Greg Doucette

Greg Doucette
Greg Doucette

Hey! I am a Canadian IFBB Pro bodybuilder, published author, influencer, and Guinness World Record holding powerlifter with a Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Kinesiology. I coach thousands of diet, training, and supplement clients around the world and get them to their goals in a sustainable way that fits their lifestyle. I tell you the TRUTH, no BS!

I AM NOT: A doctor, lawyer, dietician, chef, astronaut, sex therapist, police officer...

I'm the HERO You Never Knew You Needed...RUTHLESSLY Seeking TRUTH in Health/Fitness/Wellness - DEBUNKING the fitness industry myths!!!

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    Vegan gains is triggered

  • Duane Webster
    Duane Webster

    I always recommend some kind of pct no matter what

  • Cathy vdm
    Cathy vdm

    Seriously, how can anyone watch this guy?

  • Gabriel Quiroz
    Gabriel Quiroz

    Greg, you sir are a savage

  • N. Mougos
    N. Mougos

    🤪🤪🤣🤣11:02 😂😂 11:35.. i think he’s angry with all of us. 🤪

  • Joe Felony
    Joe Felony

    Holy sh*t! I remember Greg having 10k subs and now he’s hit a millie😱 If someone deserves it, it’s him. Honesty is a precious thing nowadays, especially on social media platforms like HRposts. Congratz Dr Greg🥳🎉

  • boo_justine

    Horse legs genetics 😂

  • MrRechtSo

    he looks like a pile of sh*t...pumped or not...imho

  • Kyle Bellefeuille
    Kyle Bellefeuille

    I have 3 gym memberships and none of my gyms have that single leg standing curl, maybe a blessing lol

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo

    "TRT, "200MG/week" "HRT, 400MG/week." My first thoughts were what Greg said like a second after: that's a small cycle. One thing Greg said was that you may have high estrogen and want to control it, but not know it from symptoms. If you're not experiencing negative symptoms from high estrogen you might just want to leave it alone.

  • Jordan Kerr
    Jordan Kerr

    He has the most annoying voice! Grown man with a child's voice.

  • mik6ne

    Only 2 more screams and I am getting the cookbook.

  • E B
    E B

    I love HCH recipes. I eat veggies for breakfast..mits easy once you get used to it

  • Devon Larratts Genetics
    Devon Larratts Genetics

    Weights ARE cardio if you do it right so WEIGHTS.

  • My Pets
    My Pets

    Her last name is Beer? Lol

  • Devon Larratts Genetics
    Devon Larratts Genetics

    Greg check out armwrestling you may be good at it. It takes a while but the rewards are phenomenal and you could really help build the sport and revolutionize it. Get ahold of devon larratt or micheal todd, please!! You'll be HOOKED. The most competitive and under ratedly technical sport there is!!! The community is amazing too!!

  • The Lost Pick
    The Lost Pick

    That looks fucking disgusting

  • Devon Larratts Genetics
    Devon Larratts Genetics

    The point is you SHOULDNT HAVE TO pick apart from the truth and lies. If they lie they don't deserve views, period.

  • Elesha Rees
    Elesha Rees

    Your hair looks about 30 percent more messy in this video.

  • Pepe le Deux
    Pepe le Deux

    she’ll gain weight ah yes, the floor is made out of floor

  • Fares Aleidi
    Fares Aleidi

    you are one of the best in our sport bro ,, Respects 😎🤜🤛😎

  • Lamont Mcfadden
    Lamont Mcfadden

    Everyone that eat a lot of those foods that greg say is over rated is super jacked

  • Marta Buck
    Marta Buck

    Ramadhan is the month I go all out on cardio before breaking the fast. And I go as hard in lifting at night.

  • M8lol Dlf
    M8lol Dlf


  • Country Boy Ogre
    Country Boy Ogre

    RPE seems like a way to over complicate something that's pretty simple. You pick a weight up and you put it down, and if it's to easy you use more weight. Why over complicate it?

