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  • 4 FAITH Fitness
    4 FAITH Fitness

    This guy has taught me so much I feel like I keep saying the same thing but damn...I'm a trainer and am realized I knew NOTHING. I feel horrible lol but hey, getting more knowledge now!

  • Beautiful Nature
    Beautiful Nature

    Sleeping pills 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you've lost your mind. OMG i just watched the whole video what is this bullsh*t. This is dangerous as f*ck.

  • Bentley Farley
    Bentley Farley

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  • Alejandra Clay
    Alejandra Clay

    My buddy laughed when I told them I was gonna become slimmer with just using Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed them great effects after I used it they are begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won't let them know the detail about this diet plan, lol

  • Brayden Brown
    Brayden Brown

    I read lots of good reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets will help you lost lots of fat. Has anyone tried using this popular fat burn methods?

  • Shashwat Goswami
    Shashwat Goswami

    Is he gonna ignore not adding disclaimers to this video? I hope he addresses it. Dont want him to lose credibility

  • Sudarshan Rana
    Sudarshan Rana

    Workout drink lots of water and good diet with L-carnitine L-tatrate supplement should do the job well 👍🏻

  • Michael Dunn
    Michael Dunn

    Sir Greg do you smoke the THC👀

  • Johannes bla
    Johannes bla

    Yohimbine made my panic attacks come back and I had a lot more anxiety

  • La Puta Ama
    La Puta Ama

    Cocaine and pussy

  • Joseph1NJ

    I would not trust Yohimbe. The supp biz is not regulated. I had two friends take that crap, one died of brain cancer in his 40's. Anecdotal, of course. But the other also had physical side effects that they attributed to some 'spiked' yohimbe. I don't know exactly what 'spiked' means, but that's enough to scare me away.

  • keep it real
    keep it real

    Cocaine,thc n sleeping pills here I come ..

  • Lars Hader
    Lars Hader

    I feel like this is a video that should not have been made.

  • No More Bro Science
    No More Bro Science

    antihistamines (most common OTC sleep aid) cross the BBB can cause short term memory loss and weight gain my man.

  • Roland Vidak
    Roland Vidak

    Coffee and protein powder throughout the day

    • Larry Johnson
      Larry Johnson

      Stan WInstrol throughout the day

  • Arthur Leet
    Arthur Leet

    I tried ephedrine back in the 90's. I enjoyed it for a couple of weeks until one day it felt like someone stuck a large screwdriver in my heart and twisted it. I've never been so scared in my life, there's no way I'd ever touch that stuff again.

  • Linkaara

    This video is dangerous... seriously what were you thinking?

  • Alan Wilson
    Alan Wilson

    1000 mg of caffeine a day, still hungry. Talk about tolerance

  • David _
    David _

    Sleeping Pills 😂. Looks like someone became moron.

  • Daniel Eason
    Daniel Eason

    @Greg Ducette Greg, greg, greg... I'm a huge fan of yours, even spent money i really didn't have at the time on your 1st cookbook, which i love by the way. But why did you have to go and make this video? It's gonna be used as click bate for some of these dipshits to blow out of proportion for views. Alan crybaby roberts has already made one, and I'm sad to say that it's the most entertaining video he's made in quite some time. Shit, see what you did coach?! You made an inherently whiney about obese people, not entertaining, angry guy, look like he's not the things i just said he is! Did you see what i just wrote?! You made him seem like his content is worth watching! You gotta be better than last time about some of the advice you give. Mostly because on this one, the advice is pretty damn sketchy, even i have to admit that, but also because it makes it too easy for others to make you look like you don't know what you're talking about. Holy crap, you made yourself look like that guy you made a video about recently that used that bs study to say that cardio is a waste of time, Jeremiah something? I dunno. Shit, i don't even remember the guys name. Anyway, clearly I'm a fan of yours, so I'm begging you, remember that some of your audience are new/young lifters or are overweight and are taking your advice, as a lot of us do, and that this advice in particular may not be the best to give. I'd rather see a video of someone straight up telling viewers to just do legit ped's because those are the only things that are actually gonna work, than to ever see another one like this. All that being said, i forgive you buddy.

  • Fasal Fasu
    Fasal Fasu

    Is it true that sleeping pills are not good???? Bcz I heard it somewhere that it will mess up our sleep cycles.

