Brian Shaw NOW following the circle diet?
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  • hva faen skal jeg hete
    hva faen skal jeg hete

    Brian Shaw was 450-460 pounds at his heaviest now he is 380-385 pounds impressive but he should eat more fruit and vegetables and add cardio to his workout plan

  • runningpancakes

    At least bison won't go extinct now ^^"

  • RF Johns
    RF Johns

    At 39 he just has to stay in top ten in WSM finals that depends how they pick participants but his chances for a win are virtually near zero.

  • Arif Ramli
    Arif Ramli

    can we change our set point ?

  • Fire God
    Fire God

    I think balance work does a lot to help prevent injuries. Especially for athletes doing sports that are higher risk for knee damage (skiing, soccer, strongman, etc.) Pointless for physique as noted though. Great video as always.

  • Vailos

    Greg youre an amazing Guy and i would realy love to try your cook book but not for 149$. I am a professional Chef and even Pro Cook books arent that expensive. Even 3 Star Chef books are only at 100$ 120$ at most. And thats an equivalent what engineers or doctors need for studying. Aren´t there ways to get your book for a more realistic price?

  • Derek Conti
    Derek Conti

    12:36 lmao

  • Jovel Williams
    Jovel Williams

    Brian looks 290 now he lost a lot of muscle especially the width.

  • Ian Mai
    Ian Mai

    Listening to coach Greg on 2x speed is a test of will power...

  • Callum “Kredonystus” Ballantyne
    Callum “Kredonystus” Ballantyne

    I have been following you for a long time now and you have some great information. That changed today. To say that cardio is more important that the bicep is not just bad information it's dangerous. How will I ever procreate and pass on my genes, as we are genetically designed to do, if I don't have 24 inch arms.

  • joshua lecour
    joshua lecour

    Brian updates the folks on his health, Greg turns it around and shits on him using his own video. Slick and dirty because he’ll get Brian’s followers viewing his videos.

  • budadi

    I would buy the fking cookbok if I could afford it. Damn it XD Doing my chickenshakes harder than last time untill then.

  • Matthew Niemann
    Matthew Niemann

    Great video. Helpful advice.

  • chris rocco
    chris rocco


  • P Louden
    P Louden

    what an annoying piece of human waste

  • Andrei Popescu
    Andrei Popescu

    Was not expecting that jab on Athlean X 😂

  • Garrett Carlson
    Garrett Carlson

    Coach Greg, I see what you are saying about his transformation and not needing to change his training. I agree. He wants to change his training not for weight loss but to become more agile. Quicker. He was built to do slower movements for slower more powerful events. World's strongest man has changed events from being super heavy to who can move it the fastest. That is why he is changing training. Getting leaner and quicker.

  • Pieter-Jan Hoon
    Pieter-Jan Hoon

    sure, your cookbook is cool and all, but it's calories in calories out. if I eat everything in your cookbook, or even 10% a day, I will be obese. and I know this, because Dr Greg told me this,


    Greg’s starting to do more videos hating just because wrong, like his way is the only way to do things, and all this amazing genetics, I think Greg has slightly better than average genetics that’s it

  • Chitrak Chattopadhyay
    Chitrak Chattopadhyay

    We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too. some people like it hard, some people like eating dirt, easy bores them.

  • John Bielenda
    John Bielenda

    No hrt......sorer than last time........

  • o o
    o o

    The cod’s from the Rock diet. He probably watched Jujimufu and Tom’s channel.

  • FILAY Bull
    FILAY Bull

    Greg: importanter

  • Marquis G. Motivates
    Marquis G. Motivates

    Here we go with that Quadruple B “Bosu Ball Balance Bullshit” 😂

  • Paul Lee
    Paul Lee

    There is a real lack of strongman knowledge here. I think maybe it’s a bit disingenuous. “He hasn’t done work like this for a long while, but clearly he doesn’t need to as he is Worlds strongest man. “ Well duh, he has not won in a long while. Secondly, of course strongmen do. Cardio. Have you have run back and forth carrying heavy objects(yes RUNNING) or pulled a 25 ton truck? Takes good cardio. And of course, Brian is reducing weight to get better at the moving events, it’s not about lifestyle changes and health. Deliberately misleading.

  • mikkoj1977

    I call bullshit to the part that Heart is more important then Testicals..

