Athlean-X || 22 Days to 22 INCH ARMS? || More Spews!
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  • Ahmed Sultani
    Ahmed Sultani

    It's crazy what people say and do out of greed. It's IMPOSSIBLE to have a significant muscle growth in 3 weeks.

  • Stupid 3
    Stupid 3

    He never mentioned that you will get massive arms

  • Ben Warren
    Ben Warren

    Just watching he’s video I think I’ll give it ago Jeff arms are definitely bigger 😂

  • high psi
    high psi

    As usual Greg. When the hell did athlean x mention 22inch arms in 22 days????? Your bullshit videos are on the rise hard. Spews for views

  • Sora

    Ok so that's why I hate channels like Greg. They call out people for their lies, sometimes they are correct. But on a video like this one, it is quite a stretch to make a whole video on thumbnail and arm measurement. So it seems to me like he is making this video to "make money" rather than to point out the actual flaws since putting the name "Athlean X" tend to get more views. So let's go over the fact, Jeff never said his arm measurement is 22", he never said the growth of the arm will be the same as that in the thumbnail. Heck, anyone who believe these two things have less than average brains and should not even consider working out. Yeah, click baiting is bad and I don't like Jeff for doing it. But in this day and age, everyone knows it's just a click bait and don't actually think it's true. Secondly, I didn't even care about the measurement and anyone can see that is not the actual measurement. It's not like he was using "Fake Tape" to fake his size. The only point worth calling out is what Jeff said in the last few minutes which is "don't be surprised if you made even an inch of size gains" since it could actually end up misleading some beginners. So to sum it up, there is not much value in this video since most of the things Greg pointed out are already the ones clearly visible as "not true" to most people. The whole point of this video is to call out the lies of Jeff, and the things that Greg labelled as lies, Jeff actually didn't say them. He only said about filling growing your arm in 22 days and yes they can actually grow by following that workout.

  • Tanmay Pandey
    Tanmay Pandey

    Imagine being so obsessed with someone that so much of your content revolves around them🤡 Also for Jeff,you know you've succeeded when most of the YT fitness community is out their trying to undermine you

    • Tanmay Pandey
      Tanmay Pandey

      @aditya acharya plus imagine someone watching a natty over someone who has a degree in physical wellness and has trained many people over time,who also got mentioned by Sylvester Stallone

    • Tanmay Pandey
      Tanmay Pandey

      @aditya acharya imagine not having a hobby that you mock other people who are good at things🤡

    • aditya acharya
      aditya acharya

      @Tanmay Pandey now imagine having a profile pic as a guitar as ur face is worthy of not spitting to even

    • Tanmay Pandey
      Tanmay Pandey

      @aditya acharya imagine looking like the guy in the profile picture and trying to mock others🤡

    • aditya acharya
      aditya acharya

      Succeeded by selling ideas like 22 inch arms in 22 days to wankers like u

  • Chris

    when you dont wanna get a job so you create senseless videos

  • FreeSpirit985

    11:00 mark: you should not fall for the 22 days BS even if you are a beginner. Heck, even if you don't know or care about training. It's actually so far off in blatant unbelievability that it almost circles around to come up the other way as a forgivable publicity slogan, like "impossible is nothing". But seriously, yes, the point stands. The measuring step is aggravating BS and Jeff doesn't really need to resort to this (and other...) stuff anyway.

  • W J
    W J

    “I on was hrt for years but I’m natural now” so wait he’s off hrt now?

  • J

    I'm going to be honest. I looked at your hair the whole video. I also just realized that you are purposely making your hair that way for a reason. Lolololol. Youre mocking the clickbait youtubers

  • AdahBombdon1287

    According to Jeff his biceps are bigger than Larry Wheels and we can also have that in a month LMAO baahahaha

  • jaidenxk Forbes
    jaidenxk Forbes

    This is the stupidest thing ive ever seen in my life

  • Girish Nair
    Girish Nair

    Well - Jeff spent time on a video to help people - you made a video to criticize him! I know who I am subscribing to!

  • darksiders2002

    Hmm, I don't think he said 22 inch. I think it was like "I wouldn't be surprised if you gained an inch". Also, his workout regimes helped my to strengthen various parts of my body. Just like your tips on training. So, I kinda dislike this, ever since "fake weights" controversy, type of videos.

  • ZEB

    It's leonard from big bang theory.

  • Praveen R
    Praveen R

    Oh stop it! Each time you yell subscribe I unsubscribe and subscribe again. This is too much pressure Greg!

  • jjohn chavez
    jjohn chavez

    This man has a dude's body a voice of a kid and a brain oh a child. Why youtube recommend me this video

  • Andrew Levister
    Andrew Levister

    It’s like saying your cookbook will cause somebody to lose 50 pounds in a healthy way... Coach Greg.