    • Fasal Fasu
      Fasal Fasu

      By the way I'm not talking about melatonin

  • Karim Amin
    Karim Amin

    Yohimbe makes me feel sick too. Thankfully I found someone else that feels sick too because I thought something was wrong with the pills

  • Alexis Garza
    Alexis Garza

    Been on a diet for 14 weeks and I'm about 2 weeks out from my first fight. I increased my calorie deficit a bit so I could make weight and sleeping extra when I can has made a huge difference!

  • Andrew Ramírez
    Andrew Ramírez

    a2 AM

  • nick vagas2
    nick vagas2

    Yikes these supplements are pretty dangerous Greg! I don’t recommend this vid to anyone


      This is for people who want to lose weight but still be considered 'natural' He always says to go to a doctor, or that he isn't a doctor etc.

  • FitForActing Reynaldo B
    FitForActing Reynaldo B

    Thanks Cousin Greg! 🤩🔥🤩

  • Anicool Singh
    Anicool Singh


  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina

    How is any of this "natural"? 😂😂 C'mon Greg, this one's on the "Big L" list smh.

  • Ron ball
    Ron ball

    I have ADHD, damn stims just make me more sluggish :(

  • Desirae Rose
    Desirae Rose

    OMG YALL ABUSING OVER THE COUNTER CONGESTION MEDS IS ILLLLLLLEGALLLLLL. Who the fuck would recommend SLEEPING PILLS you know just sleep your life away and ABUSE THIS SHIT. Whatever certification or degree you got, NEEDS TO BE REVOKED YOU ARE A THREAT TO THE PUBLIC


      Are you good?

    • Desirae Rose
      Desirae Rose

      Meth heads use over the counter decongestants to make cheaper shit with. You have to give your id info to buy this bc if they track you purchases and see you consistently buying them COOS ARE KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR. He should have never mentioned 80% of this shit. This is how you cause addictions and eating disorders. What a fucking chump

  • JonaZLove Skype
    JonaZLove Skype


  • ShandiMcLovin13

    if u reply to this, u dont like arguing on the internet😑


      @ShandiMcLovin13 this is a really spineless way to admit you're in the wrong.

    • ShandiMcLovin13



      @ShandiMcLovin13 you want me to admit that it's stupid to say something you think is technically true? Like I said, its the same policy as with his PED videos. "I'm not a doctor, go to doctor, moderation, etc." He didn't say to take all the shit at once, or even at all. He is listing things that can help you lose weight that are considered 'natural'. That's it. Just because he says it works doesn't mean he wants you to take it. Do you think his video on Tren was an endorsement of Tren?! Is this really your argument?


      @ShandiMcLovin13 you can't explain it yourself? Greg said not to take the shit without asking a doctor, do it in moderation, etc. It's the same policy as with his videos on PEDs. What are you actually mad about?


      How is this ridiculous? He's explaining supplements that help lose weight that are considered 'natural.' That's what he did. He gave warnings about them. What's your problem?

  • Clay Butler
    Clay Butler

    Just because it's true (stimulants increase metabolism and suppress appetite) doesn't mean you should do a video on it. This is pretty dangerous information. Many will not understand the context ( this stuff will work but has serious risks involved and can be addictive) and just hear the "take these to burn fat" part. I agree with the consensus. Take this video down. It contradicts your overall message about healthy habits and long term success.

  • Aimee Dacosta
    Aimee Dacosta

    I can not wait for his preworkout!! Omg.

  • mcdermid85

    I want to take a sleeping pill to sleep at night but babies won't let me lol

  • Regis SansSandales
    Regis SansSandales

    This video is stupid, it's the first time greg is saying such non sense thing. Take Sleeping Pill To Lose Weight. What the heck? I'm not a big fan of Alan Robert but he is right about your video this time.


      People trying to get to low levels of body fat find trouble sleeping. That's what the sleeping pills are for. Albeit the context does matter and he should have been more clear.

  • Luci Luci
    Luci Luci

    The best way to loose weight is diet and exercise. Nothing else. What he it s saying maybe will accelerate the weight loss but it s not worth it because on so many aspects like money spend on supplements.

  • llorulez

    Doc, this video needs a huuuge disclaimer, some of the things you recommended here are dangerous.

