorie density. Dinner was kinda small.

    • JimmyJJ

      @Elise right exactly. A big buddha bowl made up of 60%+ fibrous veggies should be right up Greg's alley! Low calorie density, you can happily stuff your face as long as you aren't loading on oil and/or fatty/sugary condiments

    • Elise

      Same. I've seen smaller people eat more. Especially whole food vegans. They can eat enormous high fiber portions and be super thin. Even when you calculate the calories she wasn't eating that much at all. Under 2.000 still. And looking at how she looks, she exercises. So she would burn that energy as well.

  • Shahid Khan
    Shahid Khan

    C.G. is right once again. I'm a 39 y. o. man and i use to lift weight 15 years ago, always been underweight and did not count calories at that time, just ate as normal. And got muscles and did not look fat. Medium body fat %-age. Stopped working out, 15 years later, lost allot of weight. Under weight again. Thought to starting lifting again 2018. Did not have the same urge for food, needed a guidance so i started following "My fitness pal". It said to eat 3500 cal/day. Only got fatter with a bigger stomach, skinny with a stomach, that did not look good. So i started to listen to C.G. He says you only need to eat around 100 cals over your maintenance. So now I'm eating 50 cals less every month not to loose too much muscle mass. Now I'm down to 2600-2650 cal/day. Going to try to go down to 2500 (-50 cal/month) and see those results? Thanks to C.G. i feel lighter, can lift almost more, and do not feel so heavy during my workouts like i did when i ate more. This make me wanna buy C.G. cookbook 2.0. Oh by the way, C. G. is right once again, she does NOT eat all that food. And she is not doing enough cardio to burn that shit off, because you can see who does what in their personal life in the their personality. This girl does not do what she says. Shes an actor. Thanks C.G. Keep it up, and keep it coming. Blessings.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for illuminating the I can eat what o want not workout and look like this lie ❤️ we need more influences like you!

  • Gabriella Gulyás
    Gabriella Gulyás

    She’s a cute girl and I used to like her workouts when I didn’t really wanna do a whole workout just some 20 minute exercising, some abs or something, so it’s good for that. I still do some of her stretching or abs sessions sometimes. But nowadays I workout more than I used to, every day and I’m always looking for more challenging workouts and recently I found Caroline Girvan who has soo killer workouts, I love her!!!💯❤️ Wish you’d do a review on her !!🤩

    • Gabriella Gulyás
      Gabriella Gulyás

      @Callista Glover yess Madfit is great too, I just did a low-impact HIIT from her last week:) I can also recommend Heather Robertson, Mr & Mrs Muscle and Fitness Marshall's (he has dance cardio videos) HRposts channel if you want to find more variety of workouts:) they have a lot of low-impact, HIIT and lifting workouts too, shorter and longer ones!! And if you improve your fitness and want to try more challenging ones along the way, definitely try Caroline's workouts!! :D

    • Callista Glover
      Callista Glover

      I like MadFit for shorter workouts, and Lily Sabri has some good shorter workouts and longer ones, but right now I can only workout about 45 minutes a day because I’m just getting back into exercising.

  • Victoria Hunter
    Victoria Hunter

    I eat no more than 1550 calories and I lose weight. Her channel is fake as hell. 🤣

  • Aaron M
    Aaron M

    These are large portions? I may want to switch to competitive eating...

  • projektbrot

    I was tracking a bad day of eating before I began becoming serious about calories and such. And I gobbled down 3200 cal. I was mortified. No wonder I carried so much fat and was nowhere near lean.... No Fucking way she can eat all that and be lean. No way. Her workouts are nowhere near as challenging as Caroline girvan's for example.

  • ShervMidi

    Shes like 5 ft too

  • Canadian Renegade
    Canadian Renegade

    This isn't necessarily directly related to the video but every single person I know who is or was underweight and claimed to eat a lot of food was full of shit. Usually it was chronic undereating with occasional large or binge meals.

  • J. Hernandez
    J. Hernandez

    Greg @6:46 😂 fucking classic

  • Beasty Familia
    Beasty Familia

    Fair life low fat milk is perfect for things like this haha