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart

    There's too much BULL' about muscle gains on the net..period..!

  • Helena Handbasket
    Helena Handbasket

    Or, follow the Greg Douchebag "2mm balls in 20 years of steroid abuse" approach...

  • Mike Cunningham
    Mike Cunningham

    Jeff owns a mansion in coach Greg’s head.

  • Chad

    Alright you have earned my subscription sir. I like the lack of bullshit frankly.

  • edstroke Stark
    edstroke Stark


  • Dillz Funk
    Dillz Funk

    Anyone’s who watches our dr knows better than to believe that

  • Akhil john thomas
    Akhil john thomas

    How to make a fitness channel boom the desperate way Greg doucesomething

  • Giu Del
    Giu Del

    The stupid community likes this fake shit dann sounds good an not the hard truth ! Thats why most of them looks like shit because they search for years an easy way to get the dream Physic !

  • Bennington Smith
    Bennington Smith

    "sup guys, Jeff, more spews more views dot com"

  • Big bankie Bobby
    Big bankie Bobby

    "I was on HRT for years but I'm natural now".... greg is 40. Is he trying to tell me he was getting hormone therapy in his 30s? And now greg is natural. More like greg was blasting steroids for years and now hes on HRT at the tender age of 40. This is why I'm very sure that greg wasnt natural in his 20s like he claims, greg literally doesnt know what natural means. If you are reading this greg, natural means you aren't putting anything in your body, it's pretty simple. You're not natural now and you haven't been for a long long time

  • Jack Slash
    Jack Slash

    Good content, but use your man voice when you narrate🤔

  • Mo Atef
    Mo Atef

    Dude if you're not training hard enough for your level you can get 1 or 2 inches in a month, it's not that big of a deal chill

  • Andy L
    Andy L

    Devon Laratts forearm is bigger

  • Tyson Kildea
    Tyson Kildea

    He also claimed to be 5'10.5 when he is clearly 5'8, it was proven when standing next to an nrl player who was 5'10

  • altered beast
    altered beast

    Alan Roberts throwing a fit right about now

  • Baran Teyfur
    Baran Teyfur

    So in the end he didn't really do anything wrong...

  • raygen gamer
    raygen gamer

    i may have to unsub from jeff

  • raygen gamer
    raygen gamer

    jeff is super ripped no doubt. but look how narrow he is

  • Bhaskar Yadav
    Bhaskar Yadav

    If the hair raises a little more gymshark is going to call you greg

  • tattooglisha

    You are on spot but stop screaming and talk like a man. Please.

  • Abdallah Chaudhary
    Abdallah Chaudhary

    this guy knows his stuff and best thing is he isn't selling you anything, instead of a cook book which he is happy to share recipes of on this channel

  • Sowtpaw73

    I really can't believe Jeff measured his arm like that. Could of atleast cut the measuring tape if he's gonna bullshit people.

  • fuzzytractor90

    Greg you should make an in depth video on cheat days. advice, whether you should do them, when you should do them and what to eat in them! Seems like an important topic to really clear the room of all of the BS

  • hery_64

    so you basically put Athlean-X on the title to get more views, you missed the whole point of the video, he never said 22'' arms

  • Traditional Tools
    Traditional Tools

    The problem is he's not copying cheap clickbait channels. He's ran out of momentum and is trying not to disappear overnight. Its inevitable. Where is Eliot Husle, the Hidge Twins, Wranglerstar or Nutnfancy? Reinventing themselves as right-wing clickbait fluff? HRposts is unsustainable. I've seen it from the start. Its desined that way. Algorithms that prioritize daily uploads, clickbait titles and more of what you want to see. Its unsustainable. The quicker the rise, the larger the channel, the more painful the fall. Dont believe me? Check back in on Greg in a decade...


    Bro let it go you sound like a butt hurt girlfriend. He is a hustler and making money he has not killed anyone or hurt anyone If anything he helped more than he didn’t help

  • Brendan Duffy
    Brendan Duffy

    He's selling a 22 day program

  • Ronald Jackson
    Ronald Jackson

    True listen this man knows his stuff. Sharp great shape and lots of experience. Peace man.

  • An Ell
    An Ell

    If you've ever spent a day in your life, you would know Jeff's arms are not even close to 22 inches, let alone 20 inches. Even REAL 20 inch arms are big as fuck.

  • runningpancakes

    I think he measures his arms like most people measure their cock! ^^b

  • Patrik

    my arms are like 40-42 cm, 15.5-16.5 inches. natty arms btw. too bad the rest of my body didnt grow as fast as my damn arms. Update: my arms are now 40 cm, want me to try Jeffs 22 day arm workout? I will come back and write my new massive result

  • David Black
    David Black

    Ok so he has bigger arms than CT Fletcher? 💪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ankit pnwar
    ankit pnwar

    Shut the f u c k. up 😂😂😂 bro


    greg makes me feel normal for having a circle fetish

  • ihateusernamesgrrr

    I don't know the other dude at all and relatively speaking I'm pretty new to Greg's vids but my spidey senses tell me Greg got played here

  • Capo 4ever
    Capo 4ever

    Tbf Jeff's best body part(s) are his biceps

  • Jovel Williams
    Jovel Williams

    I always thought you measure the meatest part of the triceps which connect always under your armpit. I'm confused here. Respect Greg for actually measuring!

