Brandon Carter || "NO LONGER" NATURAL
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  • Zack Zavage
    Zack Zavage

    This is hands down one of your best and most educational videos. I'm looking forward to your future videos, especially regarding why you went off HRT and the video where you talk about your blood work.

  • destroyerplayer

    im 27 years old when I turned 25 I started feeling less motivation and lower sex drive, how can I do trt without sideeffects?

  • Solomon King
    Solomon King

    "Blasting EVERYTHING". lol

  • Future Obituary
    Future Obituary

    Occam’s Razor.

  • Erika Holly
    Erika Holly

    Hey Greg! Love your videos and your honesty! Can you make a video about Lauren Simpson? X

  • Mateusz Szejna
    Mateusz Szejna

    Coach Greg! what would you suggest if I want to go on testosterone just to boost fat loss and gain muscle ? I feel bad but it is because if my bad genetics when I train and im in calorie deficit I get skinny fat and when I eat more is sees like I gain only fat. it makes me suicidal since 6 years

  • Raymond Harris
    Raymond Harris

    Bruh yo voice ain't natural 😂😂😂 his voice don't match his look

  • Superman Steve
    Superman Steve

    That’s exactly why Greg is waiting to release bloodwork he has to get all the ped’s out his system so it doesn’t look suspicious

  • Parsa Nahavandi
    Parsa Nahavandi

    TRT is cheating


    Good for you Brandon

  • S/V Lusca
    S/V Lusca

    Poor dude getting tired from all that lifting, just be honest and say up front, you crash your system.

  • Phillip Carr
    Phillip Carr

    Wow he described exactly how I felt...I was so tired and had to constantly nap...the HRT therapy within a few months made me feel so much regrets right now👍

  • Liam Bell
    Liam Bell

    SUPRAphysiological not superphysiological coach, just a pet peeve 😂

  • Cassidy Bronson
    Cassidy Bronson

    The “that’s what she said” broke me. That gets a like.

  • chris beerad
    chris beerad

    ffs im 51 and dont need trt . spoilt weak minded fuck

  • Tre Tuell
    Tre Tuell

    Is coach Greg trying to have a child

  • Morgen Glende-Michalski
    Morgen Glende-Michalski

    I love how he says “I’m thinking about....” bitch ya done thought about it already and decided a while ago

  • 6

    I have seen him a couple of times in New York while walking dog! 😂😂

  • trancemadmaz

    Kylian Mbappe?

  • Wesley Allen
    Wesley Allen

    Anyone catch "speed reader" under his i.g. bio idk why but thats funny as shit!

  • jodyboy72able

    Why do you have to Drug yourself to get in shape? Why not just rely on REAL FOOD?

  • Norieager

    Low carb diet models to include keto are notorious for lowering total & free test. fructose is super efficient in lowering SHBG thus freeing up T for bioavailability. Consider restructuring diet w/ atleast 200g of carbs first b4 TRT. Unless you REALLY wanna do HRT/TRT

  • D MAC
    D MAC

    Little coach Greg's are in the future !

  • Morten 85
    Morten 85

    Maintain muscles is much more easy then build muscle. Which means your 140mg test is very realistic

  • Lt. Dan
    Lt. Dan

    I'm growing tired of the whole social media influencer fake natty digitally remastered insta photo generation.

  • Tyler Hobbs
    Tyler Hobbs

    3:14 thought that was Stifler from American Pie 😂, mans arm is huge, tricep looks like an actual horseshoe

  • HoustonIsImmortal

    I'm gonna need Coach Greg to "Shave HARDER THAN LAST TIME" so that his face looks more fake natty.

  • Donal Ward
    Donal Ward

    Hi Coach Greg, Did I hear you saying that Mike O'Hearn is natural? Impossible. I must be confused here.

  • MonBerry

    My 6 month old is kinda tired all the time and sleeping a lot. I guess he needs TRT.

  • Slixbrah

    He should make all kinds of gains now since he is on TRT now 😂

  • Ben Barzman
    Ben Barzman

    " i hadnt had much energy" QUICK GET ON DAT DER TRT MANG!

  • Nerv Rulz
    Nerv Rulz

    Gotta' come clean, I'm wating from the anabolic cookbook.

  • Algorithm Anonymus
    Algorithm Anonymus

    the fact that ben held his dirty ass shoes bare hand really bothers me

  • Jell O
    Jell O

    that dog just chillin on that couch is me all of 2020

  • Stevie Shred
    Stevie Shred

    Greg's having a kid?

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot

    Mike O'hearn is 6'3" and between 245-255lbs. Jeff is 5'8" and between 185-195lbs. Jeff is peeled year round but that doesn't make him a gear user.

  • cmoneytheman

    this is old news he been on juice

  • Alexander Wickersheim
    Alexander Wickersheim


  • Ronnie Hentry
    Ronnie Hentry

    Hodgetwins natty or not.

  • Rocko99 Rocko99
    Rocko99 Rocko99

    No longer a liar is what he means. Who cares?