  • Alex Moholea
    Alex Moholea

    Does drinking diet soda make you retain water? Sweeteners can cause gastric upset and water retention. Be aware of natural sugar alcohols like xylitol, erythritol, maltitol and sorbitol, as well as artificial ones. This suggestion includes sucralose in coffee, diet sodas and drinks, gelatins, candy and gum. I'm not an expert but i've heard repeteadly that diet coke makes you retain water, even if it might be "zero calories" ur face or any other part of ur body that retains that water will look fat, so how can u recommand that to your fans?

  • Big Slime
    Big Slime

    Greg is getting old

  • Devon Larratts Genetics
    Devon Larratts Genetics

    Greg why do you worry about your calories if you more than work what you eat, off? You said yourself if you walk ten miles a day you won't have to worry about it, so you do more than that usually, so why do YOU need to worry about calories? Just a question, keep exposing!!

  • Salim R
    Salim R

    Seems like a "reaching out" video towards Jeff Cavalier after all the bad vibes.

  • Alief Kevin
    Alief Kevin

    is that an old video? i think I have seen it long time ago

  • Evi THR
    Evi THR

    I have to say this... I know that people will react but anyway: Please stop saying that artificial sweeteners will not give you cancer! There is scientific evidence there's a link. Also meats and curated meats even more. The fact that you don't have cancer now doesn't mean anything! I would really prefer you saying that you're are taking a calculated risk: benefits from your diet overshadow the risks of cancer... for you. I think that what you're saying is misinformation and you insist on how much you don't like misinformation.

  • IMM0RT4L

    bruh Jeff doesnt even eat 1200 grams of protein what kinda shit diet is this

  • Joe

    Rahh man's had bare steroids

  • Speed And Power
    Speed And Power

    I'm 5"11 and 131 pounds, i want to get lean, any tips guys??

  • Joe

    Man listed all the "berries" that aren't actually berries lmao

  • Chris

    So many Americans are overweight because of the stupid amount of simple carbs available and sugar thats in everything. Then over eating those things. See evey where, burgers, fries, mac and cheese, large milkshakes, syrup on everything.. its no surprise theres an obesity issue in the states

  • Leigh Croxton
    Leigh Croxton

    Haha the "Its a bit extreme you've got a trigger warning that you use Cinnamon" totally cracked me up.... must be losing my mind!

  • Undine Almani
    Undine Almani

    You look like 38, not 45. 💪🏻💙

  • nel 9
    nel 9

    Microwaves are Not good , just because you're not dead now!?......that's like saying cigarettes aren't bad for you because you smoke and you're still Alive....👍

  • madman12377

    No.1, its extremely fucking easy, just don't eat as much!

  • Chris

    I was in stitches watching this very entertaining. Keep doing what youre doing Greg. Keep calling out all this BS in the fitness industry and online. And dont worry about the racist comment. With whats going on in the world right now where political correctness has gone mad, no one can say anything without someone saying youre racist and using the colour of their skin to cause controversy

  • Adam Sekula
    Adam Sekula

    U cheat I cheat better won hah Wielki Szu

  • Joe Long
    Joe Long

    Where’d you get that tank top at it’s dope

  • Dr.Monkey-Kong

    Chinese cinnamon fks with your liver because of coumarine. Get Ceylan Cinnamon. For Americans corn is a vegetable lmao. so are peas and lentils then I guess right ? 80 cals/100gr that's a nice veggie. I'm gonna go see my doctor tell him I'm eating so much veggie 500gr corn a day lmao they're cereals.

  • Camaro ss
    Camaro ss

    He is natty. Trust me

  • Anna Cats
    Anna Cats

    @17.20 mins tail feather dance just like donny osmond in masked singer

  • Anna Cats
    Anna Cats

    I tried intermittent fastings and it did not work for me at all

  • D Jilla
    D Jilla

    I swear i thought he (jeff) was trolling about the microwave thing

  • David Lloyd
    David Lloyd

    But are any of them divine?