  • Heyboxgaming

    I'm a big fan, but this video is disgusting

  • Oliver Mayhem
    Oliver Mayhem

    Thanks Greg

  • Ever Ready
    Ever Ready

    High dose HMB really works! 2-3 weeks in enough time if cutting.

  • Robert Brand
    Robert Brand

    Feels like Greg is on the path to selling out.

    • Ghylbert Situmorang
      Ghylbert Situmorang

      And how is that?

  • UK Maverick
    UK Maverick

    Horrible advice... WTF man...

  • Luke Claydon
    Luke Claydon

    I’ve heard 5 htp is good to reduce hunger that’s what some studies show

  • S M
    S M

    Thanks for the eating disorder handbook doctor... oh wait you can’t give medical advice. I guarantee most of your followers and viewers have eating disorders. If you can’t manage your relationship with food while awake, you have an eating disorder. A disorder is any behavioral or mental pattern that causes significant distress that or impairment of personal functioning. Your treating a symptom of impaired personal function with food.



  • Seàn O'Reilly
    Seàn O'Reilly

    As a former drug addict, I want to say please dont take any illegal or unprescribed sleeping tablets they could ruin your life. 😴🙏

  • Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon
    Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon

    Shave harder than last time 😀

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown

    Greg. Wtf. Ephedrine? That led to me getting diagnosed with epilepsy. Take this shit down.

  • Alex Guillen
    Alex Guillen

    Lazar Novovic natty or not

  • Sylwia Jankiewicz
    Sylwia Jankiewicz

    Vodka and cigarettes my favorite dietary meal 🙋‍♀️

  • Katie R
    Katie R

    This is really three things: Stimulants, sleeping pills and protein powder. The makings of a fad crash diet.

    • Connor Morris
      Connor Morris

      They aren’t the making of any diet, they are SUPPLEMENTS😂

  • Jason Andersen
    Jason Andersen

    Alan Roberts is hyperventilating over this one. He has made THREE response videos to this. I think he has a secret crush on Greg.

    • Jason Andersen
      Jason Andersen

      @Alan Roberts you used to be a decent guy and good source of information. I used to suggest your channel to others looking for advice and humor, especially beginners. Lately you come across as obsessively petty. I watched your reaction videos.I don’t believe you are an idiot, so I must assume you are purposely misrepresenting Mr Doucette’s points. For example, a little research shows a strong relationship between sleep deprivation and obesity and metabolic syndromes. His mention of ‘sleeping pills’ encompasses a broad range of substances, from natural, over the counter preparations to prescription sleep aids. Prescription sleep meds require a...wait for it...a prescription. Maybe you aren’t aware of this, but one gets a prescription from consulting with a medical professional, a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. You also chose to not mention Greg’s warnings and disclaimers about doing things in moderation. That is highly dishonest on your part. Oh, and for hell’s sake, it’s spelled ‘boys,’ not ‘bois,’ unless you’re a 15 year-old girl, or a French speaker. If French is your primary language, then ‘bois,’ is pronounced /bwa/, /bwɑ/, and means ‘wood,’ or ‘forest.’

    • Alan Roberts
      Alan Roberts

      He made one and is releasing portions of it.... you're one of snitchy's bois so you're just not smart enough to see it. However, you're being a good little intern and making sure your daddy knows I'm punkin him and he's too cowardly to say shit.

  • Andrew Sutton
    Andrew Sutton

    You fucking moron. Yeah sleeping pills. Okay dangerous bro

  • Edgar Vidal
    Edgar Vidal

    Will you respond to Alan Roberts? 🙊

    • Alan Roberts
      Alan Roberts

      No he's there's nothing to respond back to... he said idiotic things as he often does and I narrated them. Without a time machine he have still said these idiotic things

  • L3VCH

    Can you please do a review on VitruvianPhysique’s latest video

  • eric smith
    eric smith

    I use to manage a GNC we were a franchise not a corporate store so I could speak my mind id would tell people " don't buy our products if your training and nutrition is not where it needs to be" our store did more than any other year all 3 three years I managed it. Honesty pays off in the long run trust me

  • eric smith
    eric smith

    new house ? or did you and your girl break up?

  • eric smith
    eric smith

    take yohimbe with a few crackers or something on your stomach also use a lower dose.