  • dmdivers

    Total respect Greg for showing your arm at 17.5" cold - most people haven't got a clue really how big that is, especially ripped with a small waist. The whole arm size BS thing is just crazy nowadays. Sergio Olivia was measured and wholly agreed by himself at 20.5" cold (bigger than Arnold's and Bill Pearl's, who were massive anyway) and he was a pure genetic freak. Kudos to you Greg.

  • Gary Manongwa
    Gary Manongwa

    Am I the only one who feels like Greg is beefing with Jeff to get subscribers??

  • Berry Mucuckiner
    Berry Mucuckiner

    Damn, Greg is gonna hit 1m subs by tomorrow or the next day.. I’ve been around since 30k subs

  • TheMrCritto

    Greg you say you aren’t a liar, but I think you are. You clearly said if I cheat on the curls, I will in fact get the girls. I have cheated on curls for 22 weeks and haven’t seen any girls. Explain yourself. Greg Doucette exposed

  • Самуил Василев
    Самуил Василев

    I like this guy,because he can call them out with no fear of being beaten up or something

  • Dawn Ripper
    Dawn Ripper

    Greg, I think you're really underestimating the power of newbie gains. Most guys watching this video are scrawny. When I was an extremely scrawny middle schooler, I gained around an inch in two weeks and it was very lean gains as the bulge became significantly more prominent so quickly where people called it a sudden tumour. What's more impressive is that my 12 rep bicep curl weight increased by 4 times in that time and 12 rep tricep extension weight increased by 3 times. Those are pretty much the only two exercises I did starting out (sometimes I would do sets on an incline as well, but that was pretty much it for arms unless you count benching a little bit). An inch is possible if you're an inactive hardgainer who just decides to start supplementing that protein (using protein chocolate milk in my case) and actually get off your ass and start working out. Other than the thumbnail, Jeff never suggested you could actually get 22 inch arms. I mean it's an obvious joke to most people. The reason Jeff has more than 10x your subscribers is because Jeff knows how to market his content better than you. Having good content is just one part of the equation. Marketing it is just as important. Some level of clickbait is pretty much essential these days if you wanna reach 10 mil subs.

  • Beast ManX
    Beast ManX

    Greg Doucette, the king of overreacting to clickbait and disregarding good advice from others

  • thejoshbtv

    Are you incapable of making content that doesn't twist around other peoples videos to try make them into something they aren't. The video never says grow 22" arms in 22 days. Nor does the clip you use of him measuring his arm says he is measuring properly or giving an actual measurement. He's done several videos in the past saying his arms are 17 something inches and measured them correctly on camera. Guess you'll just do whatever you can to keep up being a troll. must be exhausting to live life like that. And I think you're applying way more than the recommended amount of just for men there. It looks like you shampoo with shoe polish.

  • josephsmth646

    Tbf Greg you are arms are still lesser than Jeff's arms size.

  • supreme being
    supreme being

    he has been at it for years, and if he never did the fake plates thing he wouldnt be on the radar .

  • KO

    Meh. Some noob that's never lifted before, who's wilting away on the couch during quarantine life, going in and blasting their arms for 3 weeks is going to notice. No one who's been in the gym for a while will 1) get any kind of significant change out of this and 2) even bother watching it. It's just marketing to a specific audience and based on the views of these 22 day videos, he's definitely reaching that audience. It's a business and if these are going to be some of his most watched videos, he's going to keep doing it whether we know it's BS or not. No different than supplement companies and their X lbs in X days BS. It's unfortunate, but that's the industry.

  • Brett Knight
    Brett Knight

    Still loving the "it doesn't matter" Its only taken the misses nearly a year to start saying it like the rock

  • benz

    Lol u literally have nothing better to do other than spending ur time on calling out other yt channels 😂

  • P.J.N.

    Jeff is just promising that you can see growth in 22 days

  • Utkarsh Medapalli
    Utkarsh Medapalli

    I think you are jealous of him

  • TeaMasterSen

    5:26 Me when I breath spicy food down my windpipe.

  • Alex Sears
    Alex Sears

    Do the people who you expose ever write back to you? If they do, do they still support their opinions?

  • Ultradude

    Hulk Hogan in his heyday claimed to have 24 inch arms. That's Hulk Hogan in his prime.