  • quinn boone
    quinn boone


  • Philipp Probst
    Philipp Probst

    A note on the animal protein stuff: i'm vegan 98 % of the time (go on, vegan police, arrest me) and i don't get why anybody would need to put a trigger warning on his videos because he conciously decided to eat animal products? If thery're fine with it, why would anybody judge or blast them for doing so? But, yes there's a but, to say you don't abuse animals while eating meat or other animal products is a bit of a stretch. It's down to semantics i guess. Yes, you may not abuse animals directly, you let others do it. If you're ok with that, fine. I won't judge you but be aware that animals get abused for your diet (even most vegan diets include some form of animal abuse if you really get down to it). I am aware of this when i eat the occasional egg or slice of cheese or whatever but it's a concious decision and i don't sugarcoat it by telling myself "ya, i don't abuse the animal directly". We're humans, we exploit our planet and everything that's on it - even ourselfs. It's ok cause we're the alpha predator and dominant species on this planet.. Just be aware. :-)

    • MrMula81

      Isn’t that a weirdly inconsistent position? How can you both acknowledge that it’s abusive but deem it wrong to be judgmental about it? Are we not supposed to be against people doing harmful things? Why does it being a conscious choice make a difference? Are you against judging people for any and all reasons what so ever? I’m against people littering. It might be a conscious choice of their’s and yet I’m judging them for it. I might even call the police if it is an extremely egregious form of littering (think discarding car batteries in the forest) and have the state judge them for it. Judging others is a normal part of life. It’s pointless and hypocritical to spend more time judging others rather than taking positive action. But it’s a normal and necessary part of society.

  • matthew y
    matthew y

    congrats on 1mill 🤯

  • Ace Q
    Ace Q

    He brought house..and a half on stage

  • Jeremy Ellis
    Jeremy Ellis

    More friendly than last time.

  • Undine Almani
    Undine Almani

    Getting my kid from daycare in a car, or god forbid a bike, is more dangerous than having her lift some weights. At least at the gym, no one can drive their car into mine. Just yesterday, I was almost killed, riding my bike perfectly normal, by some crazy senior lady (who was "passing by" more like "racing by") another innocent cyclist... I can't wear as many helmets as I'd need to protect myself from those grandmothers. Does that mean I don't bike?! NO :PPP

  • Chad Moschino
    Chad Moschino

    Lol 😂 coach greg got a yeezy collection lets get a sneaker collection video soon 😭🔥

  • Cat to the Future
    Cat to the Future

    I had a better body on calisthenics than weights.

  • treasure the time
    treasure the time

    These psycho chemist have destroyed the reputation of bodybuilding among the public for generations. What started out as curiosity, grew to admiration, went to confusion, nosedived to disgust. Now you have wack jobs walking around with skinny bodies and giant oil filled arms looking like circus side shows. Bodybuilders dying left and right. The former innovators of nutrition and exercise science are now losers in dark rooms exchanging drug recipes.

  • Ali Ibrahim
    Ali Ibrahim

    I occasionally do half way squats . This vid pointed for a mistake i make . Much respect ♡

  • The Swede
    The Swede

    Jeff and Greg eating challenge when?

  • Chris draws 2
    Chris draws 2

    So you are saying that nothing is wrong with you how dare you 😡

  • Themadoutbacker

    My wife dislikes microwaves 🤪

  • Chris draws 2
    Chris draws 2

    This was a joke u should love your self

  • lightartis4321

    I think using pokemon op song For our doc would make perfect sense...with a little editing

  • Four leaf
    Four leaf

    Wow. I have been on the keto/intermittent fasting/hiit bandwagon for years. And I keep trying and failing over and over. I am 44 today, it’s my bday. I realize I was the most successful and happiest losing weight in my early 30s eating 3 meals a day, jogging 20 min most days of the week. All this time I feel I can’t lose because of aging. Maybe it’s because I began messing with things so much and can’t maintain any of it. I feel stupid

  • crankyboiy

    Depends how people use that money.

  • Daniel Zuvelca
    Daniel Zuvelca

    Coach, i cant put the fork down for 2 weeks , shout at me before its too late please