  • Mathew Xu
    Mathew Xu

    I like it how he just randomly attacked Jeff Cavalier from his 22 inch bicep workout 😂

  • RavioliBandit

    Coach! You should do an Anabolic BBQ when you hit 1 million subs!

  • RavioliBandit

    Has he done a video on what pds Brian takes??

  • Jeff_loses2win

    Just bought the ultimate bundle from Dr greg so excited 🤘🤘

  • Smitty Werben Jagerman Jensen
    Smitty Werben Jagerman Jensen

    I got both of Dr. Greg's cookbooks. But it doesn't matter. Can't even afford the ingredients lol.

  • J Ram
    J Ram

    Brian shaw moves too slow , that has cost him more points than anything in strongman the last few years

  • Roaming Richies
    Roaming Richies

    Cousin Greg 2021 "heart is more importanter than biceps"

  • Alex Black
    Alex Black

    do a video on bpc157

  • Ex Caliber
    Ex Caliber

    But my girlfriend always tell me what I need to hear not what I want to hear 👀

  • El Niño
    El Niño

    Brian is dumb lol

  • Alex w
    Alex w

    we get it ur right and he’s not no one cares be a good midget and mind ur own business!

  • Robert Lee Sepeda
    Robert Lee Sepeda

    Why not just send him a cookbook uncle Greg?

  • bejipwns

    Please bring back....... THERES A DIRECT CORRELATION.....

  • Isha

    🤣🤣🤣 this guy is so funny

  • Kb Maher
    Kb Maher

    "I sustained my diet" 5 seconds later : i made changes to my diet to be able to sustain it ahahahah

  • B D N
    B D N

    What happened with my body I didn’t change diet or anything, drank the same amount of water but lost 5 pounds

  • Dimitar Stanev
    Dimitar Stanev

    coach is off the hrt???

  • naraicks

    Brian is doing this primarily to gain movement and speed in order to stay competitive in WSM as its shifting from brute strength events to a more athletic competition. WSM 2020 was a wake up call for him, he was badly beaten by a much smaller lighter competitor.

  • Mike Jornlin
    Mike Jornlin

    The lovechild of Bradley Martyn and Gilbert Gottfried

  • erik kveen
    erik kveen

    I weigh my self Monday and Friday after I go to the bathroom In the morning some days I’m 228 some days I’m 233 it all depends but I came from 294

  • Shane Reardon
    Shane Reardon

    The cookbook is very easy to customize. I take your donuts and spread em on a square container and bake it for 30 mins instead. cut em into 6 pieces, 25g protein chocolate banana bread brownie. lovely.

  • Mad Ashell
    Mad Ashell

    Malt vinegar??

  • Nonimportant Creature
    Nonimportant Creature

    Is electric impedance accurate for fat percentage ?

  • Cihat Doğan
    Cihat Doğan

    More strong circles than last time !!


    Can anyone tell me why greg is off hrt

  • Mukul Singh Bisht
    Mukul Singh Bisht

    shaw leaner than last time

  • T&A Fitness
    T&A Fitness

    Dear Dr. Greg, why did you get off HRT?

  • Pedro Duarte
    Pedro Duarte

    When did Coach Greg come off HRT and why?

  • family guy here
    family guy here

    Brian shaw trening harder than last time !!

  • Charlie Saunders
    Charlie Saunders

    Why did you come off HRT?

  • Wouter k
    Wouter k

    Stop repeating, make the videos shorter, shorter than last time. Should fit you well GD.

  • Rohan Garud
    Rohan Garud

    Nathaniel massiah natty or not?

  • NerdDog

    Ah, sensei Greg you push too far. Big man crush like hulk.

  • João Neves
    João Neves

    Brian Shaw may have a lot of mental strenght but he just doesn't know enough about dieting and doesn't seem to accept advice about it

  • Mark D
    Mark D

    Brian Shaw: a circle so big he's actually a sphere

  • Ian Peter
    Ian Peter

    you and brian shaw should make a video together! little manlet vs goliath 😂

  • Michael Mayers
    Michael Mayers

    Maybe i should full body traning oe full upper and lower so inhabe more free time outside the gym

  • TwitchyRichie

    ‘it’s an inanimate object, like your pet dog!’ Wait.... Rover is dead??

  • FrankHamel

    Teaching men’s fashion and now Brian Shaw... Coach Greg making more friends than last time.

