2.0 Recipe || ANABOLIC PROTEIN MUFFINS - Apple/Carrot & Blueberry
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  • NaruIchiLuffy

    They really enjoy saying wet. Was expecting a WAP reference

  • Mr. Awesomepants
    Mr. Awesomepants

    I just made a batch of the carrot apple muffins and I love them. I also made a batch of flexible dieting lifestyle's protein cream cheese frosting and I just found my new favorite combo

  • Ariel Arteaga
    Ariel Arteaga

    Greg's left nipple distracted me the whole video. But ya muffins looks great Edit: and delicious btw

  • M’Lea Sutherlin
    M’Lea Sutherlin


  • John Seyy
    John Seyy

    More suggestive than last time

  • Joshua Mancilla
    Joshua Mancilla

    10:17 best "that's what she said " moment . 😜

  • Joshua Mancilla
    Joshua Mancilla

    Finally I know the difference between baking soda and baking powder 😁 "ones more floofier"

  • 3x Frvr
    3x Frvr

    9:27 “I treat you like you’re 12" - Greg Doucette to his girlfriend, 2021

  • L.y0

    Greg you should try using coconut flour brcause of its fiber content it absorb more liquid and you can substitute oat flour with less flour=less calorie

  • chris gutierrez
    chris gutierrez


  • Serena Boughner
    Serena Boughner

    You’re still such a teacher 👨‍🏫

  • Midnight CoffeeAddictions
    Midnight CoffeeAddictions

    Ally looks absolutely fantastic!! Hope she sees this comment!

  • J Sic
    J Sic

    Does the biological value of the protein powder get killed off when you cook it?

  • suki2011

    Allys is better coz she looks better

  • Dick Burns
    Dick Burns

    You should try using an ice cream scoop instead of spoons to portion it out. Much less mess.

  • Alessa Moura
    Alessa Moura

    I did these recipes and yes, they are delicious!! Thank you coach Greg and Ally !🇨🇦❤️

  • Luke W
    Luke W

    Your muffin recipe’s are awesome and mine looked even better than yours!

  • yUri

    this video sure was wet

  • x o
    x o

    i made the blueberry muffins , and coach greg isnt bull$hitting you guys they are amazing and simple to make. thanks for the food video

  • BlueEbenzer

    Man this was a fun video xD

  • Partho Proteem Das
    Partho Proteem Das

    Find someone who looks at you the way ally looks like greg.. 😍😍😍😍

  • JennaTollz

    French toast is good but know I mix it up in the morning with blueberry muffins and Greek yogurt.

  • Brandon Ledezma
    Brandon Ledezma

    Shove it in there that what she said😂

  • Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion
    Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion

    I loved this video!

  • dhaou gdiri
    dhaou gdiri

    this is one healthy relationship ..

  • Natalie Harrison
    Natalie Harrison

    11:48 hahaha

  • Natalie Harrison
    Natalie Harrison

    Yous are so cute 😍

  • Parker Ward
    Parker Ward

    I think my favorite parts in this video are when normal Greg phases in for one word at a time right before a cut like at 4:40

  • rick chase
    rick chase

    I might have to buy that cook book

  • No Fundamentals Dc
    No Fundamentals Dc

    15:31 Dave portnoy enters the chat. Everybody knows the prez watches the Doc.

  • Scott Sachau Fitness
    Scott Sachau Fitness

    I need to make those this week

  • Rhett Landers
    Rhett Landers

    Wetter than last time

  • Justin Bachmann
    Justin Bachmann

    Coach Greg reminds me of Michael Scott

  • Corey Thauvette
    Corey Thauvette

    Thank Uncle Greg!! Switch out the apple sauce with mashed 🍌banana!! I can have 3 anabolic muffins for less calories than a regular one and better macros!! Good tasting for a healthy muffin!!

  • Jaime Leclair
    Jaime Leclair

    "It will cook better than last time"

  • Bob Nulia
    Bob Nulia

    What are the macros for 1 muffin??

  • Amanda McKay
    Amanda McKay

    My favorite videos are with you and Ally together. I love you guys!

  • Michael Vaudin
    Michael Vaudin

    Love the videos. Greg you have a very pretty wife. I know people were saying a bunch of crap about her in the one video but fu$k them. Your a lucky man.