  • Tony

    Ahhh, so this is the video that has Alan Roberts tit in a wringer.

  • James Webb
    James Webb

    There should be many disclaimers in this video,so I'm gonna ask,what the actual fuck are you saying,are you serious,for real

  • David G.
    David G.

    He's taunting us fatties with all these pig sounds!!! =]

  • Ja Mar
    Ja Mar

    Am I missing something? I'm not a medical professional but I don't think prescription sleeping pills qualify as natural.

    • D K
      D K

      @Ja Mar I know I agree but I was referring to what he said about the sleeping pills specifically not the title my friend which it definitely does contradict. I think its terrible advice as well he is going to have to take the heat for this one but like I said they are his suggestions after all I dont think anyone should do this unless advised by a doctor.

    • Ja Mar
      Ja Mar

      I love Greg as much as the next guy but in my opinion he made a mistake. The title of his video is, Best Natural Supplements for weight loss. So yes by default he said natural. Prescription sleeping pills are not natural.

    • D K
      D K

      He didnt say natural for 1 and his definition of sleeping pills was broad he said anything that helps you sleep. Anything and he threw in weed thats not a pill he just worded it poorly. Also he was just suggesting it if you had trouble sleeping its obvi that he wasnt saying just take them supplements are optional you know he is just covering some he thinks work.

  • Jüan-Daniël Mc Arthur
    Jüan-Daniël Mc Arthur

    Where can I buy ephedrine?? Coach Greg??

  • natural juicer nolan 2
    natural juicer nolan 2

    Good thing I am prescribed Ambien LOL

  • Robert Fetty
    Robert Fetty

    Natural weight loss tips because this video SUCKS. 1. Sleep 2. Stay hydrated 3. 1 G protein per pound of lean body mass 4. Carbonated water (fills belly) 5. Have a nutrition plan/ meal prep 6. Cold showers (obviously check with your doctor first) 7. Brush your teeth (no one wants to eat junk with fresh breath) 8. Get plenty of sun (Vitamin D improves overall health and well being) 9. Cut liquid calories (even coffee creamer) 10. Cut empty calories (Gum, whipped cream, coffee creamer, calorie dense condiments) 11. Delete this video from your mind immediately.

  • Robert Fetty
    Robert Fetty

    Greg, were you sleep deprived when you made this? Are you content hungry!? This is you WORST content ever man. I love your channel, but this is bad, bad BAD. DELETE!!!

  • Al Abdel
    Al Abdel

    Dude, are you seriously recommending that ppl run out and buy sleeping pills to lose weight? Do you have any idea how irresponsible and flat out stupid that advise is to a mass audience containing a segment that is largely inexperienced? Then talking about caffeine and ephedra to that same audience? How idiotic are you? lol...smh.

  • S Manthighs
    S Manthighs

    “All in moderation” “don’t use all the time” “you need to be in a calorie deficit” “listen to your doctor” “Don’t take any of these all the time” Comments: ThiS viDeO nEeds a diScLaiMeR 😱

  • Benjamin TRNT
    Benjamin TRNT

    how dumb to suggest taking medicine to lose weight, dangerous advice and you have to be careful or you will end up with a lawsuit

  • L.B.E.K

    Alan is really hunting for ur head

  • jmichel70


  • Tim Ishkov
    Tim Ishkov

    Imagine coach on crack

  • Skyler Robinson
    Skyler Robinson

    Ehh I think it’s a little risky to start off a video recommending sleeping pills, especially without a medical disclaimer or without necessary context like the risks of taking them. There’s a reason McDonald’s has to put *HOT* on their coffee cups. It might have been more apt or appropriate to say “sleeping aids.” If someone who isn’t a regular watcher of your content saw that recommendation and only took away that sleeping pills could help them burn fat based on the title of the video, I unfortunately could foresee someone ingesting too many, which might result in injury/death. 😕

  • T Larry
    T Larry

    Why are you recommending ephedrine and synephrine and DMAA??? Those are hard on the heart and increase blood pressure, and so many other things. Most of this audience is young and impressionable, I hate to see people saying this stuff

  • Michal Stawicki
    Michal Stawicki

    Umm, not the greatest video doc.

  • Adam Elliott
    Adam Elliott

    LOVE my coffee!!