  • Joshua Gould
    Joshua Gould

    Is Mike Matthews natural?

  • Zaxnafein

    I feel Brandon Carter would look epic cosplaying Pharaoh 💪🏼

  • Tunji Legba
    Tunji Legba

    Women take hormones for Menopause I think its fine as long as there are health benefits in middle age

  • Majid Howsawi
    Majid Howsawi

    That was a bad comparison to birth control

  • Little John
    Little John

    He’s saying 30lbs based on him being natty

  • GadSaadismyDaad

    Simple and clean as the way I’ve been making you feeeeel tonight. The hearts....shhhhmaaaango

  • Adam Karmowski
    Adam Karmowski

    "Love The haters , love the mosquitos " 🤣🤣

  • Robert Bauld
    Robert Bauld

    Complete natty till now is the biggest lie iv heard today

  • Johnathon Livingston
    Johnathon Livingston

    I don’t get how these fit guys are so casually like “my testosterone dropped-I’ll just get on TRT.” I’d be freaking out wondering what went wrong in my body and want to know if I had a disease or cancer or something. Makes you wonder if maybe they know why it’s low...

  • Chuys on Test
    Chuys on Test

    I started trt when I turn 29 lol and it was prescribed by a Endocronolagist, my levels were the same as a 65 year old, as soon as I got on it I TOLD everyone and their momma, after a couple of weeks you can’t even hide the results, random dudes at the gym would ask if I’m on shit, I would tell them the truth, you aren’t natty if your pinning anything, some people say nah I’m only using 50-100mg of test a week, cause. That’s where I should be, dude then ur NOT natty

  • Soyän CHD
    Soyän CHD

    Damn Shaun T became bigger

  • SGSpeedyTV

    This guy, looks like 27. How in the hell is he 40

  • VeinyDickTracy

    Greg says he takes 140 mg per week of testosterone. I’m trying to figure out how much that is in militers and when I google the conversion it seems as if that is a very small dose per week. The people I know take 1 ML per week and are doctor supervised. Can anyone explain Greg’s dosing in ML’s? Doctors in the US prescribe in ML’s from what I have seen.

  • planet-earth-views planet-earth-views
    planet-earth-views planet-earth-views

    I m 366 ng/dl i have already a high sex drive, im afraid of trt, because i dont want to become ted bundy.

  • teddy rush
    teddy rush

    Babe: you comming to bed it's almost 2 am ... Brandon Carter: I don't need sleep honey, I need HRT

  • The Legendary Balkan
    The Legendary Balkan

    What video editor do you use doc?

  • ongezile mdodana
    ongezile mdodana

    I actually believe Brandon was natural this whole time. His physique is achievable. This is the point 4% were Gregg is wrong

  • K Kwok
    K Kwok

    Brandon, what a goof

  • neroknives

    Hrt turned my dog into a doctor

  • pIayingwithmahwii

    Greg's bloodshot, watery eyes and tone of voice make it seem like he's been up all night studying brandon carter. but that's how he always looks and sounds

  • TheMagicmagnum

    It's bizarre to me that people think you can't look like Brandon Carter naturally. I get there is a world of fake natties and juiced up folks, but I legit have never thought Brandon Carter is one of them. I grew up with people who couldn't even afford steak, much less steroids, who have looked like him. The internet is retarded. In this hunt for " Fake Natties " you are making "Internet armchair gym goers " think EVERYONE is on steroids. smh

  • Free Thinker
    Free Thinker

    It’s normal for a man to cut off his cock and call himself a woman and go on hormones and it’s socially unacceptable to criticise. But when a biological man wants to be more of a man by using more of his biological identical hormones to improve his health and well-being. Oh no you evil masculine nazi

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S

    Wel might as well join the band wagon while I have the opportunity. I am coming clean too no longer natty. Glad I made this comment

  • juicer404

    whats a normal trt dose, i wanna try

  • armandom28

    Carter is a super of the biggest tossers to ever grace youtube

  • Jabba

    Hmmm, your % of being right is dropping again, placebo effect if you feel anything from trt within a week.

  • Alberto Rivas - Photoshop tutorials
    Alberto Rivas - Photoshop tutorials

    4:37 this guy really just grabbed his shoe like that

  • Stefanos Georgiadis
    Stefanos Georgiadis

    Of course yes!...just because someone is on hrt DOES actually mean he can grow more than someone who's natural... it's not the same thing at all...natural production of testosterone is something that is secreted and not something that you pin in steady amounts in your body.Being on hrt is something that bleeds into your body in a constant manner no matter what you do... regardless of other variables, such as good sleep, anxiety, mental or physical health,good food choices and so I think that it's not the same thing at all.Regardless, keep up the good job and informative videos coach Greg!!