  • demonicinfusion

    What did I miss? Why is coach off HRT?

  • Clint Granger
    Clint Granger

    Why is Coach off of HRT? I haven’t seen him mention it before.

  • Raymakers Calisthenics
    Raymakers Calisthenics

    Maybe I'm missing something, but did you decide to not do HRT anymore?

  • Chris P Duck
    Chris P Duck

    Brian Balance BullshitShaw

  • "Harder Than Last Time"
    "Harder Than Last Time"

    Off HRT????? Super keen to see a vid about what you have to say about that? Is it a temporary thing????


    More circler than last time

  • Phil Supremo
    Phil Supremo

    Buy his friggin’ cookbook!!!!!!!!!

  • jiorts

    for some it works better when they are forced to do it

  • Nutrition Nerd
    Nutrition Nerd

    MORE IMPORTANT'er Than Last Time! 1:42

  • RexAppeal

    How do I progressively overload walking? Only type of cardio I enjoy 😩

  • lucas whire
    lucas whire

    You don’t have to change your training, but adding more cardio will help drastically 🤷🏼‍♂️ thats a big change for Brian

  • Czechbound

    Let's take a moment to give respect to that stair machine. 400lbs pounding on you ... Respect :)

  • TJCheese

    Some people don't have enough money to be eating like your cookbook. That's why they choose to eat dirt.

  • Jugg Dekaprio
    Jugg Dekaprio

    385 he don't even look like the beautiful creatures at Walmart 😇

  • Sven Stromblaad
    Sven Stromblaad

    I hear the same in a lot of my coaches videos, but on the other side of the world, the cost of a lot of the food in the cookbook is not sustainable. It costs 14$ to get some zero cal syrup here. Shiritake noodles are$3 a serving. high volume low cal foods more expensive than last time

  • peter griffin
    peter griffin

    It's like watching a Jacked richard simonds 40 years later. WTF

  • Αδωνης

    greg sees an opportunity to train the worlds strongest man greg insists on it while giving good info greg is smart be like greg

  • Mateo Restrepo
    Mateo Restrepo

    Greg looks smaller

  • Luis Centeno
    Luis Centeno

    Thanks doctor ❤️

  • Lucas Santos
    Lucas Santos

    Your off HRT!!!!! I was thinking about doing the same thing I waited my whole life to do steroids then I turned 30 and I was like ehhhh let’s play in the middle and do Trt... I gained 20 pounds aged 5 years in the face smashed a lot of PRs and my dick worked better but I’m not sold...can’t wait for the vid Greg love the content

  • 李蕎安

    12:37 Jeff Cav.💀

  • Zulkifli Zhang
    Zulkifli Zhang

    Pls make a video about how to become greg doucette without PEDs

  • 李蕎安

    8:02 But b careful A B SHARK might😬

  • SlipperyTube

    I love my diet right now, I don’t eat anything , lay in bed all day shitting myself with a fever. Guess that’s what a natural crash diet looks like 😩

  • Michael R
    Michael R

    23 minutes!?!? Hockey pucks!

  • Daniel Baker
    Daniel Baker

    I love coach Greg but I don't think he truly understands Brian. The man is the specimen of all specimens

  • BRZ Dan
    BRZ Dan

    Coach Greg looks zooted in every video 😂 still providing high quality content.

  • Scottytohawty

    how do you know what your genetic set point is?

  • Charles Junior
    Charles Junior

    How long do you plan to stay off TRT?


    Wait, coach Greg is natural now?

  • Farah Pitcher
    Farah Pitcher

    Holy shit thats a huge fruit bowl behind Greg, not sure if it's been in the background of other videos but I just noticed it

  • Michael Spezio
    Michael Spezio

    Does your cook book help you gain weight 🤔and also is the food not to expensive

  • Evan

    I’m 155 i’ve eaten 5-6k calories and 120+ grams of protein a day for a few months now along with a ton of lifting only gained 10 pounds shit is depressing bro

  • DDdastard06

    12:37 I fucking died LMFAOOOOO 💀💀💀💀💀🤣

  • Nicholas 21
    Nicholas 21

    I love Coach Greg's ability to be upfront and helpful. If you can get past the fact of him yelling in your face, there is so much to be learned. I always love to say that the fitness industry and politics are always filled with misinformation, so someone like Greg, filling that space up and giving honest information really helps everyone who can find him.