  • Vania

    Some: but these recommendations are actually unhealthy Me: on one hand glad you can think critically. On the other hand, you missed the satire. Coach just be trolling

  • Justin Lavigne
    Justin Lavigne

    Excited for Greg's supplement line to come out!

  • William Miller
    William Miller

    This video is fucking retarted I’m not taking sleeping pills too loose weight, Greg shut the fuck up you disgrace giving out dangerous advice


      Just because you don't want to do it doesn't mean its retarded. And he already gave disclaimers throughout the video.

  • Bake Master
    Bake Master

    People in oregan when they hear crack works 🤔🤯🥳

  • Bake Master
    Bake Master

    I tried a pre-workout that had yohimbe in it and thought I was gone die

  • James Pattison
    James Pattison

    Steps to lose weight in order throughout your day: 1.) Wake up, take sleeping pill, go back to bed 2.) Wake up 3.) Breakfast = coffee, preworkout, yohimbe, dayquil 4.) Lunch = coffee, preworkout, fat burner, sudafed 5.) Dinner = coffee, preworkout, fat burner, NyQuil 6.) Take another sleeping pill, go back to bed. 7.) Fat gone!

  • ilias karaoulanis
    ilias karaoulanis

    yohimbe also can increase blood flow and nerve impulses to the penis. so you might get a "morning glory" when you take it. more calories burned. :) true or false?

  • Dan Rafferty
    Dan Rafferty

    So much bad advice. I hope you get sued

  • Patrick

    Greg is definitely embracing his look as Puri Puri Prisoner

  • Ioannis Tzirv
    Ioannis Tzirv

    If you eat Garlic with L-Carnitine, your TMAO gonna be boosted.

  • Ioannis Tzirv
    Ioannis Tzirv

    If you eat peanut butter before sleep, you gonna sleep sooner and you gonna have better sleep and dreams.

  • Chef Torte
    Chef Torte

    Alan Bisshberts made a video on you actually 3. He's desperate.

  • Zoltán Háda
    Zoltán Háda

    I don’t really think that all of the mentioned are healthy.

  • kacem akremi
    kacem akremi

    u guys only sleeping 4 hours a day ? man im sleeping 8 to 10 hours a day

  • Vikkivibes

    I love coach Greg but he lost me with this one.

  • George Stoicov
    George Stoicov

    Now i know how to burn some extra throwing up.Thanks Greg!

  • Matteo Bregante
    Matteo Bregante

    Are u suggesting taking nasal spray or cough syrup?

  • Eleon Werger
    Eleon Werger

    Would be fun if Greg would make the next video with some huge fake tribal tattoos on his body 😂

  • Raymon Kravagna
    Raymon Kravagna

    I normally agree with him but ephedrine is the worst thing you can use so don't do it! I used it once with horrible results . I was doing exercises one day and I actually lost my vision for a couple seconds. Scared the hell out of me I threw the bottle away it definitely works in losing weight but the minute I stopped using it I gained the weight back.

  • Fabrobin

    5:32 Coach Greg² = Joe Pesci confirmed

  • Mother of Catfish
    Mother of Catfish

    Wow Greg definitely has an eating disorder. Imagine recommending taking cough medicine to lose weight.

    • just stupid games
      just stupid games

      He doesn't do that and again he is a body builder he literally has a job that requires being very lean if I was making a living off of being lean i would probably make it my job to know how much I am eating during my working season

    • S Manthighs
      S Manthighs

      @Mother of Catfish he doesn’t do that unless he’s prepping. He doesn’t even count calories when he’s not prepping bc he knows his diet so well.

    • Mother of Catfish
      Mother of Catfish

      @just stupid games I mean it really seems at least disordered eating to weigh every single thing you eat, including SPICES.

    • just stupid games
      just stupid games

      Na it's literally his job to have low bodyfat he doesn't binge vomit or skip meals he does drugs that is a drug problem not a eating disorder

  • LightGruvia

    DONT DO ANY OF THAT WTF you can get hurt

  • Erik Zuniga
    Erik Zuniga

    Dude you literally took his video out of context. I literally see you liking all these positive comments. I bet you're also deleting negative ones too to make your channel more credible

  • Daniel

    You're a lying pos. Telling people to use cough medicine to lose weight!? Fucking hell you've reached a new low. How can people support this coward? Hurry up and fucking reply to Alan Roberts.