  • Joel Mc
    Joel Mc

    I don't believe this fake natty one single bit. He has been juicing for a long time

  • Boštjan Bavcon
    Boštjan Bavcon


  • rgt .28
    rgt .28

    When Greg said Super physiological I thought of Derek MPMD

  • rrras1 S
    rrras1 S

    You always down play what steroids do, he's right in in saying you would feel "like a super hero" think about it, your testosterone levels naturally get lower as you get old. You keep saying "you're just replacing your natural levels" bullshit, he's making he's levels that of a 20 year old, he's no longer 20. So please stop. Moreover, I've been natural my whole life, and even people with shitty genetics looked better than me when they were on gear, and I didn't look to shabby natural.

  • Blair Monkman
    Blair Monkman

    11:10 Yeah but who the hells on 60mgs per week, it's like 75mgs all the way up to 200mgs yes people with a good diet and training regimen and on an average dose of TRT you will have noticeable performance enhancing benefits over a natural INCLUDING more muscle mass, especially for those not at their genetic limit or those that have elite genetics or respond well to the drugs.

  • Andrew Jeleniewski
    Andrew Jeleniewski

    Hey Coach Greg, you may wanna check into why it takes 2 weeks and still no shipping info. You have time for videos but not ensure paying customers get what they paid for already. This needs to be faster than the Last time for sure.

  • Andre' Bettinson
    Andre' Bettinson

    FREE Testosterone is a similar measurement to Bioavailable. Total Testosterone is neither of the above.

  • ED Mola
    ED Mola

    Greg, do a natty or not on Mark Cisson from The Daily Apple. He's a huge keto proponent and 67 years old. Dude looks straight sliced. I think he's likely on TRT

  • traderhines76

    This is crazy. I’m 44, 233 pounds and still run 8-11 miles, come back and workout for an hour and still feel like a super hero. No drugs or fancy testing. Forget age, we are human and getting tired is a part of life. There is absolutely no need for fancy drugs. Eat well, continue to exercise and sleep. You will be fine. Hit up David Goggins instead of the steroid heads for advice.

  • Titiana Rasputin
    Titiana Rasputin

    lol he's doing it as a public service. mhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Jay23 isBack
    Jay23 isBack

    You’re not a TRT doctor but you know more than them? Okay buddy and the tooth fairy is real

  • Angel_Peguero

    He's been on it is ok idk whats so hard to admit it

  • Edward Burke
    Edward Burke

    He's just been cured of the MIKE SYNDROME

  • Trenbologna Sandwich
    Trenbologna Sandwich

    Rich Piana put on 70 pounds on HRT

  • Elizabeth Salazar
    Elizabeth Salazar

    Got your cookbook and the recipes look great! The table of contents links in the pdf is not working, but all good! Can’t wait to make the ice cream one!

  • Silicon Slick Media
    Silicon Slick Media

    I've never seen so many men offended over what another man injects in his ass. Weirdos act like you just found out your woman is cheating. Good video Greg and accurate title unlike plates for dates.

  • Robi Psybreak
    Robi Psybreak

    So he went off anabolics to get low numbers of testosterone because he want to have legal TRT prescription?That sound about right


    You know when you feel a lil' tired a good old androgen steroid injection gonna save the day!

  • ONI Jbeast
    ONI Jbeast

    That dude is playing so dumb .. he’s def a fake natty

  • Mark Cummings
    Mark Cummings

    Cool I’ll show mine to

  • Ana Coffield
    Ana Coffield

    Interesting video!👑😘🐶

  • Robert Anthony
    Robert Anthony

    If you need Hrt, there should be no shame in that. There is no difference between taking hrt to optimize hormone levels and taking insulin for dietbetes.

  • Amartey Tricky
    Amartey Tricky

    Coach Greg please review Andrew Jacked

    • Tobi Alder Strength Coach
      Tobi Alder Strength Coach

      He's not using HRT. Raw proteins brah

  • N Dittmann
    N Dittmann

    Hey Greg i have a question for you: High perfoming gymnasts doesnt do the "standard" bodybuilder routine with bulking and cutting. They hold their Level over months and years and even build muscles with their different nutrition plan. Should high perfoming athletes do bulking and cutting aswell to get the best results?

  • Robert Camilleri
    Robert Camilleri

    Agree I think he dont need it.

  • Lion hearted
    Lion hearted

    I'm natty... where are my natty people at ?

  • kostis th
    kostis th

    Now every fake natty can come out of the closet saying "i was feeling tired and i checked my T levels" while being shredded carrying 100 pounds of muscle and "my doctor said i should do HRT"

  • fsufan

    I felt like superman when I got on TRT(200MG week) 10 years ago. now just feel normal. the body will adjust to the higher testosterones and estrone levels

  • CJ Fitness
    CJ Fitness

    So ridiculous how they always act so oblivious when talking about the stuff 🙄

  • HotSizzleTV

    Can you do a video on the different types of steroids. Enanthate,Cypionate,Propionate,Testosterone Suspension. Thanks 🙏🏽

  • LaseredN

    Coach greg I'm 24 almost 25 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy do you know any workout tips for people with disabilities?

  • Molon Lave
    Molon Lave

    3:00 “Ben Kapulski” renamed.

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