  • Last Minute Heroics
    Last Minute Heroics

    2 hours later. Lol

  • Idrak Rashid
    Idrak Rashid

    5:36:how could he give me information? FYI Jeff is the only guy who is actually honest about it.He doesn't bullsh*t you with fake stuff nor does he try to target people with more subscribers like you,its common sense that people can't build a 22 inch arm in just 22 days If u really care about people lying then instead of showing who's lying,be an example to them by speaking the truth always

  • Jagjeet Sihra
    Jagjeet Sihra

    I think this is a rant and a half....a few places where you've misquoted him. Anyway, any *reasonable* lifter knows that you cant grow your arms that fast, however he does mention that all these workouts are *in addition* to what your current ones are, meaning the total number of sets per week increases significantly. The point of all these HRposts videos is that when you're savvy enough, you take what you can use according to your personal experiences and adapt/incorporate into your current routines. How can that be bad?

  • Ahmad Jamal Mughal
    Ahmad Jamal Mughal

    Lol you sir, should be ashamed of yourself. That is the difference between Jeff and you, he'd never waste his content pulling leg of fellow content creator. Yes we can disagree with him, like he probably does with other professionals all the time. But making entire video just to interpret his video in worst possible way? Ridiculous man. Ridiculous. I'm not expert but I try not to stick persistently to one channel. I try to gain information from different sources. But with such content, the kind you made right here, that's something we might expect from little kid, not a grown up fitness coach. Shame on you man. Edit: I did his 22 days pullup challenge and it has helped me great deal.

  • Octavio Rex
    Octavio Rex

    I'm doing it and it's working

  • None of Yo business
    None of Yo business

    So we ordering muscles from online stores now with 22 days delivery

  • Shape Loomis
    Shape Loomis

    Jeff: 22 inch arms. Hulk Hogan: Wait just a minute brother!

  • GorcStew

    2:35 "That is cheating it is like using fake weights" Oof...that was cold. Very cold :P

  • Chilli Dawg
    Chilli Dawg

    Jeff said his arms are 17" in a video about a year ago

  • Brad Ridgway
    Brad Ridgway

    I don't think Jeff expected anyone to believe they'd get 22 inch arms in 22 days, or that he himself has them. It's just a catchy title and he shows you a method to grow your arms.

    • Ahmad Jamal Mughal
      Ahmad Jamal Mughal

      It could not have been more obvious. And these caoches know it too. If anything they are the ones thrashing Jeff to gain views.

  • Eric Graham
    Eric Graham

    He is going to get A Million Because of you, Because You are Talking About, will make People like me go over there and Checking Out his Workout TIPS Bro. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Eric Graham
    Eric Graham

    Dude you voice 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • jamamafegan4

    This is fair enough. I like AthleanX but what Greg has said here is very fair, he has a lot of good things to say about Jeffs training - he just takes issue with the muscle mass in 22 days claim!

  • Jateen Daya
    Jateen Daya

    U jus becoming worse then last time, hating on others for view , why

  • Derek Simon
    Derek Simon

    Greg, I've watched a couple of your videos (including this one) and thought they were great. The part about measuring arms was CLASSIC! First, it's kind of hard to do by yourself, as you demonstrated (the 1-hour, 2-hour cuts were perfect), but the fake 30-inch measurement had me literally laughing out loud. Keep up the good work!

  • Kens

    fitness beef is the best

  • jump body fitness JBF
    jump body fitness JBF

    Lol 😂 this dude really is sucks in programming so he is promoting that his arm is 22 😂 really i disrespect him now for real

  • Gareth Rowan
    Gareth Rowan

    Could there possible be swelling from the work outs as most people watching that and trying it out will be newbies?

  • Shahbaz Tariq
    Shahbaz Tariq

    Thnx Coach 🔥

  • Kaberi Gomes
    Kaberi Gomes

    Greg has found a easy way for content. Make videos on others.

  • Pappy Drewitt
    Pappy Drewitt

    It's crazy bc even at 15, Jeff arms are still better than 99.9% of the pop. I don't get how these fitness guys can have such elite physiques and still feel small and need to exaggerate.

  • Ma Balyam
    Ma Balyam


  • terry jones
    terry jones

    He said bigger arms in 22 days. Not 22 inch arms, you muppet. And the measurement tape was clearly a joke. He's stated his arm measurement many times in his videos. I'll ask Stallone to ask Jeff to put some grip tape on his coat tails to make it easier for you to ride them.

  • Ma Balyam
    Ma Balyam


  • Global Keyan
    Global Keyan

    Your a major hater on athlean x

  • Adriano Coll
    Adriano Coll

    Coach Greg is "THE TRUTH!" Thank you for always giving sincere advice. I haven't seen 1 youtube video. Where you purposely misguide anyone. You're the best!

  • omid saberi
    omid saberi

    Trying to get more views by calling out for jeff