  • ssholum

    Cookbook 2.0 plug: I tried the Apple Cinnamon Muffins with only a minor modification (1/3 of the sweetener amount as brown sugar style Swerve). Best healthy muffin I've ever had in my life! Heck, it's better than most muffins I've had, healthy or not! Wasn't dry at all! I need to go to the store to get ingredients for the other muffins, because I'm definitely trying those too. And yeah, couldn't find oat flour, so I just blended the plain oats. Oats grind much easier than flax or rice. BTW, if you don't have silicone muffin cups, I did an experiment with paper muffin cups vs plain muffin pan (fairly new with some kind of non-stick glaze on it), used a tiny bit of spray for both. The ones with paper cups were a bit soggy on the outside of the muffin, while the ones straight from the tin were firm on the outside. I'll get silicone cups eventually... and I'll test the foil cups too. My hope was that having some kind of cup would preserve them better for meal prep.

  • onlooker4564

    If you gently mix the blueberries in the oat flour, it prevents the blueberries from sinking in the muffin...

  • Sajin Komamura
    Sajin Komamura

    You said more than last time, a lot more than last time

  • Lost_In_Space

    You are a complete douche about Gigi Nally .Never gonna watch another of your videos you idiot. why did you delete your video you coward?Unsubscribed you moron

    • Sabia S
      Sabia S

      she asked him to delete the video lol. move on with your life will you?

  • Linus Backeblad
    Linus Backeblad

    Natty or not on gymschock from yolkclub!!!!!!!!! Like this comment so greg sees it

  • Matt Baty
    Matt Baty

    Do you need to store these in the fridge?

  • Samuel M.
    Samuel M.

    They're extra groovy lol.

  • Andie 850
    Andie 850

    Add a little sweetna and lemon zest to the blueberry muffins, and it will score a 9, too. 😘

  • John Grimes
    John Grimes

    I can’t with all this “than last times”

  • Adam Svanberg
    Adam Svanberg

    Made these with chocolate whey, the combo with cocholate, apple and cinnamon kinda smacked

  • HotSizzleTV

    I missed the macros for each muffin anyone can give me them thanks.

  • Sriram Ajmeria
    Sriram Ajmeria

    Loved these! I was full after eating 2 ( which was equivalent of 1 of his in the vid because I used similar amount of mixture to make 20 small ones)

  • Stan Winstrol
    Stan Winstrol

    Where is my favorite Trenbologna Lasagna?! 😩

  • Marko ASDA Driver
    Marko ASDA Driver

    Love how your reading your own cookbook like it's the 1st time ever. Did you make the book or someone else?

  • Amer


  • Marilyn MarilynG
    Marilyn MarilynG

    More dishes than last time but they do taste good. My version of the carrot apple muffins came out to 136 calories each. There was enough batter for 12.

  • Thibob

    Lol, 1 Cup Apples ain't 100g

  • Dave TheBrave
    Dave TheBrave

    She said literally every sentence in this video

  • Frank Calderon
    Frank Calderon

    I liked coach Greg making his veggie lasagna b4 his bike ride. Hilarious bro. Wasn't pretty but looked so good!

  • Frank Calderon
    Frank Calderon

    Coach make more 2.0 kitchen videos with Ally. Awesome. Morons can make them recipes when we see y'all show us. Ty.☺

  • HeyIt'sFrisky

    Coach do you got low sodium options in that cookbook

  • Scott Stroyny
    Scott Stroyny

    does anyone know what brand protein are being used in Greg's recipes? ever since the RYSE split I have not heard or read anything, sure wish he would get his own line out fast, also anyone want to invest in a company to make another option for IMO SYRUP as it appears No One in the entire world is able to offer this? Always Harder than Last Time!!

  • Lampin Laurels
    Lampin Laurels

    Swap like 20g of the the Oat flour with oat fiber powder (0 cal) for less calories than last time.

  • Lampin Laurels
    Lampin Laurels

    "I'm positive it might work." Had me dying hahaha

  • Jason Nuebel
    Jason Nuebel

    You're so close to 1 Million I can Freaking smell it more than last time.

  • m1ch4Lko

    Ally looking particularly beautiful in this video.

  • winter ramos
    winter ramos

    The background music makes me wanna enter a elevator

  • 8japman

    pls personalized apron for Ally

  • Ling Peng
    Ling Peng

    thanks for sharing Greg

  • A D
    A D

    “I’m positive it might work” I have to use that 😂

  • Tamim Almoulani
    Tamim Almoulani

    Lol they r high this is cool 😎

  • Zac Hasenfuss
    Zac Hasenfuss

    You two are so fucking cool

  • Adam Elliott
    Adam Elliott

    I MUST try this!

  • Andrew Clack
    Andrew Clack

    I nearly vomited when that hair came out of the muffin! I had one in a burger once and have been scarred for life.

  • Trish Barsby
    Trish Barsby

    I need to figure out a horse safe protien. The apple carrot muffin will be a perfect snack for the barn. I tend to share my snacks with my horse.

  • Netter Eddy
    Netter Eddy

    you never did them bevor... this feels like you trick your customers. AND you give people the recipece for free, I payed for them.. and really this is basically everything that is in your cookbook. rest is old or just a variation

  • Katie katiefitbrit
    Katie katiefitbrit

    Made the blueberry ones with Myprotein vegan cinnamon and blueberry protein powder and they weren't nice. I also had to blend an apple as we don't have the same type of apple sauce in the UK. I think they would be nicer with normal whey protein.

  • Gabriel Smejoff
    Gabriel Smejoff

    how many calories per muffin?

  • Zoltán Háda
    Zoltán Háda

    so many "that's what she said" moments right there

  • 86Rasen

    3:18 going you need grams writes tsp on salt and cinnamon :D

  • Belford Longsocks
    Belford Longsocks

    - Is that wet or not? - Yeah this is wet - Uh, that looks dry to me. - It's wet on the inside, but, but - do you put it in right now??

  • J.D

    Love baked goods with my coffee, thanks coach!

  • Michael Chelton
    Michael Chelton

    Sorry Greg, but my vote goes to Ally. She's prettier than last time...🤣

  • ZP Wagler
    ZP Wagler

    I wanna be like so carrots this summer, shredded

  • Roy Edwards
    Roy Edwards

    Made the carrot apple muffins today. I made them at the 124 calorie per muffin size today and ate three :/ ok they’re freaking good. Not a 10 but high up there. Adjusted for calories and protein they’re a 15! Note: they didn’t work well in normal muffin wrappers, I think I need to get a silicone muffin pan.

    • Roy Edwards
      Roy Edwards

      Follow up... I bought a silicone muffin pan and cooked the second batch a little bit less and halved the stevia I put in and it is a 9 now. Freaking more delicious than last time.

  • Julieta Figueroa
    Julieta Figueroa

    These were pretty good. I did forget to add the sweetener 😅 so it was missing the sweet but still decent

  • maurice chapman
    maurice chapman

    Off the chain. Had me cracking up. I was thoroughly entertained and I've followed you for a long time. Everything you do is great. But this was so entertaining. The both of you.

  • Kenneth Frey
    Kenneth Frey

    I like when it’s wetter then last time 😊

  • Thom V
    Thom V

    Ally says "slow down" Coach Greg "slower than last time?"

  • qromf

    Can you do a video on the protein cookies that Will made?

  • liam sophia
    liam sophia

    The best part... Ally: where's my stick?? A few moments later when she finds out... Ally: shhhhh and she covered with the pan 😄😄😄 You are the best guys ✌️✌️✌️

  • derukun

    Wait, what were the macros on the muffins? lol

  • Tim B
    Tim B

    Watch for it... Ally flips us the bird!

  • Vegan Bloho
    Vegan Bloho

    Coach Greg. Do you have a recipe for rice and bison slurry. I am missing aylot of teethe due to poor hygiene and need soft foods. Something that would help my good morning routine and make me brutally strong. Must be a soft chew due to my gum disease and lack of teeth

  • Paulo Herculano
    Paulo Herculano

    Thanks Greg for the share

  • Michael Sanchez
    Michael Sanchez

    Ally FTW :D

  • noe avila
    noe avila

    ... than last time.

  • Steve Lamby
    Steve Lamby

    Made the carrot apple muffins, first recipe of gregs that Im not a fan of. Made the recipe spot on, and just blah. Oh well, still worth the entertainment!

  • Adrien Brown
    Adrien Brown

    We wanna see Ally do yoga or something bent over and sexual... 😝

  • Alan

    Blueberry muffins yummm

  • Lorenzo Bruzz
    Lorenzo Bruzz

    Why do they have to keep saying her last name like that. ? We all know she's ally. Just call her ally. Shit.

  • KungFuKenny #Ain'tNobodyPrayingForMe
    KungFuKenny #Ain'tNobodyPrayingForMe

    If you morons don't know how to fold ingredients in, then god bless y'all

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Gina - Pepeo
55 tis.